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Good day after all
Ok, so this just happened. I woke up this morning just throbbing. I was starting to stroke myself and new it would be a quick cum…no such luck. As im nearing orgasm, my boss calls and asks me to her at a work site instead of the shop. Ok….no problem. So, im no longer throbbing n the moment is lost.
I get ready, go meet the boss, take care of business ahead of schedule n began feeling horny again, im chubbing up with the slightest movements. I hop in my truck, with nobody nearby i decide to get a quick release . I unzip and grab my chupped up prick which stiffens to full diamond cutter within seconds n begin stroking. Again, i knew it would be a quick n needed cum. Im watching porn on my phone n about to start spurting when my fucking brother calls. He never calls, so i answer. Yeah it was a semi emergency. We talked n figured it out. After which, i was soft again n tucked back in.
By this time, i say screw it, call my boss n tell her im taking an early day. I so needed some alone time…i needed to cum! As im leaving for the day, i decide im going to make it a prolonged edging orgasm. I haven’t jerked off in public in quite some time, so as i leave work, i unzip, release my cock and slowly stroke myself as i drive.
I didn’t make a show of anything. I just slowly pumped my cock as i hopped on the highway. Like i said, its been awhile since ive jerked off anywhere i could be seen or caught. kaçak bahis I knew a perfect overflow/extended parking lot attached to a quik trip truck stop. Alway busy! The overflow didn’t have crazy traffic though. So, i just slowly stroked my cock as i headed that way.
I pulled in a spot with almost every spot around me being vacant, although there were nearly a dozen cars parked close by. I pulled up xhamster on my phone as i lubed up my swollen cock with coconut oil, that i just happen to keep in my truck for just such an occasion. Oh, it felt so good to be pumping my stiff cock with the warm sun shining down on it. My hand slowly gliding up and down my stiff member. Mmmm, i was going to beat my meat for hours…continually getting close to shooting n backing off.
One again, my plan was foiled. A pleasant looking, older brunette pulled her large suv directly in ftont of me. We were basically facing each other. I slowed my stroking but didn’t stop completely. At first i thought, dammit….im interrupted again. Then i decided,.. .no, i like this. With my sunglasses on, i continued to pump my fist up n down the length of my cock.
I turned my attention from my phone to the prett lady, im guessing to be in her mid to late 50s. I reclined my seat just a notch. She noticed me almost immediately after shutting off her ride. Both of our windows were open and i could hear her radio as she shut off her vehicle. perabet giriş With my phone still playing a vid of some little nymph getting dicked hard, i decided to turn up the volume. As i did, i began to be more aggressive with my pumping.
I held my phone up, eye level n watched the girl get fuck, moaning loudly as my first pumped the length of my shaft…not focusing on the head or i would cum in no time at all. My sunglass covered eyes drifting back n forth between my phone and the pretty woman directly in front of me. She caught on pretty quickly what I was doing….unsure if it was my shoulder movement or that i just blatantly didn’t care if she noticed or not. I was enjoying the fact i had a spectator.
As the fuck scene ended in a facial for the girl, i see the lady look down on her dash, she reaches over n i heard her turning off the music. Ok. I slow my stroking to bring up a fav vid, one with loud fucking and the slap, slap slap of bodies colliding. I crank the volume…almost even too loudly for me….i knew she’d hear it.
I put the phone down at waist level again and return to jerking. It was perfect, the womans eyes grew larger and more suprised as the reality of what was going on washed over her. The suprise never left her face. I pretended to be looking down at my phone but kept my eyes focused on the lady. It was all so perfect! I slowed my stroking….i was closer perabet güvenilir mi than I wanted to be….oozing precum like crazy. Fuck it, i lifted a thick stringy bead to my mouth. Wrapping my lips around my finger and sucking it into my mouth.
The look of shoch on her face was clear. It slowly started to change from suprise to what i swear was lust. One of my fave porn stars (Margo ?) was getting pounded by some young n hung guy. The woman stared intently at me, never shifting her gaze. It was sll too much, i was going to cum soon. So much for beating my meat all afternoon.
With Margo cumming loudly on screen, i stopped and let my cock just twitch n throb in the sunlight. I raised my head to make it clear i was looking directly at this pretty, older lady even though i had never really stopped. With no audible interference from her radio or my phone, i began to slap my swollen cock into the palm of my hand with loud audible smack, smack, smacks! I was starting to breathe heavily n began to moan….oh fuck! As i started erupting. Several thick streamers flying high into the air before landing on my chest, one streamer catching my left cheek. My face was contorted in ecstacy.
Her face was showing a suprised lust, her lips pursed in in a tight little o. As my breathing slowed and my cock began to deflate, i grabbed my cum rag n made a clear show of cleaning the cum off of my face and chest. Watching her the whole time, only glimpsing down to see where the streamers were. A slow smile emerged on her face and it lit up to a huge grin as we watched each other. I smiled back. I mouthed…”thank you “, as i started my car.. Its been a great day so far.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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