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I n my mid 20’s I became aware of the bath houses that existed in Toronto. The first one I visited was called Club Baths I think on Mutual St. I went there one Saturday to check it out. Getting in required taking out a “membership” which could be done on the spot for not too much money. I think that was to give them status as a private club rather than a public business so as to avoid trouble with the cops which at the time still hassled gay people commonly.

When I got inside I got a room which amounted to a small cubicle with a locker and a bed and a light. I had seen men walking around with towels wrapped around them and nothing else so I undressed and followed suit.

Exploring the premises a bit I found there was a Jacuzzi pool, shower room, steam bath, several rooms and if memory serves me it was laid out on 3 floors. Men strolled around and it was apparent that some of the rooms were occupied but with the door open a little. There was also an area on one of the upper floors with mattresses on the floor and a waist high wall down one side with just an opening to get in or out.

AS I watched what was happening it became clear that if you saw someone in a room you found interesting you could stop at the door and see if you were invited in or not. From some of the noises coming from behind closed doors it was pretty obvious that some people were enjoying themselves in these rooms.

After my mini tour and watching of the scene I decided to go to the steam room and on entering it realized that none of the 3 men inside had brought their towels in so I took mine off and hung it on a peg outside the door. Sitting in a corner of the room which was quite dim but not dark I started to relax in the heat and steam. I soon became aware that 2 of the guys were stroking each other and without staring at them I watched as they got more and more involved casino oyna with each other. When one leaned over and started sucking on the other my own cock sprang to a full erection and I saw the other guy in there was stroking his cock as he watched the blow job going on beside him.

Catching my eye he climbed down form the bench he was sitting on and stood in front of me still stroking his cock. I leaned forward a little and opened my mouth and he wasted no time in shoving his cock into my throat. I started sucking him as the other 2 switched into a 69 position. The guy I was with held my head with both hands and started fucking my mouth gently running his cock all the way into and down my throat then pulling back till it was just inside my lips. I put pressure on his cock with my lips and licked and sucked as he slid in and out with greater and greater speed and force. AS he found that I could deep throat him he started fucking me pretty hard and I ran my hands up and down his legs as he fed me his cock and when his breath started to speed up and he began gasping I knew he was getting close. Then he shoved his cock as far into my throat as he could and held it there as I felt it pulsing while he shot his juice into me. When he finished he just said thanks and pulling out left the steam room and a few second later I heard him turn on the shower to clean up.

Meanwhile the other 2 guys also reached climax with each other and as they slowly relaxed I decided to get out of the room and took a quick shower myself.

Going back upstairs I saw that there were a few guys in the room with the mattress on the floor and stopped to see what was going on. 2 of them were involved in a 69 position while the others were just looking on. There were about 5 men outside the room watching. As I stood there I started getting another hardon and then felt the man canlı casino beside me start rubbing me ass. AS I glanced at him he was staring at the front of my towel which was quickly tenting out over my cock. He moved his other hand to my front and began squeezing my cock through the towel without stopping his caressing of my ass. Another man moved behind me and started rubbing my neck and shoulders and then the 2 of them guided me through the opening in the wall into the room.

When we got in there they took off their towels and removed mine. The man who had begun stroking me got on his knees in front of me and taking my cock in his hand brought it to his mouth and started sucking me. Others were watching this as well as the 2 on the floor and I found it stimulating to be getting blown like this with other men watching. The second man moved behind me and was rubbing my shoulders and back and ass. He also sank to his knees and used his hands to get me to spread my legs wider apart. I wasn’t sure what to expect but soon felt him separate the cheeks of my ass and then felt his tongue stat licking around my asshole.

I was in heaven there with my cock buried in a hot mouth and someone rimming me at the same time. I saw that some of the spectators were jerkin off either with someone else or alone and I groaned when I felt the tongue at my ass push through into me. My cock was hard as a rock by then and I knew I wouldn’t last much longer. As the sensations ran through me I started gasping someone else cane into the room and standing right beside me stroked his cock with one hand while pinching one of my nipples with the other. That was all it took I began to spurt my load into the mouth of my cocksucker and the guy at my ass pulled back and pushed a finger into my ass. The guy beside me started cumming and shot his load on the side of my thigh as I finished kaçak casino my own orgasm and then pulled my cock out of the mouth in front of me. Just then I felt the guy behind me shoot his load onto my calf as he had been stroking himself while eating and then fingering my ass.

As I regained my breath and composure I saw that now the place had turned into quite an orgy. Guys were paired off in all corners of the room and outside it sucking or stroking each other. The man who had blown me got up and I saw he had an erection. I dropped to my knees in front of him to suck him but he moved behind me and pressed on my shoulders urging me to bend over. I complied and felt him feel around my ass for a second then bury a finger in me. Someone, I don’t know who squirted a glob of lube in the crack of my ass and the man behind me rubbed it around and then pushed 2 fingers into me as I groaned. In another minute as my ass relaxed I felt him pull out and then felt the pressure on my anus as he pushed his cock against my rectum. With a groan I felt my ass open to him and was filled with his cock sliding into me.

As he started slowly fucking me from behind he put his hands on my hips and as we were there he started going at me doggie style. Several men gathered around and one sat on the mattress in front of me presenting his cock to my mouth. I started sucking him as I was being fucked and also felt the first of what became a few men come on my back from jerking off. Neither of the men using me front and back lasted long. The one in my mouth started coming first and spurted a huge load of cum into me some of which dripped out the corner of my mouth while I swallowed the rest. Just then my fucker rammed into me as far as he could and I felt his cock twitching in my ass as he shot a load into me from behind. Another went to take his place but I waved him away and somewhat unsteadily got to my feet.

I went back to the shower room and cleaned up and then to the room I had rented and getting dressed left and drove home with a sore ass to remind me of the memories for a few days.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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