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Accident Gets Me And Mom Close – Part 1

My name is Sameer, 28 yrs old and I live in Pune with my Mom. Only c***d of my Mom Sunanda. Dad Suresh works in Dubai and visits us only in 6 months basis.

Recently I met with an accident at Pune while coming back from office. Since the accident happened just near my home, the people got me home and Mom(Sunanda) panicked looking at me. I asked Mom for some ice packs and kept on the leg where it was paining.

After sometime I asked Mom to take the car out and take me to hospital.

Mom took out our car, I sat in the back seat with leg fully stretched and mom drove to the nearest hospital. We had the X-ray done and it was a confirmed fracture in the left leg. I was really shatter as I was a dance and it could lead no dancing situation.

I got admitted in the hospital in a private room for few days. The doctor told that since the leg bones have broken we have to operate and put a plate to support.

Now the story begins. I never had any bad intentions about any girls women as I was busy in my work and dance. After this accident I had to take help of mom or the nurse to go to washroom in the morning for potty, urinating was done on bed using the pipe.

Since I am a dancer , I had a fit body with a 7.5 inch long dick when erected and 2 inch thick.

One evening around 5 pm I had to pee and I started peeing in the pipe but unfortunately(or fortunately) the pipe got dis-adjusted and I had to call my mom as I was peeing on bed, Mom came and pulled my gown up held my dick and moved it across into the pipe. Her sudden act made my dick shiver and stand up. Till then mom also did not realised her doings.

Mom holding my dick got it erected in no seconds and it stood for 7.5 inches long, meanwhile I finished peeing. Mom realized my big fat dick in her hand and she left it, but by that time it has made a tent in the gown as since erected it won’t go back in the pipe.

Now that was embarrassing and I did not know how should I respond.

Then Mom came to me and said nothing to be embarrassed as its normal for young boys. It will go back in its shape so do not worry. I said ok but even after 40 mins the tent was still up as now I was just thinking about mom holding my dick in her hand so it was not relaxing meanwhile Nurse came in and she saw my tent, she started laughing and looked at me, I was shy, then she looked at my mother and said “ ma’am aapke ladke ka lund bahut bada hai lagta hai” and went out of the room. Mom was embarrassed, ataşehir escort I was embarrassed. But I could not masturbate infront of my mom.

I asked my Mom to leave so I can relax. Mom got the point but then she refused and said relax here. I was shy but with no other option I started shaking the dick inside the gown, Mom came and removed the gown stating Hospital ka hai ganda ho jaayega, open mein kar aur yeh tissues le. I started shaking, mom was watching. I was thinking about sex story from ISS and shot cum after some time it was huge and could not come in those 2-3 tissues, Mom came to me and started cleaning my dick while touching it and moving her hand up and down. Though I shot a load but I was still hard.

Suddenly mom took my dick in her mouth unexpectedly and started blowing me off. Since I just had a nice cum shot , there was lot of time for the other one. I asked my mom to lock the door first. She got up and locked the room door, came back and again started blowing me again. I didn’t say anything but with a little courage I pressed her left boob and left it. She herself took my hand and put it on her boobs. I started pressing the boobs, then opened her blouse and pushed her bra up.

Then I positioned myself on the bed and took both her boobs in my hands and started pressing ans started pinching her nipples too, in return shit bit my dick. I kept pressing and rubbing my hands on her boobs and her back too.

After a nice 30 mins of blowjob I again cummed and my mom took everything is her mouth and gulped it. She got up and smiled and said this is the new beginning for us and gave her boobs in my mouth. I began sucking them, I started to lick her areola and also bit her nipples for some time while my moms hand played in my hair and her moans kept coming as aaahhh … ohhh…easy baby they are yours only..

Now every day in hospital I get and blowjob almost 24 hrs by mom, only when the doctor or nurse are coming she will sit and read some magazine else she will keep playing with my dick. My dick is always erect in the night time. I also see her naked in the night. I touch her pussy and ass every night. I suck her pussy every night and finger her daily. I gave rim job to my mom. In return she suck my balls and give me a rim job.

She sometimes playfully insert her finger in my ass and in return I insert 3 fingers in her ass. It’s the best accident anyone could have been into. I am still in hospital, once I will get discharge fucking will begin, Me and my mom are göztepe escort waiting for it eagerly.Now I have been released from the hospital and am back home, but due to the operation I was not able to walk properly so I had to use crutches for moving around and mom was at home to help me.

So I came back home and went to my room with help of crutches and mom. I lied down on my bed and kept my leg in a position so it do not move so much. Mom meanwhile went to kitchen and started cooking. For some reason we did not talk about sex at all, I guess we both knew that the night will be rocking.

Mom cooked food, then came to my room and said I am going to use your bathroom from now on for all my needs. I told her it’s all yours. Mom dropped her saree and then opened her blouse and petticoat so I could see that she was wearing a normal cotton black bra and panty. And her big boobs and ass were swaying and her navel was so tempting.

Then she removed her bra and panty and got naked and moved to bathroom. My bed’s position was just in front of the bathroom door so I could see what mom was doing. She went in the bathroom and turned on the shower. She started getting wet from head and while looking at me she started pressing her boobs and fingering her pussy.

She was playing with herself which was getting me hard. While she was playing I took out my dick and started stroking it, she started fingering her more and then she shuddered with hard moans. She quickly got off the shower and dried herself and came near me. My dick was hard as rock and pre cum was oozing out. She removed my hand and held my dick with her hand. She took her tongue out and licked my precum off my dick.

Then she took my dick head in her mouth and started sucking it , it was giving me a different excitement. The she started giving a blowjob but moving her mouth from top to bottom. She was a good sucker, she kept sucking while I played with her boobs. Then while sucking she suddenly caught hold of my balls and squeezed them, I was like ‘ouch” and asked mom what are you doing, mom said that she likes it and love balls and then slowly took her mouth on the balls and started sucking it.

Now she was sucking my balls , it was an amazing feeling.

Then she came up and slowly came near my face with her pussy, she wanted me to lick her pussy. I was eager to lick it. I took my tongue out and licked her pre cum from the pussy, she was moaning while I was licking the pre cum off her pussy.

Then I moved towards her clitoris ümraniye escort and started sucking them while in between inserting my tongue in the pussy hole and tongue fucking her. I kept doing the same thing for sometime while pressing her boobs and pinching her nipples she was moaning out of pleasure.

Then she herself went near my dick which was still hard and had not cummed yet, she very nicely held the dick and inserted in her pussy sitting on it as cowgirl position. Now she was on top of me and was jumping up and down, it was an amazing thing looking at my mom jumping on my dick, moaning and her boobs bouncing up and down.

For 2 minutes I was just gazing at her body , then I held her boobs and started pressing it.

I took them in mouth and sucked them for a while. Till she was jumping, then I told her I am cumming she said just hold on for 5 second and after that she just shuddered and moaned a loud “aaahh” and collapsed on my chest. I was cumming and I could feel the cum and her cum flowing down her pussy to my dick and balls. Meanwhile I was rubbing my hand on her naked back and ass while my dick was still in her pussy.

Then she got up and gave me french kiss and said thank you. Then again moved to my dick and licked it clean. I was mesmerised by her tongue job on my dick. Then she moved out naked from my room and went out of the room.

I took my crutches and followed her out of the room. She went to kitchen all naked . My dick was limp but still sticking out of my shorts. Mom was trying to get the food on the plates in kitchen.

I went behind her and held her waist and sticked my limp dick to her and started pressing her boobs from behind and kissing her neck. My limp dick began to gain hardness and in no time it was up and ready to poke in the holes.

Mom asked me another round, I said to mom yes but I was ass cherry, mom was thrilled.

She positioned me near the wall so I don’t fall and took olive oil and smeared it on my dick. I took olive oil from my dick and inserted one finger in her ass and started stroking in and out, then inserted two fingers..I did it till I was able to insert my four fingers, it took some time but olive oil and my mom’s ass stretching made it work.

Then I positioned my dick in her ass hole and gave a push, the dick entered her and she shouted “aaaahh” and began to moan while I started moving to and fro, I fucked her nicely for 10 minutes then mom could not take it and said for today its enough we will continue tomorrow and I took my dick out as I know that pussy and ass are mine forever.

I kissed mom and sucked her nipples then departed to my room while she took the food out for us in plates and came to my room and we fed each other while mom was still naked.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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