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***This is the second installment of the story. In the first installment, we meet Nathan who lusts for his straight best friend – the athletic and handsome Jake. Nathan thinks he’ll never be able to have Jake. But one morning, to his extreme bewilderment, he finds himself mysteriously transported into the body of Natalia – the beautiful personal trainer who Jake’s been crushing on, hard. We catch up with Nathan/Natalia as she’s just come up with a plan to seduce Jake…***

I stepped out of the shower, wrapped myself in a fluffy terry cloth robe, and looked at my new face and body in the mirror, filled with a new resolve. I didn’t know why this impossible event had happened, but it was clear to me that I needed to take advantage of this situation as quickly as possible. What if this was my only opportunity to be with Jake, to feel his body against mine? To feel that long, veined, rigid…oops, there my mind went again. The point was, this could be my only chance, and I wasn’t about to waste it.

The plan was straightforward. I didn’t need access to my/Nathan’s phone to text Jake, I could just use Natalia’s laptop to log-in remotely and send a text through a messaging app. I knew that Jake was free today and spent nearly all his time at the gym, so that wouldn’t be a problem.

The question was what I would do once I was there. Hopefully he would follow the advice I’d given him to make an appointment. If not, plan B would be to take matters into my own hands.

It took a little while to locate the laptop (in a backpack hanging from a chair at the kitchen table) and to figure out the password to log-in (Natalia’s birthdate which I found on her ID in a wallet, also in the bag).

Once logged in, I sent a quick text from my/Nathan’s number – “hey man – wanna hit up the gym?”

Almost immediately I saw the dots telling me he was replying, and then his text appeared “fuck yeah – I’ll be there in 30”

On reading the text I felt an incredible anticipation rise within me – it was really happening! My fantasy was on the cusp of coming true.

But shit – I had to get ready fast!

I blow-dried and brushed my hair, put on makeup (some kind of muscle memory guiding me to look beautiful yet understated), dabbed perfume on my throat and between my thighs, and squeezed into sexy little shorts and a halter-top that emphasized my knockout curves while showing off my flat tummy and a lot of skin. I was a little late, but it was worth it. I looked hot.

I ran out the door, grabbed the keys to my car, and jumped in…and then realized I DIDN’T KNOW WHERE I LIVED!

After freaking out for a moment, I was able to get into my phone using the same password and used the GPS to guide me to the gym – about a 10 minute drive away.

Even as I drove, I felt the world responding to me in a different way than before. I always noticed men wherever I went – especially the good looking ones, but they could care less about me. Now I could feel the gazes of men, even in the cars that drove around me as I made my way down the wide, suburban avenue to the gym.

When I got there, I made my way quickly into the gym. I passed the front desk – the attendant who usually gave me a cursory nod, now gave me a huge grin and said “Hi Natalia,” his eyes fixed on my chest. My new boobs bounced perkily with each step.

“Hi” I gave him a winning smile as I entered the hallway that led to the weight room.

I inhaled sharply as I saw Jake sitting there in his gym clothes on the bench, looking at his phone. He must have been texting me/Nathan. He looked so good in his t-shirt and gray sweat pants. His body seemed like it grew larger every day – broad shoulders, thick biceps and forearms.

As I stood there, I decided on a slight change of plan. I didn’t want to risk Jake leaving if Nathan didn’t show. I had an idea.

I cleared my throat. Jake looked up and did a double-take (the first time I had felt that in my life!) He was a little flustered – I thrilled to have that effect on him.

“Hi” I said, “Are you Jake?”

He took a moment to process that I was talking to him, and then seemed to make a decision to play it cool. “Yeah, that’s me” he said, now showing off that confidence I knew so well (verging on arrogance – he must have known how good he looked).

“Listen – your friend, uh…Nathan was it? Texted me and said that he wouldn’t be here to meet you, BUT he gave you a little gift – I’m a personal trainer and he bought you an hour-long session with me.”

There was a pause as Jake processed all this. He squinted as though trying to understand, then began to laugh “I can’t believe it!” he said to himself.

“Believe what?” I asked, feigning ignorance.

Jake caught himself “uh – n-nothing, just that I thought Nathan had got me a gift, but this is a great surprise!” he said.

“Well, great! Are you all set to get started then, Jake?” I asked.

“Uh – yeah, definitely” Jake stood up and headed toward the weight room.

“Oh – uh, not güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri there” I said.

“What?” Jake asked, surprised.

“Nathan paid a little extra for a session at my home gym. The VIP package. I prefer it really – I’ve got way better equipment than they have here – plus you won’t have to wait for other people to use it – it’ll be all ours.”

Again, I could see Jake mulling things over. I imagined he was thinking that this was too good to be true. I didn’t want to lead him on too much – I needed to keep it all business. I knew that he was the type that liked to have to work a little. I didn’t want to come on strong, but I also knew I might have a limited time as Natalia and I needed to get him to a private place as quickly as possible.

“Is that…cool?” I asked in an almost dismissive way.

“Yeah – definitely. Uh – how do I get there.”

I took his phone and gave him my address, then told him I’d meet him there.

“Oh – I’m Natalia,” I said extending his hand to shake. I enjoyed the feel of his big mitt gripping my elegant, feminine hand as we became lost in each other’s eyes. I luxuriated in even this brief physical contact. Then caught myself, releasing his hand. “See you there! You can follow me.”

As I drove I thought of my next move. I wanted to get my hands on Jake – I had a deep need to finally touch his body and this was my chance. But I wanted him to make the first move. I figured I’d guide him through a few exercises so that we could be in close contact. Then he wouldn’t be able to resist me.

We both pulled up to my house, and I led the way inside. I loved the way I walked in this new body, my hips swaying back and forth. I could practically feel Jake’s desire as I as he walked behind me. I gave a discreet peek back to him and he quickly shifted his eyes up, knowing he’d been caught.

“Want to start with squats?” I asked.

“Sure – that sounds great” he said. He came in and looked around the place. He was trying to play it cool, but I could tell he couldn’t believe he was here with me. I led the way to the squat rack.

“So, judging by your…ahem…physique” I said, looking down over his wonderfully prominent, defined quads and calves “you can probably squat pretty heavy weights – what like 250?”

“Try 300” he said, proud of his strength.

“Amazing. But without a trainer you may have picked up some bad habits. Let’s check your form. We’ll start with no weights, OK? Just show me how you squat.”

“Alright” he said and began to squat down, pushing his butt back, keeping his back straight, and then standing back up.

“Turn around, please” I told him. He readily complied and performed the move twice more with his back turned to me. I watched him and relished the fact that I was able to openly gaze at his body. He had a strong back, and his ass was incredible – all I could think about as he pushed himself up was how strong he could thrust himself into me.

He looked back, this time the one to catch me looking. I looked up quickly to see his cute smile. “Is that good?” he said with a hint of flirtation in his voice. I think he may have been picking up on my desire.

I acted as though nothing had happened “it’s great, but you have to bring your butt back just a bit more in order to keep your back straight, and to protect your knees.” I said. “Watch me,” I stepped in front of him and performed the move, sticking my perfect ass out, stretching my tiny shorts as I brought my butt down nearly to the floor and then brought it up again. Twice, three times. I enjoyed inhabiting Natalia’s taut body – every move was already learned. My mind was filled by what else my new, fit, body had been trained to do.

I looked back at Jake. He had a cute stunned look on his face, and was that a bit of a rise I could see in those sweatpants?

“Now you try and I’ll guide you” I said walking around behind him, positioning myself close to his back, almost touching.

“Uh – okay” he said. I could tell he was a little worried about being this close to me – that his desire might show. I breathed in his scent – the sweet smell of his shampoo and the faint tang of his sweat. I was looking into his strong back and shoulder blades. In my new body I was quite a bit smaller than him, and I enjoyed how physically imposing he felt.

“Alright now bend your knees and squat down slowly, slowly” I squatted down with him, my pelvis a centimeter or so away from his perfect ass. He stopped, held the squat, then pushed back up.

“No, no, no – again!” I said, allowing a bit of discipline into my voice. “You’ve got to get your butt down lower, so it’s below parallel with your knees – try it again” I said and squatted back with him. “Stop!” I said when his butt got to the lowest level it had been before “now lower, lower lower” I brought my hands to his hips and pulled him back and down trying my best not to squeeze him or make the touch sexual, it was a training touch, purely instructional. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri

“Weight in your heels, don’t worry – you can go way lower” I pulled his hips even further. Oh god, they felt so strong beneath my hands. “That’s where you want to be now hold it there – feel it, memorize it” I said, keeping my hands there just a bit longer than I should have. Then I patted him on the butt in a convivial, way – one athlete signaling another (god, it was like nothing I’d ever felt – firm, round, rock hard) – and said “up!” When he stood up I said “now squeeze at the top” and savored the view as he clenched his butt deliciously. “That’s it” I said cheering him on “you got it. ”

“Alright, now let’s try it with the barbell” I said walking around to the front of him. But Jake didn’t move he just stood there with a sexy grin on his face, looking forward. He glanced down quickly. As I followed his gaze I began to understand why he was smiling – a giant tent cantilevered out from his sweat pants (was it pulsing or was that my imagination??) I felt my eyes widen and had to inhale sharply – my knees felt weak. But I steadied myself and reminded myself that I needed him to make the first move – I had to control myself.

I closed my eyes, took a deep breath. “What are you waiting for? Get in the rack and lift.”

He kept smiling at me “Seriously?” he said.

I had to keep my eyes lifted not to stare and succumb to my desire, ignoring what was incredibly obvious to both of us. “Yeah – what are you waiting for?” I said, keeping my tone casual, instructive.

“Alright” he said, with a sexy little bite on his lower lip – and maybe a little bit of annoyance? I could tell how much he wanted me, how difficult it was for him to have to delay his satisfaction. But he did what I asked, walking to the rack where an empty barbell was mounted at shoulder height in front of a full length mirror.

“Now do a few warm-up reps and we’ll increase the weight” I said.

He sighed a bit and complied, positioning his shoulders beneath the bar, lifting up, squatting, and pushing himself up to stand. I watched him in the mirror. Standing up from each squat he thrust forward and it looked like his hard dick would tear through the fabric of his sweat-pants. I was mesmerized. After a few reps he racked the weight.

He turned around to face me, his cock bouncing obscenely in his pants.

“Listen” he said as though leveling with me. “I’m really sorry but as you might notice, I have a bit of a…condition…that’s getting in the way of the exercise right now.” I loved how unembarrassed he was as he gestured toward the astounding boner in his pants that looked as though it had grown even more in the past minute.

I laughed a little bit, uncomfortably.

“I don’t mean to be rude, but I can’t help it” he said, staring at me. I met his gaze and we stared at one another silently, lust palpable in the room, hanging around like a fog.

“So…” I said, not moving from my place. “What do you want to do?”

He took a step toward me. “The only thing that can help it is, well, you know” he said, growing more audacious, and smiling at me with a cute little flirty smile I’d seen him use on other girls before. I melted inside to see him use it on me, and had to fight not to give up and mount him right there.

“Nooooo,” I said, “I don’t know…”

“Use your imagination” he said.

I definitely was using my imagination – images of his naked body were swimming through my sex-addled brain. But I struggled to continue playing it cool.

“I think you mean that the only way to stop that incredible looking hardon from hurting itself is to jerk off and make it come” I said

He laughed a little bit at my audacity “well, you’re half right – I need to come, but…I don’t want to jerk off”

“Oh yeah?” I said “well, what other way are you gonna be able to make yourself come?” I said. “I’m not helping”

“Really?” he said

“Really” I said.

“Well, I bet that if I start doing it myself, you won’t be able to stop yourself from joining in”

“Well, you can enjoy yourself all you want, don’t let me stop you” I said

He kept smiling at me, his hardon brazenly continuing to throb in his sweatpants.

I stared back at him. It was a standoff. I could feel a heat spreading throughout my body, emanating from my clit which pulsed achingly.

He took off his shirt and threw it to the ground, revealing his ripped torso. I relished seeing him like that and couldn’t help but let my gaze follow the lines of his muscles, as though mentally caressing them. I wondered if he could sense my lust, or if his overconfidence was simply a brazen dare. His powerful chest was covered in dark hair that spread down to a light dusting over his incredible abs, below which the sharp vee of his hip bones pointed the way down to that ever-present and inviting erection.

“Go on” I said, standing there with my arms crossed against my breasts. güvenilir bahis şirketleri In one motion he took off his sweatpants and underwear, and he stood there naked except for his socks and shoes. His cock was massive, intimidating as it bucked rhythmically from his crotch, drooling pre-cum. I gasped to see him like that – completely undressed, my dream – and to finally be able to gaze on his form openly, not having to steal small glances and furtive peeks.

I also couldn’t get over how turned on he was, and to think that I had inspired it. His arousal was all for me, something I’d never before thought possible.

He walked over to the nearby bench press, straddled the bench and sat down, patting the space in front of him, inviting me to sit down.

“Will you let me look at you while I do it?” he asked.

I hesitated, still standing with arms crossed, thinking what my next move would be. Of course, I wanted him badly, but I didn’t want to give myself away. Then, giving a little smirk and an eyeroll, I sat down in front of him, straddling the bench. There we sat before one another, him in all his nude splendor, our knees almost touching.

He smiled at me and said “I mean, I REALLY want to look at you.” I understood immediately what he meant, and decided I’d indulge him – I was being such a cock-tease, I had to give him something.

“Okay” I shrugged, pulled my sports bra slowly over my head, and flung it aside, my buoyant tits bouncing lasciviously a few times before settling against my ribs. I shook out my long tresses which spilled over the prominent tips of my breasts. I know sat before him clad only in my tiny pair of shorts.

His eyes were glued to my tits. I reveled in the power my body had over him. My eyes were trained on the obscene throbbing piece of meat standing before me, which continued to ooze pre-cum as it throbbed above his taut abs. He was leaning back a bit and leering at me as though he wanted to devour me with his eyes. I luxuriated in his gaze – it was incredible to see Jake, the longtime object of my hidden desire, look at me with such lust in his piercing eyes.

Then slowly, looking into my eyes, he reached toward his cock. I felt a shudder of lust travel through me as I watched him place his thumb against the hole of the swollen head, and proceed to spread a glob of the clear fluid all over the beautifully formed glans.

Then, eyes trained directly on mine, he began to stroke with quick little jerks of his wrist just over the head. I heard him moan a little bit involuntarily – the sound of his hoarse drove me mad with horniness.

Absentmindedly, and almost involuntarily, I began to touch my breasts, which ached now, caressing them with both hands, giving the erect nipples little tugs between thumb and forefinger. As I did this, he started to stroke the entire shaft of his cock, all the way down to his balls, and then traveling back up. His breath was getting shorter. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing – it looked as though he wouldn’t be able to last.

I laughed a little. “You gonna come, Jake?” I said. And then his eyes widened as though he couldn’t believe what I’d said, and suddenly a spurt of white liquid shot up, landing on his fur-covered upper chest, the goo landing in his thick hair. I watched as his cock geysered thick ropes of jism that landed in the deep ridges of his six pack abs which contracted with each burst. His body was wracked with the force of the orgasm. I just smiled, watching, not able to believe I’d been given this privileged view.

“Oh wow!” I exclaimed as the cum kept spilling out, now over his fist. “I’ve never seen so much!” I said.

The force of the orgasm subsiding, he now began to laugh, also acknowledging how much there was “god damn!” he said.

I stared, feeling irresistibly drawn to him, but still wanting him to make the first move.

“Glad I could help” I said, standing up.

“What?” he said, face flushed, still catching his breath, “That’s it? You’re going?”

“Yeah – I’ve got to get to another session – the hour is up,” I said, somewhat unconvincingly.

And then he smiled his sexy little smile again, “And what are you going to do about that?” he said, tossing his head toward my crotch. I looked down to see that a very large wet spot had begun to soak through my shorts. Even the bench below me was glistening, and it wasn’t with sweat.

“Um” I said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Now he stood up, toweled the cum off his torso, threw the towel aside and took a step toward me. Again I thrilled to feel how physically imposing he was standing there in front of me, naked, his dick still just as hard as it had been. He lowered his face to mine until he was only an inch away.

“You can’t fool me, girl” he said looking into my eyes, still not touching, as though wanting to force me to make the first move. I tried to look away, but my eyes fell on his strong shoulders, his chest, his cock, his… lips. I moved closer, as though propelled toward him, and then he moved in to meet me. I felt his strong arms wrap around my torso as he kissed me deeply but softly. His lips felt even better than in my dreams, tender but forceful. His tongue slid into my mouth. We were pressed against each other and it was everything I’d ever hoped for. My head swam.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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