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8″ Of Fat Cleavage – My Introduction To Older
The time an old whore attracted my young cock with her wanton attitude and massive tits

(Mature, Big Tits, BBW, Big Ass)

I was 22 when I had my first older woman. Despite having a loving and perfectly-proportioned girlfriend, my cock still insisted I fuck a fat, washed-out, middle-aged woman with a huge fat arse and very heavy, saggy tits.

Lilian was 55 and certainly looked it. I’d worked with her in a large office but had only known her to speak to. I’d hardly noticed her and had certainly never considered her a sex object. Months after I’d left that job I was sitting in a bar when she shuffled in on ridiculously high heels. I couldn’t believe it was the same woman. The uniform I used to see her in had clearly crushed her curves. Now out in public, she was dressed like a streetwalking whore half her age: caked in makeup, hair piled high, big dangly earrings and heels that made her big protruding arse stick out. But most blatantly of all she was wearing a very low cut top which displayed eight inches of fat cleavage. She certainly knew how to attract cocks and mine was soon hardening as I watched her juggs jiggle towards the bar. I’d never seen any woman look more wanton in public. And certainly not one so old.

The place was almost empty so I was able to approach her without having to fend off hoards of other erections attracted by such an obscene display of sexuality. As we’d been former colleagues, chatting her up was no problem and she spoke of her recent divorce. When I asked if she needed a lift home, she said she needed to go to the bathroom first. I had actually meant a lift at the end of the evening (as it was only 7pm) but I wasn’t about to turn down or delay any chance of getting my cock near such a massive pair of tits. If she wanted cock, she was getting it. I watched her walk to the bathroom and the sight of her body, clearly built for satisfying men, was now making me angrily erect.

Once she was out of sight, I came back canlı bahis down to earth and remembered I had a girlfriend. Sarah was a fresh-faced blonde beauty of a 19 year-old and the envy of my friends. I’d visit her at university and we’d spend each wonderful weekend together. Did I really want to risk all that to fuck this dirty old cow? Well, it was only Tuesday and I had a long wait to fuck again. In the end I let my cock decide.

As Sarah and I spoke on the phone each night, I composed a text to her, feigning a migraine and saying I’d speak to her tomorrow. I was wondering whether I really should send the text when I noticed Lil shuffling back on the heels that clearly had trouble supporting such an obscene amount of tit and arse. Her juggs were now jiggling uncontrollably, spilling out even more than before. Like she’d purposefully adjusted them in the bathroom. I hit Send on my phone without taking my eyes off Lil’s shimmering udders. “You ready then?” She said, suggestively as she arrived at my table, my eyes level with her cleavage. I followed her out to my car. I was now uncontrollably hard and there was no hiding the tenting when I sat down in the driver’s seat next to her. “Is this all you?” She said, feeling my large thick cock through my trousers. “Let me sort that out.”

The car park was dark and thankfully still deserted. I was speechless as she unzipped my jeans and my cock sprang free. She then started giving me the most mind-melting blowjob I’d ever had. I couldn’t believe I’d only started speaking to her properly 15 minutes earlier and already she had my cock in her mouth. I’d been sucked-off many times by girls my own age but Lil’s technique was indescribable. All I could think was how much better at it she was at it than than Sarah. And whether this was cheating. I’d never come quickly this way but Lilian’s highly experienced technique meant that, in barely a minute, and almost against my will, I’d shot a massive load down her throat. She didn’t miss a drop, bonus veren siteler drinking it straight down and remarking what a huge amount there was. “Lovely. I hope you’ve got some for my cunt!” she said. I couldn’t believe how filthy her mouth was. Somehow I managed to regain the composure to drive her home.

Once outside her house, I followed her in without a word and straight upstairs. The first thing I did was slowly pull down her top, revealing even more cleavage, until her tits flopped out. They were even bigger than they’d first appeared. They hung long, wide and right down to her navel. They were the absolute opposite of Sarah’s pure, young and firm young gravity-defying F cups that didn’t sag at all. Sarah’s breasts were so perfect they were the kind you’d design to demonstrate perfection. Lill’s could only be described as a very saggy pair of low-hanging, stretch-marked and beaten-up looking udders. But they certainly won for me due to their sheer size. Lil’s bra claimed 38HH but they were even bigger than that. I spent a good while lifting, sucking and generally mauling her enormous floppers.

I encouraging her onto the bed and on her front. There was no time to waste undressing either of us. I hiked up her skirt to reveal her huge fat rump, got down my jeans enough to expose my cock, and got behind her. I thumbed her fat cheeks apart and slid my cock straight into her very wet pussy. I reached round and got a good hold of her juggs, which overflowed each of my hands. They really were the perfect size, I thought. I started to fuck her. I’d never felt such a desire to fuck and the amount of tit in my hands meant I’d never been harder. This wasn’t anything like lovemaking with Sarah, this was pure fucking. No kissing, just fucking a dirty old fat whore from behind. She was cumming instantly. After screaming into the pillow I got the full force of her filthy mouth. “Fuck my cunt!” She yelled. “Give me your cum!” I couldn’t hold back and came deep deneme bonusu in her cunt, collapsing on her back.

Once we’d come to, she confessed that since her divorce her sex-drive had rocketed, causing her to go out every week looking for fresh cock. As I’d suspected, she was always successful. All she had to do was leave her tits hanging out and her night out would soon be cut short so she could have a man on her back. She said the men never wanted to see her again but I certainly did. With another excuse to keep Sarah at bay, I was straight round Lil’s the next evening.

Prior to our second session, she was texting me about her bedroom drawer which was full of chains, ropes, nipple-clamps and handcuffs. Once I got round there for the second (much longer) session, I attached nipple-clamps to her tits, handcuffed her hands behind her back and then roughly sodomised her for 20 minutes. I soon learned to just treat her like a fat rubber fuckdoll and her sexual experience, robust body, and general submissiveness meant she could take it.

By our third session I was addicted. Of course there was no reason to tell Sarah. Our romantic weekend went ahead as usual. To keep my affair a secret from Sarah and my family, I visited Lil on the way home from work. It was always a deeply satisfying hour of sucking, tit-mauling and fucking. And so it continued. I loved the contrast, enjoying the purity and firmness of Sarah’s for the weekend before being back on Lil the following Monday to wallow in her huge fat boobs, each bigger than my head.

Both arrangements went on for two years. Lilian knew all about Sarah but Sarah never even knew Lilian existed. And so it continued: romantic love-making weekends with Sarah, weeknight whore-fucking on Lilian.

After two years of this, my relationship with Sarah ended but she never found out about Lilian. Sarah went to work overseas once she’d left university. Once we split I moved out from my parents and in with Lil. She became my “landlady” for the next two years and the 30 year age difference meant that no one ever suspected I was riding her whenever I felt like it.

Fucking Lilian was just what I needed at that point in my life and my advice to any young men is find yourself an old whore to practice on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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