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Finding my way 04: Mary-Jo’s story
Chapter 4: Mary-Jo’s own story

Finally, I meet Mary-Jo. Mary-Jo tells me it is my ‘fault’ she is at the Dark Africa Breeding Farm. My actions have led her to be here. But she is very happy I have led her astray. She tells me what happened.

My dad and mom are extremely racist. My dad is always screaming or yelling: ‘Niggers fuck all our white daughters’, ‘Niggers will knock up all our white daughters’, ‘Niggers push their dirty black cock in all our white daughters’, ‘Niggers will cum inside all our daughter’s cunt’, ‘All our daughters will only get Nigger cocks’. I loved my parents, but their racism confused me. My emotions for black males became very weird. I personally want to make up with black males for the racism of my parents against black males.

I was selected for cheer-leading again. The trainers wanted me, because my big tits attract spectators. As always, the defensive lines of our football team were all blacks, but only 8 from previous year were selected. New ones would come. And the other girls were jealous, because all guys couldn’t get their eyes off my tits.

On the first day of cheerleader and football team training, the defensive and we were side by side. The defense was practicing toward us. We were in miniskirts and tops as it was warm. At one exercise, we had to keep our arms straight into the air. Two girls pull my top up and my tits were open. All the blacks stare at my tits and I could see some dicks getting hard. I felt so ashamed!

On Friday after training the girls had hidden my bra again. I had to search for it. Ten minutes later, I found it. As I stepped out of the dressing room, I heard the voice of the principal. ‘I give you the key to the old gym, but you have to keep it a secret! I will give you colored students as much help as I can to improve.! I peeked around the corner and saw the principal talk to the defense. I had overheard you and your father talk about a backdoor at the old gym that everyone had forgotten, but was always open. In the weekend I came with the idea of surprising the black guys when they would be changing and look at their black cock as they had ogled my tits.

Monday I was the first to leave cheerleader-training. I wanted to change and threw my knickers in my bag. I do not wear a bra as I have firm tits. I kept my cheerleader dress on. I had to hurry if I want to surprise them, so I leave as I am. I wanted to see their black cocks. I was too early; they have not undressed yet. I walked in and teased them to show their cocks. They pulled out their dicks. “So, were equal. I have seen your dicks, you saw my tits.”, I shouted at them.

Then I did something stupid, I turned to tallest Quarterback and ask him to lift me up, I just wanted to be as tall as he is. Clumsily, he lifted me, smearing pre-cum over my cheerleader dress. He overestimated my weight and lifted me too high. He lowered me to the right height. His warm, throbbing stiff pre-cum smeared cock rested at the mouth of my cunt. My cunt immediately got wet and willing. My body propelled into fucking mode. I placed my legs against his thighs. Softly I pressed my body downwards and the top of his dick slipped inside. I looked down and backed away. The second time, I pressed a bit harder and half of his top slipped inside. Again, I looked down and backed away. The third time, I pressed just a little harder, the whole top of his cocks slipped inside. I almost returned to my senses, as someone shouts: ‘oh hell, she is going to fuck him! SHE IS GOING TO FUCK HIM!! My body shouted: Yes! Fuck! YES! Fuck! YES! FUCK! YESS!! FUCK!! A little voice inside screamed as well: “Yea, fuck that dirty Nigger cock, YES, FUCK THAT DIRTY NIGGER COCK!!” I impaled myself on his Nigger cock. After a few strokes I completely lost it. I started to scream. ‘OH, daddy, you were right. Niggers want to fuck your daughter’s pussy. Niggers want to cum inside your daughter’s pussy.’ I started to fuck harder and harder. ‘I like it, daddy. I want niggers fucking me, cumming inside me.’ The Quarterback came inside me. He lost his grip and I fell on the ground. He tried to keep me from falling down, but only held on to my dress. I slipped out my dress and end on the floor naked. Intuitively, I spread my legs. I squeak like c***d: ‘Let daddy not be a liar. All Niggers want to fuck his daughter! Come, you all fuck me and cum inside. Niggers can’t make daddy a liar.’

I grab the nearest black cock I can get hold off. “come must fuck me.”. I didn’t give him any chance to escape, pulled him between my legs and stuffed his dick inside me. ‘Nigger must fuck me’. I wrapped my legs around him and pushed his cock inside me. “Fuck me, fuck me”, I yelled. He fucks me.

This second one could have been a virgin. He was eager to fuck. He went down on me and fucked me hard and fast as men canlı bahis are expected to do. Within a minute he came inside me. Shot it deep! He rolled off and I grab another cock and pull it towards my cunt. I Don’t care about the guy. I want his black cock inside me where daddy expects black cocks to go.

“Do it for my daddy. Can’t make him a liar! Fuck me! Fuck me! Stick that black Nigger cock deep inside me.”.

I pulled his bottom towards me, trying to get his cock deeper inside me.

“Cum inside me. Make daddy tell the truth. Shoot your load inside me! Fill me with cum!”.

I made him cum inside me. He couldn’t hold back. He had to cum inside this crazy white slut and he did so: Fast and furious.

Oh, my God, this feels so good. I love to be manhandled. To be well used. I had sex with a few white guys, but it was boring, dull, mind-numbing. I like men to go down on me! None of that squishy stuff, just a good hard, merciless fuck!

When one has unloaded bis cock inside me, I grab the next cock I can get hold on. And pull it inside me. I tell them to cum inside to have daddy tell the truth over and over again. I am a crazy black cock loving slut. They fuck me for two hours when I can’t take any more. I pick up my stuff and flee. I leave them behind. They must puzzled and perplexed.

Outside, I lean against a wall. My god, what did I do? I don’t care, I liked being used by that group of Niggers. I let them shoot a large number of loads of Nigger seed inside my unprotected pussy! I could get pregnant and I did not really care. The idea thrilled me hugely. My parents would go ballistic! Daddy’s little girl knocked up by niggers would take his breathe away. I would get a morning after pill the next day. Hey, maybe I had it all wrong. I could turn all his words around! ‘Niggers fuck our white daughters could be ‘All white daughters should fuck all Niggers’. ‘Niggers cum inside our white daughters could be ‘All white daughters should let all Niggers cum inside their pussy’. Maybe daddy meant I had to let all Niggers cum inside my cunt! Daddy wants Niggers to knock me up! I should not fight fate. I won’t get a morning after pill. I will let those Niggers fuck me again soon. Tomorrow!

As they had courses at another building and rain caused outside training to cancelled, I had not seen the Footballers. I dallied after my training as I wanted them to be in the gym already. As I arrived at the backdoor, I could hear loud noises from the gym room. I slipped in the dressing room and took my clothes off.

I slammed the door of the gym open. ‘Ready to play again, Niggers’. They all stormed towards me. When they surrounded me, I yelled: Oh, daddy those Niggers are going to fuck me again. Oh, daddy they are going to cum inside me!’.

After a very short break, I continued. “Ok, guys, this is how it is going down. After every training I will come and you can fuck me for two hours. As long as you keep it a secret, you can fuck me as Niggers. You have to use me as cumdump. All your loads you shoot in my cunt. I will not meet any single and every two weeks you invite two new Niggers to join.’ After a pause, I continue. ‘While you fuck me, talk dirty to me: “Your daddy loves to see his little girl fucked by Niggers”, “Love my Nigger dick”, “I shoot my Nigger cum in your loose cunt”, “I’ll dump my Nigger seed inside you. No tender words, only hardcore sex, gangbanging.”

I undressed and lied down on the floor.

“Ok guys, fuck me. Use me. Dump your cum inside my needy cunt. Fill it up.”.

They went down on me like crazy. They fucked me, came inside me, let another one have a go, fucked me again and came inside me again. This continued for two hours. I had to hurry. I needed to be home before my parents.

You must have missed my first time. You must have been puzzled each time new Niggers came to join our group. But whenever two new Nigger came to join the group, we reenacted my first meeting with the Niggers. The two new ones where the ones to play the game with. The ones that already were in the group made sure they always selected one very tall black guy. I would ride him in mid-air and let his cock slip inside bit by bit. The guys would cheer “She is going to fuck him, Oh my god she is going to fuck him.”. And I would impale myself onto his cock and fuck him wild and fast. Each time I became wilder and faster. One or two came when I just had a small part of their cock inside me, but the I would trust myself onto his cock and push his cum inside me. The second one, was the one I would grab by his cock and made him stick his cock inside me. When we did, I really felt very dirty. After each replay, I more and more wanted to be used as cumdump and manhandled. The rest would go as usual. They would fuck me and came inside me, time and time again.

On my father birthday –end November-, I wanted to do something güvenilir casino else. I wanted to get more cum inside me at a single fuck to make my daddy happy. Niggers should knock his daughter up, so that could be faster if I would fuck two cock at the same time. I had them lie side by side and cocks together. As a cheerleader it was very easy to take two cocks at ones. When I went down on the first two, I yelled: “Make daddy happy. Shoot two loads inside me at the same time. Fill me up so daddy like it better.”. I had hoped that they would come together, but that did not really happen. I tried it several times, but it wasn’t as it should be. I preferred to be manhandled, to be fucked hard and fast. I could not move very fast and it was hard work. This position was nice to honor my dad’s birthday, but not really the one to fuck me good, hard and have my pussy filled with speed. It was too slow. I did one round like this, but was glad they manhandled and filled me with cum for the rest of the time.

At the beginning of December, I told the Niggers they could do whatever they wanted. It was to commemorate the going into effect of the 13th amendment. They wanted me to suck their cocks and swallow their loads. It was fun to do. It did taste a little funny, but not bad. I would have done it again, but I wanted them to cum inside me and not to spill their seed. Next they wanted to bukakke me and spray me under their cum as well. That was very nasty and it made me horny. It was another way to use me as cumdump. I liked feeling sticky and feel their cum run down over my face, onto my tits. I would definitely do that again, just like swallowing, but for the time being, I wanted to have them dump their cum inside my cunt and fill me up. I was really a day to remember.

At all other times, you have videotaped how I was manhandled and used as cumdump. I loved it!

The month after I started fucking those Niggers, I miss my period. I know they have knocked me up with a black baby. I’ve been bred! It will just be a matter of time before my mom will notice my belly is getting bigger. A week before Christmas, my mom noticed my belly looks bigger and asks me if I eat too much. I lie, because I know I am knocked up by those niggers. In the first week of January my belly looks even bigger and mom lets me take a pregnancy test. Confirmed! Pregnant!

My parents want me to tell who the daddy was, but I do not know nor want to tell. They assume it must be one of the white boys on the football team that fancied me. They are so ashamed: they do not want me to go to school anymore and really locked me in the house. My parents ignore me as much as they could. Most of the time, I spend my days in my room reliving all those gangbangs!

I was glad you came to visit and were interested in my pregnancy. I wanted to show off, but no one was interested. I want to show my belly, undress to you, but do not know you would like to. I was so pleased you blackmailed me in showing my belly! Not only could I show off, but I also knew you had a sexual interest in how I got pregnant! Why else would you keep making all those videos? I imagined they turned you on. Maybe you were interested in breeding yourself, but did not dare to ask. That really turned me on. I imagined you watching me being gangbanged by those Niggers. I think you thought I would be protected.

I loved it when you blackmailed me into doing porn stuff. I loved it when you had me ride that black dildo time and time again. When you changed from using ‘blacks’ to ‘niggers’, my cunt stayed wet all the time and I had dozens of orgasms while being abused.

When you came as a dominatrix, I was shocked. I did not believe you could be one! But my god, you were marvelous! It changed my life. While you were ranting about niggers fucking and breeding me, I had my own chants. Internally, I ranted as well. “oh, daddy those niggers are fucking me. Oh daddy, they are cumming inside me. Oh daddy, those niggers are going to get me pregnant! Daddy, I like those nigger cock in my pussy. I like them come inside me. I don’t mind having a black baby inside me!

After you had written “black bred slut” on my belly, I ranted further. “Daddy, make Niggers fuck me! Daddy, make them cum inside me! Daddy, let them make me pregnant! Daddy, make Niggers plant a black baby inside me! Daddy, make Niggers breed me! Daddy, make Niggers always breed me! Daddy, I want to be a Nigger-breeding whore! Want to be a Nigger-breeding whore! … Nigger-breeding whore! … Nigger-breeding…! I was completely overwhelmed by the idea of being a Nigger-breeding whore.

I had multiple orgasms and I knew what I wanted to be in life: A Nigger-breeding whore!

You were a real bitch when you shaved my cunt and with a normal stift painted a ‘Queen of Spades’ above my cunt. The next day mom and I went internet casino to my midwife. She looked at me and asked if my parents knew. I answered they did not, but would not tell them.

Mom was present when I delivered the baby. “It is black”, my mom yelled. At home it was even worse. My dad directly decided to move. Within two weeks, we moved to a town 200 miles away. But they could not accept and two weeks later threw me out of the house.

I had to go to the homeless shelter in my town as I had no money at all. It was hard. Especially as I did not have motherly feelings for my baby.

Only an elderly gentleman spoke and interacted with me. I knew him as a friend of my parents, but had not seen him in eight or so years, but he was nice and gave me some money to feed and care for my baby.

After three weeks, I gave up my baby for adoption. I did not feel guilt at all. The next day, I met the elderly man again. He asked me where the baby was. I blurted I had been bred by Niggers, my parents had thrown me out of the house and I had just given up my baby for adoption without any remorse. As he had been friends with my parents, I expected him to scold me and make a run for it. He didn’t. “I used to be friends with your parents, but I changed. Now I am an elderly single man with eccentric tastes. (with a wink, he continues) Maybe, I can help you find a new road in life. Let’s have dinner at my house. Let’s meet at seven.”. He gave me a card with an address and left.

I was very curious, so I went to his house. It was a large mansion with servants. We had dinner, amical conversations and a lot to drink, I was tipsy and uninhibited. After desert, he sent the servants home. After they had left, he asked me to follow him. “No one enters this room but me.” And he opened a hidden door leading to a special room. Inside was a large chair and a big tv screen showing the internet.

“I won’t pretend I am not racist any more, but it is a kind of kinky and dirty. You were bred, don’t you. I used to scream the same slur as your dad. “Niggers are going to knock up our white daughters”. Now I love to look at videos showing Niggers breeding white daughters. And I go crazy for daughters or wives that become ‘exclusively ‘Nigger-breeding’ whores. I will sit in that chair watching and wanking for hours. I will show you the site I like most. It’s on the dark web. A friend arranged an invitation. Membership is $20.000 for a year, but they have IT.” He clicks on a tab and a site opened up: ‘the Dark Africa Breeding Farm’. “This site has nigger-breeding whores that life on site, 1500 extremely black niggers to breed white whores, breeding gangbangs, interracial pregnant gangbangs and proof of breeding. There is no better one.” He clicked again and a video started playing showing a white girl fucking a nigger while a lot of blacks were ready to take over. “She has no protection. It’s a breeding gangbang. Just watch it for a few moments. “She likes it”. He didn’t have to tell; my eyes were glued to the screen. Within a few minutes the Nigger came inside her: She had received a nice creampie. He was replaced by another in no time. A few minutes later he had shot his load inside her as well. And another took his place. Suddenly, the scene changed. It showed a heavily pregnant white slut fucked by a Nigger. Again, she was surrounded by a lot if Niggers. The Nigger came and he was replaced by one from the que. “Will she take all those Niggers”, I asked. “Yes, she has to”. The scene had changed again. This time, it showed the girl from the pregnant gangbang delivering a black baby. “With proof, as I told you”.

“oh my god, oh my god”, I screamed. “Can I go there? I want to be a Nigger-breeding whore for life.”.

I hadn’t noticed, but he had set down in the chair, with a stiff one and he was wanking. “I could get you there, but you would need to do something for me”. “I will do anything”, I replied. “I want to be a gold member. Gold members can visit on location and see everything live. However, you can only become a Gold member if you would send your wife or daughter. You should watch how your wife or daughter would be bred by 1500 or more Niggers, does several interracial pregnant gangbangs in the last 2 months of her pregnancy and that all for 10 years or longer. Do you want to be the wife I can send?

I grabbed his cock, started to wank him. “Do you want me -your wife- fucked by those same Niggers. I am going to be filled with cum. I will be Nigger-bred. That’s what you want?!”. I didn’t need an answer; he came all over the place. He has to some cleaning up tomorrow!

Two weeks later, we married in Las Vegas. We had an interracial slut wedding. I wore a fake pregnant belly and my white dress read “black bred whore-wife” in black letters. Other wedding couples looked in horror, but we liked it.

A month later, we arrived at the location of the Dark African Breeding Farm. My first breeding was a week later and my “husband” was forced to watch! Loved it!

Now you know what happened to me, but tell me why you are here.

End of part 04

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