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I hadn’t seen her since she was five, a phone call annually on her birthday was the only relationship we’d had for the past thirteen years. Then out of the blue I received a phone call, it was Natasha, crying, saying she was fed up with living in the city, missed me, needed a break and can she come stay? Of course I was delighted and agreed readily, offering to assist her travels by depositing a large amount of cash into her bank account.

I had lived on a remote Scottish island in the Highlands for some years now, the only way to reach it was an overnight ferry ride across an often stormy sea, then a 3 hour car ride through the rugged snow peaked mountains and you arrived at my small white walled croft. It was rustic looking but warm and cozy and had all mod cons such as a shower etc.

The morning I was due to pick her up from the ferry terminal I was nervous and excited. Natasha had spent the bulk of her life in the city , I hoped she would find my remote rural retreat to her liking as I couldn’t bear to lose her again.

At 10 am the ferry pulled into the harbor and I watched and waited. Skipping down the platform her long blond her was unmistakable, she was so tiny and slender, all grown but still my beautiful Natasha. We hugged and kissed for what seemed an eternity, then shivering against the cold winter wind I said, “Come on. Let’s get you home.” Opening the boot of the car for her to stow her luggage I noticed how cute her small ass was in her tight jeans.

Once home I showed her the cottage, her room and we ate lunch and generally caught up with each other. She was still wearing her tight jeans and I had lent her a thick Arran jumper which she snuggled into.

The next month or so we spent getting to know one another, traveling to various parts of the island,whale watching, days out at picnics, dining out the few local restaurants. Natasha gradually settled in and began to think of the cottage and the island as her home. Soon the nights began to draw in and we spent most evenings at casino oyna home, only once venturing out to view the aurora, the green, florescent northern lights amazing and enthralling her as much as her first sight at a family of seals.

After a day spent hiking and hill climbing we arrived back home.I stoked the fire and worn out, sat in my chair beside it, joined by Natasha who warmed herself by my knees, hugging my leg as we reminisced .She now had both arms crossed over my legs, was picking at the grooves of my soft, brown corduroy trousers, staring up at me with her beautiful blue eyes.

I couldn’t help but get an erection as her tiny fingers caressed my thighs. I began to gently stroke her long blond hair, folding it around her delicate ears, my cock was now raging in my pants as she dreamily stared at the bulge, it was that obvious. I hadn’t had a woman since her mother left thirteen years ago and now with this beautiful blond female sat with her head in my lap my cock was throbbing, the fact that she was my daughter confused the hell out of me.

Her hand now was creeping closer to my bulge but I was enjoying the sensation so much I kept where I was, closer. closer. Then her hand suddenly crept over my crotch and she started to rub my cock and balls. I gasped.” Was the last woman you had my mum?” she asked.

“Yes darling,” I replied.

“Oh poor Daddy.” Then using both her tiny hands she unzipped me and yanked my trousers down a little, my cock sprung out, veiny, hard and throbbing. “Oh wow.” she gasped, gripping it she pulled back my foreskin to reveal my wet pre-cummed shiny knob while her other hand gently massaged my balls, measuring and cupping them in her fingers.

Adjusting herself between my legs she began licking my hairy balls, her soft wet tongue exploring my ball bag and shaft. Then with one lick up the entire shaft she closed her warm mouth around the head of my penis, sucking greedily, I was in heaven watching her blond head bob up and down on my throbbing cock.

I canlı casino couldn’t hold back as I felt my balls tighten, pushing her head down I shot my cum into her throat as she swallowed it up. “Do you feel better now?” she asked as she got up.

I just looked up at her astounded.

“I’m going to unpack,” she declared. “I think I’m going to like living here!” she laughed.


The next morning I awoke shell shocked. The fact that my eighteen year old daughter had taken out my erect cock and sucked on it was one thing, the fact that I had cum so much and she had swallowed every drop and licked it dry was another!

After cleaning out the embers from last night’s fire I ambled into the kitchen in my robe, Natasha was already awake and was preparing coffee still dressed in her nightie. “Good morning Daddy,” she said brightly, I leaned back against the sideboard to take her all in. Her long blond hair was roughly tied into a ponytail, she was so tiny, her head reaching about my lower chest. Her nightie was skimpy to say the least, mid thigh, barely covering her ass if she bent slightly.

I could see her cute ass cheeks as she flitted about the kitchen, she noticed me looking and enjoyed the attention. Handing me my mug of coffee, we headed into the living room. “I will make the fire in a moment,” I said, looking at the fireplace.

“That’s okay Dad, I can do it, I need to learn, if I make a mistake you can show me how it’s done.”

Kneeling in towards the fire she screwed up some old newspaper, threw on a couple of firelighters and kindling and lit the matches. I meanwhile had sat in my armchair and watched. It took almost immediately, she leant forward to blow and fan the flames, her nightie had hitched up revealing her small ass cheeks. I noticed little wisps of blond hair, blowing harder. I could see her soft pink pussy lips and her small tight ass hole, she kept blowing needlessly, enjoying showing her wet pussy to me.

My cock was twitching like mad, I was naked kaçak casino underneath my robe and couldn’t resist fondling my stiff member at the sight of that young pussy. She looked behind her and noticed, smiling she beckoned, “If you like it that much come and taste it.” she gave it a wiggle as she knelt there on all fours.

I needed no second invitation. I was on my knees in a shot, crouching down behind her I pulled her nightie up more and took each of her small ass cheeks in my hand, rolling them and massaging them, spreading them to reveal her tiny bum hole and wet pink pussy.

I put my face closer, I could feel the heat coming from her warm cunt and the sweet smell of her juices. I poked my tongue into her asshole as I groped for her clit, she was so wet! Pushing her tiny pussy in the air I couldn’t hold back no longer and sunk my tongue into her pussy, licking and slurping and sucking it, taking it all in my mouth, she pushed it back harder as I continued to tongue her, my hands reaching forward to grab her small titties, twisting on her nipples, she groaned with delight.

“Oh Natasha!”

Turning round she opened my robe to reveal my throbbing cock, “I want you to wank over me Daddy, I wanna watch you cum Daddy,” she started to touch her pussy as she watched me take hold of my cock. “You like looking at me Daddy?”

I grunted as jerked hard over her sweet sexy body.

“You wanna cum for your little Daughter? Where do you wanna cum Daddy? You wanna cum over my titties? You wanna shoot that hot load over my tits? Wank it Daddy? Wank that cock, it’s so big.”

I was in a daze rubbing my cock as she finger fucked her pussy.

“Does that make your cock go all hard Daddy? You like that? You wanna shoot your cum all over my pussy? Or do you want to shoot your cum all over your little girls face? I want you to cum in my mouth Daddy.” Leaning forward she inched her face towards my cock as I masturbated harder, opening her mouth and beckoning her tongue towards me,

I couldn’t hold back any longer and spurted my hot cum all over my daughter’s face and mouth. I let go of my cock as it softened… she licked and sucked the last remaining drops of semen from it…

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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