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A Poor Mountain Gal Transitions
A Poor Mountain Girl Transitions

Mature and Young, Flashing, Upskirts, Kinky, Extreme, Fisting and Group Sex

Eva watched Billy 40ft in the tree top installing her “Thunder Stick” CB antenna. It had taken 2 years of turning her ass up to have her own Mobile Home. She rented it from “Ole Larry” 70, a widower, small “dirt farmer”, with 6 acre’s including a 1 acre pond/swimming hole. With a roadside stand to sell his product’s, cheap fishing and a Silver Tongue, he survived. Eva’s rent paid her light bill, since her power was in his name and once a month she gave him a piece of ass. Billy was his “hang around” helper, farm hand and drinking pal often spending the night with Larry. Being a High School Drop Out only 22, muscular and quick to fight, he was also “strong arm” security when needed. Eva gave him sex once a week. She and Billy were soon in her Trailer wiring in her new Base Station and in minutes she heard “how about ya Short Stop, is the Stand open yet”? She grasp her microphone, “opening in 20 minutes”! “Ya got Squash”, the caller asked? “Plenty”, Eva replied! Larry’s Stand was 1,000 ft away, beside a Bypass used to avoid the nearby city and Trucker’s often used it. Those in the know, knew the code to buy “favors” from Eva. Any Fruit was a Blow Job, most veggies were a fuck and Green’s meant they wanted to eat her. All that came to visit her were required to buy something from the Stand usually ran by Larry, before Billy would let them through the gate to Eva’s. Eva took Billy into her bedroom, laid back removing her panties saying “come on and hurry, I need to wash up after! Duty calls”! Billy climbed on her, thrusting rapidly! She gave him a minute then folded her knee’s to her chest, knowing he would throw his cum into quickly. Billy spurted quick, jetting wads into her, then raced out to the gate. A quick shower and douche, she waited for the Trucker.

A”newbie” in a Refrigerator Rig rumbled to a stop. In a simple V Neck, two tone cotton dress covering her bare body, she walked out to his rig. In minutes, she was beneath him as he thrust into her. Her mind passed the time thinking back to her beginnings as he stroked into her.

“Eva Mae” was 34 now, a Smoky Mountain’s girl, she had left at 27, with only the dress she had on. A lost Trucker had stopped asking directions as she walked beside the road. The chatted, he flirted and minutes later they were in a “turn around” fucking like rabbits! A half hour later, they were on the roll and she never looked back. She had left 6 k**s, fathered by as many different men, with them. The Trucker was huffing, sweating and moaning, babbling about her cunt! She was thinking about Judd, the man that got her started.

Judd taught her much about trucking, the lingo of CB chat and how much money she could make hustling. Their first over night rest stop, Judd sold her most of the night. She had never before had as many men on the same day. Judd kept the money, giving her a 30 minute break every 2 hours. They worked until sunrise, drove 100 miles to another rest area and slept most of the day. Before sunset, they drove to a Walmart, brought her some cheap clothing and stopped at a upscale Truckers Stop. They showered, dressed and ate the restaurant, Judd sold her as they ate. An hour after eating, he walked her truck to truck for 2 hours, making 11 stops. Eva climbed into their rig, dropping cum globs saying “I’ll need more panties”. Judd rushed to another rest area saying “we will work until 1am. I need to get this load back on schedule”. They zigzagged on the road 3 weeks before Judd gave her to another Trucker handing her $700 while hiding almost $2,000 he pocketed.

The “newbie” was grunting as his thrusting turned into hunching! Eva lied “I’m going cum! You’re driving it out me”! Hearing it, he shot his load shouting “give it to your Daddie”! She faked, hunching into him as he spent out! She climbed for his rig saying “come back soon Stud”! Even with a late start that day, by 8pm that night Eva had taken 13 Truckers and 9 vacationer’s passing through. “I sold out today! You did well” as he came in her door, Larry said, “Getting up early to restock in the morning”. Eva laughed as he sat at her knees waiting for her to spread them. Minutes later, Larry sat back grinning “Yep, you got plowed good today and very well fertilized” as he wiped his face.

As she slept later, her mind regressed again. She was at the Homeless Center after having been dropped off at the Bus Station where she rented a locker and stored her few belongings. She sat talking with a “regular” client knowledgeable of the city, with her money tied in a condom, deep in her cunt.
Eva heard of a cheap, clean, transients motor lodge where she could live and do a little “business” if she kept a low profile. The next day, she fucked the manager, gave her room a thorough cleaning, shopped for “work” supplies, then rested. She thought, 1 day work to pay her weekly rent, I day to feed her, 3 days for saving, leaving 2 days of possibility. Eva observed her nude body in a full length mirror, her stomach was relatively flat even after all her pregnancies. For a year after her last one, an old Herb Lady made a “poultice” and wrapped her twice a week. It literally dissolved her stretched wrinkled skin enough that she could use a rough natural sponge to remove it. She could see Spiderweb thin scarring, yet it couldn’t be felt and it was far better than than the scarred, bulging flaps she once had. Her cunt naturally wide with thick outer lips, down it’s center a protruding, Wine Red, meaty seam. She knew that she wasn’t tight, never would be tight again, but she was less slack inside since she used another Herb Lady item. A mixture casino şirketleri of herbs and Alum, smeared on a candle, inserted before bed time, then removed the next day. She had her hair cut and colored, done cheap at a nearby Community College Beauticians class and got a free teeth cleaning there also. Eva also went to “Good Will” stores, purchasing dresses and skirts, some she modified, cutting, resewing, cross matching and exchanging parts. The remade Eva continued on program. She purchased a quality handheld “CB” then walked the blocks around her rental noticing everything, making mental notes. She wasn’t going to be an average street walker, she would make connections, set appointed meeting/pick up spots using landmarks. From the 2nd floor outside stair’s she could see the Interstate, keyed her “CB” saying “Hello Boys, Short Stop is back”. She immediately changed to her regular channel, got responses from Truckers that remembered her. A “K&J Trucking” driver picked her up, fucked her in his rig, then dropped her off at a different location meeting another. Using their CB’s she connected Trucker after Trucker. After 1am she finally got home. She laughed as she pulled money from her bra then realized, they all had fucked her with her money still in her cunt! She pulled the cum soaked condom out hysterically grinning! Her money dry inside it, she took it as a Good Omen!

Eva was walking leaving the College after a manicure and pedicure. With her was 19 year old Gary a student. She had tried to discourage him but he insisted he walk at least partially back. He had chatted nonstop with compliments and minor flirtations. Stopping to sit outside a Cafe sipping drinks, he talked of his last date. Eva told him that she didn’t date, she was temporarily in a low spot in her life simply regrouping to move on. She said “I live cheap, work nights, no time for dates”. She thought she would test him saying “you spend more on a date than I make in days…In the end, what do you get for it?..Probably not what you were after..I’m twice your age, been there”. He laughed, “you’re brutally honest”. She grinned “no, just factual and the fact is…wouldn’t you rather have me for that money”?

Gary was inside her room, frantically groping her, Eva said “slow down, you’re going to lose it before you get it”. She stood up undressing as she gave him rules, took his phone number telling him that she would call him. In a minute, he was thrusting into her! In another minute, he came, squirting cum into her in large, splashing wads! Eva giggled, “That one doesn’t count, you were too horny to have enjoyed that”. He started rapidly thrusting again, She wrapped her legs on him slowing him down. “You’re paying, I’m not in a rush, enjoy yourself”. Gary slowed saying “I won’t lie, experience I don’t have”. Eva smiled as she rolled her cunt up and curled her knees to her chest replying “you won’t touch bottom but do try”. Gary slammed deep, thrusting hard! After letting him stroke her minutes, she laid her thighs back down. “Eva, you’re good”, he hissed! In another minute, he thrust deep then jerked his hips as he grimaced, pouring cum inside her! He rested on her then rolled off finding his pants. Pulling them on, he dug in his pockets and gave her $60. Eva giggled “thanks”, he said “I’ll have more the next time”. She grinned “you think I was worth all this”? He replied, “I spend more on a date, I’d rather visit you”. She played dumb saying “to be honest, that was the first time I’ve done this…for money. My generation just didn’t..I just thought you were very cute and you charmed me”. Gary stuck his chest out, “smart guys of my generation will pay to visit you..I know a few”. Still playing dumb, she replied “I really could use the money but I don’t know”? He smiled “let me help you”. She scratched her head saying “Gosh Gary, I could get in trouble, in jail, run my reputation”. He grinned “I’ll make sure you don’t”.

Eva called Gary, walked to the Cafe to meet him. He asked “how long do we have”? She replied “about 4 hrs, then I need to get home”. He pointed to a plain delivery type, panel van saying “your Chariot awaits”. Inside it had front seats, in the rear, 2 large Igloo coolers with supplies, wipe towels, hand cleaner, condoms and refreshments on a full size mattress. Eva screamed, “you mean business”! He drove piked up a young man saying “no names, no chat, do what you came for” then drove off. Eva came prepared wearing a pullover dress, bra and loose leg panties. She sat in the rear as he climbed in saying “Damn, she’s nice”! Eva raised her knees giving a crotch view, Gary handed him a condom saying “$20 more and you can have her raw”. The man crawled between the seats saying “raw”! Gary drove off watching him removing her panties to stare at her cunt. In a minute, Gary glanced in his rear view mirror viewing his butt as he rapidly fucked her! He saw Eva’s knees bending toward her chest knowing she was opening up to make him cum. In seconds he heard “Oh Shit!…Damnnnnn” as the man spent! Eva felt the Van making a hard turn, taking the man back. In a minute, she sat grinning at Gary as she wiped her cunt saying “He gave $20 just to have me bare”? He tossed her money replying “I’ll take the $20 for gas” as she counted $80, he grinned “less than 5 minute’s too”! As she faked total surprise Gary asked “you want more”? “Oh yes please! I have bills to pay”. Over 3 hours, Eva had taken 17 men. She could have handled more but she didn’t want him to know how much a whore she could be. Gary asked “more”, she said “no! Take me home because I want you”!

Inside her room, she showered asking him to cunt her money although she knew it was nearly 1400 there. She came out nude, casino firmalari he said “I’ve never seen you fully nude”. He stripped and laid beside her, caressing her body. Peering closely, examining every inch of her, He asked “c***dren” as he saw the thin stretch marks. She giggled “yeah” and kept silent. She rolled on her side hiding them, her ass in his face, he opened her ass cheeks. Viewing her deep set, dark anal cleft and her naturally budded ass ring he asked “you take it here”? She lied, “not often but if you chose, it’s yours….Others must pay dearly to have it”. Gary grinned “I can”? Eva spat in her hand, swabbed her asshole saying “take me”. In seconds, he thrust hissing loudly into her asshole! “Holy Mother of Fuck! That is tight”! Eva whimpered faking pain speaking “I’m practically virgin there”! He asked “am I hurting you”? Lying again she replied “giving it to you is worth the pain..Fuck me”! Gary thrust faster as she slowly tightened to make him cum. In a minute he softly cried, “Eva, I can’t hold it”, his cum burst inside her! He jerked and moaned with each slug that blew from him! They sat up later, Gary said “I’m done, I shot all I had! You were wonderful”. She smiled, “you can have it anytime”. He asked if tomorrow was available for “working”? Still not wanting to show herself, she told him “no”, she needed at least a day of rest as this was totally new to her. Thirty minutes later, she was showering again preparing to be “Short Stop, the Trucker’s Whore”.

The months passed, Gary was completing his classes and graduating. It was then she decided to look for her won place. Having banked her money, she still planned to live cheap for now and found Larry. Time passed as she lived there, working as “Short Stop” continuing to bank her money. Ole Larry sat with she and Billy telling them his health was failing with is days numbered. They were sad until he told Eva that he roughly figured how much money she had made there and gave her a ridiculous low price to buy his farm with a lifetime agreement that Billy could live there. He would divide the money among his estranged k**s. It wasn’t her plan but she couldn’t pass it up, the price was “change”compared to her real money. She was actually a Rich Bitch living like a pauper. She sold cunt not for the money, mainly for the fun.

Larry passed and she and Billy spent the winter, he in Larry’s house, she in the Trailer. Spring came, Eva replaced her Trailer with a 3 bedroom Modular Home. One became her Electronic Office, her top of line computer, Security Monitors, Lounge/Entertainment area. Her backyard fully enclosed behind a Privacy Fence with a Deck and pool.

Billy was on Eva, fucking her leisurely, calmly listening as she told him she had bought a 3 year old travel Van. They would be traveling to a city near her original home, staying a while under assumed names being incognito. “You need to check on them don’t you”, he replied “you blew 6 of them out of this cunt and it’s still good”. Billy rammed and surged his hot cum into her! He softly bit her nipple as her felt her cunt quiver saying “Hell Eva, you’ve had hundreds of men between these legs and ever one of them wants to get back”. Billy smiled as she bucked beneath him, knowing his nasty talk would break her.

They were 4 miles from her birth home, they may as well have been a thousand as 3 of the 4 were on the mountain side. Hillside shacks full of pregnant females, sickly Coal Mining young and old men. Having dyed her hair, wearing colored contact’s and lost her mountain accent, they were passing themselves off as a couple. Her real plan was to lure her boys away as 2 were coal digging age. In her home town, they passed themselves off as Hiking Campers. Camping in the woods at a distance, she used high powered binoculars and State of the Art camera’s to spy. In 2 days, she found them, Hubert and Elwood. Billy would be the perfect bait to lure them, he had the skills. He mingled in the small community, lured the boys to take him fishing the streams with money. Two days, he made close friends of them, even met one of Eva’s plump pregnant girls. He told her later that she was a copy of her only younger, that he would fuck her in a blink! She laughed, “she probably would and you can’t hurt her, she’s filled already”. Billy didn’t tell her that he had also used her as bait to lure them to their camp, telling them she was a hot fuck! He said “they’re coming here tomorrow to see Satellite TV for the first time”. Eva struggled with sleep that night. She didn’t have a plan. She wasn’t ready to propose them coming with her. Billy felt her and said “you’re fidgeting”? She told him her issue, he grinned “Damn Eva, I mean Nancy..Use what you got!…Flash a little..Give them small dose’s…They don’t know who you are..You don’t have to fuck them, tease them….I’m sure they will find excuse’s to come back”. Eva/Nancy smiled “Thanks Randy, I got my head back in the game now”.

Eva now Nancy heard them coming with Billy aka Randy. She didn’t look back as she was higher than than tent on the hillside, plucking wildflowers. She bent forward knowing they could view up her short khaki skirt, then slowly squatted as they cam closer. They saw her sheer Blue panties stretch tight before she lowered completely. Elwood was bumping elbows with both of them, Randy whispered “she fucks at the drop of hat! That’s why I married her! You boys too young to know about having a gal that can out fuck you, sometimes I could use help”. “Hey Babe, these are my fishing pals”, Nancy spun around flashing a full frontal view as she stood up. She was introduced noticing their stiff cocks. Inside they all watched a movie trapping their attention, while Nancy güvenilir casino sat to one side giving them small Blue Triangle glimpse’s up her skirt. Later that night Billy fucked her with a rage! Eva matched his lust hissing and squirting! He pushed her over the edge talking dirty! He lied “sorry you had to flash them being your own but they loved it”! Eva’s body vibrated, he said “I shouldn’t tell you but they talked and talked about your panties”. He felt her spraying each time he thrust into her, “Hubert claimed her saw your cunt seam, Elwood called him a liar saying he would have seen it”.. Eva was moaning, he added “they said they would fuck a hole through you”! Eva hissed “they wouldn’t fuck their mom”. Billy rammed into her, his cock vomiting cum into her! “no, they wouldn’t but I know they’d fuck Nancy”! Her orgasm struck so hard she actually bucked Billy out of her!

The next day Billy came back with a string of Fish. Their tent opening was partially open as she lay on her side faking sleep. In a spaghetti strapped, short, camouflaged dress that was snugged to her, her ass cheeks were in full view! Sheer, Pink panties with black waist and leg bands, cut into her flesh! It surprised Billy. She may as well have been bare, they hid nothing! The boys saw her, he quickly moved them to side whispering “stay out of view, let me wake her. I don’t mind you viewing her but she would be embarrassed. Give me time to get her together then walk up making noise”. He went in the tent whispering, “they see your ass”. He laid before her acting if to wake her, she threw a leg over his saying “that’s not all they see now”. The boys could see her meaty gash and bumped their fist! He told her they were having a fish fry. She sat up with wide spread knees knowing her plump cunt pressed itself wide, against her gusset. The boys started talking, they stood up and walked out.

They ate with “Nancy” using every opportunity to flash them. After, they watched movies until “Randy” said “Honey, show them out place”. She showed pictures, video’s and a few of her in sexy swimsuits. They were amazed, chatting with questions. Randy said “Y’all need to come visit us for a while? You don’t have any work here, just hang with us. We will take you and bring you back if you can go”? Nancy chimed in “think about it? We have plenty of room, fishing pond, swimming pool, you might enjoy it”? Randy added, “we will be packing up tomorrow and hiking out at daybreak the next day”. They hung on their every word and left with stiff cock’s swinging!

Hubert and Elwood came early but they had a plan and talked loudly as they approached. “I think the guys kind of like you, maybe they’ll spend some time with us”, she replied “I don’t know, they’re young, we’re old”. He grinned “I saw them glancing at you, checking you out”. She laughed “yeah right! I’m probably older than their mother. They’re just curious maybe and if it thrills them, they’re nice and I don’t mind. Randy said, “they might try you? What would you do”? She giggled loudly “nothing! I don’t think they have the nerve”. The boys made loud talk walking up. By days end the boys told them they would be there at daybreak ready to go!

They had been on the drive back 2 hours. Randy had used the passenger seat for storage. The coolers and tent blocked the crawl through space between them and acted as a partial blind into the rear. He drove viewing them in the rear view mirror. Nancy’s light weight Sundress often fell back exposing much of her legs, leg positions gave them pantie views consistently. She had chose very loose fit panties, with large loose leg openings. Many times they actually saw a partial outer labia. Stopping at a rest area, she flashed her panties knowing they sank in her cunt seam as she got out. They ate a Picnic style dinner, then drove to the next stop, refreshed themselves as Randy told them he would sleep a few hours, then drive through the less active vehicle travel at night. Night fell, he turned his Captain’s Seat and peered in the rear view watching them. As he faked a snore, Nancy urged the boys to grab some rest as she was going to. They stayed up as she laid on her side and faked a snore. In less than 10 minutes she felt her dress being pulled then shifted to expose her ass. Both she and Randy saw them easing down and peeping. Nancy shifted a knee forward, exposing more of her panties clinging in her cunt seam. She felt a finger lightly touch her, then he panties being pulled to expose her meaty seam. Their breathing was loud as they huffed air! She shifted her leg back and soon felt and saw Hubert laying behind her.

Randy saw him stroking it as he inched closely toward her cunt. Very slowly and gently he pressed his cock glans inside her. Seconds later, Randy saw thick white cum gushing around his shaft, knowing he had cum! Nancy coughed as she slid back on is shaft taking him fully inside her. Hubert froze as his cum dribbled in her, waited to be sure she didn’t wake then slid out of her. They heard them whispering “she’s god awful good! I’d fuck her if she was our mom”! Nancy’s cunt rippled inside forcing his cum to bubble out! Elwood was in her next, but he slid deep inside her before he spurted into her! He slid from her just in time as she orgasm-ed, biting her lip and squirting their cum out! Elwood grasp a paper towel and wiped her gently. They took turns, each fucking her 3 times and cumming in her. Before Hubert pulled free, he made 3 deep, gentle thrust into her. Elwood used several towels trying to clean her enough that she wouldn’t notice. Hours later, she was behind Randy whispering “I can’t believe they did me” as they listened to them sleeping and snoring hard. “I hope you can forgive me” she asked. He replied “nothing to forgive. You’re doing good for them, you rescued them! They are happy boys, they got some pussy! You’re Nancy now when you spread your thighs! We are now Nancy and Randy period, unless you decide to change that”.

More to come

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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