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Bad Pamala
I’ve always hung about with Pam since I was young, I knew her and her dad have always been close.
The other day I found out how close. We had been backpacking around Norfolk for a long weekend.
I was with Pam her dad and their family friend Adam.
When we started our hike & was all in good spirits, till Adam got a call and just ran off, shouting he had to go it was an emergency. I never did find out what it was.
We carried on across a few fields and got near some lake they knew and set up camp, me and Pam was sharing the bigger tent and her dad was in the smaller.
Pam and her dad went to get some drink while I got cooking on the portable stove, I’d made me food before they got back as they took ages. I noticed they was being very quite so I asked if anything was wrong, they both said they was upset Adam had gone. But we started drinking and had a good night, we told some jokes and listened to her dad tell us about the time he was in the desert with her uncle, they sounded exciting but also scary some of them. After a while Pam went to sleep leaving me with her dad while I finished my cigarette. I wasn’t long, I said good night to her dad and got in the tent. Pam handed me another drink and we sat talking for abit where Pam confessed she had sex today and orgasmed really hard.
Now I was confused because the only men we had been near, was Adam who left, and her father who obviously she wasn’t having sex with. I just took it as drunk talk and ignored it.
I got tired and lay down where Pam came and cuddled me from behind, I love the feel of being hugged and I was soon asleep.
I was awakened in the night by a scream and I sat up immediately to listen but instead of more screaming I heard giggling and moaning.
I was still half asleep and rubbed my eyes as I heard a voice say “suck it like a good girl”
I looked around for Pam but couldn’t see her, that’s when I thought she must be getting some from one of the people who was from the tents the other side of the lake, how wrong I was….
I went outside and didn’t have to go far before I realised Pam was in with her dad. As the sun was coming up I could see her getting her leg over him and she was actually riding him and moaning. I was shocked I got back in the tent but güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri the moaning got louder, this wasn’t her stepdad or her mums boyfriend, this is her biological father and she’s fucking him.
I was actually worried about her in case it was ****, it can’t be **** she’s 32 and not screaming, but telling him to call her a naughty girl. It’s wasn’t long till I heard him grunt and I guessed he cum, as they was both giggling. I heard them talking and her say she better get back before I woke up. I got in me bag and pretended to be asleep and she came back in the tent. Pam got in her bag and I pretended to wake up saying morning, but not looking at her through embarrassment. She came over and kissed me on the cheek, let’s go back today she said, I couldn’t wait and the walk back to the car I was quite, I pretended to be asleep as he drove home and I could hear them talking. Next thing I know she was giving him head as he drove. I was feeling quite worried for her that it was her dad, but her moans told me she loved it. We pulled into some country lane and they both got out and went to a barn in the distance, I knew they was fucking and I wanted to see it with my own eyes.
I sneaked up to the barn and looked through the hole to see Pam on her back, her dad fucking her and holding her legs telling her she’s a naughty girl who needs a big cock. I had a perfect view as he pulled out and cum all over her, I must admit, I did have my hand down my knickers watching them and I accidentally hit a bit of wood which fell making them jump and sent me running back to the car.
They came to the car and I pretended I was asleep still, they both got in and off we went, I only woke up 2mins from home.
We all went in her home and her dad went up kissed her mum and they went off to the bedroom. Me and Pam went to the garden to smoke and we could hear her screaming as he fucked her. Pam was laughing because of the look on my face, “what’s wrong babe, they are always like it” she said, I got up and went to get my bits to leave, “she walked up held my hand and asked me what’s wrong, “nothing” I said as I grabbed my jacket. Pam had sensed something was wrong and began to follow me up the road. “Will you talk güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri with me” she shouted as I walked up the road. I didn’t know what to say as the day had me confused. My reply was “I’m ok, I just have to get back home” Pam got her car and drove up to me telling me to get in. As we got to my house she asked me what it was that’s bothering me and insisted she came on for a coffee.
I didn’t know what to do I just wanted to forget what I saw.
As soon as we walked in we met my husband who said my texts had made him laugh so hard, “what text” Pam asked.
I didn’t have time to stop him, he said that I told him she was fucking her dad.
Pam looked horrified and almost forced me into the garden, “you saw us” she said while almost crying.
“I won’t tell anyone, we can say I was joking to my husband” and I went to get up but she held my arm and sat me back down.
Please don’t tell anyone she begged, “why your dad” I asked.
She wiped her tears and told me they had been sexually active since her 23rd birthday and he was the only man to hit her spot.
“It’s your father Pam” I said still shocked at it all.
She began to tell he just makes her feel better and that she had been sex mad over the last few years even having dreams of sex with me. I was very flattered but I’m married this was where from out of nowhere my husband appeared and said he would love to see that.
I was still blown away by her fucking her dad. “I need a shower” I said and off I went making sure to tell my husband to get rid of her before I got out the shower. I was washing my hair and I felt someone touch me making my jump and their hands was rubbing my boobs. It was Pam.
We kissed for abit in the shower and then I went to get dressed, where I confessed I enjoying watching her fuck her dad. “Oh you like to watch” she said. I went bright red so she knew she was right. She came up and held
me naked and called for my husband.
I was already turned on by her kissing me. My husband came in and saw me naked in Pams arms! Am I getting a 3way he laughed. Pam walked up to him and said “No, I’m gonna watch you fuck you wife” she looked back at me and smiled, leading him to me and undoing his belt then retreating to the chair as güvenilir bahis şirketleri he got naked, then he took me in front of her. We must of been fucking for about 5mins when I remembered she was there and half naked rubbing herself. My husband asked if she enjoyed watching us, “love it” she said rubbing her clit “now get her to call you daddy and fuck her hard”.
I got on all fours and he got behind me. I was looking at her as he pounded me “tell daddy to fuck you” she said leaning into kiss me.
This was a little much for me as on my first shout of daddy fuck me, I orgasmed and almost passed out, shaking and quivering on the bad as he continued to fuck me. I came back around as I felt him shoot a load up me! I had collapsed on my front. After he cum, My husband smacked my bum and asked Pam if she liked that and then walked off to have a shower.
Pam passed me a cigarette and then began pushing my legs back open and tasting my husband cum that was coming back out of me, I could hold back and orgasmed again. Pam just sucked me till I couldn’t take no more and begged her to stop. My husband walked out the shower and Pam sat him on the
chair from where she was watching us. “Either we fuck and he watches or I fuck him and you watch” she said in a kind of ordering way. “ I really couldn’t handle anymore and just pointed at my husband who looked a little
confused till she pulled his towel off and guided him up her. I watched her ride him and it looked uncomfortable for her, “his a big boy ain’t he” she said as she lowered herself down on to his cock making sure he fitted before going all the way down, her eyes lit up and I could tell he was a lot thicker than she thought he was gonna be. “Fuck her next to me” I said, he picked her up with his cock still up her and bent her over next to me fucking her, he slipped out and almost went in her bum but she shot up the bad away before coming back down it on her back so I could suck her boobs as he fucked her till almost cum. He told us he was going to cum and She spun round and sucked him as he cum in her mouth. My husband looked satisfied and I told him to make me a coffee so I could chat with Pam.
He went off to make us both a drink and Pam looked at me and said “ you tell anyone about my dad and il tell people I fucked you and you husband”
I just laughed and she almost jumped on me saying promise you won’t tell. I made that promise & told her she’s my new bootycall anytime I want one.
She has promised I can tie her up and use her next time we are alone for a night. I can’t wait for that night…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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