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Andrea had just had her 18th birthday a few days ago. She was in a real great mood. School was finished, with all exams done. Together with her classmates she had travelled to a place near Antalya in Turkey. In one of the holiday clubs there, there was a big week of party by hundreds of 18 and 19 year old teens coming fresh from school. It was a great mood with lots of dancing, music and drinks and games at the pool or blue sea.

It was her third day at the club and she had enjoyed every hour so far. Tonight another big party was planned. Contrary to most of her friends and classmates Andrea had not yet been involved in any kissing or even more with one of the boys. She had a boyfriend at home and had no intentions at all to cheat on him, even though there would have been a lot of possibilities for sexual affairs. Andrea was a real sexy and pretty girl and so almost all the time boys tried to flirt with her.

Andrea was a medium sized girl. She had a great body, sportive and slim without being bony. She had perfect curves exactly where needed; her breasts were not to big and far from to small a very good handful in size and showing the form of peas, they had a very erotic shape. She had a very pretty, girlish face with beautiful green eyes. She wore her hair natural blonde straight down over her shoulders, almost to the middle of her back.

Andrea had already taken some drinks with her friends before the party was really going wild. At times most of her friends were gone – most of them with a boy. The fun-loving girl she was, Andrea decided to go for a dance on her own. She started dancing to the sound of “Maria” from Blondie. Almost immediately some boys were around her and tried to get her attention and get close to her, but the 18year old blonde girl always managed to escape them.

The song had changed to Kylie Minogue´s “Can´t get you out of my head”, when one of her escape dancing-steps brought her close to another girl, that was dancing alone and seemed to do just as Andrea.

The other girl was of Andrea´s age and smiled to her. “You are doing escape dances, too?”, she smiled to the blonde as they were dancing very close. Andrea smiled back. “Yeah, maybe we should make a pair?”, she suggested just out of a sudden fun-mood. “Why not? My name is Ines and I´m from Bonn.” “Hi, I´m Andrea from Düsseldorf.”

The two girls were moving there bodies very close to each other now, letting the driving beat of the song lead there movements. Andrea examined Ines while they were dancing into the next song, which was “All the things she said” of the Russian girl-band casino siteleri “Tattoo”.

Ines was only a bit smaller than Andrea and she also was even a bit more slim. She had long beautiful legs, that showed under her very short white summer-skirt. Beneath her shirt, which only covered the area around her breasts a pair of very well shaped, firm, round breasts showed. Ines´s breasts were quite smaller than Andreas, but very well fitted the rest of her body. She had a very pretty face, with inviting red lips and dark eyes. Her dark-brown hair was cut to chin-length. She was a real hot girl, Andrea thought, somehow inspired by the song and the lesbian-image of the singers. The two 18year old beautiful girls gave quite a sexy picture dancing wild and very close to each other.

“Look at those boys,” Ines smiled to Andrea. “They can be aroused so easily. Two girls dancing are already enough to get them a hard on.” Andrea took a long around while still dancing and could also see the looks of some boys around them. Somehow she liked that situation.

The song changed again; this time to a slow, soft-rock; it was “Purple Rain”, a classic by Prince. Without hesitation Ines put her arms to Andrea´s waist and smiled to her. Andrea smiled back. Somehow she loved the girls soft hands at her hips.

They were real close now. Andrea wore a very short skirt and a very tight fitting t-shirt, that perfectly displayed her gorgeous, curvy breasts. Even her nipple-area was outlined. The blonde teenager put her hands around Ines neck and one of her legs even was between her new friends dancing legs. Ines was moving closer again and her crotch area touched Andrea´s leg every now and then.

“Look at the boys again. If we are moving a bit more closer, I guess their eyes will fall out,” Andrea laughed whispering into Ines´s ear. The reaction from Ines to her words was, that the girl let her hands glide down to her ass, took hold of her ass-cheeks and pressed her crotch against the blonde girls leg. Ines smiled with a dirty grin.

“So let´s try. By the way why are you fleeing the boys. Most of the other girls like the flirting and more.” “I have a boyfriend at home and I won´t cheat on him by kissing around with one of the boys. And why are you fleeing them?”

Ines thought for a short moment.

“Maybe I`m not fleeing the boys but searching for girls…”

Now it was Andrea how was speechless for a short while. She did not know how to react, but her body should a reaction. She could almost feel her blood rush through her body and into her nipples and her pussy. She canlı casino became aroused and her nipples started to get hard. That could clearly be seen through the thin, tight fitting fabric of her t-shirt.

“What a compliment”, Andrea finally said. She was in a good and new mood now. “I can see,” Ines answered and looked directly to Andreas breasts and her nipples, that were pressing through the shirt. Andrea flushed a bit. “Would it also be cheating if you were kissing around with a girl,” Ines finally asked. “I don´t think so,” Andrea whispered. Her legs were a bit weak now, but her arousal to that new situation was still rising. Before she could think any further, she could feel the lips of Ines touching hers. Andrea closed her eyes and let Ines lead the situation.

Ines had started massaging her ass-cheeks, while they were still dancing in slow-motion. Their lips touched lightly. Ines tongue circled Andrea´s lips, till Andrea slightly opened her mouth to allow entrance to Ines tongue. Ines was a could, tender but passionate kisser. The two pretty teenage girls started kissing and became totally lost to the situation. The song had already ended when Ines finally broke their passionate french-kiss.

“I want to feel you out, Andrea. Let me touch your pussy, please,” Ines whispered in a very aroused sounding voice. The 18year old blonde was too aroused to answer. She could only nod. Ines took her hand and led her away from the crowd. Neither Ines nor Andrea spent a look to the still staring boys.

Ines led Andrea to a dark and now deserted area of the beach. There was a beach chair, that gave enough room for the two of them.

They started kissing again. There tongues circled each other in a hot and wild dance. Ines hands were moving all over Andrea´s body and very soon they were beneath her shirt and fumbling her breasts.

“God, Andrea, you have so wonderful breasts, you are so beautiful,” she whispered as she was tearing her shirt over her head. With soft touches Ines played with Andreas breasts, who leaned back and enjoyed. She moaned slightly as Ines fingers rubbed her hard nipples. Ines stopped for a moment to get out of her own shirt. Then she pressed herself against Andrea´s body and they again kissed passionately. Ines finally slowly kissed her way down to her new lovers breasts and placed soft butterfly-kisses all over her beautiful breasts.

Ines hands stroke the inside of her thighs. Andrea moaned and helped herself out of her skirt and even her panties. Ines fingers played with her blonde pubic hair, while she still kissed around her kaçak casino breasts and sucked her nipples. Andrea opened her legs more for Ines. She was a pure bundle of arousal now. Being here, naked on the beach with another teenage girl was making her hotter than she´d ever been. Ines fingers glided along her wet slit. Andrea let out a deep moan.

Andrea felt the urge to touch Ines, while she was touched by her. Her hands searched for her smaller breasts and eagerly felt them out. It was the first time in her life that Andrea touched another girl. She loved the feeling. Everything was so soft and beautiful and so arousing. Quickly one of her hands found it´s way beneath Ines skirt. She did not wear any panties and she was shaved. Two things that Andrea found extremely erotic.

Andrea had always loved to masturbate, but being touched by another girl and fingering that girl at the same time, feeling another girls wetness with her fingers was a hundred times better.

Both girls were moaning aloud now. Ines had two fingers inside of Andreas dripping wet pussy, that she was moving in and out in small circles, while her thumb was rubbing her clit at the same time. Andrea was fingering Ines with one finger.

Their lips found each other again to wild kisses as they were nearing their climax. Their breasts touched, hard nipples rubbed against hard nipples. Each girl pressed her crotch into the hand of the other and finally both teenage girls came to a loud orgasm.

Andrea let herself fall onto Ines and kissed her face all over with soft kisses as she was relaxing from her climax. Never before had she cum so hard and long and fulfilling. Ines was straddling her ass.

“I want to sleep with you tonight, Andrea, I want to lick your pussy, I´m sure you will taste fantastic and I love the taste of pussy-juice so much.” With these words Ines again dove into Andrea´s still wet pussy and then brought her wet finger to her lips and licked it clean. “Hmmm, you definitely taste wonderful, Andrea. Will you come to my room?” Andrea kissed her and whispered. “I can´t wait to taste you too.”

In the darkness a few meters away a middle-aged, tall woman, with full body forms was standing and had watched the love-play of the two girls. It was the manager of the club. She was a lesbian and loved younger girls. Maybe she had found two new toys, whom she could train in adoring and her body. She would keep a close eye on the girls….

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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