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My wife and her sister’s daughter (my niece) have in common their love of all things anime. So when an anime convention came to Kansas City last March so did my niece.

Jennifer is a cute girl and the accent is on ‘girl’. Even though she’s graduated college and working for a major company in Indiana she prefers to dress up like a school girl because that’s what her favorite anime character looks like and that’s Lucy Heartfilia. Jen has been very committed to perfecting her portrayal of Lucy and has even won a few prizes along the way at anime conventions.

My wife, on the other hand, is a Sailor Moon die hard. She’s as dedicated to Sailor as my niece is dedicated to Lucy.

Now if you don’t follow anime then allow me to explain that I don’t see much of any difference between Sailor Moon and Lucy Heartfilia.

Both characters have blonde hair. Both wear outfits that look like naval uniforms to some extent, and outside of those facts I really don’t give a shit. I should mention that my wife and her niece could easily pass for sisters partly because they look similar and due to the fact that Jen’s mother is older than my wife Jen and my wife are not far apart in age.

So this past March my wife and Jen got together for the anime convention and after a couple days of bickering about trivial nonsense they happily headed casino oyna off to the convention.

One of the things about these conventions is what are referred to as ‘room parties’ where an anime company or even just private individuals rent a room for a party. The liquor flows at some of these events and they can also get a little wild.

Seems the two ladies had a great time at their convention and the aforementioned party because when I got home I found Jen passed out on the couch and my wife passed out face down on our bed.

Seeing her in that cute little outfit with the fake blonde wig did a few things for me.

I touched her shoulder to see if she was awake and I got a mumbled “mhwr gawy” in response…whatever that meant. Maybe I should have left her alone but when I looked at her long legs decked out in those amazing brown boots I knew what I had to do.

I shut the lights off so I wouldn’t wake her up and then stripped myself naked. Got to say my cock was so hard I could have driven a spike with it!

In the dim light I unzipped her boots and eased them off. Then it was a simple matter to get hold of her costume shorts and her panties and pull them off together.

My kinky side came out and I chose to leave the wig and the sailor outfit on her because it just kinda did something for me, you know?

At canlı casino this point I need to add that my wife and I have been trying for a baby so we bought a pregnancy pillow and we’d use it whenever we had sex. It would hold her pelvis up so my sperm stood a better chance of finding their way into her womb.

It also made fucking her a lot easier so I grabbed the pillow and picked her up by the hips as I nudged it under her with my knees.

That led to another mumbled protest of “Eave mlone” and she shrugged a little. She was a little irritated and that just me made want to fuck her that much more!

I slipped a finger along her pussy and that made her moan with approval. I ran it back and forth a few times to get her to moan a few more times and then I changed direction and slipped it inside of her. I felt her body tense as my finger entered her but then she relaxed as my finger got busy.

When she raised her pelvis at me I knew she was ready. I pulled my finger from her and gave it a quick sniff and was pleased to find a nice tangy scent.

I went to the foot of the bed and gently picked up her ankles and pulled them apart. Then I wasted no time and crawled up on the bed, scooting up to her upturned ass to get my cock into position.

Pressing my cock up to her pussy I swiped it back and forth a few times kaçak casino to get it moist and then stared to push inside.

I felt her tense as I slipped into her. A few quick strokes and I was buried in her right up to my balls. She felt just a little more snug than usual but I wasn’t going to complain.

As we started to fuck she started raising her pussy to meet my thrusts and this was something new for my wife…it was also pretty fucking amazing!

Naturally I didn’t last long before I was ramming her for everything I had. All my concerns about waking her up were gone and now all that mattered was my cock in her pussy.

I came so hard it hurt in the base of my cock. It felt like someone had yanked on my balls as I poured my seed into her body.

When I was done I pulled out and then crashed beside her. Not long after that I slipped into the deep sleep that is often promised after a great orgasm.

In the morning I was awakened by Jen saying something to me.

For some odd reason she was laying next to me on the bed in her anime costume.

“What’d you say?” I asked her.

“Did you fuck me last night?”

Oh yeah. That woke me up. My eyes were wide and the lights came on.

So that was March.

Now it’s November and the baby is due for Christmas.

Jen has kept quiet about who the father is and we’ve only spoken briefly.

But the last time she talked to me she told me that if I want her to keep quiet then the baby is going to need a brother or a sister.

I think I’m up to that!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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