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I was so excited to tell my wife about what happened as I walked into our apartment. We had been living together for a couple of years and during that time she had told me about her black experiences. It became a ritual that once a week she would describe how she fucked and sucked black cocks both in the town we lived in and when she lived in San Francisco.

Finally I would share my story with her. I was driving home from a business trip and pulled over in a truck stop for a pee. It was around 1 am in the morning and only a few big rigs were in the parking lot and one other car. I had been holding back taking a piss for a couple of hours because I wanted to get home. So finally finding a rest stop was a relief for me.

I walked into the men’s restroom and headed for the urinal. Just as I unzipped a big black guy walked up next to me and started to take out his cock to pee. I tried to sneak a glance at his cock because I could tell by his fumbling he had trouble pulling it out of his tight jeans. Just as he pulled it out he glanced over at me.

“What you looking at white boy?” he sneered. He was looking down at my small casino siteleri cock.

I jerked my head straight and mumbled back, “Sorry.”

“Hey you want to take a closer look?” he said. He was starting to shake the excess piss off it.

I froze and didn’t say anything. Then I slowly nodded my head and stared down at his crotch and huge hanging black cock. It was ten inches long and two inches thick, but even more exciting he was uncircumcised. My wife loved uncircumcised cocks and she made fun of the fact I was circumcised and small. The head was covered with his black skin but I could see the tip of his cock head peeking out from its cover. I must have licked my lips because he grabbed my shoulder and guided me to an empty stall.

I was afraid to say anything but I was so excited as he locked the stall door and turned around. His cock was the same size but it was getting hard. I sat down on the toilet as he walked towards me, his cock bobbing up and down. He stopped about six inches from my face and looked down at me smiling. He nodded his head as I looked up at his dark brown eyes. I could feel the canlı casino heat coming from his cock as I watched his head swell up.

My right hand reached out and touched the black shaft and my left hand cupped his mammoth balls. I slowly moved my hand down his shaft and pulled the skin back off his cock head. I was staring at his mushroom shaped purple colored cock head. I stroked his shaft a couple of more times and saw some pre-cum dripping out of the cock hole. One long drip was hanging down spinning in slow motion before me. Without thinking I darted my tongue out and caught the salty nectar.

This left my mouth wide open and he moved his hips forward and his cock touched my lips. I closed my eyes and froze knowing what might happen would change my life forever. The heat was pouring out of his cock and I moved my head forward as I opened up my drooling lips. The head hot and salty tasting. I started to suck his cock. He moved forward and back gently. I could feel his cock growing bigger in my mouth. I took my tongue and started swirling it around his head. I traced the ridges of his cock and his pee slit with my kaçak casino tongue and he started to rock back and forth.

My left hand felt his ball sack contract, while my right hand stoked his shaft. As he started to move faster I realized he was going to come and it was going to be in my mouth. I didn’t know what would happen once he started to gush, so I tried to pull his cock out of my mouth. He grabbed the back of my head so I could pull him out. He started to make a groaning sound as his hips moved back and forth. I knew it was going to happen any second now so I tried to relax and enjoy it. I ran my tongue around his head a couple of more times and then it happened.

His whole black body stiffened and I could feel his cum squirting out of his shaft and into my mouth. I started to gag and then suddenly the taste and the smell were intoxicating. I swallowed his first gush and then his second. I pulled out his cock and stared at it as a third squirt flew out and on to my lips and chin. I immediately starting licking his shaft cleaning up his white honey.

His hot cum coated the inside of my mouth and as I took a deep breath I could taste his manhood and seed. He looked down at me and smiled as he pulled back and slapped his penis on my face. He never said another word to me as he zipped up and left the stall with me sitting there licking his cum off my lips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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