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My story begins with a description of our vacation habits. Me (66 years old) and my wife(80) had been going down to the Keys for many years in February to avoid a couple weeks of the bitter cold winters in Michigan. As the years had gone by, it was increasingly difficult to stay awake while driving the long distance, and my wife was not keen on being on the major highways behind the wheel.

This year, I suggested that maybe my step-daughter may want to help with the driving by accompanying us. I had already reserved the hotel room that had two queen-sized beds, so it wasn’t really any problem for us.

Now my step-daughter, Beth, is fifty-one years old but could pass for a beautiful thirty-five. She has a great body with 36C tits that I drool over every chance I get. She was leery of spending a couple weeks in the same hotel room with an older couple, but with a little persuasion, decided to go.

I’ve always gotten along with Beth, lots of times joking or flirting with each other, so I figured that it would be a lot of fun.

The time came to leave, and the weather was cold, about 25 degrees. I had rented a car for the trip, a full-sized, knowing that a two week trip with a couple women would require lots of luggage. As I finished loading it, the trunk was bahis firmaları full, and still needed half the back seat. My wife decided to sit in back with the cooler to hand us any drinks or snacks while we were driving.

The first day was uneventful, by the end of the day stopping at a hotel north of the Florida line. Again, being on a fixed income, I got one room with two queen-sized beds. Being rather late, we had a burger from the place next door and decided to turn in.

Beth used the bathroom first, emerging in a pair of thin pajamas. It was obvious that she had nothing under them, her areolas and nipples and a small patch of pubic hair showing beneath the thin material. My wife commented on the fact and Beth replied that they were the only pajamas she had packed and that she normally slept in the nude. Now my wife, being 80 years old, has lost the urge to have sex, so this was having a huge effect on me.

After my wife was finished in the bathroom, it was my turn. I hurried to the bathroom with my clothes in front of me to hide my 8-inch tent, and was able to jerk off quickly before getting dressed for bed. My softened cock was only temporary because emerging from the bathroom, I was faced with Beth sitting on the bed watching television with her mother, her kaçak iddaa nipples pressing against her top. I’m sure she noticed my hard-on when I rushed to get under the covers. I eventually fell asleep, but woke up during the night. The room was dark, but partially illuminated by the lights outside the motel.

Hearing a small whimper, I turned over and came face to face with Beth in the other bed. While staring at me, I could see her hand moving between her legs under the sheets. I was rock hard, but could only watch as she came to a shuddering orgasm still staring into my eyes. It was an erotic sight, but was not done yet. She removed her hand from between her legs and reached across to me. I leaned from my bed and took her fingers in my mouth to lick them clean, tasting her womanly cream. Looking at her again, I noticed that she had a smile on her face and was closing her eyes to sleep. Reluctantly letting go of her hand, I rolled over to try and sleep with the taste of Beth’s pussy on mt lips.

Sleep came in spurts, and morning came too soon. The morning ritual of getting dressed to head down the road began. My wife used the bathroom first, obviously leaving Beth and myself alone. I laid in bed as Beth got up and turned the television on to watch the local news. As she kaçak bahis turned to head to her bed, I noticed that she had unbuttoned her pajama top, and most of her breasts were exposed. We could hear the shower start and Beth sat in bed, leaning against the headboard smiling at me. She finished unbuttoning her top, letting her beautiful tits fall into view and again her hand disappeared beneath the waistband of the bottoms. While watching her, I couldn’t take it any more and I arched my back and pulled my pajamas and boxers down, freeing my rigid cock to her view.

She brought her hand from her pussy just long enough to also pull her bottoms down. She was beautiful, her folds glistening with excitement and a small landing strip of hair above her clit. We watched each other, my hand flying up and down my cock, her fingers in and out of her cunt until we both came. She shook with a huge orgasm while I deposited a huge load of come on my stomach. Hearing the shower being turned off, I wiped myself dry with the sheets while Beth pulled herself together. Just as I pulled my bottoms up, the bathroom door opened, and my wife appeared. Hopefully, the steam and humidity coming from the bathroom would hide the smell of sex in the air.

Eventually, after dressing, eating breakfast, and heading down the road, we faced a very long day of driving before getting to the Keys.

With only one day of traveling under my belt, I was anxiously awaiting as to what the rest of our vacation would bring!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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