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A little background first. I have been dating Beth for quite awhile now and our relationship and sexual desires have been quite fulfilled. We each have been divorced and so we are very straight-forward in what we want and talk about all our desires. This is a story of one of my fantasies that I never thought would happen. Like most men, it is seeing the woman you love having unbridled sex with another woman. Now I have relayed this fantasy to Beth, but having no interest at all in other females, she said this would never happen while she was around. So I never pushed the subject, but one night I got the chance to assist in making this fantasy a reality.

It happened one weekend that one of her high school friends, Ari came back to her town. Now Beth and Ari are already 15 years out of high school and Beth did not have too many females that she got along with in school, so we decided to have her stay at our place for the night. Since the ladies wanted to go drinking and have some laughs, I was the good man and was their designated driver for the night. They two of them had a blast remembering old classmates and rehashing their high school days, but finally they had enough and they decided that I should drive us home.

When we got home, we all relaxed and slipped into our sleeping attire. I just had on a pair of lounge pants and the ladies wore oversized t-shirts and their panties. We sat in the living room watching some TV and drinking some more wine. The ladies were on the couch and I was on the floor leaning back against a lounger. I was just enjoying their conversation and was also enjoying a quick flash of thigh or even a nipple once in awhile poking through their t-shirts. The small things that keep us men entertained. Anyway while they were laughing and telling stories, Ari noticed that Beth kept rubbing her neck and I knew that Beth’s güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri back tightens up a lot when we sit on the couch. So being the good friend she is, Ari got up and scooted behind Beth to give her neck and shoulders a massage. She said she had learned a few tricks to loosing back muscles up. She grabbed the bottom of Beth’s shirt and pulled it up in back so she could properly work the muscles. Clothing interferes with everything I guess.

Ari was really working Beth’s shoulders and neck and I was enjoying just the closeness of the ladies. I figured this might be the closest I will ever get to see my fantasy. But then I started noticing that when Ari would bring Beth closer to her during the massage it looked like she was trying to get a look at Beth’s chest. Beth is very well endowed and I even like to take a quick peek whenever I can, but this might start to get a little interesting, I thought. Beth was really enjoying the massage and I noticed that her head would fall back on Ari’s shoulder more and more. This was a sign that she was very relaxed and content in what was happening.

I know how sensitive Beth’s neck is and I also know how sensitive her feet are, so I thought I would see what I could do to help this situation out. I moved over to Beth’s feet and started to give her a foot massage also. I know this really drives Beth crazy and when she is in the right mood, I can get her pussy dripping by rubbing and kissing her feet and toes. And I believe she was getting to that mood just by watching her. After I started massaging her feet she looked at me with a smirk that said ‘this is not heading to where you think it is’. But I just kept it up and started working in between her toes where I knew she liked it. Beth started to get relaxed again and her eyes were shut and her head was lying güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri back on Ari’s shoulder again.

That’s when I caught Ari’s eyes and motioned to Beth’s exposed neck. If I was reading Ari’s reactions correctly this would be her next move. She gave me a little devilish grin and bent down to lightly kiss Beth’s neck. She gave her neck a lot of small kisses and then added a couple of tiny bites around the nape of her neck. This final step had the reaction that Ari and I was looking for. Beth let out a low moan and her left hand reached up to cradle Ari’s head. With this reaction Ari’s left hand moved around front and up and under Beth’s t-shirt. As soon as she caressed Beth’s breast I knew this was going to get good.

Beth arched her back with the pleasure that was going through her body and she slipped across Ari’s lap onto the farther side of the couch. As soon as she was lying down, Ari moved her mouth to Beth’s left nipple. Beth was in heaven and hell at the same time. She was moaning yes and saying stop at the same time. Her body was now being pleasured by another woman and she could not stop it. While Ari’s mouth and hands were busy with Beth’s nipples, I reached up and started removing Beth’s panties. They were so wet and soaked and they were not going to be needed anyway. Ari noticed what I was doing and her left hand followed suit by traveling down Beth’s stomach to her beautiful pussy. Her fingers caressed her clit and then would dip inside Beth and then back to her clit again. Beth’s body was just shaking with the orgasms that were going through her body. Finally Beth was able to control herself and she grabbed Ari by the back of the head and brought her lips up to meet hers. This helped break the pleasure that Ari was giving her, but it also gave her a little leverage to sit back up güvenilir bahis şirketleri and to face Ari.

This is definitely something that I never thought I would see. I just sat back and had my clothes off and was gently caressing my cock. I was just trying to savor the moment in front of me and I did not want to miss anything.

Beth then reached down and started pulling Ari’s shirt off. As soon as it was past her chest, Beth dove in and started sucking and caressing Ari’s boobs. Ari was enjoying this so much she could hardly compose herself enough to get her shirt over head and off. If I wasn’t in the state of arousal I was in, I would have thought this to be very comical.

Beth continued to work her way down Ari’s body and Ari was gently guiding Beth’s head between her legs. Once her panties were removed and their bodies slithered to the floor, Beth buried her face in Ari’s pussy like she had been doing this forever. It was now Ari’s turn to have orgasms ripple through her body. It was so wonderful watching these two lovely ladies pleasuring each other. Their hands exploring and caressing each other like they were meant to. Beth still was licking and sucking on Ari’s pussy while driving one or two fingers into her when Ari wanted to get a taste also. So Beth pivoted her body so they were in a 69 position and both ladies started going at again. It seemed they were competing with each other to see who could make the other cum more. It was the most awesomest scene I have ever witnessed.

It finally started to slow down after a while, but both ladies were still slowly licking each other’s pussies. Beth raised her head and looked at me and watched me caressing my cock. She shook her head and said “That cock needs to be inside me now”. Not being one to disappoint I moved in behind her and Ari guided my cock into Beth’s hungry pussy. Beth’s body went into a frenzy again. Convulsing and shaking all over with orgasm after orgasm pulsing through her. By the time I came, we just laid there totally exhausted and spent. It was a while before we were able to move and we pretty much just slept there most of the night content with our love making.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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