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GF Caught Me WTF Going On Gay
A few weeks ago, it was a Friday night when Steve and I decided to hang out. We listened to music, drank a few shots and smoked a little. That evening, it didn’t take long for me to get really buzzed and I ended up drifting off to dreamland earlier than expected.

I remember dreaming that I was passed out on the sofa, but was woken up by the feeling of something between my legs. Steve had taken my clothes off and was licking my pussy and sucking on my clit. In the dream, I felt like I was in a fog, but liked what he was doing and ran my hands through his hair as he pleasured me. I felt like I was going to cum, but wanted to feel him in me. I pulled him up, wrapped my legs around his waist, and asked him to fuck me. I kissed him as he slowly pushed his cock into me. He was fucking me slowly with long deep strokes and it wasn’t long before I was extremely wet. The feeling was amazing and before I knew it, I was experiencing an incredible orgasm. Then everything went black.

The next morning I woke up dazed, confused and completely nude. Steve was walking in from the kitchen and I felt uncomfortable and covered up. He handed me a cup a coffee and asked how I was feeling. I told him a little rough and asked him why I didn’t have any clothes on. Steve had a puzzled look on his face and asked me what I remembered about last night. I told him that we were drinking shots, smoked a few bowls, talked, and listened to music. I know I was really buzzed and at one point thought that I was going to pass out.

Steve said — You were definitely fucked up, but that was just the beginning. About 11:30, you laid back on the couch and I thought you had passed out. A few minutes later, you undid your pants, pulled them down and started playing with yourself. I was surprised, but just sat back and enjoyed the show. The truth is that I had gotten hard and wanted to see you cum.

You were stroking yourself for a while when you decided to get undressed. You were too fucked up to do it yourself, so I helped. Once undressed, you laid back, spread your legs and then asked me to lick your pussy and suck your clit. And yes, you called it a pussy and clit! I hesitated at first, but then reached out and grab a hold of your dick. I stroked it for a few seconds, licked it and then gave you a blowjob.

It was a little odd, because it was like you were playing the role of a woman. You ran your hands through my hair, moaned softly and then told me that you wanted me in you. You stroked your dick, as I got undressed.

I used some lotion and then got between your legs and brought my dick to your asshole. You surprised me when you started kissing and hugging me as my cock slid in. It was as if you couldn’t get enough! You really liked how it felt and even asked me to fuck canlı bahis you faster and harder. When I was cumming, I pressed my dick all the way in and grinded against your ass as I came. Right then, you let out a long guttural moan, your dick pulsed and then shot 5 or 6 good spurts of cum onto your stomach and chest. Then that was it. My dick was still in you when you leaned back and closed your eyes. I pulled out and tried talking to you, but you were out. I just covered you up with the blanket and slept in your bed.

Holy shit! I said. I thought I was dreaming! I remember thinking how real it felt, but since I saw myself as a woman I just assumed it was a dream. Damn, I really was fucked up!

I apologized and told him that I hoped what happened didn’t hurt our friendship. I shared with him that, like most men, I wondered what it would be like to suck a dick, but never (ever) thought I would do it. I must have really been in la la land to ask him to fuck me in the ass. Without question, my darkest hidden desires were set free last night.

Steve said that he was happy and relieved that it happened. He has been fantasizing about doing it for years, even jacks off to gay and bi-sexual porn but never had the courage to pursue it. He also told me that he hoped that I would be up for more exploring. I didn’t know what to say, but agreed to talk about it later.

Both of us were hungry and needed to eat so we went into the kitchen and made some breakfast. We didn’t talk much and as soon as I was done, I got up to take a shower and freshened up. Steve had already showered before I woke up.

The warm water ran over me as I thought about sucking Steve’s dick. I tried to imagine what it would be like when it throbbed and shot cum in my mouth. I started craving the feel and taste of his cum when a nervous, yet exciting feeling stirred within my gut. My mind wandered and I fantasized him fucking me in different positions. With me lying on my back, him fucking me doggy style and even with me straddling him.

Then it hit me, I realized that I didn’t have any thoughts of fucking him and getting off. My thoughts and fantasies were more of pleasing and being used by him. I was the submissive one! I wanted to suck his cock, but it would be him fucking and cumming in my mouth. I wanted to feel his cock stretch my asshole and fill my ass, but it would be him fucking and shooting his cum into me. He would have the power and control over me. I wanted to be sexually dominated by him.

I finished freshening up and walked into my bedroom to get dressed and found Steve naked on my bed. Without hesitating, I dropped my towel as I walked over, climbed onto the bed and took his warm, heavy and meaty flaccid cock in my hand. I stroked him for a moment then leaned forward and took all 5 inches perabet in my mouth and sucked on it. My mouth watered as it got hard, grew longer and thicker. I was sliding my lips up and down his hard 8-inch shaft and was amazed with how much my lips had to stretch to accomodate him. I wanted him to cum! I wanted to taste his juice!

After a while, he stopped me and asked me to get on all fours and I was surprised with how quick I complied. He held his dick as he brought it to my mouth forced it in again. My lips stretched around his cock as he fucked my mouth.

While in that position, I imagined what it would be like to also have a thick cock fucking my ass at the same time. Fuck, I thought. How much sluttier can I get?

He fucked my mouth for a while, then stopped and rolled me onto my back. He started licking my balls and used his wet tongue to massage them. (I remembered thinking that was one thing that I always wanted my girlfriend to do, but she never did.) Then he started sliding his mouth up and down my shaft, but stopped just as I was about to blow my load.

Then he did something I didn’t expect, but OMG it felt amazing. He started licking my balls and then worked his way down to my asshole. The truth is that I didn’t want him to stop, it literally was an amazing feeling. Before long, he had two then three fingers twisting and sliding in and out. He looked deep into my eyes as he massaged my prostate and I was experiencing feelings I hadn’t had before. I couldn’t resist taking his face in my hands, closing my eyes and moaning softly as I kissed him.

My God! I thought. I’m kissing another man as he was sliding and twisting his fingers in and out of my ass. I felt a closeness I never had before and enjoyed wanting to please and be used by him. I had become his submissive slut.

He stopped fingering my ass and moved me to the side of the bed. He stood on the floor and had me get on all fours. He grabbed the lube and fingered my ass some more. Fuck, I felt so submissive as he played with my ass. He then grabbed my hips and brought his cock to my asshole. He pulled me back as his meat slowly slid in. It was only a few seconds before he was pressing up against me. God! It was such an unbelievable feeling being filled like that. When he started sliding his cock in and out of me that pleasurable feeling only intensified. I wished there was also a cock for me to suck on as he filled my insides.

Fuck! Why did I deny myself of this pleasure for so many years? Everyone longs for this type of pleasurable feeling, sexual gratification. He grinded up against me and I moaned uncontrollably as he slid it all the way out again. I was experiencing mini-orgasms as his dick stretched my asshole and slid across my prostate. Before long, he increased his perabet giriş pace and I was asking him to fuck me faster, harder. His balls were slapping against mine each time he pounded into me.

It’s hard to explain, but I had a feeling start to build deep within and it spread outward each time his cock filled my ass and spread my insides. I wanted more of this feeling and begged him not to stop. I knew I was acting like a slut, but couldn’t help it. I wanted more…

He pounded into me with each thrust, his balls slapped against mine and again, I found myself begging him not to stop. He said he was about to cum and slammed into me hard and then grinded as he moaned loudly. His cock pulsed and shot streams of cum deep into me. Right then, I trembled as an unbelievable intense feeling spread through my body.

Every muscle in my body tightened, I couldn’t breathe and felt like I was about to explode. All of the sudden, it was as if a million sparks ignited within me, I saw stars as the inside of my ass contracted, my asshole spasmed as my dick erupted and all that built up pressure surged out of me with a force I didn’t know was possible.

I yelled as this full body pleasurable release came. My orgasm lasted, what seemed like minutes after cum stopped shooting and oozing out of me. It was the most powerful and amazing sexual release, I have ever experienced. Even my most intense and wildest moments with women cannot compare.

Steve and I then collapsed on the bed and lay next to each other as we caught our breath. After a few minutes, we talked about our bi-sexual feelings and made a pact to keep it between us. We wanted to continue having sex, but both of us wanted it to stay our secret. The two of us dozed off lying next to each other.

I woke up a couple of hours later. Although my asshole was sore, I was craving the feel of him in me. I grabbed the lube from the nightstand, put quite a bit in my hand and started massaging his flaccid cock. He was fully erect when he woke up. Steve said that he wished his girlfriend would wake him up that way. I just smiled as I straddled him, reached under and placed his cockhead at my opening. His cockhead slid right in and I was able to slide all the way down his thick 8-inch shaft. I then placed my hands on his chest, moved up and down and felt his cock slide in and out of me. I imagined how I must have looked, but didn’t care. This feeling was just too intense and pleasurable to go without.

Fuck, I loved when he stroked me, massaged my balls and grabbed my hips as his cock filled my ass. HIs cock was stretching my asshole and I couldn’t get enough of this feeling. My ass slid up and down his shaft as my semi-erect dick bobbed with the motion. Steve’s breathing got heavier and I knew he was getting close. I pinched his nipples as he forced his cock all the way in and he moaned loudly as he came.

I leaned forward, his cock was still in my ass when all of the sudden we heard, “WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?” My girlfriend was standing at the bedroom door!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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