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Oh fuck …it feels absolutely amazing!! Fingers slipping in and out of her pussy always seemed to feel better than the last! Kris lay naked on her bed with her hips bucking and fingers dipping in and out of her slippery cunt. Faster and faster she moved her fingers until she could feel her body tensing and she moaned out in an orgasm; pussy juice soaking her hands and bed! Slowly she came down from her orgasm and laid on her bed quietly simply enjoying the feeling.

All of a sudden, Kris let out a gasp! One of shock and complete pleasure! It was Katie.. her gorgeous mother with her mouth on her pussy! As per their usual occurrence over the last few weeks (since her 18th birthday), Kris would enjoy a slow finger fuck while her mother watched and once it was all done, Katie would then slip in and enjoy the sweet taste of her daughters yummy cunt!

It all came from that evening two weeks before when Katie walked in on Kris playing with herself. They didn’t know who had suggested it or where it had really come from, but both were glaf it had begun.

Katie licked and sucked until her daughter’s body began to spasm and sent her into yet another cum gushing orgasm. Katie made sure to clean up all the cum, leaving nothing to waste!

Katie made her way up Kris’ young body and their mouths locked in a passionate kiss. Tasting bahis firmaları her own pussy began to make Kris horny again and she began to make her way down to her mother’s hot whole. She traced her fingers along the lips, slippery and wet. She began slowly dipping two fingers into her mother’s wet cunt ..pressing them in and out. She began to pick up the pace finally finger fucking her mother into hot oblivion. Katie’s body began to buck and her hips began to lift from the bed. Just then Kris took Katie’s clit into her mouth and began to suck. She screamed out in orgasmic pleasure while Kris simply continued. Katie finally came down from her orgasm and the girls cuddled up together and dozed off.

A few hours later Kris awakened to her breasts being licked and sucked. She moaned and responded by kneading her mother’s tits. The two women locked into a passionate embrace and began to make hot love to each other. They began touching and rubbing and kneading each other’s bodies. Not once stopping. They shifted while still embraced and laid side by side and locked their mouths onto the other’s pussy and licked and sucked the abundant wetness ..slurping and dipping their tongues deep into the other’s cunt!! Each tongue explored the pussy they were connected to, enjoying the juiciness that was the others cunt. Kris bit down softly onto kaçak iddaa her mother’s clit, which made Katie gasp and squirt all over Kris’ face. She just kept on tasting and licking. Katie dipped two fingers into her daughter’s cunt while still sucking; which sent Kris into an amazing orgasm. They slurped each pussy dry.

They moved away from each other, spread their legs and pushed their pussies to each other. They each orgasmed as their pussies touched, which provided plenty of freedom to grind their hot cunts together. Up and down. Side to side. They ground against each other harder and faster with each passing moment. The sound of wet pussies and the smell of cum filled Kris’ room. Harder and faster; until both women screamed in orgasmic ecstasy, both cuming harder than ever before.

Exhausted, they again cuddled and went to sleep knowing that there would be many more orgasms to come.

The next morning they awoke in each other’s arms still sticky from the evening before. They both decided to spend the day in so they could enjoy more of each other. They began with a shower where they soaped each other up and washed off all the dried cum from the night before. They made sure to take their time exploring each other’s bodies. After their shower they got dressed and had breakfast.

After breakfast they decided to kaçak bahis do some shopping at their local sex shop. Once their they began browsing and decided to get a two-sided dildo and a lesbian porn movie. They paid for their purchase and headed on home.

Once home they drew the curtains in the lounge, stripped their clothes, put the dvd on and settled on the couch. The dvd focused on a slumber party which turned into a full on lesbian orgy. While watching Kris and Katie began touching themselves; rubbing their own pussy’s making the cum start to flow. They switched hands and began touching each other – dipping their fingers in and rubbing the clit; which sent each one into a satisfying orgasm.

While the movie was still playing, Katie reached into the bag to get their new toy. They began rubbing each end on their pussies and slowly the dildo slipped in. They worked it up and down; deeper into their holes. By now they were both horny and eagerly riding the rubber cock between their legs. Deeper and deeper they sank until their pussies were touching. They just kept on riding; wild with horny passion. Kris felt it first ..that build towards an orgasm. As her orgasm hit so Katie began to spasm into her own orgasmic pleasure. Both were moaning in pleasure.

After some time they both recovered and slipped the dildo from their cunts. Completely worn they decided on a shower and bed. Once both in their own beds they lay thinking about the events that had unfolded and couldn’t help falling asleep with a wet pussy thinking about what was still to come!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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