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First experience with couple from local bar
Last night I went out with my friends as usual in one of our local bars for few drinks and casual talks. Half trough the night I went to take another beer and noticed one couple standing near the bar. They were kinda in their 40’s, casual looking couple.The woman started watching me long enough so I will notice her. She was wearing normal dress with black tights. Tights and dresses are huge turn on for me so I started looking her back and smiled.She smiled back. I felt like something is going on but didn’t gave it a lot of attention and just took my beer and went back to my friends.

After I went back I couldn’t stop thinking of the situation so went after some short time to get another drink. This time went closer to them and ordered Gin. I turned to their side and she was watching me with huge smile on her face. The guy came to me and offered to buy me the drink. Felt weird cause I’m not used to this couple things but I could see where this is actually going, so I agreed. They got gin for them too and we sat on one table together and started casual talks about the bar, the music(it was rock bar) and random stuff. My friends were about to leave so they asked me if I’m coming with them but I said that just saw some old friends and will stay with them a bit so they left.

The woman was kinda flirty with me all the time, making some dirty jokes illegal bahis siteleri and at one point I felt her hand on my knee.
We had few more drinks and it started getting late, the bar was about to close so they said they live near and if I would want to continue at their place. I agreed and this is where all the fun started.

We went to their place and the guy pour drinks for all of us. We sat in the living room with some random music coming from the tv. She was siting next to me and the guy was siting on armchair across us. We were already drunk so we cheered together and the next thing I know she is getting on top of me and we started kissing passionately.
My hands went straight on her juicy ass. It was nice round and soft and those tights were driving me crazy. She started grinding her warm pussy on my dick and I got hard really fast. I took her boobs out and started kissing them and licking her hard nipples. She started moaning. It was really sexy to see woman in her 40’s on top of me enjoying herself!

After few minutes she went down on me and took my dick out. Her eyes got wide open when she saw my 7 inches thick dick. She gave me one really dirty look and started licking the top of my head so she can start sucking it. I turned at her husband and he had his dick out and was playing with him. He had much smaller dick around 5 inches the best and really thin perabet güvenilir mi with huge head. I understood why her face got like that when she saw my dick. She started blowing me like she never have seen dick in her whole life! She was really good and almost made me cum but I didn’t wanted to finish fast. I started taking her dress off and omg she was gorgeous! She had black thong under those things and this combination is driving me crazy. I really enjoyed the view so I didn’t wanted to take those off so I pulled them down to her thighs and got her on all four. She was freshly shaved and could see that her pussy was already dripping wet. Started licking her and kissing her asshole. She started moaning when I started licking her asshole so I continued and started pushing my tongue inside. She really enjoyed that. I made my dick again wet from her pussy and started pushing him inside her. She started moaning loud. I started going slow so she can feel how thick and long my dick really is compared to her husband who seemed to enjoy watching his wife have way younger guy with bigger dick. After some time I started going faster and faster and she was just getting louder and louder.We then switched position so she got on top of me so her hubby can have clear view of her pussy getting open from my thick dick! she enjoyed this position too and I was spreading tipobet her ass and licking her boobs all the time. The guy really liked this and he started stroking his dick way faster. I stick my finger in her asshole and again she started moaning louder as she was getting closer to finish. I started fucking her faster and faster till she finished and she crushed on top of me. I was feeling her legs shaking from the orgasm she had. It was amazing.

But I was not done yet. I turned her around and asked her if she is into anal. She said she sometimes wants to but not sure if she would handle my dick into her asshole. She was already really wet and previously I played with her ass so I started pushing my dick inside. I managed to get my head inside and started penetrating her slowly. As I started getting more inside she started moaning and from her face I could see that she was in pain but also loved it. i was on top of her and she was holding me and pushing me towards her. That turned me on even more so I started feeling my dick pulsing inside and getting bigger! the feeling was amazing and the view was even better with her tights still on her and only her pussy and ass visible so I couldn’t hold it long. I took him out, started stroking and finished all over her face. She started licking everything that she could from my cum. It was so sexy to watch her licking my leftovers. Her hubby said that he really enjoyed the view and finished 3 times. after that we all chilled a little bit and it was time for me to leave. What an experience after going out only for a drink with your friends and ending up having sex with woman in her 40’s in front of her husband!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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