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A hard awakening in the mornig
I had spent the night at my Black Master’s place. My loving hubby was aware of that and he had even brought me through a drive one hundred miles up to Jerome`s house.

My Black Master had used me all night long. He had even fucked me in a very wild way in my ass. I noticed he looked furious as he sodomized me.

In the morning I awoke early, sensing I needed to use the bathroom. Jerome’s heavy hand was cupping my boobs. I gently slipped out of the snoring black man’s grasp and headed for the bathroom, as quietly as I could. I needed also a warm relaxing shower.

My asshole had been stretched so badly and it was a bit sore; so I applied a generous dose of lubricant to my poor swollen rosebud. I felt it was still leaking a bit of Jerome’s semen into the toilette as I took a pee.

I had a nice shower and dried my hair and body. I tidied up my makeup a bit and then gently slid back under the covers and spooned against my black lover; pressing my swollen and aching nipples against his hard back.

The move had the desired effect, because kaçak bahis Jerome rolled over, grabbed me by my boobs and we both rolled and he pulled me into a spooning position. Sighing contentedly, Jerome drifted back into slumber again very quickly.

A while later I was awakened by the hard knob of Jerome’s cock rubbing up and down between my round ass cheeks, with the tip trying, but failing to enter my wet cunt. I raised a leg as Jerome grasped my tits and pulled.
His thick cockhead pushed its way past the string of my thong and into my sore pussy in just one hard thrust.

I gasped and moaned as the hard black cock filled my very sore cunt; but the lube oil helped to ease the pain. He held his dick deep into me and grasped my hips, pulling himself even deeper into my stretched cunt…

Not breaking the union, Jerome rolled to his knees and then grabbed a couple of pillows; placing them under my belly. Then the bastard pressed all his weight into the next thrust, pinning my upraised buttocks up in air while supported by the pillows.

I felt my Black kaçak iddaa Master entering me deeply. I sensed my own thong being torn to pieces due his hard pounding. He was very brutal in my cunt…

But if also felt so good and then I spread my long legs even wider allowing him to impale me even deeper. My toes began to curl and my hips bucked in rhythm with Jerome’s thrusts.

He grabbed a fistful of my curly hair and pulled. Not a tug or a quick jerk, but a sustained pull resulting in my arched back further accommodating his hard and thick swollen cock that pounded my sore cunt unmercifully.

I writhed and moaned loud while that black man pummeled me. The morning fuck was brutal, like the previous night’s performance. Last night I had tried to take the lead, giving head and rolling into positions; but finally Jerome had fucked me in a wild way and he had sodomized me very hard.

Now he was in charge this morning and during the hard pounding, I realized what it was to submit to a man’s whim and his hardened cock. Then I felt a shuddering orgasm coming through güvenilir bahis my whole body. I screamed like crazy, as Jerome redoubled his attack even fiercely. As he kept fucking me from behind, I sensed the wetness onto the bed sheets and my juices onto the pillows.

My orgasm seemed to last forever and Jerome pounded on, the sounds of my wild loud screams were driving him to thrust on me faster and harder.

He soon thrust as deep as he could and groaned wildly as he finally filled my cunt with his burning seed; his impaling hard rod holding me in position to accept it.
Jerome filled my pussy with cum and then moved the shaft around within me, thrusting at random intervals to prove his domination on my body.

Exhausted, my Black Master fell on top of me; with his cock still within my stretched cunt, but becoming smaller. It made a funny popping sound as it slid out. I wiggled my round buttocks in protest and he slapped me.

I made him roll over and crawled on his hard body. I kissed his neck and ears and then I went down his belly to suck his semi rigid black cock.
Soon Jerome was again ready to fuck me.
But he made me roll again onto the pillows and whispered in my ear he was now in the mood for a good anal fuck…

I felt his body pinning me down and then I began to cry softly…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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