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There might be moments in your life you feel you are capable of doing almost anything. If you have experienced it at least once, you know that it is a full of energy state of your body and your mind. You should avoid trying the impossible during such a mood, since its unpredicted consequences might be destructive for you and for the others in relation with you. In my opinion, it is the best thing to do what relaxes you at most at such times in order to calm down.

I was in such a mood on that Saturday morning. I had experienced it several times, that sudden unexpected changes in my favor might lead me to start feeling that way. Karen’s new role in my life was surely one of them.

I was still in my bed reviewing what had happened and I was trying to estimate what might happen. It was no surprise anymore that Karen was doing what she had to do almost in a perfect way. The complicated part to be resolved was about my feelings. I needed some more time.

She was on the way to her Mom’s according to the last message from her. So I should expect a call from Betty in a few hours to discuss Karen’s decision. I was going to tell her that we would have to support our daughter and display it to her clearly that we would be always on her side whatever would happen, which was our primary duty as parents. Betty would be happy to hear it from me that I was going to support Karen financially. She would also be pleased to know I was going to help Karen with a new job in the other firms. Betty wouldn’t approve it for Karen to stay in the same firm with Jeff. I had already planned such a conversation with Betty. It was a part of the master plan I had in my mind.

Karen would be too busy to follow the instructions she had during the day. I was not going to disturb her. I was monitoring her activities instantly anyway.

The day was long and what I needed at that moment was to find a way to relax. There were several alternatives I could use. But I had a young college girl in my mind. I checked the clock to see it was 7:49AM. It was early but I wouldn’t care. I picked the phone and dialed a number. It took long to hear a voice from the other side as I expected.

“Hello, old man.” It was a sleepy voice. Shelly wasn’t a morning person, not especially on the weekends.

“You never know how to address me, little bitch.” I answered her

“Oh, Daddy. You should remind this girl who you are more often. I haven’t heard from you for ages.” She reproached me.

“Was that a complaint?”

“Oh, no. Sir. You just don’t know how much I missed you.”

“Was that a long night?” I ignored what she said and changed the subject.

“Oh, yeah. It was a very long night, Sir.” I could easily sense the joy in her voice.

Shelly was a switch. A switch might be either a submissive or a dominant to her or his partner. I knew her for 2 years. Her father who was an ex-colleague of mine introduced her to me when she started at a college in my town. She was a young beautiful black girl. I helped her for an easy start in the town. She thanked me in a very special way as you may guess. She was full of surprises. She participated in many sessions with me. She was a decent submissive with a very high pain threshold that I liked a lot. On the other side, she might be a cruel top to her bottom, who was either a woman or a man. She was bi and she would like to deal especially with older women when she was a top.

“Is she a newbie?” I asked her. She replied with laughter.

“How did you know?”

“I just know my little bitch well. Is she able to walk?” I asked.

“Oh no, Daddy. No, she is no good for pain.” I heard a slapping sound and then a cry from her new partner. “You see. She just can’t handle the pain,” She was laughing loud. “She is too weak but…” She stopped. I could hear she was talking to her newbie now. “Come here bitch! Here! Right between my legs.”

Then she continued, “She is a good ass licker, Sir. A real one.” She talked to her again. “Aren’t you, dirty petite whore?”

I hardly heard a voice “Yes, I am. Miss.”

She continued, “Did you hear what she said?”

“Yes, I did. You owe me for this little morning pleasure.” I teased her.

“Anything you want. You don’t know how I wish you were here, Daddy.” She whispered the last sentence.

It was very attractive. I jumped into it immediately. casino şirketleri I had called her for this purpose anyway. “I could be there in an hour then.” I suggested.

“No, not this time, Sir. I am sorry but not today.” Her response surprised me. It wasn’t her typical behavior.

“Why is that?” I was curious.

“I won’t tell.” It was a secret. I was getting more curious about it. “I see that you keep her for yourself.”

“Maybe” She said.

“What might be so special about her?”

“She is a newbie, Sir.” She laughed. “Nothing special about this old dirty whore.”

“She must be someone that I know.” I concluded and I knew it was true.

“Maybe” She was laughing loud at me now.

“You will pay for this, both of you indeed. You can’t hide her from me forever.” I threatened her.

“I am sure about that, Sir. As you know, I am always ready. I will make sure this ass licking whore will be ready by that time, too” She was such a bitch. I liked her ways.

“I will see.” I replied as if I doubt she wouldn’t make it properly. I knew she would reveal more information about this new slut while she was trying to make me sure she would.

“I have just started it, Daddy. As a matter of fact, this bitch had always been in front of my eyes but I missed her until last night, shame on me. Let me take my time and train her well. I promise you will enjoy her very much, eventually.” Her explanation brought a slightly possible idea into my mind.

“Is she a relative?” I asked her that made her laugh again.

“No, she is not. But who knows, maybe someday I may experience this taboo, too” She was still laughing. “Did you hear what he said, bitch?” She was asking her newbie.

The new slut murmured, “No I didn’t, Miss.”

Then she ordered her, “You keep licking my ass! Push your tongue inside a little!”

“What is this shit? Is her only talent licking your dirty black ass?” I teased her again.

“Don’t blame her, Daddy. It is already a big step for her. She also experienced a long face sitting the hard way though.” She continued, “She will experience much dirtier before the day ends.” She laughed at her.

“What do you have in your wicked mind, little girl?” I was curious about the dirtier thing.

“Hmm. She looks thirsty to me.” She laughed at what she just said and continued ” She will have to thank me soon for letting her drink from me.”

It came to my mind at that moment and I murmured “A morning pee. Why not.” I wasn’t talking to her but myself.

“I remember the first time you did it to me, Sir.” She was talking to me but I wasn’t with her anymore.

“I need to go.” I informed her sharply.

“So suddenly?” She panicked. “Are we going to meet soon? Please, Daddy”

“Maybe. I’ll let you know.” I said.

“Oh no, you will disappear again.” I could feel the disappointment in her voice.

“I promise I will call you soon, Shelly.” I assured her. I hardly used their names when I was talking to my subs. She knew that it was real and accepted it eagerly.

“I will look forward to it, Sir.”

“Enjoy your newbie, Shelly. Treat her well. Take care.”

“You too, Sir.” The conversation was ended.

I already had my mind made up. What I needed was a cup of coffee and then a full breakfast. I sent a message to Karen that she would need an HD camcorder today, before getting up from my bed. I received her reply saying she had two of them, almost immediately. This girl must be waiting for my messages all the time. I smiled at that idea. What a slave she was. I was a lucky man.

Nothing much happened during the day. I showered, had a breakfast, watched the news and then a movie, had a brief lunch at home, read a book. Betty called me while I was watching the movie. We had the conversation I already mentioned to you. On her part, Karen was reporting to me what she was doing. She took a little nap at Mom’s house and then they went to Jeff’s house to pack her belongings. It was almost 7:00PM when they were done. They took all of them to the hotel and had a dinner at a restaurant nearby. It was 10:25 PM her time when Karen was alone at her room in the hotel. She had to prepare the CVs first. It was 9:35 PM my time when she sent me them for my reading proof. I called her.


“Yes, Sir?”

“Are you tired?”

“I casino firmalari am tired, Sir.”

“You are doing a great job, that pleases me.”

“Thank you, Sir. I am trying to do my best and I am happy to please you, Sir.”

“Is your pussy still sore?”

“Just a little, Sir.”

“When was the last time you checked the cane marks?”

“When I came into the room after dinner, Sir.”

“I will ask you to do two more things and then send you to bed. Is the bathtub across from the countertop in the bathroom?”

“Yes it is, Sir.”

“I want you to place an HD camcorder on the countertop in order to record you when you are in the bathtub. Can you do that properly?”

“Yes I can, Sir.”

“Do you have a pair of pajamas of pants and jacket with buttons?”

“Yes, I do, Sir. I have four pairs of pajamas of pink, light blue, light green and black colors, Sir.”

“I want you to put on blue pajamas tonight. You will have just your panties underneath, nothing else. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Once you go to bed, you will wait for my next order to get up. Understood? “

“Yes, Sir.”

“I will check your CVs and send you my comments through email. You will correct them accordingly and send them to the relevant people tomorrow.”

“I will, Sir.”

“You will spend the rest of the day for your slavery timetable. You will enter all communication between us to the timetable and add all the pictures and the email you sent to me. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I do. Sir.”

“You may keep the panties and the hairbrush as they are.”

“Thank you, Sir.” She was happy.

“Good night, Karen.”

“Have a very good night, Sir.”

I checked her CVs for a reading proof and sent my comments to her through an email right after our phone conversation. Then I watched TV for some time and went to bed by 11:30PM my time.

I woke up at 6:30AM next morning. I took a shower and had a cup of coffee and waited for nothing but to prolong the time before calling her. It was 7:30AM and I called her.

“Good morning, Karen.”

“Good morning, Sir.”

“Are you still in bed?”

“Yes I am, Sir”

“Are you comfortable?”

“Not really, Sir.”

“Why is that?”

“I need to use bathroom, Sir.”

“For what purpose?”

“I need to pee, Sir.”

“Are you holding it back for long?”

“Not so long but for some time, Sir.”

“Do you have a Bluetooth headset?”

“Yes, I do. Sir”

“Put that on”

“Yes, Sir. May I get up from the bed, Sir?

“You may.” She got up from the bed and put on the headset. I asked her to go to the bathroom and to turn on the camcorder. She did. Then I ordered her to step into the bathtub. She was in the bathtub wearing her pajamas and in need of a pee.

“When was the last time you wet your pants, Karen?”

“I don’t remember, Sir.”

“You will be a pee slut today. You are going to pee into your pants now. Do it bitch!”

I wasn’t sure if she hesitated any but she started doing it.

“Keep reporting to me, dirty whore!” I ordered her.

“I am peeing into my pajama bottoms, Sir. Thank you, Sir. Thank you for making me a pee slut today, Sir.” She was really good.

I waited for her to finish peeing into her pants. I kept her at that state for a minute after she was done. A big girl with wet pants standing in a bathtub was being recorded.

“Do you feel dirty?” I knew the answer.

“I feel dirty, Sir.”

“Are you a little dirty slut?”

“I am, Sir. I am a little dirty slut.”

“Unbutton your pajama jacket.”

“Yes, Sir.” I waited for her to unbutton her jacket and, ” Done, Sir.”

“Raise your left breast a little higher by using your left hand.”

“Done, Sir.”

“Spit on it.” I hardly heard her spitting on her left breast.

“Done, Sir.” She said.

Believe me that you can use anything as an excuse to fire a slave or sub but you need to do it at the right time. So I did.

“You dirty worthless slut! You can’t do a simple thing! I must hear it here. Spit on it again! Do it properly this time!”

“I am sorry, Sir. I will…”

I interrupted her immediately with a louder voice. “Stop telling me, you are sorry! Just do it! Little whore!” She did it again and I heard it clearly this time.

“Smear güvenilir casino your dirty saliva on your breast now.” I ordered her.

“I am doing it, Sir. Smearing my dirty…”

I interrupted her again. “Shut up!” and she did. I continued “Grab your pussy over your pants with your right hand.”

She did.

“Is it wet?”

“It is wet, Sir.”

“What is wet?”

She hesitated but she was able to tell me. “My pants and my pussy, Sir.”

“Have you just said you are wet because of the pee?” I was going to push her in any direction I wanted. She was almost lost.

She hesitated again. “No, Sir.” She thought it might be a mistake and tried to correct it. “Yes, Sir.” She wasn’t sure yet so she tried it again “Both, Sir.” She said it finally “I was really wet before the pee, Sir. I swear, Sir.” I was just about to laugh at that situation, but I didn’t.

“Shut up stupid whore!”

She did immediately.

“Slide your hand inside your panties and grab your pussy. Make your hand wet, very wet. Pull it back and smear that wetness over your right breast. Are you doing it, pee slut?”

“I am doing it, Sir.”

“Pinch your right nipple now.” She did.

“Harder!” She did. “Does it hurt?”

“Yes it does, Sir.”

“Much harder!” She did. I could hear her voices and heavy breathing and I was sure she was hurting herself as much as she could.

“Stop! Slide your right hand into your panties. Make it wet again, very wet!” She did.

“Pull your hand back and put your fingers into your mouth, four fingers but no thumb.” There might be an objection at that moment and I waited for it for couple of seconds but she didn’t object. Instead, she obeyed and put her four fingers inside her mouth.

“Suck them, little dirty bitch! Suck them good! I want to hear your suckling voice here.” She sucked her fingers good.

“Do you like the taste of your own pee and pussy juices?” There came a voice like a yes from her.

“Push them through your throat!” She did. She soon started gagging on them. I pushed her further and she did. When I believed she was about to vomit, I stopped her. “Not today.” I said it to myself.

“Take your fingers out.”

“They are out, Sir.” I heard her voice again after some time.

“Push your pants and panties down to your knees.” She did immediately.

“Grab your pussy with your right hand.”

“Are you an ass virgin?”

“I am, Sir.” This was what I suspected during our first conversation somehow.


“Truly, Sir”

“Who is going to penetrate your virgin asshole first?”

“You, Sir. It is all yours, Sir.”

“Rub your left hand’s middle finger’s tip on your little hole and four right hand fingers on your clit.” She started rubbing herself.

“How wet are you now?”

“Very wet, Sir.”

I was just going to say something but she interrupted me.

“May I come, Sir?”

My immediate response was “No!”

“Please Sir.” She was just beginning to beg for it.

I said, “No, you have to hold it back, little slut!”

“I don’t know how to do it, Sir. Please, Sir”

“No chance. You have to prove me that I control you, your body. You may only come under my command. Do you understand it, worthless whore?”

“I will try it, Sir.” She was desperate but trying hard. I knew that.

“Trying is not good enough, bitch. Either you will do it or I will dismiss you!”

“No, Sir. No. I will hold it back forever. I can’t do it without you. I need you. I need to please you. ” She panicked but it helped. She was holding it back. She was denying an orgasm that long, maybe for the first time in her life.

“Keep rubbing both your dirty pussy and dirty asshole.”

“I am, Sir.” I played with her for a while. I was able to hear her quick and deep breaths. She was moaning slightly. She was definitely suffering from delaying her orgasm. When I was satisfied with her performance I let her have the orgasm.

“You may come now.” was all she needed to hear from me. She came immediately. She moaned like she was suffering from all the pains in the world. Yes, she was noisy. I could feel her coming as if she was with me. I wanted her under me right that time. It scared me, what I really wanted to do. I wanted to breed her.

“Thank you, Sir.” It came from her when she calmed down. I didn’t reply her for some time. I was busy to deal with my feelings here.

“Get clean and get rid of those clothes. I am going to send you the other instructions via email.” I didn’t wait for her to reply. I hung up.

To be continued…

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