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Anal Diary
Dear diary, tonight’s anal escapades gets 8 out of 10 boners… I started off slow with a gerthy 3 inch diameter ridged dildo. Getting comfortable by the fireplace I oiled my squishy boy pussy and pressed the fat head of the dildo onto my loosening hole. Racked with anticipation for it to stretch and spread my ass into mindless bliss. Knowing tho to take it slower than I did last time. I was sore for a week after that one. So I press slower onto it this time trying to move it in and out of my plump pussy hole. I did this for around 5 minutes until it’s massive head finally pushes into my ass. The feeling as it pushes slightly deeper in, how I feel as it stretches every little bit, soaking it in… the pleasure of it… so hard to explain… I just want more. Pressing it deeper in I make it to the first ridge. These ridges are an inch thicker than the shaft, I feel spasms of pleasure through my wet messy pussy as my cock throbs and starts to leak precum. I take a taste illegal bahis siteleri as my cock grows even harder getting bigger as the head swells to the size of a large knob. I hold it and pull my fat cock head as I rock back and forth on the massive toy in my ass. Pressing and pulling the first ridge in and out. Now I’m getting closer to the second ridge, still at a slow pace, I make it onto the second then the third where I top out. I take a break, resting there with my ass in the air and this amazing toy sticking out of my ass. I just soak it in, focusing on the way it feels to be stretched so wide. Laying there stomach down ass up I look over and see my dildo case and decide I want more… I open it and pull out my biggest. A mr hanky sea horse dildo, xxl. I put it aside and start pumping my ass on the dildo already in my ass. At a fast pace now you can hear it slosh in and out as all three ridges move in and out of my ass. My cock rock hard, throbbing, leaking risksiz bahis veren siteler all over the floor… In one swift motion I pull it all the way out and stick my ass in the air pressing my face and chest onto the floor I reach back and feel the my gaped out hole, so wet, so soft and squishy, lose and gapping open I’m quite happy with my work.

I lub up the massive sea horse dildo and struggle with its weight as I try to place it in a spot that will allow me to easily ride it. This wasn’t easy but I finally got it in a spot that works. I press it against my gapped sloppy hole, like giving it a big wet kiss with my pussy hole. It’s in. The texture is very intense. Also covered with ridges, bumps and veins. I rock back and forth on this big pony listening at the sounds it makes as it moves in and out. It makes my cock throb even more, leaking even more now I feel like I’m about to cum. I take another taste of precum and almost loss casino siteleri my mind, cock twitching as I let the precum fill my palm like a dog lapping it up into my mouth and marvel at the exquisite pleasure and taste. To refrain from cumming I stop. I love getting right to the edge and trying to stay in that pleasure. Cooled down I start to ride the massive toy again. Still ever so hard I stare at my cock as its massive head stares right back at me, plump round, mushroomed out I stare as its leaking a sparkly clear stream of precum like it’s looking into me crying tears of pleasure. Sweet salty tears of pleasure. All I can do is think of sucking my own cock as it looks up at me. So l curl forward onto myself and lick the head of my own cock. As I run my toung from just under my glands over the tip pressing my toung into the hole getting another toung full of precum and all the way to the other side of the head. Just the head of my cock would fill my mouth and at full girth probably get stuck behind my teeth. This is blissful… I can’t believe how much so,,, but here I am in this moment. After a few more minutes of intense ass slamming and hole gapping I decided to be done before I injure my delicate boy pussy.

Shower (to be continued) depending on feedback…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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