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A Daughter and Her Daddy
It all started when Jenny left her phone in her best friend Tammy’s car. The timing was just unbelievable, she thought. Her laptop had been shipped off to Applecare for repairs the day before, so she was basically without any Internet access for hours and hours—pure torture for a teenage girl. Tammy was lifeguarding at the club for the summer, and said she’d drop the phone off until after work, but until then…Jenny just had to make her own fun.

It didn’t take long for her to tire of TV and books, though. Soon, despite his firm rule against it, Jenny turned on her daddy’s computer. Just to check email, she promised herself, and then I’ll log right off, and he’ll never know. As the laptop started up, however, she found herself a little curious about what her daddy looked at when he was online. She was bored: it was a lazy summer Sunday, nobody was around, there was nothing to do…and so, intrigued by the idea of snooping into his things, she checked his browser history, which it appeared hadn’t been cleared in a long time. Nobody ever used her daddy’s computer but him. It was for work only, he’d said.

If she’d thought about it at all, she’d expected to find-if she were going to find anything dirty-that her daddy would like what she assumed most men liked: tall, tanned, shiny peroxide blondes with hot pink lips, enormous fake tits, airbrushed smoky eyes, and practiced, sultry looks. She figured, naively, that was what all men really wanted. That was certainly what seemed the most popular when she looked at porn.

So when she checked the browser history and found that instead, her daddy had been looking at pictures and videos of all sorts of girls, but especially pretty, natural blondes with small tits and slim hips, she was just surprised that they didn’t have a classic porn star appearance. They looked young, her age—barely 18—and unpolished, with very little make-up. Gawky legs and arms, thin torsos, slender canlı kaçak iddaa waists, and high, small breasts…they looked, she realized, blushing at the screen, very much like she did. Her pulse quickened. She kept clicking through his browser history, and she suddenly saw that this was no coincidence: he’d been looking at Tumblr pages that promised DIRTY DAUGHTERS and DADDY DAUGHTER i****t FANTASIES and BABY GIRL LOVES DADDY’S COCK…even a video entitled WATCH MAN KNOCK UP HIS OWN DAUGHTER. SHE LOVES IT! Despite the heat of the July day, Jenny shivered.

Her shock, however, was quickly replaced by a deep, rich lust, one that started spreading hot from her clit, through her virginal pussy, down her ass and legs, and up through her tight torso. The truth was, she’d been fantasizing about her daddy for years, wondering why she felt the way she did, knowing it was wrong, trying to think of other men, attempting to be a good girl, feeling like a total pervert.

What is wrong with me, she’d spent so many nights thinking as she stroked her little clit through her panties, fantasizing about fathers with their daughters, reading dirty stories about men who could be seduced by the girls they’d made, girls who were lucky enough to drink down the hot cum that had created them, girl who won their father’s full affection, who replaced their own mommies in his eyes and bed and on his hard cock.

She’d felt so guilty about it, but it was the only way she could make herself cum, rubbing her little clit and thinking about these dirty i****t fantasies. She’d even grown shy around her own father, who she knew was so handsome, and strong, and fairly young to have a daughter her age. And now it turned out that he wanted her, too-he didn’t want a glossy Playboy model, he wanted his own little girl, his good girl, as he always called her. She touched her small breasts under her light, thin t-shirt and felt her nipples harden.

What should internet casino she do? Would she have a chance at seducing him? She knew she would have to coax him slowly…he was a good man, and devoted to his wife, Jenny’s mother.

Jenny had never understood her parents’ marriage. Her Daddy was so handsome and smart, he could have had any woman he wanted, but he chose to stay with her. He was successful, too—he owned his own business and provided a comfortable life for himself and his family, as evidenced by their large home with a big pool and even a pool house they used as a guest house when they had visitors. Jenny had never wanted for anything, but she also hadn’t become a spoiled brat, despite having the opportunity. Photos

She had inherited her father’s easy temperament and was the kind of girl who was loved by teachers and classmates alike, who all the boys had hopeless crushes on. She was about to enter her senior year of high school, having turned 18 just the week before, which she’d celebrated with a big pool party in the backyard.

Her mother had gone down a very different path. She’d turned into the grown woman version of an awful brat, cold and disinterested in her husband’s life, acting as though her husband was nothing more than a walking ATM. To make matters worse, she had let herself go completely—her body, which was once almost as tight as Jenny’s, had gotten saggy and loose, and she made no efforts to keep herself together for her husband…who in Jenny’s mind, deserved much, much more.

Jenny also had the suspicion that they didn’t have sex very much anymore; when she was little, she used to hear muffled noises coming down the hall late at night, but she hadn’t heard anything like that in years.

Jenny pulled herself out of her reverie and started looking with intent through the treasure trove she had found on her father’s computer. She licked her lips and unbuttoned the top güvenilir casino button of her tiny cutoff jean shorts, then slid the zipper down. She absently flicked her finger over her little clit as she scrolled through stories about fathers being seduced by their daughters, looking for clues as to how she could go about seducing her own father…and getting her pussy gushing wet at the same time.

The girls in the stories her Daddy had bookmarked tried so many ways to get their own fathers to fuck them, and she wanted to memorize each one. In one story, the girl dressed up in her mother’s old lingerie and intentionally got herself caught masturbating in their daddy’s bed when her mom was out for the evening. Jenny started panting as she circled her clit faster and faster, scrolling down the page with her other hand.

She tried to imagine herself, stretched out in her parents’ bed, wearing the black satin teddy she’d once found tucked in the back of her mother’s sweatpants drawer, envisioning a pair of black silk thigh high stockings stretched up over her smooth, slender thighs.

She imagined leaning back against the pillows and her daddy walking in, unable to look away. She imagined him leaning over her, his broad chest, his scent, all strong coffee and dark leather and spices, leaning in to kiss her like a lover for the first time.

Her little pussy felt on fire and she wished she could push a finger inside, but she knew she wanted to keep her cherry intact…she’d been keeping it for her first time, knowing she wanted to be pure for her first…and now Jenny started moaning, knowing that she was about to push over the edge into orgasm at the thought, she was going to cum in her Daddy’s chair looking at her Daddy’s porn about fucking Daddy’s little girl. She knew now who she needed to take her virginity…the only man she wanted…the man who had made her…her own Daddy. She needed her Daddy to take her virginity and make her a woman. Jenny stopped scrolling through the pages and arched her lithe back up, her body electrified, her legs shivering straight in front of her as she came hard on her little fingers, shaking, moaning, whispering Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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