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Giving a hard blow to a perfect starnger
I was far from home on another boring business trip, when I received a message from my loving wife Ana. She texted she was sitting at a bar that evening, while an old guy was hitting on her…

She wrote that the old guy had bought her a few drinks and they were having some margarita shots together. They were having a good time.
All of a sudden, to her surprise, he whispered that they could go to the parking lot and my wife could suck his cock with her nice red sweet lips…

He asked about her ability to suck dick. She told him all about her long experience on sucking dick. She even told him that she could deep throat.

Ana texted me again writing this guy would not leave her alone, until she sucked him. Then she added she was horny and getting aroused with the guy´s requirements…

Then I asked her if she would tell me about it if she went through with it.
Anita told me that she would tell me every detail.
Then she told him to meet outside at his truck.
They walked out and got into it. Anita reached over and started rubbing his leg. Then she began rubbing his dick through his pants getting him hard.

He told her to take his cock out and start sucking it. Ana then got onto her knees over the armrest to unzip his trousers, canlı bahis pulling out his dick.
She was surprised by a shaved very thick cock eight inches long and hard.

My sexy wife nervously wrapped her hand around it and began stroking his cock slowly. But he wanted my wife to put her mouth onto his dick to suck it.
Ana leant over and started to lick up and down his cock, before taking it into her mouth.
Later she told me that she thought she could get him off quickly by sucking him hard and deep.

She thought she could get him off fast and leave; but she was wrong.
Ana began by sucking his cock well, but this was not what he wanted.
The guy told her that he liked it dirty and rough.
Hearing this, my wife felt her hungry cunt was starting to get wet…

The guy suddenly made her strip off from her blouse and started to fondle her boobs, pinching her hard nipples.

The bastard made her deep throat him at first. He grabbed her head and fucked her mouth very hard; making her mouth deep throat onto his cock.
He told her that she would be his slut until he filled her mouth with his cum.

This really turned Ana on; she felt her pussy was now almost squirting.

The man slapped Anita´s face with his cock, rubbing it on her face.
Then he made tipobet giriş her deep throat his thick cock again. Ana´s spit was running down his cock and balls as she gagged and choked on him.

She said he was very rude while he held her head on his cock. He talked dirty to her, calling her a stupid married bitch, his dirty whore, his cum slut.

He warned her that she should swallow all his cum, not spitting out a single drop… Ana was very excited about making him cum. He kept squeezing her boobs, slapping them and pinching her nipples.

Anita was taking all eight inches in her throat while he held her head and fucked her mouth. Her tears were running down her face while he held her head on his dick. He pushed his dick deep into her mouth and pulled out before he was about to unload.
He then slapped her face with his cock again.

She told me the man took her cell phone and took a picture of her; with that huge hard dick buried into her throat. The bastard sent the picture to me…

Ana later told me that he made her beg for him to cum into her mouth. He said if she wanted his cum, she should beg and cry for it…

Ana smiled, but then she begged him almost crying in tears…

She said he then held her head and began to fuck her mouth very roughly. tipobet He began to deep stroke her mouth, making her gag and choke on his dick. She said this guy knew what he was doing. He kept talking dirty to her, calling her a dirty slut and that this was what she would get…
Ana sucked him even harder. He held her head onto his cock, making her suck him deep. He pulled her off of his cock because he was about to cum.

He lifted her skirt and rubbed her pussy through her thong and slapped her ass. Then he warned Ana to be ready for his cum; he would fuck her sweet mouth until he would cum…

She agreed and began to suck him well and fast. He wrapped his hands into her hair and made her mouth do even deeper onto his cock…

Holding her head, he pushed his eight inches deep into her throat. She said she felt his cock grow in her mouth before he began to throb and pulse and then he began to unload his warm semen into her mouth.

He filled her throat with a very large load as he fucked her mouth deeply, both hands holding her head and his hips pushing his cock into her throat. He held her head onto his dick until his cock quit throbbing and spewing cum into her mouth and she was done swallowing. She took a quick while to gulp down his load and then clean his cock of his cum that spilled out of her mouth.
She said he grabbed the back of her head when he was done and smile to her, saying she was his cock whore and that the next time he saw her anywhere, she owed him another blowjob…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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