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A meeting in Leather – Part 4.

#English / #Engels
– A sequel to:

Completely satisfied I walked home with the heavy weekend bag full of Leather. The outfit I was wearing now would not attract any attention, I thought. The white sneakers, the black leather trousers with a sturdy belt, and the T-shirt with half short sleeves was something that every young guy could have. Without anyone finding the look too strange. Or that they might think, “Look, there goes another gay”. That I had that thought, surprised myself. I could always combine the leather clothes with other ‘normal’ stuff. That way nobody would find it odd or suspicious, I rationalized.

Once I arrived in my street I met the first acquaintances. They were two guys I knew from elementary school. One of them, Stevan, saw me coming and greeted me. “Hi Robert, Have you been on holiday?” He asked, pointing to my weekend bag. I laughed, “No, I went shopping”. If only they knew.
Stevan and Thomas, the other guy who was with him, looked at my Leather Jeans. “Wow, nice cool pants man. New?”, asked Thomas. Stevan also looked, and his eyes stayed fixated on my crotch for a long time. I knew for sure that both boys were not gay. But as I had previously discovered, it does not matter whether you were called straight or gay. It is always nice to fuck.

I could tell from the prancing and throbbing bulge in the much too tight jeans of Stevan that this Leather look did something with him. The hump in the jogging pants of Thomas also started to stir. Their reaction did me good. I felt a lot more comfortable. And a lot tougher than I had ever felt around these two Alpha boys before. The youth from my neighborhood, and Stevan who lived a bit further in the village, always hung around the local park on our street. I also belonged to that group, yet not completely. All those other boys had girlfriends and tough mopeds. When they went out together I was almost never invited. Maybe that would change if I acted a bit tougher. This Leather could maybe help me with that, I hoped.

Thomas pointed with wide eyes to the now stiff pole in Stevans pants. “Wow man, you have a hard-on,” he told Stevan. And pretended to hit it with his fist. “Look at yourself, Tom,” Stevan said, bouncing back. He reached out and reached for Thomas’s hard cock. I laughed hard, and said that I would put away the rest of my stuff first and that I might see them later.

At home I went straight to my bedroom and unpacked the weekend bag. When I unzipped the bag, the strong smell of the Leather met me. It stiffened my cock. I spread the coats, the chaps and cowboy boots over my bed and looked at it with great pleasure. Locked the dildos and other sex toys away in my desk drawer. I decided that I would play with the 3 dildos later that evening. To stretch my boy cunt, while watching the porn videos from Mike. That thought made me horny again.

I pulled off the Leather Jeans and also removed Mike’s cock strap and Leather harness. Because I was sweaty, I took a quick shower. That felt a lot better. My ass and cock felt clean again. But my thoughts were stil filthy. I still could not believe myself. I had cum fucked Anthony and had gotten a full leather outfit as a reward for it. Well, even more than one outfit. In my mind I quickly checked whether I had done everything exactly as the Leather Master Mike had ordered me to. Yes, I think so. That filled me with a sense of pride and reassured me at the same time. Now Mike would probably not come to see me when my parents were at home, to fuck me in the ass as punishment. Because I was hungry, I decided to go to the local fast food shop for a sausage and some fries.

I put on the ankle cowboy boots under a bleached pair of jeans and pulled the denim jacket with the leather sleeves over it. Without a T-shirt underneath. My bare chest with open jacket was quite a nice look, I decided. Proud of the fact that this rugged look was indeed the new me. I heard soft horny whispers and gasps outside in the back alley. Stevan and Thomas were playing, half hidden between the sheds, with each other’s dicks. And I saw how Stevan was about to go and suck off Thomas. Of course they were shocked when they realized that I had been watching this horny spectacle for a while. I walked past them in the direction of the fast food shop and said, “No problem boys! It is so hot today that every boy wants to dump a load. Do not worry, just go for it.” And continued on with a smile. So, Stevan and Thomas, a couple? hmmm, I thought. It will güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri probably not happen now, too bad.

Back from the shop, Stevan was standing on his own in the back alley. Two puddles of sperm lay on the ground. “They went for it anyway”, I thought with joy. I greeted Stevan and he addressed me. “Do not say anything to anyone,” he threatened. “Of course not! I am already happy that I was not the only one who was able to empty his balls today.” I said, pointing at the sperm on the pavement. And gave Stevan a wink. “Do not worry about it, Stevan”, I reassured him. Stevan stammered, “I think those leather pants of yours are very beautiful, I wish I could feel how it is to wear something like that!”

His eyes went down and they looked at the pointed Sendra cowboy boots. “Nice, you really have been shopping today! Also very beautiful.” Stevan himself also wore cowboy boots, which he often borrowed from Thomas. I told him, “I have to go eat now, but I have enough for two if you also want some. Then you can try on the Leather Jeans after that.”

We walked in and I felt the arm of Stevan going around my shoulder. I looked aside and he looked back. He leaned over and gave me a little kiss. “What was that for?” I asked Stevan. “That you did not betray us and encouraged us to continue jerking off. I was so ready for it! I was walking around with a raging hard-on all day, thanks.” he said. “Really, do not worry about it. Also tell Thomas that, when you go suck him again… ha… when you go see him again I mean, of course.”, I joked. “I think that is never ever going to happen now”, Stevan said fearfully. “Well you have done it, and that can never be taken away from you.” I said, thinking back at my own experiences from earlier in the day.

We ate and drank something and went upstairs. I gave Stevan the black Leather Jeans, which I had removed from the clothesline that hung there to let it air. I turned it inside out again and said, “You can try it on, but I think it will be a few sizes too big for you.”
With glistening eyes of fun he removed his cowboy boots and pulled those way too tight jeans from his bare ass. He said that he never wore any underwear with this warm weather. It felt good to his balls and was very handy when he wanted to jerk off. His dick and balls were visibly happy to be released from their tight prison. He had a thick bush of curly pubic hair. But his balls were shaved. The cock of his was limp, but I could see that he had to be pretty big.
I gave him a pair of Leather shorts with a front-to-back zipper. And winked at Stevan. “Kinky!”, he said as he put them on. He put on the Leather Jeans over them. It was indeed a few sizes too big for him, so I gave him my new Leather studded belt which he was also very impressed with.

“I did not know you had all this”, he said in astonishment. “You do not know half what I have, or what I can do”, I joked. “Steven, take a good look at yourself in that mirror.” And he walked barefoot to the mirror, looked himself up and down, and put his hand on his Leather clad crotch, to rearrange his now stiff dick in the Leathers.

I pulled the black Leather Biker Jacket out of the closet and said, “I want to know if you look as tough as me in this”. And pulled it up over his shoulders. And for sure he did. I could fuck him right then and there. I had to think back to how Master Mike had said the same thing to me in the gym. And the thoughts of that past Wednesday, and from earlier today, shot through my head again, in all their glory. That made my cock stiffen. But I made sure that Stevan could not feel or see it.

Stevan turned back from the mirror and looked at me with tears of happiness in his eyes. He reached out and pressed himself very firmly against me. He tilted his head, leaned over, and kissed me full on my mouth. I did not kiss back. So he let go of me again soon. “I am not gay, dude!” I lied to him. “I think you like Leather just as much as I do”, I said, pointing at the enormous stiff cock in the Leather pants.

“Oh really, you think so?” He said and continued “Yes, Leather is tough, and it excites me, but you too, just look.” And he grabbed the bulge in my jeans. “What are you doing, let go, man!”
But my thought shouted, “Get my cock out of my pants and suck me off already!”.

Apparently Stevan could read my mind. He fell to his knees and quickly opened the zipper of my jeans. It automatically fell off my ass without a belt around it. Stevan grabbed my cock and stared at the metal cock ring that I had put on after the shower. makrobet Then he looked up at me. “I’m going to blow you,” he said horny. “You do it and that will still not make me gay, pervert!” I barked at him. I really did not want the other guys in the neighborhood to think I liked men. And hoped that this lie would continue for a while.
Stevan roughly took the dick in his mouth and started to suck desperately. It was clearly one of his first times that he did this. It was really not that good. I pushed his head away and snapped, “You really need to do better then that. Otherwise you better go away.” Astonished and humiliated, Stevan looked up. I instructed him to first wet the cock head and shaft before he would suck it back inside. “You have to open your mouth wider, and remember that you do not bite, otherwise I’ll kick you in the face, little pervert,” I snapped at him.

This had the desired effect. Slowly my whole dick was licked by his horny quivering tongue. But he sucked the cock back in too quickly. “Calm yourself man, are you in a hurry or something?” I asked. I grabbed his head with both hands, and controlled the speed, as I pulled his mouth over my cock. That was a lot better and my dick became stiff in his mouth. However, I was still far from satisfied. Anthony sucked a lot better than this Leather wearing, little pervert. I grabbed Stevan’s hand and put two of his fingers in my mouth. Licked it lasciviously with my tongue, as if it were master Mike’s hot cock. Finally. This had the proper effect. Stevan started to understand what he needed to do to please me. And sucked me off properly now. After a while I pulled him away from me. And thanked him. He realized that I had had enough of it.

“Sorry,” he said “But I, … I …”. he stammered. “Do not worry, Stevan, this is our secret, you had a little practice now, but now you can better go”, I whispered. He took off my Leathers and put on his own clothes and left. I grabbed his shoulder while he was walking away. And said, “You should try this with Thomas sometime, I suspect that he also would like it with you.” As I winked at Stevan. “Thank you, but you keep your mouth shut, you hear!”. Stevan nodded and walked away.

I could not believe my eyes. In all those years never had sex and now already 3 times in 2 days.

Later that evening I put on the Leather chaps and the harness again. I was still amazed at how horny this made me feel. Took the porn tapes, a bottle of lubricant with leather scent and the dildos to my older brother’s room. He had TV in his room with a VHS recorder. I also took the amazingly tough Leather Biker Jacket with me. I made myself comfortable. Put a large bath towel over his bed and spread the collection of dildos out next to me. The 5 VHS tapes were home made copies. A few had vague pictures of existing porn videos in the cover. Clearly copied. One tape only had a hand written label. “To the Sex Farm”, it said.

I pushed one of the VHS tapes with a picture of Leather Bikers in the recorder and pressed play. “So, let’s see if I can learn something from it”, I thought horny. The video showed a group of tough Leather Bikers. A few older men with beards and a few younger guys riding on the back of the bikes with them. They drove around for a bit. Little action I thought, so I pressed forward on the remote. All of a sudden there was a scene where bikers were chasing a fleeing boy. He was caught and worked aggressively to the ground. That boy tried to resist it, but was not able to withstand this group of 8 horny men. Soon the boy was stripped of his clothes and he got a big black dick rammed in his mouth. And while he was fucked hard in the face by that monster he got a dildo stuffed in his little ass. That was exactly what I also wanted. I was able to put myself completely in the position of that boy. And hoped for his sake that nothing bad would happen to him. I laughed loudly in my mind. Being caught and fucked by 8 Leather bikers is probably annoying enough, if you wanted it to happen. But getting caught while you’re not ready for it, would be a disaster for your ass, I feared.

My hand grabbed some lubricant and the smallest dildo. Watching the video, I pushed it into my ass at the same tempo. It felt as if I myself lay there in the dust, and was used by all those bikers. I swiftly grabbed the medium sized dildo. Because I wanted to feel a normal sized cock in my boy cunt. I had already had this in my ass earlier in the day. I smeared some more lube on my fingers, and first pushed one, and then a second in my hole makrobet giriş and fingered myself. After a bit and some more lubricant, I even got a third finger in. Umpff, that was quite difficult. My now lubed ass received the dildo and I pushed it up and down in my hole. Again in the same tempo as the video. The boy was now being fucked by a young muscled Leather biker. He moaned so hard that the biker pulled off his leather gloves and pushed it into his mouth. With his belt he had improvised a harness around the boy’s neck. He pulled hard on it, as he slammed his cock roughly into the boys ass. Horny, I thought, to use a harness like that to fuck a boy. And I realized that I already was wearing a harness myself. That way I could imagine what it would be like to be taken from behind while being held by the harness.

As the last of the 8 bikers, the big black man pushed his gigantic cock all the way in, in one go. He was now fucked so hard that he apparently had little trouble with it. He was moaning horny now, unlike before. Then clearly he had not had enjoyed it at all. I had to think back to my own thoughts from earlier that day. “With a little bluff and sufficient lube …”

I picked up the biggest of the 3 dildos. It was 24 centimeters long and 4 to 5 centimeters thick. With a couple of big balls over a suction cup. Fortunately, the dick head was narrower on that thing and the shaft was only thicker later on. But still a real challenge for my boy cunt. I greased it up with a lot of lubricant over the whole thing and pushed it against my ass hole. My ass protested at first. But I relaxed, and changed my position for a moment. And then that thing slid inside. Slowly I moved that dildo up and down. Every time a bit deeper than the last. It slid out and I quickly added some more lube. And also smeared some on my ass hole. I could look at it as I fucked myself, via the mirror on the other side of my brother’s room. That looked very horny.

I groaned loudly and just wanted to feel more and more inside me. I pushed the monster further and further inside. If I felt a pain, I stopped for a moment. But I did not pull it back. After a while I had worked that dildo almost up al the way to the balls in my ass. I left it there. Man, that was a nice feeling. I sat up right with that thing still in my ass to ride it.
A sharp pain shot through my gut. And I got tears in my eyes. So I bent swiftly forward so that the dildo slid almost half the way out of me. That felt better. I sad back up and started riding that cock. Take him deep inside me and then let it slide back to the cock head. Very slow and careful of course. It gave such a great new stretched feeling to my ass that I was getting ready to cum. And I came even harder than the time I shot a load up Anthony’s butt, earlier that day.

Exhausted, but satisfied, I fell back on the bed. Rubbing my hands over the Leather Biker Jacket. I felt that there were a number of things left in the various pockets. I found a pair of tough, thin Leather Gloves in one of the pockets. In another, a stiletto knife and a brass knuckle. Typical toys for a tough guy like me, I joked to myself. If they do not want it, I could still knock them over the head with it. I laughed hard. That was not at all my method. I was not that strong or tough. I did not even want to be. But still it would be nice to have it on hand, I thought. One little brown bottle with a liquid emerged from one of the inner pockets. On the label it had a Mister B logo. A rubber cock ring and a few keys for handcuffs or something like that. Also a very cool silver bracelet and dog-tag chain. A Leather identification tag was attached to that chain. A number was pressed into it, Level-3. Soldiers wore something similar like that. My brother had been in the service and also had one, but it was made of metal. And this necklace was thicker and coarser. It looked pretty nice and tough, so I immediately put them both on.

Finally, I found a folded card. It read; “Admission card, Sex Farm André”. On the inside it had a personal code 3 7 9 1 5 -3 and opening times. And the text. “The holder of this card has full free access. No questions asked.” There was also an address. But I did not know where it was. It had to be in our neighborhood, because the postcode was only a few numbers higher.

At once I remembered that one of those VHS Tapes also had Sex Farm written on it. I suspected one thing had to do with the other. But decided to go to bed first. The next morning I would look into it further. I was completely exhausted. Rinsed myself off under the shower again, and secure the tapes and toys. I went to bed with a big grin on my face. And immediately fell asleep. That resulted in a restless night. Three times that night I had extremely horny wet dreams. Full of Leather boys, Bikers and sex. Lots of sex.

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