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Buckets of cum.
I had been chatting to Peter recently, who I might add was getting more and more adventurous, and we came up with the idea of what you might call a bit of an orgy.

He had over the last few months met other like minded gentlemen, who wanted to have their balls emptied, and knowing that I liked nothing more than sucking a nice big cock, and swallowing lots of hot sticky cum, had arranged for a meet at his.

I left the planning to Peter, and as arranged pitched up at his last Wednesday night, 8 O’clock on the dot.

I knocked on the door, and was greeted by Peter, who opened it rather tentatively as he was totally naked behind it.
I stepped in and hung my coat up, before Peter led me into the living room.

Sitting on the sofa’s and arm chairs were 5 men, all over 60 I would guess, all naked, and all sporting some very impressive looking cocks. Peter handed me a gin and tonic, before introducing me to them.

Mark, George, Paul, Phil and Roger all said hello, before Peter piped up about me being the only clothed person in the room. I left to get undressed in the hallway, and returned to the guys chatting amongst themselves, with Mark and Paul sitting on the sofa, stroking each others cocks gently. The other four and I watched as their shafts became more and more engorged, which of course in turn triggered our own cocks into a slow awakening.

I had noticed, as I do. that they were all shaved, and not a single cock under 6 1/2 inches, with Roger being the biggest kaçak bahis at a very good 8 inches at least, and wide with it.

Eventually, George and Phil put down their drinks and positioned themselves in front of Mark and Paul, kneeling between their legs so they could begin to lick and suck on the growing cocks.
Light moans and slurping sounds emanated from the sofa. My attention was broken by Roger asking me if I would like to suck his, which he proudly held in front of him, very hard now, and very big. I glanced at Peter, who nodded approvingly, whilst stroking his own now hard phallus.

I knelt down in front of Roger, who raised his legs over each arm of the chair, and began to lick the long shaft, before wrapping my lips around the large mushroom head, and slowly sucking it deep into my mouth, each stroke lowering further and further until it touched the back of my throat.

It was bliss. I began to get into the swing of things, hearing the moans and slurps from my other new friends, and feeling this big cock throb on my tongue.

My concentration was broken momentarily as I felt Peter position himself on his back under my thighs. He propped his head on a cushion, then found my cock with his mouth, sucking me in deep. It was so good. After a short while, I could taste the sweet salty pre-cum oozing from the head of Rogers cock, so decided to stop, and catch my breath.

The other men did the same, and took the opportunity to have a drink, and slow the kaçak iddaa proceedings a little. No-one wanted to cum too quickly, although there was the obvious rubbing of each others hard cocks to keep things ticking over.

Peter asked if I would be ok with all six of them blowing their loads in my mouth, something they previously had all agreed would be very nice to do and see, to which I of course replied a very keen yes, on one condition.
I have to cum on one of those cocks first, that way, I get to suck my own jizz of a nice big cock before taking his load.

They all agreed that who ever was sucking my cock would direct it to another at the right moment.

With this, it became a sucking free for all.

Like a game of musical chairs, we all began to move around the room sucking, licking, stroking and squeezing each others hard cocks, before moving onto another, then another. Some standing, fucking a welcoming mouth kneeling in front, some sitting on the large sofa’s, with a head bobbing franticly in their laps.

Phil announced he was close, so Paul stopped sucking it for him as I sat on the floor with my back against the sofa. Phil approached me, stood over me and slid his cock into my mouth, slowly starting to fuck my throat as I sucked hard.
Within seconds, Phils cock exploded in my mouth with a huge amount of hot salty cum, 4, 5, 6 shots. My hand squeezed every drop from him, some dripping down my chin and onto my chest, the rest I showed to Phil, sitting güvenilir bahis on my tongue before I closed my mouth and swallowed the lot.

Phil was almost shoved to one side as Georges cock began to erupt, some of his hot spunk hitting my face before he had a chance to reach my mouth. I greedily sucked and licked the last of it, before swallowing that too.

I looked around at Paul, Peter, Roger and Mark playing and sucking each others cocks. I stroked mine as I watched, and Mark came to suck it for me.
I asked who was the closest to cumming to which Peter replied. I stood up and walked to him. I continued to stroke my throbbing cock as I shot my load all over Peters shaft, my knees trembling as I did.

Peter moaned loudly, so I got on the floor in front of him as he blew his thick load into my waiting mouth, my lips and tongue sucking and licking not only Peters load, but my cum as well, a huge double load for me which I swallowed, smearing the remnants around my face to mix with Georges missed shot from moments before.

Mark and Roger directed me back to sitting on the floor by the sofa. They both stood over me, and I grasped their hard shaft with my hands and stroked back and forth, licking and sucking the head of their cocks in turn.

Almost in unison the two men let out loud moans as streams of cum shot towards my open mouth, splashing onto my tongue, my lips, my cheeks and dripping onto my chest. I can’t recall seeing so much cum, let alone swallowing it.

I used the now softening cocks to smear the cum into my mouth, squeezing the last from them as I did.

I sat, exhausted but greatly satisfied. six nice loads of hot cum in, or on me. Something we all agreed should happen again soon.        

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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