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Daddy at the Truckstop – Amber’s Descent 3
Continuing “Daddy at the Truckstop”, Amber tells her tale of submission to Stacey as they are both locked in their cells at the club.

Amber’s Descent – 3

After I got home, I came harder than I remember ever cumming, buzzing afterwards. Shame didn’t last long, and arousal took over quickly again. I came hard twice more that night, drifting off to sleep wanting more. I played with myself every chance I could over the next few days, reliving the memory of becoming a helpless fucktoy, and the two men that did it to me only fanned the flame with the texts they sent during that time.

“You took your lesson well, slut, we’re more than happy to teach you again and again, as long as you’re a good whore.”

“Your sissy button was easy to find, slut, you’d better return soon if you want to feel our cocks sliding over it again.”

“We have more toys for next time, slut, don’t disappoint us or you won’t be allowed back to play with them.”

I was too nervous and horny to reply with much other than a “Thank you Daddy”, or, “I want to be a good slut, Sir.” As horny as I was for more experience with these men, The rational side of me resisted. Have I already gone too far? How deep did this well of perversion go, and did I want to find out? Yet, every time I pondered it, the stories and porn that kept me up late at night crept into my thoughts, and how the possibilities could unfold from my new experience. They hadn’t hurt me, and they let me go after giving me what I had asked for, so I felt somewhat safe. My sissy hole was sore for a few days, but once that subsided, I felt the itch in my pussy and my mind, pushing me to meet with them again.

I texted them back. “I’m free tomorrow night, Daddy & Sir, may I please have another lesson?”


Daddy’s house was near town, and didn’t take long to get to on the bus. It was nice, but so ordinary in the suburbs, you’d never know by looking what happened behind his door. They decided to move my lessons there, which Daddy said was more equipped to teach little sissy sluts their place, but he said fun might still be had at Sir’s apartment. There seemed to be a lot of room in his 2 story home, but the only tour I got was down into the basement, where the playroom was set up.

“That’s a good little slut, I missed those cute cocksucking lips. Don’t slow down, take it deep, whore.” Daddy sternly said as I sucked him.

My wrists were once again cuffed up behind me, attached to my collar, with Daddy holding a heavy chain leash instead of the thinner one from before. I was wearing my whore outfit and 5 inch heels from my first time with them, my makeup appropriately slutty. This time, the cuffs and collar were secured by padlocks, and even the chain that tethered my wrists upward was thicker. I felt a little more trapped and helpless than before, and it was like a d**g I couldn’t get enough of.

“She’s such a good, obedient fucktoy, so eager to learn her place. There she is, all secure now.” Sir chuckled behind me.

I was bent over a padded stool, and Sir had just finished putting new toys on me. My top had been pulled up to make room for the nipple clamps that bit into me, and the momentary pain turned to a throbbing discomfort that felt lewd and obscene, amplifying the feeling of submission. Ankle cuffs were locked onto me, separated by a spreader bar he attached to the stool’s base. A wide strap kept my belly tight against the padded surface as he twisted the familiar plug in and out of my sissy hole.

“The little whore loves being helpless, more than most of the sissies I’ve used. I didn’t think she’d come back this fast.” Sir laughed, smacking my ass.

“Me either. It’s been a while since I’ve had a slut this naturally good, but she needs to learn a few things before she’s ready for something more than play.” Daddy intoned as he used the leash to control my head on his rod.

“True, but I think she’s headed that way already, wants it too much for her own good. It’s hard to believe she was a virgin less than a week ago.” Sir chuckled.

I wasn’t sure what they were talking about, but the intense feelings from a few days ago were building again, and I knew I wanted to learn as much as I could from these men. The deal was the same as before, I had a safeword to use in case I needed a break, but it was clear that once they started using me, I wouldn’t be able to stop it or leave. Daddy kept teasing that if I used it, I might not be able to come back for more, and I wanted to come back.

Soon, both men were fucking into me as they had bahis firmaları last week. Their use was rougher, the smacks on my ass stinging more, with harder poundings and mouthfucking. They kept my sissy button, my prostate, stimulated at the right angles and speeds, and it wasn’t long before I was mewling incoherently as Daddy held up my head once more to slap each side of my face occasionally, telling me what a good little whore I was.

After switching positions and using me hard some more, they pulled out and looked at their handiwork, panting for more of the same. Sir walked to a cabinet, and pulled out a large dildo that was soon lodged firmly up my well fucked hole.

“We’re going to take a small break, but we’ll be back soon. Open up, there’s more for you to try out.” Daddy said with a smirk.

I obeyed, and a moment later a metal ring gag was placed between my teeth and secured around my head. Feeling the buckle tight around my head, I also felt the dildo start vibrating strongly, pressed up against my sissy button. A piece of tape across my ass kept it in place. As I started to moan again, a black cloth was placed over my eyes, and tied around my head. My moans intermingled with whimpers at the new additions.

“You’re getting a fuller treatment today, whore, you can thank us later. Don’t have too much fun while we’re gone, hehe” Daddy laughed as I heard them exit the playroom and close the door. All I could do was moan and squirm, realizing how thoroughly I was tied and locked to this bench, gagged, blindfolded, stuffed, and left alone to contemplate my utter helplessness at the hands of these men. It was more intense than it had been before, and a part of me whimpered pathetically at the thought of nobody knowing where I went today, before getting relentlessly turned on by that same thought.

If I wasn’t addicted before, I was now hooked for sure, not wanting to go very long without this kind of treatment. It terrified me how much I loved it, a terror that only sharpened my arousal. What was wrong with me? I couldn’t think clearly anymore, all I craved was this abuse. The safeword lingered, but I liked that I was gagged, unable to say it, as much as it made me nervous.

It was a lot longer than a few minutes, not that I could tell by how long. I heard them come back, though, and I was still squirming in my bonds, unable to touch my dripping clitty, or the dildo keeping me stimulated. They unstrapped me from the stool, and unhooked the spreader bar before helping me stand, and guiding me to another part of the playroom.

When I looked around before, there was a cross with shackles, a cabinet with all sorts of straps and toys, and a padded table of some kind. I felt myself being laid down on my back on the table, my cuffs momentarily unhooked. My collar was clipped to the table behind my head, the spreader bar was reattached to my ankles, and they bent my legs up, folding me as they looped a chain between the bar and the front of my collar. A strap went around my midsection, securing me to the table, and my wrists were finally attached to the same place as my ankles on the bar, with my ass hanging slightly over the edge.

Open, vulnerable, and immobilized, they knew how to handle me, groping, pinching, and slapping me as they manipulated my prone body. My moans and yelps filled the space as they played with me, untaping the dildo and slowly fucking me with it. Soon, the ring gag came away, but the blindfold remained.

“Your clitty is so stiff and dripping, slut, it’s obvious that you’re loving this. Did you enjoy your little break, chained up and alone? We even locked the doors behind us to make sure, hehe” Daddy cruelly chuckled.

“Unnnghhh yes Daddy, thank you Daddy!!” I whimpered out, being driven crazy by the constant bondage and stimulation.

“Of course, now that we were generous enough to give you that break, you won’t need your safeword for the rest of the day, will you, whore?”

I whimpered for a moment, the thought of having my only choice removed, as small as it was, was daunting to my nearly defeated rational mind, but it quickly became another link in the chain binding me to these men. If they took it away, I wouldn’t be tempted to use it, and risk not being invited back.

With that hesitation, Daddy slapped each side of my face again. The humiliation, combined with everything, pushed me over the edge.

“Ohhhh god.. y…you’re right, Daddy.. Please take it away from me uunngghhhh”
The words fell out of me as my moans increased in pitch.

“Good whore.” Daddy said with some satisfaction, a moment güvenilir casino later, a ball gag was stuffed in my mouth, strap secured, and the dildo removed. My pussy missed the feeling for only a few seconds, quickly replaced by Sir’s cock, and he wasted no time in finding the right spot as he fucked me long and deep.

They continued their pleasurable assault on me. Calling me filthy names, spanking my ass, pulling on my nipple clamps, slapping my face occasionally, and even gripping my throat lightly, squeezing a little as my muffled sissy mewlings let them know that every piece of bondage and treatment were making me too far gone to care about anything other than being a real, undeniable sissy fucktoy for these men, who knew how to play me like a cheap fiddle.

I lost track of time again, all that mattered was the delirious feeling of cock and helplessness. Eventually, Sir pulled out, and was replaced by Daddy, stretching my hole for him again as he immediately began roughly fucking me while Sir tended to the clamps pulling and face slapping. They kept it up for some time before Daddy started changing his rhythms, I could feel myself starting to become sore and exhausted, even though my brain screamed for more.

“Yeah, little helpless fucktoy. All tied up in a basement, dressed like a fucking whore, being used by two men old enough to be your father. I bet your parents would love to see you right now, bet they have no clue what a little sissy slut you’re becoming” Daddy growled.

His words only added fuel to the fire, shame mixing with pleasure that sent a stab of lust through me. They laughed at my high pitched whimpers, and I felt pressure building underneath the pleasure. Daddy didn’t stop fucking or growling.

“Yeah, you’re a fucking natural sissy whore, can’t get enough cock and cum. Maybe we should turn you into our sissy sex slave. Unngh. Would you like that, whore? You’ll be dressed up and serving cock a lot, being used often, just like this, an on-call whore.”

Pressure continued to mount deep down as I took in his words, his cock, and his spankings. Sir punctuated the words with well timed face slaps, and I felt more humiliation at my position than I thought possible moments before. Daddy wasn’t done yet, though.

“Mmm you’ll make such a good slave, whore. You’re about ready to meet our friends, they absolutely love abusing sissies like you, and you’re too good not to share with the group. Yeah, you’ll make a great little group whore.”

At picturing being a slave to more cocks, and not having a choice in the matter, I let out a tortured moan as I exploded. Without touching it, my clitty erupted all over my belly, my chest, even reaching my face, in the most powerful orgasm of my life, my first sissygasm. Daddy kept grinding his cock against my sissy button as I came all over myself, slowing to a drizzle. His constant stimulation prolonged the event, and I was powerless to stop it as the moments of pure bliss stretched on for longer than I knew was possible. Something in me broke, and the rational side of my brain was nowhere to be found.

I didn’t register much after that, until the blindfold was taken off, and the gag removed. I saw the two of them with their cocks pointed at my face, and I whimpered as their jets of cum once again covered and decorated my face.

I lay there, bound, as I came down and regained my senses. Daddy and Sir had cleaned up in the nearby bathroom, and helped me out of my trappings. There were moments of pain as the clamps came off, followed by a dull throbbing, and being bound and used in those ways for that long, left me sore. They helped me to the bathroom, with undressing, and cleanup, letting me take my time and rest a bit afterward. Daddy said he’d keep my outfit at his house, for the next time, and nodded in my post-bondage haze, before Sir drove me back into town.


That night, totally spent, I fell into a deep sleep dreaming of being tied, surrounded by faceless men and large cocks. Even in my rest, I could not escape the new desires that drove me forward into the hands of Daddy, moreso than Sir.

My alarm woke me, and I was still aroused from the previous night. I took an effort shrug it off on my way to my job, my rational side trying to reassert itself, but I was distracted throughout the work day, the intense memories and feelings regularly invading my thoughts & daydreams.

Was last night going too far, too deep? Was this safe? How is this going to affect my life, my job, and school? But I also rationalized that I was unharmed, and that the internet casino ways they hurt me were very arousing. They let me go, and made sure that I was healthy and clean, Sir even giving me a ride afterward to my part of town. What’s the harm in going back? The choice was still mine. The choice..

It’s as though they were testing me with each new turn of helplessness and humiliation, seeing how I respond to such rough treatment. So deliciously rough..
It all floated in my mind for hours, and I got texts from both men as the day progressed. Sir’s kind side was comforting, but somehow less appealing than it was just a few short days ago.

“You did very well, Amber, taking harsher treatment than most sluts can take. Not too sore or disturbed today?”

“No Sir, I’m fine, thank you.. I had a lot of fun. I’m still processing it, thinking about it all..”

“That’s good, Amber. I want to make sure you can handle it, before you get in too deep. The rabbit hole goes a lot further, and you might not be so addicted that you can still walk away.”

“Yes sir.. I think I understand.. thank you, I’m not sure about a lot right now, but I’m figuring it out.”

“Good slut”.

I wondered what he meant exactly, but I was afraid to ask. Or I didn’t want to know yet. Daddy’s texts were firmer, and I found myself wanting to listen to him more.

“You’re a gifted fucktoy, slut. You took the abuse well, and are coming along quickly. Next time should be even more memorable.”

“Thank you, Daddy… what will happen next time, do you really have more friends who would join in?”

“When you come back, you’ll find out, slut. I think you need to be kept in suspense a little. My friend checked in with you, and told you that you could still walk away, before going too deep, yes?

“Yes Daddy…. but I don’t want to walk away, I want to see how far it goes… will it be safe?”

“Safe? You won’t be injured, or hurt.. at least not any more past what you’ve already experienced. I know you liked most, or all of it.

“Thank you, Daddy. And yes.. all of it..”

“Good. I’m emailing you some stories, and some porn links. They’ll give you a clue as to what might be in store for you, depending on how you respond to things.”

“Respond, Daddy?”

“Yes, slut. We need to make sure that you can handle it, and that you really do want it. Since you’re newer to this, you probably haven’t had many fantasies, and we’ve already blown past them. Am I right?”

“Yes Daddy…”

“So now you need an idea of what’s beyond that, and where you might fit. Follow the instructions in the email, and we’ll talk soon, slut.”

“Yes, thank you, Daddy.”

After work, there was an email waiting for me with instructions to read & watch the attached stories & porn, with a plug or dildo up my ass, but not to cum, and to tell Daddy when I had viewed them all. My roommates were still at work, so I had privacy for a few more hours.

Soon, a modest dildo, thin 6 inch vibrator, was lubed and up my sissy hole as I sat on it, beginning to view what Daddy had sent. A lot of them were about gangbanging tied little sissies like me, which was really turning me on, but intermixed with many of the stories were more extreme things. Slavery, blackmail, sex in seedy places, and I moaned loudly as I pictured myself in their places. Each piece seemed so crazy and wrong, but so unbelievably naughty that I couldn’t help but grind against the dildo while savoring every word.

I knew I shouldn’t tell Daddy or Sir which parts I liked best, out of fear of it happening to me, but I wondered if that mattered.. if I show up next time. No.. when I show up next time. I was so aroused & a little confused about what I wanted, or needed, but the rational side was losing again to my growing addiction.

After replying to Daddy, I was definitely highly aroused, and wanted permission to cum while thinking of all the new naughty possibilities that had been shown to me. Daddy’s reply was a simple message with an attached video.

“Cum while watching this, whore”

I clicked play, and I nearly choked on my own arousal. It was a video they took while I was strapped to the table on my back, blindfolded & gagged. Seemingly set up on a tripod I never knew was there.

Daddy was fucking me, with Sir groping and slapping. The dirty talk was clear, and for the first time, I saw myself being used as a helpless fucktoy. I knew that nobody would be able to recognize me underneath everything strapped to my face, but the nervousness mixed with my arousal, and I felt a similar stab of lust I had felt the previous night.

I looked like a whore, a whore who loved every second, and who deserved every slap and spank while being used. I bounced on the dildo, panting like a bitch, rubbing my own clitty, and my orgasm came fast and hard.

I had trouble sleeping that night.

To be continued soon

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