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Being Naughty At Nude Resort – Part 3

Jacob came over in a few minutes and for some reason, I felt better once I saw him. He gave me a friendly hug and sat next to me.

Jacob: I thought you would have been asleep by now.

Me: I didn’t tell him what really happened. I was going to but just wanted to clear my mind before I go back to my husband.

Jacob: Because of our little adventure today?

Me: Well ya, as I told you before, you are the first guy I have been with after marrying my husband, now Alex too.

Jacob: Are you planning to tell him?

Me: I don’t know, should I?

Jacob: It’s up to you dear, I will stand by your side if you need any moral support. If it’s up to me then I would say don’t tell him until you are sure he won’t freak out.

Me: I agree, plus we just had a few make-out sessions, nothing more and it was fun too. Maybe this should be my vacation secret.

Jacob wrapped his hands around my waist and kissed me passionately.

Jacob: This is your vacation secret, maybe you will have more than few make-out sessions.

Me (giggling): Maybe.

I hopped on his lap and kept kissing him while he squeezed my ass. People were looking at us with a smile as they walked by.

Me: You are a good kisser.

Jacob smiled and unbuttoned my shirt and started sucking vigorously on my nipples. I moaned softly as I started to watch out for any peeping.

Me: Seems like you love my boobs.

Jacob: Yes, a lot. The best boobs I ever had. I also wanted to prove it to you that I suck better than Alex. I have seen your face when he started sucking.

Me: Am I sensing some jealousy in your voice, dear?

Jacob: Just a little but I want you to enjoy this vacation as much as you want.

Me: Aww. That’s very sweet, dear. And don’t worry, yes I think Alex is good too but remember you are my first man after I got married to my husband. You have a special place in my heart.

Jacob (smiling): You have a special place in my heart too. I don’t know why I have feelings for you.

Me: You have feelings for me? That’s so sweet, dear. I also have feelings for you but I still love my husband.

Jacob: I understand, my feelings are different, hard to explain.

Me: I understand dear, I feel the same way.

Jacob: Glad to hear that,if that’s the case, then I won’t be jealous even if you fuck Alex.

Me (smiling): My sweet darling, you are going to be the first one to fuck me before I let anyone else fuck me.

Jacob: Music to my ears, if that happens, I will make sure that you will get as many cocks as you want anytime anywhere even once this vacation is over.

Me: Anytime, anywhere, how?

Jacob: I have connections.

Me (laughing): Ah, maybe we should keep in touch in the future too.

Jacob: I know you will and I will treat you like my slutty queen.

Me: Am I your slutty queen?

Jacob: Yes you are and I am your loyal servant.

Me: You can be more than my loyal servant.

Jacob: How much more?

Me: Maybe you can be my boyfriend, if you want. I won’t mind you dating any other girls as long as I am your highest priority.

Jacob: I would love that, maybe we can share my gf with you.

Me: Sounds good güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri as long as you share me with my fuck buddies.

Jacob: Deal. So, you are planning to have more guys, have someone in mind?

Me: Not specifically, maybe Alex for now. Have you guys shared any girls in the past?

Jacob: Technically no, but I fuck his gf time to time but he doesn’t know.

Me: You naughty boy, how long it has been happening?

Jacob: More than a year. Initially, it was just a one night stand when Alex was drunk and passed out. Then we started sneaking around when he is not around.

Me: Maybe I can convince him to share her with you even when he is around.

Jacob: How?

Me: I will tell him that we both have feelings for each other but want to do a couple swap, maybe he will be interested in that.

Jacob: My god, my slutty queen is very smart too.

I felt a different kind of emotion when I heard his comment. I realized I love being very slutty, I always had been until I met Sam. I gave a passionate kiss to Jacob and hopped off his lap.

Jacob: What happened? Didn’t you like my calling me my slutty queen?

Me: Not that dear, I loved it when you called me that. I want to be your slutty queen. I just felt I wouldn’t be able to control myself if I don’t stop now.

Jacob: Why you want to hold back? Are you worried your husband catch us together?

I wanted to tell him that I don’t care if he catches me and he won’t catch me because he is preoccupied with another girl. Somehow, I didn’t say that. Jacob started sucking my exposed boobs, circling his tongue around my nipple.

Me (moaning softly): Not that, we are in an open space and I see a lot of people walking around. I am feeling a bit shy, don’t know why.

Jacob: Fair enough. Let me buy you a drink. Hopefully, that will help you with your inhibitions.

Me: Ya, I can use a drink now. Tell me something how many girls you had so far.

Jacob: Maybe around 9, what about you?

Me: Add 10 more to your number.

Jacob: Wow, so you are experienced, so you had 20 guys in total. That’s a big number, you were really naughty before.

Me: Ya I was, most of them was when I was in collage and that’s why number is high.

Jacob: That’s perfectly fine dear, I like experienced ladies more. They really know what they want and not shy to ask.

Me: That’s true, maybe I should introduce you to one of my friends. She is also wild like me.

Jacob: That would be nice, she wouldn’t mind our arrangement, right?

Me: No, we used to share our bfs back in uni. She also got married after uni but divorced now. She is a perfect fit for you a long as you will keep your relationship open.

Jacob: I have no issues in keeping relationships open as long as I can join in too.

Me: That’s fair, maybe we should have a threesome with her in near future. Are you planning to visit Canada any time soon?

Jacob: Actually yes , I will be moving to Toronto in 3 months, got a job offer from a massage chain as a manager.

Me: Wow, that’s great. I can get massages in Toronto also.

Jacob: For you, I will do it for free.

Jacob tipobet giriş gently pushed me down on the sand and started kissing while squeezing my boobs. He slowly moved his hand to my pussy, exploring every inch of my body on the way and unbuttoning rest of my shirt, leaving me exposed.

I grabbed the back of his head while our tongues explored each other’s mouth. After sometime, Jacob broke the kiss and moved his mouth to my boobs, sucking gently. I moaned softly, biting my lips. Then I saw some guys watching our activities so I stopped Jacob and asked him if we could leave. I buttoned up and we walked to a bar nearby.

Suddenly, my phone rang, it was Sam.

Sam: Where are you?

Me: I am near the beach, there is a party here. Are you coming?

Sam: No dear, I am too tired. The girl from the next room is here and she is looking for her husband. Can you check if he is there? She seems worried and she said you met him before.

Me: Ya, I have met them before. Let me see if I can find him.

Sam: Alright dear, I will be in her room keeping her company in the meantime.

Me: Okie dear, I love you.

Sam: I love you too, don’t stay outside for long.

As Sam hung up, I explained the situation to Jacob. He called Alex to search for him and we also started searching for him. After a few hours, Alex called saying he found a guy who is passed out in a bar and the guy’s credit card shows ‘Anders’ as his name.

I and Jacob went to the bar and saw Anders and Alex. I confirmed it was him. Alex suggested we should take him to their place. I called Sam to inform him about it.

Sam: Great, I will come. Tell me where to come.

For some reason, I didn’t want to go back yet so I lied.

Me: No dear, we are really far away. Don’t worry, the guys from the resort are here and they found a place for us to stay tonight. He is too drunk to even walk.

Sam: Okie, guys from the hotel? Are they still there?

Me: No, they left. I will come back as soon as Anders sobers up.

Sam: Alright dear, call me if you want me to come there. I will be in their room for the night.

Me: Okie dear, the poor girl must be really worried. Give her company. I will see you tomorrow morning.

As I hung up, I realized that he was going to fuck Tiffany all night as none of us was there. For some reason, that thought didn’t make me feel jealous.

We took Anders to Jacob’s place, they stripped him off and put him under the shower. Anders’ cock had got hard and I couldn’t stop looking at it as it was huge like a porn star. Jacob noticed that I was staring at it.

Jacob: Looks like you can’t take your eyes off his package.

Me (laughing): Ya, he reminded me of someone I used to date, had a big package like him.

Anders started waking up slowly. We dried him up and put him on the bed. We all stripped off our clothes as it was really wet.

Anders: Hey girl, you look really great when you are naked. I wish your hubby was as sweet as you. That asshole must be banging my girl right now.

Jacob and Alex looked perplexed by his comment. I motioned that I will explain later and sat next to Anders, tipobet güvenilir mi caressing his chest to console him.

Me: Don’t be angry, she would have wanted to try something new. Also, your package is not easy to handle in day to day basis.

Anders smiled and fell back to sleep. We went to the living room and I explained what happened in my room to Jacob and Alex. They try to console me by hugging and caressing my back.

Alex: Are you Okay?

Me: Kind of I guess, it just that he could have told me that he is fucking around all these time.

Jacob pulled me towards him and gave me a kiss.

Jacob: Is there anything we can do to make you feel better?

Me: I am feeling better now, thanks guys for helping me with Anders.

Alex: No issues, any time for you dear.

I leaned forward and kissed Alex. They kept caressing all over me, I could feel that I was getting wetter by every second as they continued touching me. I kept kissing Alex and Jacob simultaneously while I stroke their cocks.

Me: You guys are turning me on so much.

They both smiled and Alex slowly rubbed my clit while they both started sucking on my boobs. My moaning got louder and louder every second. It went on for a few minutes and then Jacob moved down to start licking my pussy.

Me: Oh my god, your tongue feels amazing.

Alex: He is really good at that, Jacob show her your special move.

Jacob puts his fingers in my ass and pussy while he kept licking my clit. He started finger fucking my both holes vigorously while Alex kept sucking my boobs and kissing me in between. We lost track of time and then noticed Anders standing in the corner of the room, watching and stroking his cock.

Me: Are you enjoying the show, honey?

Anders: So much, this is the hottest show I have ever seen in real.

Me: Why don’t you join the party, I don’t mind another mouth on my boobs.

Anders sat next to me and started sucking on my boobs. I was stroking Anders’ and Alex’s cock while they sucked on my boobs. Jacob was still doing his thing on my pussy. In a few minutes, I shudder with an intense orgasm and squirted all over Jacob’s face.

Anders: Wow, you are a squirter.

Me (panting): Yes I am but it’s also because you guys are really good, especially Jacob.

Alex (laughing): I am sensing a special love for Jacob in that comment.

Me: Of course, he has a special place in my heart.

Alex (laughing): And we don’t?

Me (laughing): You two are my special friends, fuck buddies.

Alex (smiling): I can settle for that.

Anders: Me too.

Jacob: Come here and give me a kiss, my slutty queen.

I loved the confidence and assertiveness in his tone. Jacob sat on the sofa and I climbed on top of him. We started kissing passionately while Jacob squeezed my butt. I started grinding on his hard cock and could feel my pussy leaking on his cock.

Anders: Should we give some space for you two love birds?

Me: No sweetie, you guys stay. I can take care of you too. Right Jacob?

Jacob: Yes, my loving slutty queen can handle all of us.

Me: I love you Jacob.

Jacob: I love you too, Judy.

Alex: Aww, you two are perfect for each other.

Me (smiling): We are.

I stroked Alex’s and Andre’s cock while I kept kissing Jacob. It felt great and I realized that this night was going to be a long night. I wanted to break all the ground rules with these guys, especially with Jacob. I wanted his cum in every hole I have.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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