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Big Tits

When I was a student studying for an examination, I was seduced by our Nepalese maid Nirmala. Unfortunately our affair was discovered by my distant cousin Indira, who was living nearby, waiting for a call from her husband to go to the UK and join him there. Indira threatened to spill the beans to my guardians, and to silence her, with Nirmala’s aid and abetment, I seduced her, not without some difficulty. But in the end, I had her, and enjoyed her charms in the same way I was enjoying the buxom Nirmala. At least, I kept Indira happy from pining away for her husband who had only deflowered her and done her a couple of times to leave her alone for so long.

Many, many years later, I was with Indira in her home in London. She was now the mother of two grown up children; one lived in Liverpool and the other was in France. Her dear husband had passed on to a better, better world. She was still the same handsome woman, a bit more buxom perhaps, but with her weight balanced over her attractive figure, which she didn’t bother to conceal under her silk housecoat. She wasn’t the shy, diffident Indira whom Nirmala and I seduced many years ago. Tall, with a big bosom and a big bouncy behind, she was truly a statuesque lady, who drew attention wherever she went. After a few Scotches, we had a tete-a-tete of a dinner which uplifted my spirits no end, because I knew I was going to enjoy her voluptuous body tonight.

After dinner, we sat down side by side, and as I told you, the earlier shy Indira had grown into a woman supremely confident of herself. She just put her arms round me, kissed me passionately and told me, ‘my darling boy, just kneel on that carpet and eat me.’

She opened up her legs, parted her gown, ad there was my lovely Indira’s beautiful grotto, open for my gaze and admiration. Her pussy showed no signs of wear and tear, it was as pink and fresh as before, because, as she told me, her husband was a tender and gentle lover not much given to forceful entries into her.

I ate, sucked and licked her hungrily, like a young boy sucking his first lollypop! Every part of that lovely pussy came under my tongue and lips. Indira leaned back on the chair and put her thighs on my shoulders. Eat me, darling, she commanded. She was no longer the shy bride scared to be seduced by another man. She was now the mistress of her own domain, with a much younger man to do her bidding. She kept on thrusting her pelvis into my face, and finally said: ‘this is not enough, you have to be eat me properly’.

We went into her bedroom. She dropped off her gown and stood before me in proud nakedness. Wow, what a body. Everything about her big and bouncy, yet so delicately balanced and poised.

‘You’ll have to do me as I tell you’, she said.

She pushed me onto the bed, and then straddled me with her thighs wide open, her cavern over my face. I stuck my tongue out for her to lower herself on to my outstretched tongue, and up she bobbed up and down on my face and swayed, once to present her front grotto, and then to present the valley between her beautiful buttocks. So sweet, much sweeter than the many other women I had tasted for a long time. I didn’t mind it though she had me pinned down with her grotto on my mouth for a long time. I just wanted to give her satisfaction as she gave me those long years ago.

‘I’ll give you your reward now’, she said.

She took me in her mouth, slowly sliding her tongue round my shaft, licking the head, darting her tongue at it to have me taut like a banjo string, and then, going down the shaft, taking in my crown jewels lovingly in her mouth, one at a time, and finally tonguing the valley between my buttocks and licking the area around my anus and shoving her tongue in. The sensation was too delightful.

‘Darling’, casino oyna she said, ‘you will have to do me like exactly like that, so remember what I’m doing to you.’

Now she rolled down onto the bed, and lay down fully exposing her lovely plump body to my hungry gaze. I kissed her on the mouth, tasting myself on her lips, and soon we were french kissing one another deep inside our mouths, waiting to see who who’d pull away first. It was I, but to go down on her lovely breasts, then down, down to her stomach, to her Mons Veneris; licking the outer lips of her labia, then gently parting her with my tongue, kissing & licking the inner lips, and then plunging right in, preparing her for my entry into her grotto. She put her legs high up in the air, knees drawn up, in the classical position of a woman about to be entered by her lover. Her whole womanhood was open to my admiring gaze. On my knees, I went into her cavern, she holding me and guiding my erect shaft in. This is one of the most pleasurable moments of taking a woman, to be guided in by the recipient of one’s lance. I then lay upon her body, and, as she was as tall as I am, I could be in her and kiss her lip to lip at the same time. She looked up into my eyes, and I can tell you that this is one of the most sensuous moments when the woman you are in looks at you eye to eye and whispers, ‘I love what you’re doing to me’.

I’ll never forget that moment of ecstasy with Indira.

I rode her for a long time, first stroking her slowly, taking out my lance completely out of her and then putting it back in a fluid smooth motion, and kissing her lip to lip at the same time. After ten or twelve of these strokes, with her grotto opening and closing, opening and closing, she begged me to stop, but told me to just to pump her slowly with my spear inside her all the time. But, I can tell you that it’s much more pleasurable to take the shaft out right to the entrance of the grotto and then plunge right in, in, out, in out. Indira heaved and moaned, grasped me as if to save herself from drowning, whispered into my ears, take me darling f…k me, f…k me. She never uses 4 letter words, but tonight she was totally out of control. And, finally, with long cries of fulfillment, she came and came, and held me to her like a baby, and I went to sleep in her arms, satiated and fulfilled, though I had held back my cum.

Indira told me that no one, but no one had done her like I did her that night. Not that she’d had many men. Her husband had deflowered her on their second night together, and then it was I who had enjoyed her with my maid and first lover Nirmala’s help. After her husband’s death, some of his friends took advantage of her, but the affairs were casual and left her dissatisfied. They were selfish wanted her to eat them but didn’t want to eat her, and wanted to take her by the rear door, dry and unprepared. She never slept with any of them more than once. She told one particularly persistent guy that she would allow him in only if he brought his pretty wife along to watch the proceedings. That stopped him in his tracks.

After a few days of sightseeing and pub crawling by day and delightful nightly gambols with my lover when she held me tight in her arms after our lovemaking, Indira suggested that we go to Brighton-on-Sea for a long weekend. And, here we were, ensconced in a comfortable hotel by the sea side. After a few stiff gin & tonics and a light dinner, Indira was in the mood for seeing an adult movie.

The hotel had the facility where you could order a movie on demand on your TV in your room. As she was discussing what movie she would like with the lady behind the counter, I noticed another couple waiting to speak to the receptionist who was busy with Indira. The man was tall and canlı casino handsome; the lady was a striking looking blond with her front and rear bulging out of her tight dress. The man was staring at Indira’s curvaceous rear globes that could be easily discerned under her tight fitting gown, slit on the sides to show a good bit of attractive legs and thighs.

Indira selected a movie, and the man promptly told the lady behind the counter that he would like the same. Indira, under the influence of several g & ts thought it might be a good idea to see the movie in our room, and so off the four of us went to our room. He was Mark, and she was his wife Petra. I got out some Bailey’s Irish Cream out of the mini-bar thoughtfully provided by the hotel and was quite the hospitable host. I took a good look at Petra and rather liked what I saw. She was a voluptuous blond, in sharp contrast to Indira, who was an olive-skinned brunette. I wondered whether Petra was a blond down under! The movie was on the TV, but I could see that Mark, seated next to Indira, was more interested in peeping at her generous breasts than in what was going on screen. I, not to be outdone, concentrated on looking down the beautiful Petra’s cleavage. Mark’s hand was on Indira’s thigh, stroking her suggestively. Petra didn’t seem to mind that her husband was openly flirting with another woman. She finished her drink and turned to me with a mischievous smile on her face.

‘Look what’s going on the TV’, she said to me. I turned my eyes reluctantly away from her body to the images on the screen. Petra leaned against me, put her head on my shoulder and sighed contentedly. Suddenly she woke up and with a giggle said, ‘look what’s going on off-screen’. Mark had his arms round Indira’s shoulders and was kissing her lips. Soon it was a deep kiss, and we could see two tongues playing with each other. I got busy squeezing Petra’s left breast; it was big and soft. Something has to give, I thought.

Mark suddenly stood up and said: ‘I’m taking Indira to our room, Petra. You stay on here and look after your new boyfriend.’ And, now Petra and I were alone in our room, both sitting on our huge bed. Petra needed no bidding to slip out of her dress, to be seen only in the briefest of bras and panties. I undid her bra straps, and there were her magnificent boobs staring at me defiantly. I just buried my head in them, squeezed and rolled them in my hands, and bit and sucked them on the nipples. Petra lay back on the bed, with only her panties for cover. I took them off slowly, savoring in the sight of her magnificent creamy thighs and the Mound of Venus that lay between them. What a sight.

Petra was a true blond. Her bikini line was trimmed neat and tidy and not shaved. It had small blond tufts neatly pruned. It was exactly what I liked to see. I kissed her there, gently tasting her outer lips, parting her labia, and then putting my tongue right in. I played with my tongue in her grotto, lashed the little button inside with my tongue and felt it grow. I drank in her juices, which tasted quite different from Indira’s, much tangier, but sweet nevertheless. Indira was sweet through and through, no tartness at all. I have tasted no sweeter womanhood than Indira’s.

After all that exertion with my lips and tongue inside my beautiful Petra’s cavern, I needed a diversion. So, I lay down on the bed beside Petra, kissed her deeply, and whispered in her ears to get friendly. She got to her hands and knees and took my erect lance into her mouth, and for the next ten minutes, gave me an expert tongue lashing job. She had been well trained by her husband.

Pertra’s efforts with her tongue and lips on my distended lance took effect. I dragged down on the beside me, told her to put her legs high up in the air, kaçak casino and knelt before her gazing at her grotto, so pink and inviting. She held my tool in her hand and guided me in, muttering incoherently in my ear. I started stroking her in the same manner I had stroked Indira earlier, taking my lance out of her grotto completely and pushing it back all the way in. This is a sure fire way of making a woman surrender. Soon, she was begging me to stop; she couldn’t take this rapid closing of her womanhood and the repeated entries into it much longer. Then to please her and to also my energies for an assault on her other orifice, I withdrew. I kissed her tenderly on the labia lips, which were by then deep pink and swollen under the battering I had given her. She told me that though Mark was a very skillful lover, he had never ridden her this way. Petra then presented her gorgeous behind for me to view, admire and kiss. Where Indira was brown, this was pink and white, but Indira’s derriere was certainly bigger and sexier. I admired the wide open view for a little while and fondled her twin mounds with the edge of my palm caressing the valley between, lingering awhile on that pink little orifice that I intended to enter before long. Some work with my lips and tongue on that delicious opening ensued, and then I was guiding my lance into her, the head in first, then slowly, ever so slowly, I was in. Petra whispered that I made a perfect entry there, much better than Mark. I enjoyed her in this position and asked her if I could cum in there. She gave me the go ahead, and I squirted my long pent up juices into her.

We then lay in each others arms and fell sleep. When we woke up, there were mark & Indira looking bemusedly at our naked bodies. Mark told me that he got a big kick on seeing his wife asleep naked in my arms. He was sure that I had been good to her. Mark & Petra then left, she looking quite satisfied about what had happened.

Indira then related to me what Mark did to her. As soon as they were in his room, he made her naked and started caressing her behind, kissing her lip to lip, with his erect member inside his trousers pressing against her stomach. He then stripped, revealing a hard and muscular body. He then felt her with his hands all over her body, lingering over its softest parts, her breasts, thighs and buttocks, fondling them, squeezing them, kissing them and licking them. He told that this was what he did to Petra every day, and this is what he wanted to do to Indira the moment he saw her in the hotel lobby. Indira said she had never felt so naked and exposed before a man in this way.

He made her kneel down and take his manhood into her mouth. Then he moved her onto the bed, lay down and she was on her hands and knees, with his lance in her mouth, licking & tonguing every part of it as best as she knew. After some time, Mark couldn’t take it any more, pulled her down on the bed and entered her with an urgency that he could not just postpone. As he was grinding into her, he told her that he would eat her out after he finished. He spent his load inside her, took her to the bathroom, cleaned up his cum from inside her, threw her back on the bed and ate her with much gusto, telling her all the while, darling I must have you again.

Indira’s body had been really well used by Mark, and all that she now needed was a hot bath and a sensuous oil massage from me. I took her into the bathroom, watched her empty her bladder, took her by the hand into the shower cubicle. I soaped every part of her, every nook and cranny, letting my fingers linger and caress her sensitive areas. I then dried her, taking care to remove all traces of Mark from her grotto, rear orifice, breasts and thighs. Then I spread some towel on the bed and poured oil on her, into every nook and cranny and gave her an erotic massage which had her purring with content.

Soon, we were fast asleep, tired out from our exertions, to face tomorrow, which was another day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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