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From Far Righter to Cum Dump for Arabs

Her name was Océane. A 3rd year university law student. She grew up in small french village with almost no people of colour living it, and as you might imagine, the people and her family in that village had a irrational fear and disliking for foreigners, especially for North Africans and arabs (such as myself).
Growing up, Mathilde shared similar views as her parents and friends in the village (which is understandable, she was only an innocent c***d with few encounters with foreigners), and yet, as she reached high school and university, she started questionning her beliefs and convictions, and even more to it, she was becoming attracted to North Africans. Everyone wants to taste the forbidden fruit.
She has had her first experience with a Moroccan when she was 17. It was a new family who settled in their village, and she met their boy at school. canlı bahis By then she was still untrusting towards us (arabs and moroccans), and yet she befriended him and became attracted to this foreigner boy. To the point that she slept with him, and she became, for her first time, someone’s “booty call”. Her father never knew about it, as a far right supporter and racist middle aged man, he would have probably tried to hurt the boy. So she kept it a secret.

Now all of this was told to me by Mathilde when we met. It was in late 2018, I had met her through tinder and we decided to meet casually. During our first encounter, I noticed that her discussion was quite political and sometimes focused on races, which intrigued me obviously. That’s when she told me that since her first sexual encounter with an Arab boy, she was becoming more and more attracted to foreigners, and particularly bahis siteleri Arabs, as they were the most hated by her father, which gave her a thrill and excitement as she always had to be careful to keep it a secret from him that she was fucked many times by different arab men.

All of her story was exciting me more and more. I wanted to fuck that girl. I wanted to fuck a racist’s daughter. I wanted to fill her with my arab cum and make her feel like a cum slut. And I understood it from her speech and her flirting. She wanted it too.
Later that night, I brought her back to my house. We both knew what was about to happen, we both have been thinking about it. That what we were doing would make her father, and whole community angry, that what we were doing was forbidden by her family. And yet there we were. I was about make her body mine, and use it as such.

So I took her to bahis şirketleri my bed as we both undressed. She knew what was her duty for the night. Emptying my balls and letting my use her as a fuck toy. So I laid down, and grabbed her hair and pulled her closer to my cock, then she started sucking, and I’ve never seen a girl craving arab cock as much as her, she kept on sucking as saliva was dripping from her lower lip. She wanted to feed off my cum, she wanted to her mouth to be full of my seed and thick semen. But It wasn’t enough for me, and it was too easy.

That’s when I put my hand around her neck, pushing her against the bed, and started thrusting her. I was not wearing a condom at the time, as we both agreed on it. I started pounding her hard enough to make her scream and moan loud enough for the neighboors to hit on their wall and complain, but I did not care. I was about to cum inside her. Her face was turning red, and her legs quivering with pleasure when she felt it inside her. She was satisfied. She fulfilled her purpose for the night.

We met after that for a few times, but that is of no importance now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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