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OK. This is a work of fiction yada,yada, yada. If you don’t know the drill, you have no business reading this. Constructive comments are appreciated. “You suck!” comments get you laughed at as an immature loser.

Sorry for those looking for sequels to my other stories, I had a few in the works and lost the drive they were on. This was at the front of my mind, so I decided to go with it. I’ll get back to the others later. I’ve also been toying with a couple more GTO stories, but not sure I want to take her in those directions. I kind of like her the way she is, and don’t want to screw her up.

Anyway, without further ado, enjoy.

Lesbian, BDSM, Reluctance, non-consent

Damage Control PT. 01

OK. Let’s get the preliminaries out of the way. My name is Tara. I just finished my Junior year at UNLV with a major in Computer Science. I could have gone to bigger, more prestigious schools, but I wanted to stay home in Las Vegas. I am 5′ 6″ tall, thick, wavy dirty copper colored hair worn down to my shoulder blades, 38DD, 26, 34. Yeah, I’m a bit top heavy. Not much, other than surgery, that I can do about that. I have light green eyes that are somewhat hidden behind the glasses that I wear. The thought of purposely sticking my finger in my eyes keeps me from wearing contacts. Besides, I am pretty much a self-accepting nerd. I wasn’t valedictorian in high school, but I was close. I have always been portrayed as a quiet introvert with my nose constantly shoved into books. I probably should mention that I don’t currently have a boyfriend. My last steady boyfriend broke up with me just before he left to go to college across the country. Actually, he didn’t break up with me, I broke up with him when I found him in bed with another girl from pour class who was going to be attending the same college as him. I continued to date, but only casually. Being rather quiet and shy, I never went ‘all the way’ with a boy. I would let them paw at my tits, give hand jobs, and an occasional blow job, even letting my one and only boyfriend titty-fuck me a couple of times. Nothing ever penetrated my pussy or ass though.

As I said before, it was summer break between my Junior and Senior year of college. I was over at Stacie’s house hanging around the pool with her and two on our other friends. Stacie and I had been best friends since third grade. She is a petite blonde with crystal blue eyes. 5-foot two, with eyes of blue….. Come on. Admit it, you sang that. Anyhow, as I said, she is petite. Slim, with B cup breasts. She took gymnastics and ballet throughout high school. She was always very popular and outgoing. She is home for the summer, just having finished her Junior year as well. She left home to study at the University of Arizona. No, she does not have a boyfriend currently. She dates, but is currently between steady lovers right now. As I mentioned, we are BFFs, and we talk all the time. We text every day and Skype at least weekly. She tells me EVERYTHING, and I don’t keep any secrets from her either….. well except…. We’ll get to that later. I did tell her that I was still a virgin though.

Jenny just finished her sophomore year at Miami. Stacy and I became friends with her in high school. Yeah, she was a year behind us. She is on a soccer scholarship. Jenny is a beautiful brunette that stands 5′ 5″, with an athletic build. Her C cup breasts stand proudly on her chest. I should mention, that she is the only bisexual in our little group.

Izzy — Isabelle, if you really need to know — was the last member of our little pool party. She and Stacie both go to U of A. I knew her a little from the few times that she came home with Stacie for the weekends. Izzy was a bubbly blonde spitfire. D cup breasts, legs for miles, 5′ 6″ tall, and great figure that she kept in shape by daily sessions in the gym. She preferred to go out with groups to the clubs and pick up some lucky guy rather than get into a serious relationship. “It’s college. I want to have fun right now. I’ll find someone and settle down after I start me career.” She was fond of saying.

Anyway, we had spent the late morning and early afternoon in our bikinis out by and in Stacie’s pool. We had just come inside to get some refreshments (alcohol) and cool off in the air conditioning. Stacie’s mom (Stacie’s Mom has got in goin’ on — sorry, couldn’t help myself.) was at work and wouldn’t be home for several more hours. Stacie’s dad was not in the picture. Actually, he was in prison for attempting to molest Stacie when she was 16-years old. Not smart for several reasons. Aside from the obvious, when your wife works in the DA’s office and catches you in the act of attempting to rape your minor daughter…. You get the idea. The divorce papers were served to him before he ever went to trial. Stacie is OK. He never even got close to actually raping her before her mom stormed through the door and beat the shit out of him with a baseball bat before calling the police and ambulance to haul his ass away.

“OH MY GOD! STACIE, casino oyna YOU HAVE TO SEE WHAT I JUST FOUND ON YOUR MOM’S BATHROOM COUNTER!” I hear screamed as I was mixing up another pitcher of margaritas in the kitchen. Intrigued, I moseyed into the living room to see what Izzy was screaming about.

“What the fuck are those.” Stacie had to ask.

“Oh. My. God. Are those nipple clamps?” Jenny inquired.

“Yeah, and with weights on them too.” Proudly proclaimed Izzy as she dangled the treasures that she found for all of us to see. “This is like some kind of BDSM shit.”

“Ohmygod! What the fuck is my mom doing with those?”

“Damn!” Jenny exclaimed. “I had no idea your mom was into any kinky shit.”

“Wow. Mom has always been so straight laced. I’ve never even seen her go out on a date or anything since she that thing with my sperm donor.” Well, perhaps there is still a little unresolved anger in there. “I wonder what else she is into.”

“Perhaps it would be best to just put those back and forget about it.” I offered.

“Come on Tara! This is some pretty funny shit. Let’s see if we can find out a little more here. I want to know what my mom is into, and see if I can see who she is seeing.”

“I don’t think that’s a very good idea. It’s your mom’s personal stuff, and you really shouldn’t be invading her privacy like this.”

“Are you kidding? My mom is seeing someone, and I have a right to know who it is. After all, I need to make sure that she isn’t getting herself into another situation like before. Come on girls. Let’s see if she has anything else in her room.

Reluctantly, I had very little choice but to follow three very enthusiastic snoops into Stacie’s mom’s bedroom. Unfortunately, a very brief search found a rather full storage bin under the bed. Three awestruck girls passed around a variety of strap-ons, dildos butt-plugs, handcuffs, leather cuffs and collars, restraints, nipple clips, ropes, chains, floggers, crops, whips, straps, and various types of gags.

“Fuck Stacie. Jenny whispered. “Your mom is into some pretty heavy BDSM shit.”

“Is this to use on her, or for her to use on someone else?” That question came from Izzy.

I kept quiet. I really wasn’t comfortable with them so blatantly invading her mom’s private life.

“Obviously, it would be for my mom to use on some guy. I mean, look at this stuff. Why would a guy need a strap-on dildo it use on my mom? Besides, she is a high powered lawyer. She would have to be the dominant one in the relationship.”

“Could be with a woman.” I meekly ventured.

“God Tara! Get real. You’ve known my mom for years. She is straight as an arrow! She would be about as likely to go down on a woman as I would!” After a brief pause, “Now I really need to know who she is seeing, but this doesn’t even give me a clue.”

“Hey, I have an idea.” Jenny offered. “I noticed that there was a laptop in her office this morning. I opened the door by mistake when I was going to the bathroom earlier.”

“Good idea. Let’s go see if we can find some e-mails or chats that can help figure it out.”

“I really don’t think we should…….”

“Knock it off Tara! We’re doing this.”


Thankfully, after several tries at the password, the computer remained stubbornly locked. Then disaster struck.

“Tara, you are a computer genius. Use your magic and break into it for me.” Stacie demanded.

“No.” came out in a whisper.

“Come on. Help me out here. I know you can do it.”

“It’s not right. I won’t break your mom’s trust by invading her privacy like this.”

“Hey, what about Kayla?” Offered Jenny. “She’s pretty good with computers too. If Tara won’t help, we can get Kayla to break into it.”

FUCK! Now they are going to bring in someone else. This was definitely not good. This was about to become a disaster of epic proportions. I couldn’t stop this runaway freight train, so the best I could do was damage control, mitigate the results, and hope for the best.

“OK.” I said. “Are you really sure that you want to do this?”

“Absolutely!” sang a trio.

“Nothing I can do to talk you pout of it?”

Again, the trio sang. “NO!”

“Cats, curiosity — all that shit?”

“Don’t care.”

“Very well. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.” I breathed. “I’ll do it. But I will do it MY way.”

“You’ll do it, or we will just get Kayla to do it.” Stacie threatened.

“You try, and I’ll have this laptop deleted, reformatted and fried before she gets here, so that nothing can be retrieved off of it.” I threatened. “So, it’s either my way, or nothing. You need to ask yourselves, just how bad do you want to see what’s in this computer.”

“You promise to unlock it and shew us everything we want to see?” Stacie questioned.

“I promise. I will sow you everything you want to see, and probably stuff you don’t want to see as well.”

Izzy gave me a funny look at that. “What do you mean ‘what we don’t want canlı casino to see’?”

I ignored her.

“Fine. Whatever, Just do it.”

OK then. This was about to get interesting.

“Izzy, Jenny, get three dining room chairs and set them up in front of the TV in the living room. Stacie, bring the box of toys into the living room. I will connect the laptop to the TV so we can see it in high definition on the big screen.” They just stood there staring at me. “GO!!!!!”

A few minutes later, everything was ready. “Stacie, middle chair. Izzy and Jenny, sit in the others.”

I rummaged around in the toy box and got out the restraints.

“What the fuck?” Stacie started as I quickly fastened a cuff to her wrist and attached it to the arm of her chair.

“I’ll explain in a minute, but you agreed to di this my way. It’s either this, or you never see what’s on that computer.”

The three of them really didn’t like it, but their curiosity overrode their concerns. They reluctantly allowed me to bind them to their chairs.

“You aren’t going to lock us in these chairs and renege on the deal, are you?”

“Stacie, I have never lied to you, and I’m not going to start now!” I said angrily.

“Fine. Now explain why you tied us to these chairs.” Damn, those gorgeous blue eyes got cold.

“I’m sorry, but there are probably some things on here that will upset you. I had to tie you to the chairs to keep you from going ballistic without letting me explain it to you.”

The blues sprang wide open. “You knew all along what’s on the computer!” She accused. “You know the guy she is seeing?”

“Yes, I did, and yes, I know who she is seeing. As I said, I have never lied to you, but I also never told you the whole truth. Just sit back, and I will show you everything.” She didn’t catch that I said ‘who’ she is seeing, not ‘the guy’ she is seeing.

With that, I entered the password that didn’t go unnoticed) and opened the computer.

“You already knew the password?” Stacie asked.

“Of course.” I responded. “Who do you think your mom comes to when she has computer issues?”

I paused as the main screen came up. “This is a really bad idea.” I said, mostly to myself. Turning to the three vict…… ummm, girls, I warned, “Last chance. You can never un-see this. Remember. Curiosity, cats, all that shit?”

“Show me!”

“OK. Remember that I warned you and tried to stop this. I’m sorry for what is about to happen, but it was your choice.”

With that, I proceeded.

Stacie’s POV:

WTF is with tying us to these chairs? Who could be so bad that makes Tara so afraid to tell me who he is? It’s almost as if she is having an affair with my mom, but that is so ridiculous that it doesn’t even merit a thought. I mean, Tara and mom are both straight as an arrow, and Tara is so quiet and introverted that her being involved in BDSM is laughable!

I watched her open a folder that had several video files.

“Before I begin, I need to tell you that I will not answer any questions until it is over. I’m going to start the videos and set them to run continuously until they are over, while you are watching, I need to go prepare to answer all your questions.”

She selected the first file, hit PLAY, and walked out of the room.

The video began with a view of a low table in my mom’s bedroom. Suddenly, mom walked into the picture in her short, white silk robe and placed something on the table. When she moved to the side, I could see that she had stuck a HUGE dildo to the top of the table using a suction cup at the bottom. WTF? She turned around, facing the camera and began to speak. As she was talking, she undid the robe and dropped it to the floor.

“Good morning Mistress.” MISTRESS????? WTFH (What The Fucking Hell)

“God, you fucked me sooo well last night. I’m so glad that I found you. What you do to me is just beyond belief. I wanted to give you a little present for how good you have been to me, so I thought that I would give you a little show. First off, gotta keep the girls happy!” she smiled and then attached what appeared to be the same nipple clips that Izzy found in the bathroom to her nipples.

“MMmmmmmmmhhhhh, Soooooo good. The pain shoots lightning bolts directly to my dirty cunt.”

THE FUCK??????? MOM SAID CUNT???????

“And since that massive missile is going to be stuffing my front door, I shouldn’t be neglecting the back door.”

With that, she proceeded to pick up a large butt plug, lube it up, and work it into her ass.

Well, it didn’t get much better from there. I watched as she stuffed that huge dildo into her pussy and rode it like a madwoman. She was moaning and screaming all the way through it. She was twisting and pulling her clamped nipples as she fell into a massive orgasm. All throughout, she kept calling to her mistress, but never actually said a name.

The second video was a little different. This time she used a vibrating butt plug and kaçak casino a regular vibrator. She was also laying on her bed in this one. She didn’t give any clue to who this mysterious mistress was in this one either. She also mentioned how she had thoroughly[DC1] enjoyed the whipping she received on her tits last night. The welts were still there, and she shivered as she caressed them. There were several more similar videos too. In some, there were welts on her thighs, back, ass, tits, and even on her bald pussy. She always thanked her mistress for them and cooed as she caressed the welts.

Fuck! I was getting really sick of this. I wanted to know who this mistress was. Damnit! I just noticed that someone must have spilled something on my chair. I was sitting in something wet. How had I not noticed that befo ……Wait. What’s that? Another video, but she is talking to someone else in the room.

“……I know Mistress. We should stop seeing each other before Stacie finds out. I can’t even begin to think of the disaster that would be. But please understand, I love you, and I just don’t think that I can continue without you.”

“I understand, my pet.” I knew that voice. “I’m just not strong enough to stop either.” NO! IT CAN’T BE! “You know that I have been in love with Stacie for years, but I can’t have her. Perhaps it’s because that being with you is as close as I can come to being with her, but I do love you as well.”

“TARA?????” Jenny gulped

“HO! LEE! FUCK! BATGIRL!!!” Izzy murmured.

Sure enough, Tara came into the picture. Unlike mom, Tara was not naked. FUCK ME!!!! TARA WAS SMOKIN’ HOT! Those black leather pants weren’t that tight on the cow they were made from. That corset looked unbelievable on her while trying to hold those puppies. What the fuck was spilled on my seat????? This chair is soaked!

“Have you ever tried to tell her how you feel?”

[LAUGH] “Yeah, right. Lesbian hopelessly in love with straight best friend? That only leads to disaster. No, Stacie is my best friend. I can’t bear to do anything to screw up our friendship. I can’t take the chance of ever losing her. That’s why I can’t let her know that I’m aa lesbian.”

“Not to mention an accomplished dominatrix with a dozen or so pets dying to please you.”

“Yeah, well, I don’t want to Dom her. I just want to love her, but enough of that, my pet. Let’s get you trussed up so the fun can begin. You know that you are and always will be my favorite pet. None of my others can even come close.” Tara said on the screen as she bent to plant the Mother of all Kisses on my mom’s lips.

The videos continued. Several more featured mom and Tara in some serious BDSM sex. Tara would whip mom all over her body. There was no faking those orgasms. Yep, apparently, mom is a squirter. Tara fucking mom in all her holes with a variety of strap-ons. Sometimes using 2 at once so she could ream both holes at the same time. Mom licking Tara’s pussy. Mom being put in all sorts of bondage. Damn. Maybe my bathing suit was still wet from the pool.

Tara’s POV:

OK. Show time. While they were watching the videos, I went out to the trunk of my car and got my gear. I bypassed the living room, and went straight to Stacie’s mom’s bedroom to get ready. I changed out of my bikini and into one of my special outfits. Black corset, black stockings hooked to the corset suspenders. Black thong, and thigh high leather boots with 6-inch heels. I brushed out my hair and let it flow loose. Smokey eye shadow, mascara, and Fuck-me Red lipstick. Mistress Tara was ready to introduce herself to shy introverted Tara’s friends. With my riding crop in my right hand, and my duffle bag of toys in my left, I strode into the living room.

“Tara! What the fuck!”, “What did you do to my mom?”, “So you’re a fucking dyke now?”, “You Bitch!”, “Let us go!”, “You are so dead!” I let the screaming go on for a few minutes as I stood there and smirked at them.

“ENOUGH! SILENCE!” Oh yes. Welcome to Mistress Tara’s domain. It’s safe to say that they were shocked.

“Good. You have already learned obedience. Now, allow me to properly introduce myself. I am Mistress Tara. You will address me as such, or simply Mistress.”


A little tap with my crop to Jenny’s inner thigh drastically changed her tone on the last word.

“I only explain the rules once. After that, there is punishment. Now, you will all remain silent unless asked a specific question. When you answer, you are to address me properly. You will find that I am not a harsh mistress — as long as you obey me unconditionally and immediately. Any hesitation in your response will earn a punishment. Any disobedience will earn a harsher punishment. As your mistress, your safety and welfare are of my utmost concern. Therefore, you can rest assured that I will never do anything to cause you any actual harm or get you arrested. Now, I understand that you have a lot of questions, and I will permit each of you to ask those questions later. First off, I will explain a few things.”

Looking at them, their expressions indicated that an alien had just landed in the front room. Probably did seem that way from their point of view.

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