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Being a cuckold at my own house
When living at Savannah, the house next door remained empty for several months. Until one day a young black guy moved on.
His name was Jamal and he seemed to be a nice guy.
Some days after moving, my sweet Ana and I invited him to dinner at home.
We enjoyed a very nice meal and later on I invited Jamal down to our basement to play some pool. We were half way through a game when my sexy wife came down to join us. Much to my surprise she had put on a very short satin black robe, which barely covered her round ass cheeks.
Anita leaned against the pool table next to Jamal and the satin robe was lifted enough to show her sweet shaven wet glistening pussy lips.
Jamal just put his pool cue on the table; he slid one hand on my wife’s cunt and the other untied her robe. Then he squeezed her boobs as he licked her neck from behind.
Watching speechless in amazement, I realized then this was not the first time that they both had gotten together. Ana stood naked there, just standing on her sexy stilettos and she looked very much turned on.
Soon the black guy had his shirt off and my wife was now working on getting his trousers. Once Jamal had his trousers down to his ankles, my sensual babe lay onto the floor, spreading her long legs to show her black lover those lovely wet pussy lips…
Jamal kicked his pants out of his ankles and then I saw kaçak bahis his growing erection. It was an impressive black monster cock; almost ten inches long and thick as a can beer.
That black bastard dropped to his knees, right between my wife’s thighs and he slid his massive cock into her sweet cunt in one fell swoop.
Anita cried in delight and he started to deep fuck her as she screamed and moaned with pleasure.
I stood there in silence, thinking about beating them both with my pool cue. But I was also very turned on watching my wife being taken by this man.
Jamal soon picked up speed, his cock making sloshing sounds inside Ana’s very wet pussy. He pushed my wife’s legs up to get even more depth.
My cock was rock hard now and I decided to drop my pants so that I could stroke myself and have my turn in Ana’s cunt once Jamal was done.
Anita was now close to have an orgasm and she was screaming loud and asking her black lover to cum together, which they finally did.
Ana started to cry as Jamal arched his back and he planted his cock as deep into my wife’s cunt as he could. Then he filled her womb with his seed, as Ana rode her second consecutive wild orgasm.
After coming in her, the black guy got up, his limp cock covered with spunk. Ana’s cunt was a mess; her labia were soaked as were her inside thighs.
I moved in to go ahead and bust my hard kaçak iddaa cock inside my wife, but Anita stopped me, saying she wanted me to lick her cunt clean.
She smiled and said I could not fuck her until I licked her clean.
Then I lowered my head down to her cum soaked cunt and I buried my face between her spread and swollen pussy lips. It made my cock even harder.
I did a really good job cleaning her up and got ready to fuck her; but Anita stopped me again, saying now she wanted me to clean up Jamal…
I looked at Jamal and saw the black bastard was smiling at me, pointing at his still semi hard monster dick. Then I fell on my knees and took his cock in my mouth. When Ana got satisfied with my licking job, she allowed me to mount her. By this time I was so worked up that I came in about a minute.

As soon as I pulled out, Jamal grabbed my wife and made her bend over the edge of the pool table. He positioned behind Ana and he entered her gaping cunt from behind. My sensual bitch had many orgasms as that black guy fucked her, making it harder and faster than a sex machine.
After pumping her in a wild rough manner during a long while, he finally flooded again Ana’s insides with another huge load of sticky semen…
I was ordered again to clean them both up.
Then we all three went up to our main bedroom, to our marital bed…
We all were really tired and güvenilir bahis I passed out very soon, as I was hearing them caressing each other’s bodies…
Next morning I awoke to find Jamal again fucking the shit out of my wife. But this time he pulled out of her and turned to me saying Ana’s cunt was too stretched and full of spunk for him to get off. Anita seemed very excited by those events and promised I could fuck her again if I did as I was told.
I took Jamal’s black cock in my mouth and began to work it.
His hard cock seemed to be swelling and getting bigger and harder when the bastard grabbed my neck with both hands and held me tight just as he started to cum deep inside of my throat.
Once he had drained his balls in my mouth I was allowed to mount Ana, although her cunt was full of his black spunk. I came very soon and my sweet wife made me clean her up even though I had not even come close to making the mess Jamal had.

Then Ana announced she was ready for taking Jamal’s huge black cock in her tight asshole. She smiled at me, saying I would not worry, because she was sure that the huge black serpent would fit fine in her anus.
But then she got serious and ordered me to go down and get ready some breakfast, as our black neighbor enjoyed entering on her back door.
I went down and, as I sipped a black coffee, I just wondered since when my sweet unfaithful wife had been fucking this black bastard next door.
I heard a very loud painful scream from my sweet Anita upstairs and then I knew that it did not matter when it had started; but nobody could know when it was going to finish…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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