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Warning: This is going to be a rather lengthy story with character build up before any action. You have been warned!


A lifelong collector of goods and objects from far and wide has passed and left the entire collection and the business built around them to the only remaining relative, a niece on a career path of her own. Vikki has taken on the task of administering the estate and liquidating the business and collection. However, she has come to find out that many of the goods have been cursed or enchanted with amorous powers that affect those who encounter them. These are the stories of some of those encounters with objects found at Amorous Goods.

The tinkle of the bell over the door roused the attention of Vikki, who had been moving some of the stuff stored under the counter to an empty shelf. She peered up and look into the eyes of a bespectacled man wearing office wear in his 20’s who was looking confused as he glanced around the shop. “Hi there,” he said. “I hardly come into this part of town, but I was meeting a customer around here earlier, and got lost. I was hoping to get directions on how to get back to the freeway, I have been driving in circles for an hour and I am not getting any signal on my phone.”

“Hi there, “Vikki replied. “I am fairly new around here too, I moved here to take over my uncle’s shop after he died. We never get any mobile signal around here, seems like a dead zone. However, I can draw you a simple map to get back to the freeway, it’s about a 20-minute drive away.”

“Thanks so much. By the way, Eddie here. Boring equipment salesperson. What does your shop sell anyway? The name is pretty intriguing, Amorous Goods,” he asked.

“My name is Vikki. To be honest, I don’t know either, I moved here on the 18th of October so this is only my second week taking over the place. My uncle has a master catalogue of everything in the shop which I am working through slowly,” Vikki replied.

“The range of the items are fairly strange and wide though. I have only sold two items so far, as you realised this is a quiet part of town. One was an antique scalpel to a doctor who strolled by, three days later he came back thanking me profusely without giving me any explanation. The second was a teacup hand painted with Ivy decorations, strangely enough I just recognised the old lady who bought it on the news. She was found strangled in her house yesterday. How morbid!” Vikki gave a shocked look. “While I draw the map for you, can I interest you in anything on the shelves?”

“Sure, it’s the least I could do. How about this quilt over here? I like how the designs are nicely woven into the threads and it feels nice and comfy,” Eddie said touching the quilt with his fingers.

“Let me check the catalogue. Ah, that’s the Quilt of Dreams. It’s listed here for a mere $10 dollars, with a brief description which states TRANSPORTING ITS OWNER TO THEIR SPECIAL PLACE, ” Vikki read out.

“I’ll take it, the one at home is getting old anyway. Impressive how good the condition is,” Eddie responded.

“Anyway, here’s your map. It’ll be $10 for the quilt. I will strike it off the catalogue. Thank you for your patronage,” Vikki replied.

Eddie placed the packed-up quilt into his car, and following the map, drove home. The sky was darkening as he pulled up at the bottom of the block. He took the lift up to the 22nd floor and unlocked the door of the apartment that he shared with his wife and parents. “Hey guys, sorry I am late, I got lost,” he called out as he entered the apartment. “Yeah, you are really late, all of us have been just sitting around waiting on you. You could have at least called,” Melinda his 50-year-old mother scowled at him. She was of average height with shoulder length black hair slightly streaked with grey and had let herself get a little plump with age. She wasn’t what anyone would call a beauty, but she radiated authority as befit her position as a financial controller in a multinational company. “By the way, your sister called. She and her husband will be visiting us over this weekend, so don’t make any plans,” Melinda added on.

“That’s fine honey, we weren’t hungry anyway,” his dad tried defusing the situation. Paul, his dad was a jovial retired engineer in his mid-50’s, who deferred to his wife in all matters. He was only slightly taller than his wife and starting to bald in the centre of his head. “What’s that under your arm anyway?”

“Oh, just a new quilt which I picked up in the shop I was asking for directions from. The one that me and Jann have been using is really old, and I thought I would patronise the shop since the owner was being so helpful.”

“Speaking of Jann, get that wife of yours out of the room for dinner. She is always hiding inside the bedroom and can’t be bothered to help out in the kitchen,” Melinda continued her tirade.

“I can hear you, you know,” a long black-haired female came striding out of the bedroom. Janice, Eddie’s wife was a slim sexy looking woman two years his junior who had only married casino oyna him because he was stable and a good husband. Unknown to him, she loved cock, and not just his. She would spread her legs for any decent sized cock, and unknown to anyone had been cheating on him constantly with many people throughout their many years of marriage.

“You know I don’t do chores mom, that’s why we haven’t moved out,” Janice replied, eyes staring daggers at her mother in law. There was no love lost between the two women, as Melinda felt that Jann exploited her son and did not deserve him. Eddie didn’t want to move out as despite her strict demeanour, he was very close with his mother. Jann didn’t want to move out either as she did not want to do chores around the house, and it was convenient having everything run like clockwork at home.

Dinner was a silent affair as nobody had the mood to talk, and it was getting late. After dinner while Melinda cleared the dishes, Eddie went into the room with Jann. “Try not to talk back to mom like that please. You know she’s getting on in years and cranky, “Eddie pleaded with his wife.

“If she didn’t always talk to me like I was her biggest enemy, maybe I would be nicer to her,” Jann said. “Enough about her, let’s see this quilt that you brought back. The one we have is in rather bad shape.”

Eddie unwrapped the package and unveiled the quilt, “Wow, it looks really good, it has little clouds all woven into the fabric, I like it.” Janice said open mouthed. “Let’s use it right away tonight. It feels so soft and comfortable.”

Meanwhile in the living room, Paul whispered into his wife’s ear. “I am feeling horny tonight, let’s go into the room.” Melinda rolled her eyes. “Ok, let’s get it over and done with.”

“Eddie, your mom and I are going to bed. Switch off the router when you are going to sleep will you?” Paul called out to his son.

“Your parents are so predictable. Every time they fuck, they go into the bedroom together at the same time and lock the door. Otherwise, mom goes in first without dad and they don’t lock the door,” Jann giggled to her husband. “For their age, they do go at it quite a bit. I’m surprised you haven’t had another sibling by now. I know for sure she doesn’t take the pill like me.”

“Oh, dad had a vasectomy years ago after they had my younger sis, so no chance of that happening,” Eddie grinned.

In his parents’ bedroom, Melinda took off her clothes mechanically and lay down on the bed naked. Paul, who had already stripped got on top of her and licked her breasts as Melinda struggled to stifle a yawn. After about three minutes of monotonous licking, he spread her legs and entered her pussy with his modest 5″ cock. As usual, she was barely wet and after Paul had pumped her for a couple of minutes, he withdrew and ejaculated onto her breasts. “Thanks wife,” he said before pulling up his boxers and rolling over to sleep. “Just fulfilling my wifely duty,” she replied quietly to a snoring Paul as she cleaned herself up before wearing her pyjamas and joining him to sleep.

At the same time, Eddie was feeling frisky as well and he reached out to grope Jann’s ass cheek on the bed. She turned back and grinned at him naughtily, “I would like to have a tumble with you tonight, but I have an early day tomorrow at the office. Important meeting with the boss. I’ll be leaving home about 6 am, so I really need to go to bed now. I’ll make it up to you tomorrow night,” Jann pouted at him.

“Sure honey, I’ll hold you to that tomorrow. Have a goodnight. Muacks.” Eddie kissed his wife’s lips.

Hours later, as the clock struck once to announce 1 am, while Jann snored quietly next to him, Eddie started to dream. With a strong gust of wind, he felt himself sucked by a vortex into the distance. He found himself in a huge office at the top of a tall skyscraper with a superb view. The Marina Bay Sands could be seen clearly in the distance. There was a walk-in closet to the side, and he heard a voice from within.

He walked over to it and peeped round the entrance He saw his mother inside, changing out from her business suit, talking on her earpiece. “Yes, tell Edwin I will meet him tomorrow at 10 am, reschedule the meeting with Jon to 3 pm. That will be all, see you tomorrow.” She removed her blue blazer and hung it on a hook, then proceeded to unbutton and take off her white blouse. Her purple bra came into view and as she stepped out of her blue skirt, his eyes opened wide as he saw her panty clad ass, matching purple panties holding her plump rounded ass in place. Unwillingly, his cock swelled to enormous proportions, an erection like nothing he had ever had. For the first time in his life, his mother was no longer just mom, the woman who disciplined him, but would also tenderly tuck him into bed. To him, she was now a woman, a sexy mature woman turning him on like no other. Why had he never in his life realised that his mother was also a female, with all the juicy bits that came with it.

“Oh my god! Eddie, what are you doing here?!” canlı casino Melinda screamed out when she noticed him, trying to cover herself desperately.

“I am sorry mom, I didn’t know it was you, I heard a voice and came over for a look,” Eddie stumbled to explain.

“Why is your cock so hard?! It’s tenting your pants!” She continued screaming.

In an instant, Eddie realised he was in a dream. This wasn’t real. There was no way that this was happening in the real world. There were no consequences to what was going on in his mind. He could do anything he wanted and wake up as if everything was the same. This wasn’t really his mother; she was just a figment of his imagination come to life in his dream. Maybe he was just too horny from being rejected by Jann right before bed.

He sprung into the closet and hugged his mother tightly. “I am sorry mom, I don’t know what has come over me, to dream of you like this. But I am so hard, I really need to do this.” He pushed her down onto her knees in front of him, grabbing her blouse and tying her hands behind her back.

“What are you doing son?! Release me this instant!” Melinda shouted.

Ignoring her, Eddie undid his shorts and released his 7″ cock. It was the hardest he had ever been in his life, and his cock looked like a monster, bigger than usual.

“Oh my, that’s the largest cock I have ever seen,” Melinda gasped, in shock at the comparison in size between her son and Paul. Curiosity had taken over now, and she was no longer as afraid. Still on her knees, she leaned closer to have a better look.

“Suck me mom, I need to feel you,” Eddie pleaded.

“I don’t know son. I haven’t done this for your father that many times. I don’t know if I can make you feel good,” she looked up at him with teary eyes still in shock at the situation.

“That’s fine mom, I just need to feel your mouth on my cock.”

Slowly Melinda bent forward, and opening her mouth wide, she engulfed his length into her hot wet mouth. She almost choked but managed to maintain her composure. Steadying herself, she swirled her tongue around the head of his cock in her mouth. Eddie moaned out loud, as he felt his mother’s tongue lap his cock for the first time in his life. Melinda started sucking on it, her saliva dripping from her lips as she continued to struggle with the unfamiliar size. She could feel his cock pulsating in her mouth as she pleasured it with her tongue and lips. She had given her husband a blowjob less than ten times in their decades of marriage and had never enjoyed it like what she was feeling now. “What am I doing? I am cheating on my husband for the first time in my life, and with my son, of all people,” she thought to herself silently. Suddenly she felt Eddie grab her hair, and his cock tightened up in her mouth.

“I’m about to cum, mom! Are you ready?!”

Her mouth was suddenly flooded with Eddie’s cum as he ejaculated a huge load into her mouth, almost shooting directly down her throat. Another first for her, she had never allowed Paul to cum in her mouth ever. His seed felt so sweet, she swallowed it and collapsed on the floor. Her panties were soaked through, an extremely rare situation for her, as she hardly ever got horny enough for her pussy to leak into her panties.

Eddie awoke with a start, drenched in sweat. The weight of what he had done in his dream bore down on him, and he felt guilty to the core. He sprang out of bed, and realised he was alone in the house. As she had mentioned last night, Jann had an early meeting, so had left without needing him to drop her off at the office. His dad would probably already be shooting the breeze with his friends at the nearest cafe, like every other day. And his mom, like the workaholic she was, would also be at the office as well after preparing breakfast for the family. Eddie had a splitting headache and did not feel in shape to work. He called in sick to the office and dropped Jann a text. “Hey honey, not feeling too good today, don’t think I can fetch you off work. Take a cab back tonight, k?”

In the office, Jann’s phone beeped with the incoming text, but she was too busy to notice for at that same moment she was bottomless in her office, bouncing up and down on her boss’s cock as he sat in her chair. “Hey Jann, your pathetic excuse for a husband just texted you,” he said.

“Just ignore that mummy’s boy. I need a real man now. Take me hard before the rest of the staff come in,” Jann panted out putting Eddie immediately out of her mind. She needed a fucking.

Back home, Eddie settled down at the dining table to have his breakfast but the pounding in his head persisted, and he had difficulty swallowing his food. At the same time, he kept smelling a strange aroma in his nose, but couldn’t place what it was. He got up and started walking around the house trying to find the source. It wasn’t in any of the bedrooms, so he strolled into the kitchen and finally the laundry area. “It was definitely coming from here,” he thought to himself. Finally, he narrowed it kaçak casino down to the communal laundry hamper. The smell seemed to be drawing and pulling him closer and closer to the source.

He opened the cover and his heart skipped a beat, the exact purple panties from his dream last night sat right on top. The crotch was soaked and crusty with dried juices. “How is this even possible?!” The smell emitted from them and as he put his nose towards them, he got an enormous rush to his brain and his cock swelled and throbbed painfully in his shorts. He had never smelled something so delicious in his life. It seemed to be a mixture of a sweet and salty scent. “This is my mother’s nectar, from her pussy,” he thought to himself. “I can’t believe I am doing this; I have never sniffed a pair of dirty panties before in my life, and yet here I am now.”

He pulled his shorts off and released his cock from the confines of his boxers. It was so hard, slowly he started stroking it while smelling Melinda’s intimate scents. He suddenly heard a gasp and turned around to see his mother standing in the doorway to the kitchen, her Prada handbag had fallen to the floor and she was holding up her hands to her mouth. “What are you doing with my panties son?!” she gasped out.

“N-n-n-nothing,” he stammered out. A sudden thought seared though his mind and he stumbled to ask. “Were you wearing these last night to bed? Did you have a strange dream about me?”

“How did you know?! I had a very strange dream, mid-way through my celebration of becoming CEO, I was changing in my office, and suddenly you appeared!” Melinda exclaimed.

“I had the exact same dream, mom. Did you give me a blowjob?” Eddie asked, more curious than afraid now.

“How is that even possible? It was a dream, for sure. I woke up in my bed this morning. I was very surprised you were in it, but how could we have both had the same shared dream?” Melinda’s voice had lowered to a whisper. “And that cock, I haven’t seen it for years, since you were a little boy, but it looks exactly like the one in my dream last night. I couldn’t have known what it looks like, so it had to be have really happened. How could you do that? Even in your dreams, to your own mother?” she sobbed.

“I have never once thought of you that way before till yesterday, I swear it mom,” Eddie replied quietly. “But now, I can’t stop thinking about you and what happened in our dreams. I love you so much, more than Jann, more than anyone else.”

“Me too son, you know your dad was my first and only boyfriend. I have never cheated on him and slept with anyone else. But after what you did to me in our dream, I can’t stop thinking about us. I couldn’t focus at work, I had a splitting headache, I had to come home to rest. But now that I see you, my headache has gone away,” she said.

Eddie took a step towards his mother; she did not shy away and he slowly held her in his arms. “I love you so much mom. I finally see you as a woman, in need of love and attention, I want to show you how much I need you,” he whispered softly in her ear.

The hairs on her neck stood, as she melted into his arms. Memories of how she felt in her dream last night flooded her, feeling at first violated, then the enjoyment and pleasure that came after. She had always been busy pursuing her aggressive career up the ladder, pausing only momentarily to have two kids, never really letting anyone emotionally into her shell. “Yes, I need you too, you know, your father and wife won’t be back for many hours……..” she whispered letting her sentence trail off.

“Shall we go into your bedroom, mom? I want our first actual time to be in your bed,” he asked.

She nodded shyly, and without another word, Eddie held her hand and guided her to her own bedroom which she shared with his father. As they walked to her room, she removed her blazer and dropped it on the floor. Gently, she sat on the bed and lay back, surrendering to him.

He bent over her and gently unbuttoned her blouse, pulling them off her arms and throwing them onto the floor. He then unzipped her skirt, and it joined the blouse on the bedroom floor leaving Melinda exposed in only a light blue lace bra and matching panties. Unhooking her bra, and slipping it aside, he exposed her B cups to his eyes for the first time. Cupping them, they were a very pleasant handful, feeling just right in his palm. She had nice brown areolae with pointy nipples which begged to be licked. Leaning over them, he suckled on the left one hungrily.

“Yes, son! Nurse on them, like how you did as a child. Your little sister was weaned off them by the time she was one, but you refused to stop and had to be forced to drink from the bottle by the time you were four. I know how much you love them,” his mom said.

Eddie suckled and teased her nipples till they were as hard as erasers, before moving downwards and slowly rolled his mom’s panties off. A long slimy trail connected her pussy with the panties. “In all the decades I have been married to your father, never once has he got me so turned on,” his mom moaned. “Sex has been nothing more than another part of my duty as his wife, but after my dream last night, I knew that was just because it was with the wrong person.”

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