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Evening the Score – Chapter 13
With that, we grabbed the food off the grill, and went inside. We found Jess and Sharon all put back together after their little show – clothing and make-up exactly as we were introduced, the table set, the wine ready to pour.

We sat two across from each other, Bill and Jess on one side, and Sharon and I on the other. This gave us the opportunity to get to know the other partner a little better during dinner, and hopefully a lot better before dessert (Wink! Wink). Sharon sat very close to me when we all sat down to our meal, in fact, our chairs were touching, and our thighs were rubbing. And Jess, following her queue, did the same with Bill.

All through dinner, Sharon’s hand was rubbing my cock, starting off slow and gentle, and as the meal progressed, more aggressively. She stroked my shaft, played with the head, and cradled my balls. At the same time, my hand was all over her pussy, very slick with her juices, while my fingers probed as deep as I could, reaching down to her asshole. She gladly shifted her ass and spread her legs to help me along. At one point, I had fingers in both holes, making a slow, gently in-and-out motion. Sharon’s clit and pussy lips were both pierced. I was so excited to soon bury my tongue in there.

I could see that Bill and Jess were similarly engrossed with each other, and when looking at Jess, she had that all too familiar look of total lust on her face. No doubt she was anticipating Bill’s huge cock working her every hole deep while stroking and rubbing his cock and balls. I wonder if it brought back any memories from before. I thought how hot it would be to see Jess with Bill’s cock in her throat to the balls.

When Jess and I got up to get the next course, and refill the wine glasses, our excitement was readily apparent – I was sporting a huge tent in my slacks, while Jess was dripping profusely and had trouble walking steadily. To say we were both ready to play would have been an understatement. We all laughed.

When dinner was complete, Jess and I cleared and cleaned up as fast as we could, while talking and entertaining our obviously horny guests. When that was finished, we closed the blinds and curtains, and Jess turned on a few lights, and we all began to head to the master bedroom, when I stopped, turned off all the lights, reached up to a bookshelf, and grabbed a remote. Jess, Bill, and Sharon looked at me, wondering what was going on. But, at the click of a button, the room was full of subtle lighting, red and blue light, to be exact. Without Jess knowing, I had installed color changing LED strips throughout the house, just for this occasion. Jess and our guests oohed and awed at the light show. As we progressed to the bedroom, I would click the remote, and more lights would brighten our path. Once we arrived, I clicked the remote one final time, and the bedroom and master bath lit up subtley, setting a very erotic mood in our soon-to-be playroom.

Bill and I slowly peeled off what little clothing the ladies were wearing, massaging and caressing every inch of their lovely bodies, leaving only their heels. But before this, Jess looked at me, seeking my permission to continue. With a big smile, I nodded yes, and she let herself enjoy the experience. Good girl.

We each, kind of simultaneously, grabbed each lady’s breast, bringing each nipple to our mouths to suck and nuzzle. Sharon’s nipple were indeed huge, filling my mouth more than Jess’. To my delight, Sharon’s nipples were also pierced, with a bar through them, and a ‘D’ shaped ring bahis firmaları outlining each nipple. As I finally removed her tunic, dropping it to the floor, there, just above her slit, was a tattoo – “SLUT”. Oh Fuck! That was so hot! I knelt, blew my hot breath along her slit, and began to lightly lick it along its length. As I did, her clit hardened, and her cunt lips became full and thick. She spread her feet a bit, allowing me to probe further along her slit. When I finally looked over at Jess, her eyes closed, her head slightly back, her mouth slightly open, and Bill was performing the same oral motions.

Now it was the ladies turn.

Sharon began by removing my shirt. As she did, she kissed me all the way down, stopping for quite some time to suck each nipple hard. While she continued to suck, she expertly unfastened my slacks and let them fall. Finally, my cock was free to extend to its fullness, which Sharon took as her queue to begin to lick, starting with the head and slit, down the shaft, and finally engulfing the whole thing, one motion, down her throat, to my balls. Fuck, that felt good.

Jess again looked at me, seeking my permission to continue. As good as this felt, I was glancing at Jess the whole time, and I nodded my agreement once more. I knew what was about to be revealed, and I wanted to make sure I saw her reaction when she learned it too.

Like Sharon, she first removed Bill’s shirt. His nipples were very large, and pierced. This surprised Jess, but it just fueled her a****l lust as she took each nipple, sucked them hard, then with her teeth, pulled each piercing in a playful manner. Bill’s face swooned every time she did this, and it was clear he was enjoying it.

But the best surprise was about to happen. Jess unbuttoned Bill’s slacks, and let them drop. We all heard her gasp. Not a gasp of horror, but a gasp of lust. There, before her, stood Bill’s 12″ cock, standing straight out, sporting a 0 gauge PA. Jess’ reaction told me none of her previous lovers had a PA, and she readily began to inspect it, first with her fingers, and finally with her tongue and lips. She licked the head, licked up and down his shaft, and finally opened her mouth to begin swallowing Bill’s cock, PA and all.

I was mesmerized watching Jess work this cock.

It was clear that it had been quite a while since Jess had a cock this large to play with, and she seemed a bit out of practice. But her instincts returned quick enough, as well as her determination to make sure she was the whore she used to be.

After several minutes of pleasuring Bill’s cock, she began to work it slowly into her throat. I was sure she was determined to swallow the whole thing, just like that 14” cock she so proudly remembered. Several minutes more, and she was to his balls. I was amazed, seeing all that meat disappear. She pulled off to breath, then Bill grabbed her hair, and began to throat fuck Jess’ mouth. Jess made no noise, other than the sound of Bill’s cock moving in and out. Fuck! That was impressive.

The ladies had gotten us very hard, so it was time for the guys to enjoy their delights. Sharon and Jess where guided back to the bed, from opposite sides, and laid down next to each other. The positioning worked out perfectly that they can play and work each other’s tits, while Bill and I moved between their thighs, spread them wide, and dove in tongue first.

I had been tasting Sharon’s cunt all evening at dinner, but I was not prepared for her full on taste. She was very wet, and her juices were flowing into my güvenilir casino mouth in gulps. My tongue probed as deep as I could, but I really wanted to spend time sucking and licking each piercing. She really enjoyed that, and I could tell she was working to a powerful climax. Not two seconds later, she came, and squirted all over my face. She was convulsing heavily as she grabbed my head, and pulled my face hard into her cunt and ass. I used much of her juice to begin to lube her asshole, as I was definitely venturing there tonight.

While Sharon was in oral heaven, Bill had Jess on her back, legs spread wide and high in the air, and was slowly, ever so slowly, pulling the toy out of her holes. Just before the plug broke through Jess’ ass, Bill would tease her by pushing it all back in, hard, as deep as she could take it. Then started all over.

This went on for several minutes, Jess moaning her pleasure with each pull and push tease from Bill, when Sharon got up, got behind me, and flipped me onto my stomach on the bed. She grabbed the base of the plug in my ass, and began the same teasing that Jess was enjoying. God! That felt good. I had no idea how good my asshole could feel.

With what seemed like coordinated timing, Bill and Sharon pulled the toys from Jess and my ass at the same time. The collective “Pop” sound, and moaning from us both, made for a special moment between us.

Immediately, Sharon grabbed my ass cheeks, spread them wide, and buried her face between them, her tongue already deep in my ass. I looked over at Jess, and she was getting the same treatment, with Bill alternating between her ass and pussy. I could hear Jess panting toward orgasm, and my own cock was feeling it as well. Sharon must have sensed it as well, because she lifted my hips, raising my cock off the bed, and slid underneath me, grabbed my cock. And as she grabbed my ass cheeks, she pulled them so my cock pushed into her throat hard, just as Jess began to scream her orgasm, bucking up and down Bill’s face. Once Sharon swallowed me to my balls, I let go, shooting a huge load of cum right into her stomach. Unable to breathe, but not uncomfortable at all, Sharon kept my cock buried deep in her throat until it stopped spasming altogether. Then I slowly pulled out. There was a surprising amount of cum still left in her mouth, so she sat up, grabbed my head, and planted a deep, wet, cummy kiss on me, swapping my cum between our mouths.

That was so hot! Jess ate my ass on occasion, licking would be a more apt description. but never like this. Sharon actually ate my hole, deep, with relish. She was a true master, and really knew what men enjoyed, even if they didn’t know themselves. I’d have to work on Jess’ skills in this area.

But my concerns were all for naught, as I looked over at Jess and Bill. To my surprise, shock is more like it, there was Jess on her back, with Bill grinding his ass hard on her tongue. I don’t know when they changed positions, but it was very hot to see her hands were working hard to keep his ass cheeks wide apart. Wow! I’m going to definitely be taking advantage of this new found kink.

Sharon and I broke our messy kiss, and she moved to the end of the bed, grabbed her ankles high in the air, and ordered me to fuck her. Having just cum down her throat, but still very much rock hard, I knew I’d be fucking her for quite some time before I would be able to shoot another load into her. Jess also took this queue to move to the edge of the bed as well. Bill, not having cum yet, looked like was internet casino ready to blow a huge load, and Jess’ pussy seemed ready to take it all. As I rubbed my cock head on Sharon’s wet cunt, I kept one eye on Jess and Bill. I really wanted to see Jess take his whole monster meat, PA and all.

As I was sliding into Sharon, and beginning to stroke in and out of her pussy, Sharon grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled me into her all the way, hard. Bill, on the other hand, took it slow with Jess, teasing her pussy with his big cock head, then slowly, oh so slowly, pressing into her womanhood. Jess threw her head back, opened her mouth slightly, and let out a slow, low moan. It was obvious, she was enjoying this, even though she hasn’t had anything this big in her in quite some time.

Slowly, inch by inch, Bill worked his way into Jess’ pussy. By the time his balls hit her ass, he was way past her cervix, and deep into her womb. Then he started a slow, rhythmic in and out motion, with every inward thrust just a little bit harder than the last one.

I looked down at Sharon. She was looking up at me. She was enjoying her ride, but seemed to understand my fascination with watching my wife, Jess, fucking her husband, Bill. Being in her pussy felt wonderful, such a tight fit. As I began to pull back out for the next stroke, Sharon grabbed my cock, pulled it all the way out, then guided it into her ass. I welcomed this move all the more, and I seemed to get harder still. Once fully inside, I picked up my pace, intent on shooting another load of cum into her sweet ass.

When I turned my attention back to Jess and Bill, the pace of Bill’s thrusts had increased to where he was now pounding Jess’ pussy hard, to the balls, then pulling out to just before the tip. Twelve inches of thick, black cock rammed into her with every stroke. Jess was now much more verbal, and her moans of pleasure louder than I’ve ever heard with me. Bill began to grunt a bit, so it was obvious he’d be cumming very soon. I just kept pounding into Sharon’s ass as I was watching this all unfold.

One last thrust, grunt, and scream, and Bill and Jess both climaxed at the same time. Bill collapsed on top of Jess, their panting very hard, their bodies coated in sweat, while Bill’s cock pumped stream after stream of cum into Jess’ cunt.

This triggered Sharon, hearing her husband shoot his load into Jess, and she began her climax as well. I could feel her pussy spasming through the walls of her ass, but I just kept pumping into her ass hard, not ready to cum yet myself.

Sharon looked over at Jess, and asked, no, told her to grind her cum filled pussy on her mouth as soon as she was able. Hearing this, I started to pump even harder into Sharon’s ass, just faintly feeling the beginnings of another cum load from my cock.

A minute or so later, Bill slipped his monster cock out of Jess. It left her hole with a pop sound, and Jess immediately pressed her hand hard against her pussy to keep all of Bill’s cum from escaping. She maneuvered herself deftly, and sat down on Sharon’s face, as requested.

I watched this intently, feeling the ever rising cum load working its way from my balls. Sharon used her hands to spread the lips of Jess snatch wide, and drove her tongue deep inside, swallowing ever drop of Bill’s cum that left her cunt. It was so hot to watch this girl-on-girl action, I was almost there myself, ready to shoot deep into Sharon’s ass. At that moment, I recalled vividly Jess contention that she wasn’t into playing with other women. Watching this, that ship has definitely sailed.

I was in heaven, with all of this going on around us, and my cock feeling the depths of Sharon’s ass. Then, without warning, I felt my ass cheeks part, and something big and cold pressing against my own hole.

Holy fuck!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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