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Civil War Soldier And Lonely Farm Wife
Back in the 1800s a lot of young men married women of ill-repute, not only were they comfortable around men, they were uninhibited about sex unlike most women of the day. They enjoyed fucking in different positions and were more than willing to suck your cock. They enjoyed fucking and knew how to please a man. So this is the story of how I met Alma, a former St. Louis whore who turned out to be my wife of twenty years.

I had always loved to ride horses; since age eight I rode them across the wide open Illinois prairie, jumping downed logs, fording streams. My friends in Kappa, Illinois used to joke with me, “Abraham Donica join the Calvary! My life was fine as the storm clouds of war gathered. After Fort Sumter and war was declared, I soon joined the formed Fourth Illinois Calvary. I was adept at training men in horseback riding and soon was made a Lieutenant. I fought with General Grant at the Battles of Fort Henry and Fort Donelson and won promotion to Captain.

It was on April 6, 1862, that I led my unit, Company A, 4th Illinois Calvary at the Battle of Shiloh, one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War. My luck ran out when an artillery shell struck right next to me and a six-inch piece of shrapnel struck my leg. I was in a hospital when the Commander of the 4th Illinois, Col Dickey came by and said “Donica you won’t be riding until that leg heals, go home and take it easy until you can ride again, you earned it”.

My leg healed up enough so I could travel. I’ll never forget that sunny day in May 1862, when I rode into the hamlet of Purdy, Missouri. The town was almost abandoned with all the men gone off to war. I rode up to a small farmhouse and a young woman was working on her small farm, in her husband’s absence. She was a tall slim beauty and even with her soiled clothes and dirty face, you could tell that she was a beautiful young woman. Her blouse was unbuttoned to assuage the effect of the heat. When she bent over you could see her small firm breasts. I said, “Hi, I’m Captain Abraham Donica, 4th Illinois Calvary, can I get some oats and water for my horse. I’ll pay you for your trouble. She introduced herself as Alma Butler. Alma glanced down at my bandaged leg. It still bled a little, and today’s ride had caused a large red blood spot on the bandage.

I soon learned Alma was not a mild-mannered woman. She had a salty air about her; She shouted, “Captain, you’re not going anywhere”!! I will fix that bandage and draw you a bath or it will fester and you could canlı bahis siteleri die. I knew she was right, and I told her I would pay her a dollar for the bath, a meal and a place to sleep in the barn. Well, Alma got some water and drew a warm bath that felt great on my wounded leg. Alma washed my clothes, and we settled down for a nice meal.

It surprised me when after dinner she took out a bottle of cheap whiskey and two shot glasses. This was no small town farm girl, that’s for sure. Alma had two more shots and said, “you know how I met my husband”? I said no, Alma replied. I met him in a whore house in St. Louis. He was a dumb farmer who fell in love with me and I married him to get out of “the life”. I miss it sometimes, especially lately. The men are all off at war and all of us “farm women” are lonely, one like me who has experienced the wilder side of life. How about for three dollars I’ll revert to my old habits and show you a good time tonight? I know with your bad leg you can’t fuck me, but I’ll still show you a good time and suck your Willie just fine. I agreed and paid her three dollars. Alma didn’t know I was a naïve small town farm boy, and was very excited about the prospect of getting a blow job from a “big city” whore. Alma said, wait here. I’ll get dressed in one of my old outfits.

A few minutes went by when Alma called me into the back bedroom. There she was in a pair of bloomers, and she was wearing a low cut red bustier. Her firm tits poured out of her bustier. She reached under her pillow and took out a long black velvet glove and put it on her hand. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her young firm breasts. Alma said, “you like these? Alma reached to her chest and pulled down the top of her bustier and took out her breasts, first one and then the other. Her slim body revealed a beauty that a lot of men had enjoyed when she was a whore in St. Louis.

Alma said “lay back on the bed” as she unbuttoned my uniform pants, officer’s jacket and shirt and slid my clothes off of me. She was an experienced whore. Alma got me naked in seconds. Alma said, “lay back soldier and relax. I don’t want to hurt your leg”. The velvet glove began roaming all over my body. It had been months since I had a woman. The feel of the velvet glove when she reached my cock was incredible. Alma’s smooth glove gripped my cock as she moved it up and down my shaft. She leaned over and kissed me and said “I haven’t had a man since my husband left for the war and I’ve never had a man as handsome as you”. She kissed bahis firmaları just like a whore would. Her tongue explored every inch of my mouth. This woman gave me the sexiest French kiss of my young life.

I reciprocated with loving kisses to Alma’s neck, face, and hands. I looked at her beautiful cherry red nubs. I put each of them in my mouth, sucking them. It was obvious from her soft moans that Alma had very sensitive nipples. As I kissed and sucked her nipples, they grew even more erect. She whispered “Abraham, I love that, keep sucking them till I tell you to stop”. I complied as Alma’s moans filled the room.

Soon I felt emboldened enough to reach for the waistband of her bloomers. I pulled them off, and she was now naked from the waist down. My hand found her pussy as I began massaging her neither land. I knew from other whores that I had met that they didn’t mind a man playing with their pussy. I couldn’t fuck her because of my leg. But, Alma knew this so she spread her legs wide welcoming me to manipulate her pussy. My fingers entered her and my thumb rubbed the top of her pussy near her clitoris. Alma’s whole body responded to my machinations as her moans grew more intense. Then Alma’s hips thrust forward as my finger went deep inside her pussy. I gently rubbed her clitoris. I knew she was enjoying all this as I manipulated the most sensitive area of her body. My mouth was stimulating her breasts as my hand pleasured her pussy. Alma cried out, God, I’m Cumming, don’t stop, and don’t stop, as her body spasmed as she had her first orgasm.

Now the guys around the campfire at night talked a lot about how to pleasure a woman with your mouth. I tried it. I lowered my head and soon it was between Alma’s legs. I looked at her beautiful bush above her small opening. I put my mouth on her pussy and began licking it. Soon I found the white nub of her already swollen clitoris. I sucked it until she screamed out loud from the pleasure I was giving her. I kept this up for several minutes as Alma writhed on the bed as I kissed and licked her pussy. I was sucking her clitoris when she arched her back and screamed as her second orgasm wracked her slim beautiful body. Then Alma yelled “stop, stop, it’s too much”. Alma fell back on the bed breathing heavily from exhaustion. Alma just lay there for several minutes and occasionally kissed me in appreciation of my pleasuring her.

Then I felt Alma’s velvet gloved hand reach for my swollen cock. Alma wasted no time; this beauty slid down to my waist and kaçak iddaa told me “lay back Captain and relax”. Alma’s head went down between my legs and she put my cock in her small lovely mouth. She began sucking my long hard shaft. In the 1860s only a real whore did what Alma was doing to my cock. A respectable woman would never put a man’s cock in her mouth, but I’m sure many secretly did.

Before I knew it Alma’s mouth went lower, as she began sucking my balls. Then Alma looked up and laughed “here it comes honey, you will remember this for the rest of your life”!!!! I figured she was just bragging, but soon Alma’s mouth opened wide as she took my whole penis all the way down her throat. The feelings I experienced from the warmth of her mouth around my cock and the gentle sucking of her lips moving up and down my shaft. It was an incredible experience; I had never felt this way before!!!

Alma looked up at me as saliva dripped from her mouth and said “my specialty in St. Louis was sucking a man’s whole cock the entire time, it’s the way I please a man, I’m sure you will like it. I said “yes honey, don’t stop, just don’t stop”. After about five minutes of Alma sucking my cock, I was writhing in pleasure in the bed. She came up for air now and then, but her pretty mouth went right back to swallowing my whole cock again and again.

Alma continued to suck my cock for several more minutes until I warned her “I’m Cumming honey” With that, she took a deep breath as my whole cock went down her throat and she just held it in her mouth. I shot a load of cum into her mouth that was so big it poured out of the sides of her mouth.

What happened next was amazing! Alma sat up and spit all the cum was in her mouth into her palm. Alma then got the bottle of Whiskey and poured another glass. Then she poured the cum from her hand and let it drip into the glass. It now filled the glass with a mixture of white cum and amber whiskey. Alma opened her mouth wide. I watched in awe as she swirled the cum and whiskey around in the glass and then put it to her lips and took that fine mixture of whiskey and cum and drank it down. She opened her mouth wide and smiled, not a drop was left in her mouth. She had drunk it all and said “ahhh my favorite drink”. Only a St. Louis whore would do a thing like that!

I stayed two more days at Alma’s farm rest. We agreed to write each other and keep in touch. A few months went by and after several letters she told me her husband was killed at Vicksburg. I was fighting there also, and I made sure his body got shipped home for a proper burial. We met again when I got my next leave. My leg had healed, and we made love the entire week we spent together. After the war I married Alma a former woman of ill-repute and I don’t regret it for one minute.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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