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A Walk in The Park
One of my favourite pastimes is walking in the local park in the summer, it’s big and spacious and you will find lots of dog walkers and joggers, both interesting in their own way.
There is a huge wooded area with a few selected secluded clearings where fun can be had if you find the right one off the beaten track.
On the edge of the woods is a tea bar where you can always get a nice cup of tea or a cold drink and always a friendly chat from Doris who runs the place, unless she has popped to the toilet block which is a bit hidden behind it.

Now this toilet block is old, no urinal but two stalls so you get both sexes using it. The wooden stall has a glory hole which has been discussed before but begs the question why old Doris pops in there, bless her she has probably sucked me off in the past, usually the people that use it know what to expect although I did have one experience there when a woman looked through the hole and saw me wanking, she ran out and apparently told Doris about it.
There are benches to sit and people watch so all in all it’s a good place if you have the time to explore.

So on this particular day I had nothing on so thought I would head off down to the park, I usually go late morning as Doris does a killer bacon sandwich and you get a few students wandering about at lunchtime.
I threw on a tee shirt and shorts, (I always go commando) slipped on my trainers and headed off.

It is literally a 5-minute walk to the park and I was there in no time and even though it was sunny there wasn’t too many people around. I decided to get myself a cold drink and sit down to assess the situation so headed off to see Doris.
“Morning Doris” I said with a smile, “A cold coke please”
Doris smiled, “Morning Frank” she said with a smile as she handed me the drink.

We had a bit of a chit-chat as we always do and I went to the bench opposite and sat down, there was a couple of dog walkers and a couple of joggers but nothing really of interest.
I decided to take a walk into the woods and waved at Doris as I walked past, just inside the woods is güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri a nice clearing with a bench so I decided to park myself there for a while taking in the peace and tranquillity, it was nice and peaceful and I still had a view of the toilet block should I get caught short.

A couple of people walked through and then out of the blue a sweet cocker spaniel ran past me, he doubled back when he saw me and ran up to me wagging his tail, I greeted him and stoked his back and his snout was nuzzling at my crotch, I was waiting for his owner to appear but couldn’t see anyone so kept stroking the dog.
I can’t describe the feeling of the dog nuzzling at my crotch but hence to say I was starting to get a boner which was not appropriate as I had no idea who or where his owner is. Next thing I know is this randy dog is trying to get his snout up the leg of my shorts, well they were baggy so it wasn’t difficult and when I felt his tongue lick my nuts it sent shockwaves through my body, I had to have a quick look around and still no sign of the owner which was just as well as I had a stiff boner and a dog licking my balls.

My pleasure was short lived as I heard a rustle of the trees and a figure appeared in the clearing,
“Oh there you are Ben” said this very apologetic male voice. The dog removed his snout and ran over to the owner who was walking towards me, I put my hands on my lap to hide my erection which seemed to do the trick.
The guy was an older man who I had seen before and I think he recognised me as he sat down beside me, he too was wearing shorts and a tee shirt and as he sat down Ben tried to do the same thing, nuzzling away at his crotch.

“Nice dog” I said politely and the guy looked across as he played with Ben,
“Yes, thank you” he said trying to push Ben’s head away from his crotch, “Although he does get a bit fruity sometimes” he continued and we both laughed, I had first-hand knowledge of it.
“I’m Andy” he said holding his hand out,
“I’m Frank” I replied reaching out to shake his hand, this action left my tipobet giriş arousal exposed and my bulge was evident and I did notice that as we shook hands Andy’s eyes looked down, Ben in the meantime had come back to pay me some more attention licking my bare legs.

“BEN” Andy shouted out but Ben paid no attention and kept licking my legs, my legs widened as he got to my knees,
“It’s ok” I said with a giggle, his licks did feel good.
“As long as he only licks my legs” I said jokingly, Andy laughed along
“He’d give you a bath if you let him” he replied with a laugh, “Really!” I said as his tongue moved up the inside of my thigh.
I stroked his head as his licking was getting higher and my boner was very evident, I looked down at Andy and could see a bulge appearing under his shorts, my legs widened allowing Ben better access.

“You must taste good” Andy said with a laugh as he looked straight down at my erection hidden under my shorts, I moaned out softly as Ben’s tongue hit my balls again and his licks were forcing my cock to strain,
“You seem to be enjoying that Frank” Andy said as he watched Ben with his snout up the leg of my shorts,
“OMG!, Yes!” I said back to him, “I can see what you mean about him giving you a bath”

“Oh yes Frank” he said smiling, “Shame you’re not naked” he said making a joke out of it, Ben was trying to get his tongue under my balls and up to my crack, I wriggled a bit.
“I could be” I said jokingly, “I live 2 minutes away” and looked down at Andy to see the bulge increasing under his shorts.
“Really” he said, “Ben does like to taste new skin” he said as he reached for Ben’s lead.

We were back at my house very quickly and Ben seemed excited, it was as if he knew what was in store.
It was an awkward situation at first so I had to break the ice,
“Shall I get naked then?” I said as Ben sat patiently, Andy looked at me and smiled.
“Good idea Frank” he said and I proceeded to pull off my shirt and pull my shorts down, I stood there like a lemon as Andy looked at me, my cock hung down.

“Nice body Frank” he remarked and tipobet güvenilir mi motioned me to lay down on the floor face down while he sat in the chair.
I felt Ben sniffing around my legs and then he started to lick up the back of my thighs, instinctively my legs widened as I felt his tongue run up the insides of my thighs and up onto my balls.
His tongue then went straight into my crack searching out my arsehole, I was getting very hard and had to adjust my position to accommodate my now erect cock.

“How does it feel Frank” he said as he watched on at Ben licking my arse and balls, I could see out the corner of my eye that he had his shorts open and his hard cock in his hand.
“OMG Andy” I said panting, the feeling of this tongue licking my arse was out of this world and very soon I had raised my arse up allowing him better access.
Soon I was on my knees and elbows as Ben got his tongue deeper into my arse, my cock solid and in full view of Andy who was enjoying the show, his shorts were now round his ankles and was rubbing his cock, a nice cock too.

Ben ran around under my body and I felt his tongue flicking at the head of my cock, OMG he was now licking the head of my cock, my arse was soaked after Ben’s licking and I then felt Andy’s finger probing the hole, I didn’t resist as I felt his finger slide into my wet hole, Ben was still licking and flicking my cock like playing with a bone, Andy was now behind me and I could feel the head of his cock running up and down my crack.

“OMG YESS!” I cried out as I felt the swollen head of his cock push into my arse, I pushed back showing intent as his cock pushed in further, he held on to my hips as he started to thrust away, Ben still playing with his bone as his owner built up a rhythm, I was close to cumming and I knew Andy was too, Ben was about to get a facial.

Andy cried out as he started to shoot his load deep into me, I cried out as I felt it hit and couldn’t hold back my own orgasm as my cock spurted out onto Ben’s head, I could feel him licking away as my balls emptied.
I collapsed on the floor and let Ben clean me up which in itself was a great experience and he even licked Andy’s cock clean too.

“WOW Andy, that was awesome” I told him as we both got dressed, he looked at me with a smile
“I’m glad you enjoyed it Frank” he said, “Ben loves it” and I knew he wasn’t the only one.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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