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Enjoying In A Train Toilet With Aunty

It happened once when I was traveling on a train from the city I was studying into my hometown during vacation. It was about a 12-hour journey. I had booked a seat in the reservation for a night journey. Anyways I boarded the train.

I was wearing a loose t-shirt and my Bermudas as it was really hot. The train was to leave at around 7 pm and reach my hometown early morning. I got to the railway station and boarded the train quite early. As it was a reserved compartment there were not many people in my bogie.

I too wanted the same as I’d enjoy a comfortable journey at least till midnight. The next station was at midnight where some people may jump in. Just as I was wondering this gradually my compartment began filling up but not totally. In the end, there were only about 5 minutes left for the train to leave.

My front row and my own row was empty. Just as I started easing up there alighted a group of aunties (about 5-6). They were all mostly 40 plus and even included 2 very old women. They all came and checked their seat numbers. To my disappointment, their number was in the seat opposite me.

I began cursing my luck and even suggested to split up and sit in different seats. But they were adamant as they feared they may lose their seats later. I was pushed to my window seat by an old lady’s luggage. I was totally pissed off but was helpless. Anyways I plugged in my earphones and started enjoying music.

The train began moving. I casually noticed all of them were very well dressed in their traditional attires. I guess they were going to or coming back from a wedding. Then my eyes fell on the lady sitting exact opposite to me on the window. She was quite young like in the mid-thirties.

She looked pretty dressed in a traditional red Benaresi saree with sindoor on her forehead showing her proof of marriage. Her hair was neatly tied in a bun with jasmine flowers. I kept on looking at her cuteness not realizing she was glancing at me now and then.

Once I was ‘caught’ and she gave a slightly angry look. I came back to my world. I wanted to make some sort of communication with her. So I removed the earplugs and started a casual chat with the group. Initially, they were reluctant to share anything with a male.

But I stopped güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri asking much so they got convinced and started responding. I came to know they were from Bangalore and were going to attend a wedding. They also told that due to some issues all the male members had already left and now they were joining. I too told about myself, studies, etc.

I was till then not able to make conversation with that lady in front of me. She was showing more inhibition than others. I slowly started talking to her and came to know her name is Preethi(name changed). She had done her BSc but was a housewife.

I now started talking more with her and thankfully nobody noticed it much. As I was sitting directly opposite of her I could make a conversation without being heard by others. I learned that all of them very much like relatives but from different families.

As night approached I bought some food and offered them which they refused. After food, everyone wanted to sleep as it was about 10 pm. I prayed that Preethi’s berth should be close to mine. But I was saddened to see she slept on the lowermost berth. I got the topmost opposite berth.

To my opposite, a really old lady slept. I was totally disappointed which showed up on my face. I now tried sleeping. I was drowsy but wasn’t getting deep sleep due to the train noise (try sleeping in the topmost berth to understand better). When I woke up, it was around 1.00 am.

I adjusted my eyes to the dim light. I was shocked to see that Preethi had exchanged her berth with the old lady and was lying exactly opposite to me. I put my phone’s brightness to max (didn’t switch on the torch) and saw nobody was awake.

So I focused on her body and saw that she was in the same saree and same hair bun. She was not using a blanket and I saw her magnificent boobs rising up and down and shaking while the train vibrated. I was hard down there. I then moved my phone light to her legs and saw her saree raised to the knee.

I wanted to grab them right there but didn’t want a horrible scene. I enjoyed the visual treat for some time and now got up to hit the loo. As I was leaving the toilet I found Preethi standing outside. I was shocked. She now looked at me with anger and signaled me to come to the toilet as anyone may wake up.

My canlı poker oyna heart was pounding as I followed her. As we entered she started scolding me. She told she was seeing me devouring her body and that she’d complain about it. I tried denying it but she didn’t listen. I was cold thinking about the consequence if she told everyone about it. They would definitely beat me up.

I told her sorry but she was in no mood to listen. I momentarily looked up and saw her in the same dress and my dick started responding even in fear. I also noticed she was starting towards my Bermudas through which the outline of the dick was clearly visible.

Now I wasn’t concentrating on her words but continuously looking at her. She soon realized it and stopped scolding me. For a moment we were staring at each other and lust had overtaken us. In the next moment, I knew I was sucking her lips and simultaneously pressing her upper back.

Our tongues massaged each other. Her hands were in my hair as we embraced passionately. My hands moved down to her arse. She responded to the movement with a stifled groan in my mouth. We broke off for a moment as she backed into the wall (it was quite clean) and dragged me along by my collar.

I placed my hands on it either side of her head. We started kissing again as her hands moved down my torso, reaching down to my trousers until she could feel my bulge. As she started caressing it I started to moan with pleasure. I realized just how turned on I was and how hard my cock had become.

She started to remove my shorts and reached inside. The feeling of her hands on my member was amazing. She was groping around. I could see in her eyes just how excited she was getting. Her eyes were wild from the thrill of it all. In one fluid movement, she freed my shaft from my trousers.

She shifted her body down against the wall. She held my cock in her hand. She was looking at the circumcised 6 and a half inch monster like an alien and with the thirsty look. Without warning, she sat down holding a handle for support and started taking it in her mouth.

I gasped as her lips passed over the head. Her tongue danced around sending shivers of ecstasy up my spine. She moaned heavily with my cock inside her mouth, sending vibrations reverberating through my shaft. Her wet tongue internet casino expertly sliding around my throbbing cock. I was in heaven.

She moaned a few more times going down on me. She took me out of her mouth and slowly made her way back up to mine. We kissed again with my hardness pressing into her. We continued kissing as I slid my hands over her breasts and down her sides, slowly started removing her traditional dress.

She was wearing a black bra and petticoat underneath. I removed them too in a jiffy. I moved my kissing onto her neck as I moved my body down hers and my hands down her legs. As I rose up to meet her lips again I traced my hand up the inside of her legs, stroking her inner thigh lightly.

As soon as my mouth met hers, my fingers brushed against her panties. As soon as it happened she gasped loudly and her entire body shook in my arms. I pressed ever so slightly harder. I began circling my fingers, trying to find her clit. She tightened her grip around me and started to moan quietly in my ear.

I could feel her entire body tighten and loosen. She found my cock with her hand again and started playing with it. This seemed to turn her on even more and her moans got louder. It was time now for real action. I moving her panties down and myself sat on the seat.

I started lowering herself onto my circumcised dick. The feeling was incredible. I gasped as I entered her tight wetness. She moved slowly onto me as I penetrated her inch by inch. When she had stopped she let out a moan of pleasure.

She started to move up and down on me, each thrust feeling better and better. My hands moved onto her breasts and then up her neck and into her hair, I pulled her lips to mine and kissed her while she rode me. We moaned into each other’s mouths and her pace started to quicken.

Before long I could feel her body tighten on top of me. She threw her head back as her muscles started to contract around my erection. She screamed as the waves of her orgasm rushed through her. I was very close. I could feel myself stiffen as well.

Her moans had pushed me over the edge and I came. My body jerking as I held her tight. I could feel myself throb inside her for the longest time. We eventually came to our senses. We composed ourselves for a few minutes and got dressed up and left.

Thankfully nobody was awake and noticed us together. It was an experience to remember. After that incident, I neither saw the aunty nor met her. So girls and guys how was the story? I hope I have made your pussies and cocks wet.

Kindly give your comments in the section below.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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