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‘Caught’ with my magazines
To begin with it was nerve-wracking buying my mags, with people coming in and out of the shop and seeing me at the counter. But later I began to really enjoy being seen buying my mags.

People did comment sometimes though, like when I was ogling the top shelf with mags already under my arm, and two girls walked past saying “fucking pervert!” Most of the time it’s the way they look at you though, like the time I was in an ‘adult’ shop in Luton, and there was a bloke and a woman in there, talking to the shop man on some business or other.

How I loved being there in my mac ogling the mags like a real perv, gob hanging open and eyes wide as I looked at the bare girls on the cover, picking up mags to buy with a real pervy look of excitement on my face, right near to where the woman was, and how She looked me up and down quickly and then looked away. Obviously thinking “pervert!”

When I was driving around in my van I really loved being seen going into a ‘dirty’ book shop, then coming out with those giveaway brown paper bags, almost bursting with dirty books. Me in my mac on a hot day, with a big stack of dirty books? Got to be a perv, a wanker. And that’s what I wanted all the girls to know.

But what I loved most was being seen looking at my mags, though it was not until I was in my 40s that it first happened.

I always had several boxes of dirty books in my van, and there were always places you could park up in the country for a lovely mac-wank with a load of mags. But when I got new mags, as soon as I got them out the shop I needed to look at them. I usually had a mag in my case that I hadn’t got all the way through, because as soon as a girl has made me cum in my pants, I put the mag down and pick it up again a day or so later. I might even have another mag or two I haven’t even started yet.

Sometimes I might be parked outside the shop, if it’s one where a lady serves, hoping She might come out and see the perv whose just bought yet another load of mags ogling them in his van and getting into a state. While that never happened, I did manage to show the mags in my case to the lady in the sex shop in Derby, and also in Bedford. Usually on the pretext of wanting to order mags advertised in a magazine, so I could open the mag to that page which then by chance happened to have a photo of a bare girl with my pervy captions all round it.

That was just one way of letting a woman know I was a perv and a wanker. Of course those ladies sold bare-girl mags, so they would probably see quite a few pervs. But reading my mags in my van was a way of being seen ogling them, and where I parked decided who would see me in the act – if at all, because I could be out in the countryside. Of course I only have to look at the pics until ecstasy overcums me, but being seen doing it was even lovelier.

So on this day, it had been raining and I was parked along a street with my window lowered slightly, but the other windows in the van covered with raindrops. Even so, from a few yards back, I suddenly heard a girl’s voice – “Ooo, dirty books! A pervert!” and two girls laughing.

How they could have seen the mags I don’t know, but it was too late to do anything about it now. As they drew level, they could see the baregirl pic and this perv ogling it like anything, and again the girl said to me, laughing – “dirty! Dirty!”
Instantly I was pumping spunk into my pants, and the girls laughed all the way down the street.

Normally I would put the mags out of sight when people were coming along, unless I was in the right spot and I could take the chance of being seen. I loved being seen ogling my mags, a real perv and wanker so excited just looking at his dirty books. In the red light districts, the sexy-dressed sex-queens would take the piss, doing the wanker sign with their hands at me, calling out ‘wanker!’ and ‘pervert!’, which I loved.

I was already worked up looking at the pics but when girls saw me and started laughing, knobby would cum all by itself. I even had cards, signs I made up giving brief messages that described what I was – like how many mags I had, that girls made me cum in my pants, that I was a wanker, and so on. So when one of the street sex-queens decided She wanted me to pay, I’d have the signs for Her to read out, and She’d make me cum in my pants as She did, saying to me afterwards “you ARE a pervert, aren’t you!” Of course, all my mags were spread around too.

I often mobilbahis parked along a street in Hull where the street sex-queens gathered, and loved to spread my mags around, ogling one close to my face until one or two of the girls noticed. I heard one say on one occasion – “look at the tits he’s got in there!”

The girl standing next to Her started to push Her chest out, showing that She was very bosomy, and I squirmed in my seat as shots of cum were pumped into my underpants. There were shouts of “wanker!” from several of the girls.

I spent some time in the red light district in Birmingham, where the sex queen read my notices that time. She also on another occasion read one of my Miss Lisa magazines I’d made using Her photos, and She saw the very pervy captions and cartoons, plus the tissue paper stuck in and the spunk stains. She read out some of the captions while this sad perv filled his underpants with cum in pervert grateful ecstasy.

Not far from there, two lovely sex queens stood on a corner, one in a short, short skirt. I parked opposite and opened a few mags, propping them in my lap so there was just gentle pressure on my knob, ogling the one propped on the steering wheel till the girls noticed.

As they laughed at me, shots of spunk were going into my pants while I bounced up and down in my seat in perv ecstasy. Miss Pretty ran over to say “this isn’t a peep show you know”, so I wound down the window, handing Her a tenner, and She waited while I wrote a note on a bit of sticky – ‘Miss Miniskirt made me spunk in my pants’.

Miss Pretty ran back and showed it to Miss Miniskirt and they both laughed. The street sex-queens aren’t shy of course, and when they saw me would always shout out, usually “fucking wanker!” and stuff like that. But one of them one time stood next to my window and raised Her skirt, showing Her knix, and She saw my eyes pop and my head jerk forward as knobby started to pump spunk like crazy.

There was another time in Birmingham when I was sat in my van with mags everywhere, and I had a ‘I am a wanker’ sign up. This group of street sex-queens were walking by and stopped to read the sign and see what I was doing. Of course they were all doing the ‘wanker’ sign with their mobilbahis güvenilir mi hands and making comments like “I am a wanker?! Well that’s obvious isn’t it, you fucking dirty big wanker!” “Look at all the mags he’s got, what a pervert!”

There wasn’t anything I could do about it as I began to go into contortions as my knob jumped and spunked into my pants 7 or 8 times, and you should have heard them laugh! It’s lovely when sex-queens are so amused by what a big wanker I am and I love the humiliation and delicious guilt of girls knowing I’m a big wanker.

There were many other occasions where I was caught ogling my mags, and I loved it so much because it would make me cum in my pants instantly. I love it so much when girls know I’m a wanker. When they know all I do is look at pics of girls and pleasure myself, a solo-sex pervert. I hope they realise that I don’t do anything but that.

I’ve got my mags all ready, opened at the right pages with bosomy girls smiling and posing, my pervy captions and cartoons everywhere, I’m stiff in my pants and feeling really pervy. I’m in a favourite spot and I know when girls come along it’s ok to leave my mags on show, and to be ogling a bare-girl pic like crazy.

I see some girls come into view at the end of the street, and so I get some mags propped on the steering wheel, and ogle a pic like an utter total perv. I see the girls getting closer and it’s excitement and naughtiness like nothing else, and already the cum is leaking into my pants as they get closer, and then I’m a helpless pervert, bouncing up and down in my seat as shots of spunk jet into my pants, and I’m moaning non-stop with a big pained expression on my face, and they’re all looking in my windows saying all sorts of things – “dirty old git!”, “what a wanker!”, “OMG he’s cumming in his pants!”, “pervert!” and I hear them laughing all the way down the street as I feel all the warm wetness in my pants. Ecstasy!

So when girls see me with all my dirty mags spread about in my van, see me ogling the pics in a pervert trance, and see me squirming in my seat as the girls in the mag have got me on the verge of pants-spunking, see me shudder and bounce up and down in my seat as the girls make me pump spunk into my pants, hear my moans and cries of pervert ecstasy as the girls make me do it in my pants. They know, this is a pervert, a wanker, a useless tosser, a perv who only has to look at girls and they MAKE him go into ecstasy, just like that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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