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Beautiful Korean neighbor
My job was paying my rent in this upscale condo, I must have been the poorest person who lived there. I had this beautiful fine-ass Korean neighbor that was married to this much older rich American guy who really hated me. Her old ass husband called security on me because he didn’t like the music I was playing, security came and they didn’t do anything because I wasn’t breaking any condo rules.

The day after that incident I was at the elevator and my Korean neighbor came over and apologized for her husband calling security on me. She said, “I love your music, you have good taste”. I said “thank you”, and asked her “why is her husband such a prick”? I thought that she was going to defend him, but she smiled and said I know he is such a jerk and I wish I knew why. She said if it make you feel any better he treats everyone like crap. I then said, “He doesn’t treat you like crap”. She quickly replied saying that, “he treats me like I’m less then human”. I looked at all her beauty in disbelief that anyone can treat such a gorgeous woman less than a goddess. I then ask her if he ever hit her and she said no, but he makes me feel like crap when he talks down to me. I said that I was sorry to hear that, if you needed someone to talk to I’m here for her.

A week after our conversation at the elevator, I was coming home and I notice her at my door. She looked my way and said hey I was wondering if you wanted to have lunch with me; she had two containers full of food in her hands and I said that would be awesome and we went into my apartment. She had on a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt, she still looked sexy as fuck in it, but it didn’t reveal much but you could tell she had a nice ass body. She seemed shocked to see how clean my place was, not a typical bachelor pad.

She quickly made herself at home, after we finished with lunch she asked about my love life and I explained about my recent break-up and a few one night stands. She was listening closely to every word coming out of my mouth. I was making her laugh and she seemed really relaxed with me she started touching me on the arm while she laughed. I asked her how long was she married to MR. Prick, she laughed and said for almost four years now. I jokingly asked her if her husband uses the blue pills to get it canlı kaçak iddaa up? She told me that he needs to take something to help him, but he don’t like having sex anymore. “What? You don’t have sex anymore”? She quickly replied I wish he would have sex with me, it’s been over two years now. Wow! Two years, what do you do for sex, I asked her. She said I have toys but I miss having sex. I asked her, did you tell him you want to get fucked? She said that every time she brings up sex he gets mad at her and yells and make her feel like crap. She looked at her phone and said oh it’s late, I have to cook dinner for my husband; we had talked for over three hours and she looked like she didn’t want to leave. I told her that we should do this again soon, I’m off during the day so it would be cool to have someone to hang out with. She smiled and said that she would love to spend more time talking with me and that she was glad that she decided came over today. I was surprised that she gave me a big hug at the door before she left.

I didn’t see her for the rest of that week, but that following Tuesday morning I was awaken by a knock on my door. I always slept naked, so I grabbed my bathrobe and answered the door, it was my fine-ass Korean neighbor. She was wearing these silk shorts and a tank-top without a bra covering her natural 34D’s with nipples the size of the tip of my pinky finger. I couldn’t help but look; she said good morning are you busy, can I hang out with you, she asked. I said of course you can chill with me, and she smiled and gave me a hug as she made her way into my apartment. When she walked by me I notice that nicely shaped ass, and her flawless legs. She had long beautiful hair but she had it up in a bun. This woman was the sexiest lady in our building and she carried herself with a lot of class.

I was going through a dry spell and I haven’t fucked in several weeks at that point; so I was getting aroused by her sexiness. She made herself at home on my couch while I made us coffee, I glanced over from the kitchen and saw some side-boob action and that set off a chain reaction of my cock getting hard as fuck and sticking out of my bathrobe right when the coffee was ready. I had to turn around to adjust my cock, I lifted my cock up and tighten the robe strap canlı casino holding my massive cock up on my navel.

I placed the coffee on the coffee table and sat down next to her and as I sat my hard cock could be seen at the top half of the robe. She saw the head of my cock and she couldn’t turn away, her eyes was glued on my enormous cock. I started to cover up but I notice she was enjoying the show so I acted like my cock wasn’t peeping out of my robe. I started talking asking about her weekend and I didn’t get a reply so I called her name and asked again. She said, huh you asked me something? I said yeah, that’s when she cleared her throat and just pointed at my cock as to inform me that it was accidentally visible by her. I acted like I didn’t know as I covered it up and apologized. She said “that was impressive, you have a lot to offer”. I laughed and she smiled at me while looking to see if my massive cock was still visible.

I laughed and said, “That’s funny, you said I have a lot to offer”? She replied, “You do”! “I never seen a more perfect cock”. I said, you didn’t even see all of it that was only half”. She said I’m curious now, how big is it? I acted like I didn’t know and said that I never measured it. She said with excitement let’s measure it now, you have a tape measure? I got up and got my measuring tape out of the bathroom and she grabbed it as she moved to the edge of the couch, I was standing and she said open up (my robe); I did but my cock was now only semi-hard. She surprised me by taking control of my cock and started to stroke it to get it hard again. It didn’t take too many strokes to get it harder than U.S. steel. She said, this is the thickest cock I’ve ever held and it’s heavy too. For a moment I think she forgot about measuring my cock, as she toyed with my mammoth balls. She then started measuring me and her mouth opened in amazement when she saw that it was ten and a half inches.

She said that she was getting excited with all this meat in her hands. I remembered that she haven’t had dick in a while and hoped that she would trust me enough to fuck me or at least give me a blow job. She said, “I am craving some cock right now”. I told her, “You know you can trust me, I’m not going to tell anyone. Are you going to go without dick for the rest tipobet giriş of your life? You can’t get dick at home. She said, “You know – you’re right! All the crap I put up with at home and he don’t even try to fuck me or even lick my pussy”. She continued saying, “I deserve to get fuck! I’m a good girl and I take care of everyone else’s needs, but no one is taking care of my needs and I need to get fucked!”

She then leaned forward and started licking my massive hard shaft, she looked up at me like she was seeking my approval. I had a look of ecstasy and astonishment across my face and I gave a nice moan in delight as I witnessing her exhibition of talent in sucking my throbbing cock. This woman was going at my cock like it was the only thing keeping her alive. She was saying, “I miss sucking dick so much”. While she was working magic with her mouth and her soft lips on my cock, as I was playing with those natural soft ass tits. Both her nipples was hard and she was giving off a sexy erotic moan, followed by ooh-yesss.

At this point I’m ready to get started fucking this Korean goddess; I took her to my bedroom and took off her clothes and that pussy was so wet her panties was drenched through. I was going to start eating that sweet pink pussy but she stopped me and said please fuck me now, I really need to feel you inside me. I inserted the head of my cock into her juicy pussy and she moaned in delight, “Oh this cock is big” as she looked up at me. Before I got halfway in she was already cumming on my dick; she didn’t seem like the loud type, but she started saying “yes! yes! Fuck me! I love it! It’s all yours! This is your pussy baby!…” non-stop. I must admit that shit turned me on and I started fucking her harder and faster. She then start yelling I want to taste your cum, cum in my mouth baby, please, please give it to me. At that point I pulled out and before I could reach her mouth I shot my load all over her gorgeous face, she didn’t mind one bit and grabbed my cock sucked me dry then used my cock to smear my cum all over her face.

This was the sexiest woman I ever fucked and I was hoping that this wasn’t a one-time thing. As she came out of my bathroom she smiled and said, “I guess I have a new hobby during the day”. After that day we fucked at least three times a week; we even fucked when her husband was home. I often see her husband and I always say hello to him, he never reply he just act like I’m not even there. I always smile because I know that I’m fucking this prick’s wife well almost every day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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