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18ry how I lusted for mum begins 2013
From what i can remember i used to just get myself off thinking about a girl who i know that were friends at the time, as young boys do. I started seeing my mum as a women more and more and as i approach my legal age in the UK shes very attractive almost model like in her prime time. So them hormones are on the air i tell you i used to listen out for her having loud hardcore sex with my step dad and i knew she was in a doggy or her just riding facing forward. So that soon became a habit making my blood boil i cannot help but imagine her on top of me.

One night i was very drunk and i walked into her room, because my step dad is working away, i crept onto the double sized bed behind her on the right side.Then I slowly inch my way and ”spooned’ with her with my cock against her butt. i began canlı bahis to slowly motion back and forth like a horny maniac ( i as wasted at this point but still remember) meanwhile my right hand arched over hovering and caressing her pussy as she try to close her legs in the spooning position i try harder and may just teased over her sensitive part. it lasted about a few minutes of dry humping getting my hard on and rubbing against her. But at last it was going nowhere and I knew it must ve been such a temptation for her because after the ##naughty struggle## she got out of bed and said something brief like ”are you drunk?? you must be sleep walking go to bed already in your own bed.”
So i knew i had my fun/chance at her. i comply to the scenario and bluurrted out like a drunken boy ‘i wanne.. slipp here~” (like i was tipobet giriş sleep walking) But heres the magic i saw that captivated me years later still. As we were having that small-talk .. she got out of bed and i saw her she was in her Half Dressing Gown mind you. And i SAW her(with natural street lighting to see) taking her panties out. And vaguely saw she changed her wet panties into another. Thinking im blacked out. Maybe shes giving me a benefit of the doubt thinking im out of my mind drunk and sleep walking. Because I used to pretend to sleep walk to get away from trouble coming home late a few times.
Just my perspective on this at the time i was sure she got a little turned on by her own son in bed and got so wet she had to change her own pantie( oh boy and i know even with the bad lighting i heard the tipobet snapping of the string as she pulled it up pressed against her teased pussy when she let go of the string. It had always been such a a turn on for me to know i made that fine women WET. Like how can you not feel it when a young lad desperately humping, trying to drive a cock inside her whilst his right hand is buried mid-way heading for that forbidden fruit tucked away in her thighs needing to taste that sweet motherly clit.
Ever since id sometimes fantasy about holding her by the waist one morning lusted for her being to then explode. Dominating her barriers and shove my face into hers. Swirling my tongue around hers while frantically pulling her panties down then picked her up on a kitchen counter and just gently pressing my cock inside her wet pussy. And with that one gentle push we both reached orgasm and came at the same time only to realized we both done something so instinctively wrong. But to later kept on having ”incidents” because we are both crossed it and theres no going back.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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