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Daddys Drunk lust makes him gay for his teen son
Dad was drinking heavy and i was alone with him for the weekend, mom had to go renew her nursing licenses. I was 14 with a hormones raging, My dick was often throbbing for no reason at all making my thin shorts bulge. my cock was well developed at 6 inches hard, my pubes were not all grown making my smooth skin start to glitter in the light as the blond hairs barely caught the light.
I was un aware that i had an erection pushing my boxers up, but dad was staring as my boxers bounced with each contraction of my cock. i looked over at him to see he had his hand in his pants pulling up and down on his hardon.
i was frozen as i watched, i wasn’t gay, I knew that, mom was always my fantasy. i was obsessed with peeking at her and feeling her ass and boobs. so why was i getting so horny as looked at dad. he unzipped his pants and pushed kaçak bahis his pants and boxers down to his knees making his cock pop up as he did. i was entranced as my mind filled with lust. dad started stroking his cock again, his head getting shiny as it began to seep with clear juice.
i was rubbing my cock and humping my hands invoulunatarily.
“take off your boxers, let me see it” dad said
“are you sure?”
“do what i say goddamnit, now get naked!”
i peeled my boxers down slowly, my cock springing up and slapping my stomach as i did.
i stood with fear and inti my head as my veiny cock stood straight.
“Daddy I’m not gay”
“niether am I, But something about you makes me horny, i cant help it, i am so horny thinking About fucking your forbidden ass.’
“I wanna touch you daddy, please’
“Do it then’
i stepped to him and grabbed his cock with bboth hands and sqeezed as i jacked kaçak iddaa him off. i was overwhelmed by the urge to put it in my mouth so i opened up and began tasting my dads salty shaft.
i felt his hand on my ass as he located my hole and massaged it with his finger, it felt good, and i arched my back into his hands as i jacked myself off.
“oh thats it boy, uggh yes suck on it, all of it, those sweet lips are so soft”
he grabbed my head and started to force his cock down my throat as he thrust his hips and fucked my face. i was chcoking and gaging as i tried to scream.
“ohhh yes choke on it baby, yes, oh yes, scream on my cock!”
i was panicing and pushing him away until he laid on me and pinned me down still imy throat.
his dick popped out as i gasped and cryed “stop”
“oh no boy, im not stopping until i fuck that tight little ass hole of yours, im gonna cum in you
“please güvenilir bahis stop daddy”
I was crying as my dick rubbed on dads stomach, he flipped me over and spit on my asshole. i felt his cock pushing and i felt the most painful feeling as he penetrated me. i screamed and cried as it burned.
“oh yes, its so tight, ugggh’
“help me!, please, it hurts!”
dad reached around and grabed my dick and started jerking me offand keeping me hard. it seemed like for ever until the pain was joined by a swelling sensation of pleasuRE.
“Oh daddy it hurts but i like it, OHH YEEEY SHA UNN!
My body shook as i came, my cock shooting out white sticky seed on to my chest as dads hand milked it
i felt his cum squirting inside me as he pushed hard into my ass.
i was in a trance as we layed there his cock softening in me as his cum dripped down on to my balls
“Dont ever say a word about this or we we’ll go to prison okay?”
“okay dad,”
i was traumatized at first but a week later we were doing it again on the roadside coming back from school.
after a while it stopped hurting and felt amazing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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