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Dedicated to Isabelle, my inspiration.

All beautiful young women believe they have a power over men, but just for that reason it is the man who has power over women to whom they will surrender. Men must struggle to win or create or find that power over the women he desires. As a man loses the simple but powerful lures of youth and looks, he must fall back on his wisdom and experience.

My stepdaughter, Sara, was a young woman I had come to desire. I had married her mother, Beth, when Sara was only 11 and her sister Ashley only 9. Beth was 28, a beauty, and a widow, her husband Peter killed in a traffic accident only five years after their marriage. She had struggled as a single mother, until the day she came to work for my firm as a temp.

When Beth came into my office that day her simple beauty took my breath away. She was 5’8″, a classic lustrous redhead, white ivory skin and green eyes, and a toned body that gave no hint of the two children she had borne as a teenager. I was 37, single, with my own practice, and I had been thinking about the benefits of a good marriage for some time.

I knew from the moment I saw Beth that I would be paying a lot of attention to her work, and even more attention to her, no matter how distracting my work might be at the time. Beth proved to be a godsend, efficient, reliable and very grateful to have found a decent job so soon after she had finished her belated secretarial education. Soon she was on my staff.

Beth was a devout and earnest Catholic. She had married as a virgin and had never cheated on her husband, and had still not been with a man since his death. As I got to know her over drinks at work in the weeks after she came to me, I could tell she enjoyed being with a man who was attentive and gave her real respect. Beth opened up to me slowly but surely.

I decided to take things carefully with this one. I had always wanted a dutiful, capable and adorable wife, and Beth was showing all the signs of being a woman I could rely on and yet deceive when I had to or wanted to. I never thought marriage would cure my insatiable lust for sweet young cunt, so I wanted to find a wife who really wanted to believe my stories.

I paid attention to her and I found excuses to drive her home after our office drinks one night. She didn’t have to be home early that night, her mother was with the kids, so I suggested dinner. It was so easy to be with Beth, she was so happy to have found me, and I got the feeling that the fact that I was single, successful and serious had not gone unnoticed.

Over dinner Beth was hanging on my every word, and as she drank the exquisite wine I ordered for us, she began to open up like a flower. I could see that underneath the serious and responsible woman I had seen so much of lately, there was a sensual being, who loved to laugh and smile, and who knew how to let a man know that she was thinking of him.

We couldn’t stay out late, or what I would call late, so by 9pm I was pulling my car up to her driveway.

“It’s only early, Bobbie, would you like a coffee? You didn’t get to have one with dinner.”

It wasn’t like something sinful when we both knew her mother was in the house, but then again we both knew her mother would be leaving soon. Beth was just being the very well mannered person I knew she was. But there as something in her eye that made me think that I would really enjoy a coffee tonight – since I might not want to go to sleep anyway.

“Sure, that would be great.”

We went in and, after some pleasantries, her mother mentioned some television show and scooted out the door. The girls were watching television and both nodded vacantly when I was briefly introduced. Beth made the coffee and we started to talk in the kitchen. It was a big house, the one asset of her marriage, but it was not her’s to sell until the girls were 18.

She had struggled and as we talked, and as she relaxed more, she told me how very happy she was to be working for me. At 10pm the girls were ordered off to bed and Beth excused herself to tuck them in and say goodnight. She didn’t really give me a chance to leave then, and I guess she could tell I was in no hurry to. It was a Friday night after all.

When the girls were in bed Beth returned and suggested we move into the living room and offered me a nightcap. I said yes to a scotch and soda so she made herself one too – a nice touch I thought – and came over to the couch and sat next to me. Our conversation became more personal, and Beth was soon opening up to me more and more. I was having fun.

“I suppose I have to admit I am just so lonely now. I haven’t been with another man since I lost Peter, and it’s been hard to feel I had anything to offer a man.”

Beth’s innocence and the demands of trying to raise her family alone had kept her single. And her principles had stopped her from thinking about men, but there was a secret that Beth wouldn’t tell me this night, a secret about her life that she casino siteleri had never told anyone. What she was saying now was a mask for what she really knew was making her feel so lonely.

“You have so much to offer any man, Beth. I have never known a woman with more to offer a man than you.”

Beth looked into my eyes. I could tell that the combination of wine and attention was having a delicious effect on her principles. As she looked at me, small almost imperceptible signals reached me, she tilted her head slightly, her lips were slightly parted, her eyes were dilated. Seeing my opportunity I leaned forward and kissed her. She closed her eyes. She was mine.

I didn’t know it, but Beth had decided to give herself to me already. But she was shy and uncertain, so rather than giving me anything, she was just going to let me take her. As I kissed her I pulled her over to me and put my arms around her, passionately pushing my tongue into her mouth, down her throat, feeling her body surrender to me.

Sensing her submission I wanted to waste no time in taking what was being given. My hand moved decisively up her dress to her panties. I pulled them down and Beth obeyed my unspoken insistence, lifting her hips so her panties slid easily to her knees. Now my hand returned and she spread her thighs, so my fingers could easily reach her open quim.

Beth’s cunt was dripping wet, as I explored her mouth with my tongue two fingers were caressing the soft lips of her slit. Her cunt was puckering and I eased my fingers into her and put my thumb on her clit and rolled in a slow circle while my fingers moved deeper into her warm wet gash. Beth’s cunt was tight and soft, and I felt her squeezing on my fingers.

With my free hand I quickly unzipped my pants and pulled my thick hot meat out into the air. Taking Beth’s hand in mine I led it to my cock. Beth wanted to please me this much at least, and her hand closed around the girth of my shaft. I felt Beth’s breathing quicken as she felt how thick my cock was in her hand. In time with my fingers I began to thrust into her grip.

I knew Beth was surrendering herself to me. I took my hand from her hot slick hole and puller her panties right off. I got onto my knees between her legs and took my cock in my hand, holding hers tight. I moved the knob of my cock towards the sweet wet slit of her cunt and she broke off the kiss gasping and looking up at me.

“Should we Bobbie? Should we?”

I put the knob of my cock into the sweet spot of her cunt lips and with her hand helping to guide it into place, I thrust the knob into Beth’s engorged cunt.

“Yes!” I said as she gasped.

I reached up and took hold of the couch with each hand and using all my strength I thrust my priapic vein-bulging cock deep into Beth’s cunt.

“Oh Bobbie! Oh Bobbie! Oh Bobbie!” Gasping at each thrust of my cock deeper into her belly, Beth was lost to the sensation of my thick cock stretching her sweet honey hole. I leaned back on my knees and looked down to where Beth’s soft cunt lips were stretched around the base of my shaft. I took hold of her dress and she sat up to let me take it off.

As she leaned back onto the couch I pushed her bra up freeing her gorgeous tits, each topped with a thick pink nipple. Her skin was like alabaster. I leaned forward and took a nipple in my mouth and began to suck. I felt a twitch in Beth’s cunt on my cock as I sucked hard and the stimulus made me drive my cock deeper, thrusting and sucking this luscious redhead.

I felt a tremendous control in my cock, lodged deep in Beth’s belly, and her complete compliance with my lust made me feel powerful and deeply horny. I now began a long slow exploration of the pleasures of her body, taking my time, feeling her build and burst into spasming orgasm once, then twice, while I pumped my hard cock into her thrusting cunt.

Now I wanted to take possession of this gorgeous conquest, I had Beth kneel on the floor and bend over the couch, while on my knees behind her I eased my bulging purple cock into her tight hot slit and thrust my length deep up along her backbone. Taking hold of her hips I now fucked her for my pleasure, holding her tight so I could control every thrust.

I don’t know how it is for other guys, but when I cum I like to just focus on myself for a few moments, just feeling all the wonderful sensations from a girl’s cunt on my cock. I like to hold the girl so tight she can’t move, so I can get it just right, the last five or six thrusts, feeling my cum build up, feeling the girl’s cunt stretching on my knob before I blow.

Now I held Beth’s hips in a fierce grip and pushed my cock deep to the hilt into her cunt as she moaned. Holding my cock deep while I felt my orgasm building I made a few short deep hard thrusts, the knob of my cock banging into her cervix and going deeper, stretching her cunt on my glowing knob and then a spasming surge as I let my hot thick cum spurt.

That was the first of canlı casino several fantastic orgasms I had that night. When we had recovered from the desperate fucking I gave Beth on the couch, she took me to bed and we fucked til first light. She was worried about the girls finding me in bed with her in the morning, so I reluctantly got dressed and she showed me to the door, for a long lingering goodbye kiss.

My relationship with Beth blossomed after that. That first night she had told me her guilty secret, that she had been taught about masturbation by her best friend at the Catholic girls school she had attended, and from that first awakening, despite all her religious beliefs, she had been making herself cum day and night ever since. She had never even told her husband.

Beth had been so riven with guilt in her teenage years she had stayed right away from boys and eventually married a guy from her church. He was as religious as she was and only believed in sex for procreation, so her sexual experience had been small and boring, almost only functional, despite the deep urges she felt and guiltily satisfied all alone.

Peter had been a good man with a small dick. Since his death Beth had kept herself happy with a series of toys she kept locked in a metal chest in her closet, safe from her daughters. Feeling guilty and sinful all her life had meant that she had never spoken to her daughters about sex except in the most formal way, desperate not to pass on her godless lust.

That first night, while I stretched her, Beth gave herself up to me completely as she orgasmed again and again on my thick cock. She told me all her secrets, all her fears, all her desires and she happily complied with every request, learning to be obedient to me, learning how to use her cunt to heighten my pleasure, learning how to give me what I wanted.

Beth had never been with a man anything like me, and when she realised I was genuinely happy about her intense sexuality, she relaxed completely. Soon she was giggling guiltily as she sat on my cock, slowly moving her cunt on me, enjoying for the first time in her life the pleasure of having a big thick hard cock to play with like a dirty schoolgirl.

Best of all, Beth was obedient. I could tell that she wanted nothing more than a man to care for and to centre her life around. This was what I wanted in a wife. In bed that night each time I wanted to enter her again, despite the fact she had never had oral sex in her life, Beth sucked my slick cock hard and did her best to take the whole length into her mouth.

We were married six months later. I kept my city apartment and moved into Beth’s house. It felt great to have this homey atmosphere around me. The girls were going to be hard to get used to, and Sara seemed to have a resentment against me from the day I moved in. Ashley was totally different, a nice shy girl, who obviously wanted to like me to please Beth.

I have absolutely no interest in sex with underage girls, and even when each girl started to blossom into womanhood, I felt no desire to abuse my position in their lives. My sex life with Beth was amazing, and we spent many hours in her room with the door locked, Beth trying to suppress her moans and squeals of delight if the girls were awake. It was heaven.

Both Sara and Ashley went to the same strict Catholic girls school their mother had gone to, and both of them were nice girls, until at about age 16 Sara took a turn towards being a bit weird and got into the whole Goth look when she was at home or going out. She had strict limits on her social life until she was 18, but after that she was able to go a little wild.

My relationship with the girls was attentive and affectionate, but I understood Sara’s distance, even if I didn’t like it. Ashley was sweet and shy and very much her mother’s princess. Both girls were redheads like their mother, and both developed the shapely body that had drawn me to Beth. When you live with two gorgeous young women it is impossible not to notice.

From the moment Sara got into the Goth scene she started to treat me as a boring old man. I thought of myself as anything but boring, but then I couldn’t tell Sara about the girlfriends I saw in my city apartment to keep the spark in the wonderful sex life I had with her mother. She had always seemed to dislike me, and somehow it made me think about her more.

Sara was taller than her mother, about 5’10”, still a little gawky, exactly 128lbs (I knew from constant conversation about her weight), with full firm tits, a 36C cup (I knew from years of shopping with her mother – same size), and a nice round ass. I had taken the occasional opportunity I had to look at her naked. She was a real redhead, redheads are my weakness.

The first time I saw her naked after she went Goth, peeking through her half open bathroom door, I noticed she had shaved her bush. She looked like a green-eyed Pre-Raphaelite goddess with an attitude. Since she had left school she kaçak casino had been more rigorous in keeping her privacy, and I didn’t get to see her luscious body again until one remarkable incident.

I came home from work one day and Beth and Sara were having a huge argument about something – it wasn’t really unusual by then. I made myself a drink and sat in the livingroom. Suddenly I heard Sara yell, “It is not gross! Mother you are so twisted!” With that she barged into to where I was sitting and looked at me. “I bet Bob won’t think it’s gross or disgusting.”

“What won’t I find gross and disgusting?” I said, bracing myself for some teenage shock.


And with that she pulled up her T-shirt just as Beth walked in, and revealed her gorgeous tits with golden rings punched through each thick nipple. Leaving her Tee bunched under her chin she took hold of each ring and pulled her luscious tits to a point. I felt my cock jump with this wicked surprise. Sara had never done anything like this before.

“Sara don’t try to embarrass your father.”

“Come on Bobbie don’t you like my tits pierced? Doesn’t that get you hard?”

“Sara!” Beth said with all her motherly authority. “Stop it!”

Sara wiggled her tits once more for me then pulled her top down, giving me an aggressive and dismissive look – the look of a girl who thinks she is wanted but is in control. I kept my mouth sensibly shut while she walked out of the room in a huff. I exchanged looks with Beth, who was looking at me with a curious smile. It must have been obvious I liked the viewing.

Beth walked over and stood my me. I let my hand, cold from my drink, wander up her inner leg. As instructed, she wasn’t wearing panties – she was never to wear panties in the house – and I felt her luscious slit wet and hot. I slid one finger into her hot cunt. With a smile she pushed my hand down and went upstairs, our little signal that she wanted me.

Sara had stormed out to her room over the garage, on the internet now no doubt, with music blaring. Ashley was no doubt sound asleep, so she could be up at 6:00 for a five mile run. Beth and I shut the door and the hardness I had felt from seeing Sara’s gorgeous pierced tits was translated into her mother’s groans and clenching orgasms as I satisfied my wife.

It wasn’t long after that incident that I saw Sara’s door open and her computer on. There was a chat box flashing on the screen – yahoo messenger – and I saw Sara’s ID was “gothgoddessoflove”. Sara was in her bathroom with the door shut and I just had time to wander in to check out what she was doing before I heard the toilet flush and I ducked out.

I had immediately hit on the idea of using this information to find out a little bit more about my mysterious, and apparently horny stepdaughter. I had a study downstairs now in Sara’s old bedroom. I kept papers there I wanted to keep confidential, so there was a good lock on the door and the family knew they had to knock to gain admittance.

I had spent a few too many fun hours chatting on the net, pretending to be all kinds of males chasing all kinds of females, and I had experienced the power of the technology. I already had a yahoo messenger ID, so tonight I made up an identity, “WitchmakerSocrates”. I surfed a little and found an appropriately august graphic for my identity, and finished my profile.

I was deliberately mysterious and I wove the general knowledge I had acquired in my life about witchcraft and wicca into my grandiloquent self-description. I typed Sara’s identity and pulled up her profile. It carried a very hot pic of her in nothing but I thin white robe, with her hair hanging loose and her makeup making her look like a Gothic virgin queen.

The details Sara had on her profile were accurate. She was learning the ways of energy to become a wicca witch, she told the world, and wanted to find others who felt the energy of nature and could share in her learning and experience. She described herself accurately as 19 and said she was still looking for the right man of power to bring her into the charmed life.

I guessed with a profile like that she would be very popular. I hit the “goto” command and found myself in a BDSM room. I watched the elaborate and pompous pronouncements of the people who take this kind of thing seriously on the net. I am a rationalist, and my interest in wicca extended no further than what it would take to gain a new insight into Sara’s mind.

I clicked on Sara’s ID.

“Greetings Goddess. I have been looking at your picture. You are very pleasing.”

“Greetings Socrates” she replied. “I am glad I please you. You are a witchmaker?”

“Yes. Your profile interested me. Do you have a master to instruct you?”

“No. I have only started learning and so far I haven’t felt drawn to any master.”

“I have a sense about you Goddess.”

“You think you have a connection with me? Why would you think that so soon?”

“Yes. I know about you. I know you feel lost and in need of guidance.”

“I don’t feel lost. I seek guidance but I don’t believe I am lost.”

“You have no man to guide you in your life. You have no man you respect in your life.”

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