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Molly nervously adjusted her dress for the third time as she stood in front of the 3rd floor hallway. She’d be standing there for almost 5 minutes now, trying to decide if she was doing the right thing.

Professor Jameson… George, as he’d insisted she call him (outside of class, of course, wouldn’t want anyone to get the wrong idea), had been so understanding. She’d wanted to take psychology to help understand herself, but she’d found the work hard. He’d helped her get back on track, and always been ready to provide a listening ear. Eventually she’d found herself telling him everything, and instead of disgust, he’d simply nodded and told her that it was ok, she wasn’t a monster, or a deviant, and that she’d be surprised about how many people had done… anyway.

They’d exchanged phone numbers, started texting, and eventually hours on the phone. Then, tonight, he’d asked her to come back to his classroom and see her. The drop in his voice made it obvious what he wanted, and she’d said yes without hesitation.

Even though she hadn’t been with a man in… since him.

She adjusted her dress for the final time and knocked lightly on the door. It immediately opened, and George was ushering her into the dim room; the blinds over the door and window had been pulled. The edges of the room were in darkness, the room lit only by his desk lamp. He led her over to his desk.

‘You look lovely. The dress is perfect.’ She could hear the desire in his voice as he took her purse and jacket and placed them on a corner table.

George put his hands gently on her hips, and turned her to face him, smiling gently as she shivered at his touch.

‘It’s ok. You don’t have to do this. Like I told you. You know I want you, but you have to want me, as well.’ He waited, warm hands still on her hips. Molly simply nodded, and George smiled. He pulled her close and kissed her gently on the lips, then more firmly as she opened her mouth to him. He slowly moved her backwards to his desk, until she bumped into it, and he pressed himself against her.

Molly gasped and pulled away from the kiss when she felt his erection. He pressed himself more firmly against her, slowly grinding himself between her legs as she shuddered. George leaned close to her ear and in a hot breath whispered ‘We can stop.’

But he never stopped moving his hips, and Molly’s breathing began to come faster. ‘N… no. I want this. There’s been no one since th… since him, and I want this. I know you’ll be good to me.’

George moved back from her and beamed. ‘So that’s a definite yes?’ She casino siteleri nodded. He suddenly laughed and clapped his hands, stepping back, away from her, leaving her confused, perched on the edge of the desk.

‘Ok guys, you can come out now.’ Molly’s eyes widened in shock as three men emerged from the shadows. Boys really, her age, college age, maybe slightly younger. She thought she recognised one of them from her English Lit class, but it was hard to tell. They moved towards them until they stood in a loose half circle behind George. They were all grinning. Molly could see at least two of them were already hard.

George clapped one of them on the back and turned back to her. ‘Did I get them right? You told me about your brothers, how did I do?’ Molly shivered and nodded. The boys were eerily similar. ‘It took me a long time to find them and… convince them. Although with Steven here it didn’t take much.’ George said, and he and the blondest boy laughed.

Molly was frozen in place. She shouldn’t be here. She should never have told him, never have told anyone what she’d… what they’d done, and now she was in deep trouble. She started to stand, to move, to try and get away, but the four men were between her and the only door. ‘It’s locked anyway, locked it as soon as he had you on the desk.’ Offered the brown haired boy, who was slowly looking her up and down.

‘You know what’s going to happen, don’t you Molly?’ Asked George, with a grin. She nodded. She knew exactly what was going to happen. She’d told him, practically written it out for him. She clutched the edge of the desk, suddenly resigned. She knew what she was in for now. George smiled again. ‘Good girl. Don’t worry, I’ll make them all wear condoms.’ Molly closed her eyes. ‘So you didn’t even want to… you just wanted to watch?’

She felt herself pulled suddenly forward. Two of the boys, the brown haired on and the blond one, had her by the arms and were pulling her. Between them they had their hands all over her, her face, arms, legs, butt, breasts. Exploring. She could feel their desire, and both of them made very sure to press their hard-ons onto her whenever they could. One of them slid a hand under her dress, between her legs, and she gasped breathlessly and closed her eyes. ‘Ah ah, not yet!’ Admonished George, from where he’d perched himself on the edge of a desk. ‘That’s not how we do this, remember? We went over this.’ Neither of them spoke, but they both moved away from her, leaving her shaking, alone, in the middle of the floor. ‘Now, Steven, you know what to do.’

The blonde canlı casino boy moved towards her again. She knew it was pointless to resist as he slid his arms around her and began gently kissing her neck, moving his arms up to unzip her dress. As it fell to the floor the brown haired boy whistled. She was braless. Like he’d asked. The blonde boy Grunted in appreciation and stepped back to look at her.

‘Now Steven, you’ve been a good boy, and you know Molly has been playing where she shouldn’t, don’t we?’ Steven nodded, eyes on her breasts. ‘And you know what to do about that, don’t you?’ Another nod. ‘We need to teach her to stay at home with us, don’t we?’ Dear god, George even got the inflection right, she thought, as Steven moved towards her again. He took his shirt off and unbuttoned his jeans, revealing his cock for the first time. It was by no means the biggest she’d seen but she backed away, nontheless.

He charged forward and roughly grabbed her hips, pulling her towards him, pressing himself to her until she could feel him throbbing through her panties. She moaned in fear, and he laughed. One hand slid between her legs again and he said ‘she’s wet! She wants it!’

George smirked. ‘Of course she does. Girl knows her place is here, with us. Now get on with it. You know what to do, and your broth… the others want their turn.’

Steven pushed Molly to the floor and lay on top of her. His cock was between her legs now, still pressed against her wet panties, and he began slowly rubbing himself against her. She moaned again, and turned away from him, closing her eyes as he kissed her neck again, moving down to suck her nipples gently. His hands moved to her panties, sliding them down, and she felt him pressed against her clit. She gasped and he stared into his eyes as he slid himself up and down, up and down, over her slick clitoris and down, then back up. He grunted and moved to enter her, slowly pushing himself in, just the head, so slowly… until George’s voice, hoarsely stopped him. ‘Now you just wait there, boy, you be careful with her. She never had a man in her. And you’ll need one of these.’ Molly heard a crinkle of foil and then Steven was pulled roughly off her. She lay on her back and watched, wide eyed, as George rolled Steven onto his back and held up a condom.

Steven nodded and went to take it but George pushed him onto his back and suddenly straddled the boy. ‘Hey! What the fuck are y… ‘ Was all he could get out before George put a hand over his mouth.

‘Let me put it on. I’ll be gentle.’ And before the boy could say another kaçak casino word, George rolled the condom on. Steven lay where he was for a moment, staring at the ceiling, and Molly could see even the other two had stopped staring at her. Then George’s voice came again. ‘Now get on with it. Teach her. Go easy though, she’s got a long night ahead. The other two laughed then, shaky but reassured.

Steven rolled onto her again, his hot breath on her face as he positioned himself between her legs again. Molly decided to try. ‘Please. You don’t have to do this. Please, don’t. I don’t want this, don’t put it inside me. Please don’t… oh oh no, don’t please oh noooo… ‘ her voice trailed off as she realised she was saying the same words she’d said all those years ago as Steven pinned her to the floor and slowly slid his cock into her, oh so slowly, just like he had, being careful, because she’d never had a man inside her, she was a good girl, she never liked that stuff.

Steven grunted as he slid himself fully inside her. He was panting, and she could feel him throbbing. ‘That’s a good boy. Go on now and pull out a little, then go back in. Now too much or too fast now. Use your hand on her clit too, teach her properly.’ George was playing the part well.

Molly moaned. Steven followed directions well. He began to slowly move in and out of her, ignoring the slick noises coming from the two of them, one hand holding her to the floor, the other between her legs, one finger on her clit, slowly rubbing it. ‘That’s right, you’re doing good boy, keep going, see, she likes it? We knew she wanted it didn’t we?’ George again, his voice becoming hoarse. Molly stared at the other two. The brown haired one kept letting his hand stray to his cock, touching it through his jeans, staring at them, while the other, the darker blond one, was sitting at a desk, just watching. Occasionally he glanced at George.

Steven was getting a faster now, grunting as he moved in and out of her, in and out, in and out. In her memory it had been for hours but George had explained it had probably been only for a few minutes; boys that age never last long. ‘Stop please, don’t, please, don’t make me come I don’t want to come please I don’t I don’t oh no no no… ‘ Just as she was starting to come, Steven suddenly pressed his mouth to hers, frantically rubbing her clit and thrusting into her harder, and faster, and then he must’ve come because he suddenly gasped, thrust into her hard enough to make her cry out, and then pulled out and rolled away from her.

‘See? That’s family. You came together didn’t you?’ Said George as Steven shakily stood up, pulling off the condom. He zipped his pants up and sat down at a desk near the last boy. Molly lay where she was, trying not to think about what was coming. She had a long night ahead.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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