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Same day in the afternoon my phone rang.It was Olga.
I talked to Alexandra, she will be at your home in 30 minutes.She’ll come with taxi so you pay her cab price,okay?
Okay, okay no problem.
Don’t forget your promise.You will not touch her.She is virgin.Just with foot.
You must teach her how to do.
20 minutes later I heard a car voice.Yes, it was Alexandra.She was in the taxi.
I went downstairs.I called the the cab driver and said that she was looking for my home.And, I paid for the taxi.The cab’s gone.
For the first time I saw her closely.She was really so beautiful.She has blonde long hair has green eyes.She was almost 163 cm.Her body was full.She was wearing a very short jeans shorts and a very small t shirt.She had dark blue flip flop slippers at feet.But, she was keeping her distance to me.And she was a little fearful.She hadn’t any nail polish on toes but her feet were really very well-groomed.I can lick and suck every inch of her feet.She asked me unpleasantly and with a very bad English.
Where is home??
Come with me.
I showed the way and went home with her. I was also very excited.
Her bare sexy legs had made me excited.We entered home.I closed the door.She took her flip flops off and went towards window.She was watching the street from window.She turned and asked me something in her own language.
I didn’t understand. Probably, she had liked my house.
She sat on the sofa and began waiting without looking at me.I was trying to lighten the mood.
Would you like to have some drink? Vodka, whisky or??
No, no..
I think she didn’t like to drink alcohol.She showed me fruit juices on the table.
I gave her fruit juice.And, I took a glass of whisky.
She was sitting on sofa.She showed my whisky and said somethings.I think she said that drinking alcohol is not good.Or somethings similar.I didn’t know how we will understand each other.She can not speak English and I can not speak Russian.
How old are you?
She had understood.She showed with hands.She was 21
And,she asked my age.
I showed with hands that I’m 74.
She was very surprised. She said somethings in her language.I think,she was saying I’m too old.,
I asked her how much time we had.It was about 15:30.
She showed me her watch and had time till 17:30.
I was sitting on the armchair opposite of her.I told her come and sit next to me.
She said no!
I was staring at her legs and feet. She was ashamed.She said somethings.Probably, she didn’t want me to look at her legs.
Your legs are great Alexandra..I want you to take my dick between your feet..okay?
She didn’t understand what I said. But, she had understood I want somethings about her feet and legs.She looked at her legs and said somethings.And, she began to laugh.
I decided to speak more clear.I showed her feet.And, I caressed my penis at my shorts.
She said no!
Please Alexandra..
Why did you come here then?? And, I suddenly was very surprised.
You are too old!
She was speaking English.Her English was not good but it was enough for me.
How old are you?
I’m 74..
How old are you?
I’m 21!
Why did you come here then??
Because, Olga asked me to come here.She said that she would take me at 17:30
Did she say any other thing?
Yes..You have said to her that you like my legs.
Yes, that’s right. I desire them.
No! You are too old.
Sweetie, I will only kiss and you will caress.
I had understood that I wouldn’t be able to fuck her foot.I had to find a way to fuck her.
Sweetie, don’t understand me wrong.But, I can give you money.You will do only with your foot.
How is that? with my foot??
Yes..I can teach you.
You are strange.
Yes, I know.
Meanwhile I was staring at her sexy feet.I began to play with my penis at my shorts.
Don’t look at my legs..!
I stood up and went to my room.And, I took 2 pieces of 50 usd from my wallet.
I put into bahis siteleri canlı my pocket one of the dollars.And, I put other 50 usd on the sofa.
Please, get this money.It’s for you.
She looked at this money for a while.And, she slowly took it.
Okay..but you will only caress.
Can’t you touch it with your foot.I showed my penis at my shorts.
But, I gave you 50 usd. At least you must touch my shorts with your foot.
She had understood that I’ll want my money back.
But, I’ll touch only your shorts.
But you’re not gonna pull your foot back quickly!
What do you want..! I’ll touch your shorts. My foot will be there all day??
No, you can caress till I finish.
How long does it take?
It will not take long, perhaps 10 minutes.
But, never come to my foot, okay?
Okay.. Can I sit next to you?
Okay,sit but never touch my body, just feet..okay?
I sat next to her.She was waiting.
If you want you can put your foot on my shorts..
She slowly took her left flip flop slipper off.She raised her left leg and put her left foot on my shorts.Now, her left foot was on my right leg.I slowly kept her left leg and began caressing.I was caressing towards her ankle and heel.That was really incredible.I was about to fuck the foot of the most beautiful girl of the gymnastics team.
I slowly grabbed her left ankle.And I placed her sexy foot over my penis, at my shorts.I was watching her sexy foot’s view on my shorts.I slowly helped her to move her foot on my penis.She had understood what she must do.And, she began to caress my penis with her left foot.She was caressing quickly.Probably, she wanted me to ejaculate as soon as possible.,She was caressing with her soles and heel.Her foot was really so sexy.
She was caressing my penis with her foot and talking to me.
You, 74??
You are like my grandfather.
Perhaps, but you are sexy too. When I saw you first time I decided to fuck you.
She didn’t understand what I said. But, she pretended as if she understood.
Thank you..
I’m gonna put my dick between your feet in a little while. I’m gonna squirt between your feet.
Do you want that? (She didn’t understand again)
I was talking to her as I wanted.
I was always dreaming to fuck foot of a gymnast girl’s
Thank you..
Actually, I prefer to fuck you at the bathroom.
She understood that I was talking about bathroom.
Okay , what?
She wanted to take shower.
Oh, okay, of course.
She pulled her foot from my shorts.And, she went to bathroom by naked foot.
She closed the door and began to take shower.I waited for her about 15 minutes.I was thinking how I will fuck her at the bathroom.
My penis had got maximum erection. Suddenly, water sound stopped.And, she opened the hair dryer.
I suddenly decided to enter the bathroom.I opened the door and entered.
She was sitting on the toilet and drying her hair.She was wearing a mini black bikini.Her hair was blonde and long.She was very light skin.There was no nail polish on toes.But her foot was big for her age and length.Her feet were so clean and well-groomed.
She was really so beautiful.
She didn’t seem surprised when she saw me in the bathroom. But, she closed the hair dryer.She was keeping hair dryer in her hand.She was waiting for what I would do.
I slowly caressed her blonde hair..She seemed ashamed.But, I didn’t care.She was absolutely not looking at me.
While I caress her hair , I slowly pulled down my shorts.
I took my dick out. My dick was almost at her mouth’s level.Because she was sitting when I was standing.
She peeped into my penis. I knew my stiff penis affected her.I got my penis closer to her lips. She slowly looked at my face.And, she put her long hair towards behind with her right hand.I think she didn’t know what to do or she was ashamed. I touched her lips slightly with my penis. I grabbed her head tipobet giriş with my one hand and I pulled it towards my penis. We were not speaking.Bathroom was so silence.I was holding my penis with my one hand.And, I was trying to push penis into her mouth while keeping her head with my other hand.She slowly opened her lips and and took my penis into her mouth.
I began to move my penis in her mouth, back and forth. And, holding her head with my both hands, I began to fuck her mouth.It was so clear she was doing that first time.
I was fucking her mouth, back and forth. I was moving my hips and keeping her head with my both hand.She was holding her hands at her legs.She was not touching my penis. Sometimes, she was gagging.And, I was taking my penis out from her mouth.And, I was placing it into her mouth again.Sometimes, she was stopping the sucking to take breath. There was no sound in the bathroom.
I started to fuck her mouth faster. I was about to explode in her mouth.
I took my penis from her mouth.And, holding her both leg , I put my penis between her both foot.She was keeping the toilet with both hand.I was standing.And, I was moving my penis back and forth between her feet.I was trying not to ejaculate.I fucked her both foot for a while.I was moving my penis between Alexandra’s young and sexy feet like mad.
She had began to take pleasure. She was moaning.
I was fucking her heels.My penis was slipping between Alexandra’s wet heels.
She was moaning with short and high voices in the bathroom.
And, I started to ejaculation with a very big explosion between Alexandra’s young and sexy feet.My sperms splashed to her body.I was ejaculating between her feet.And,I was still moving my wet penis back and forth between her wet feet.
Ohhh…you are absolutely better than your trainer.
Her all feet were full of my sperms.My sperms were dripping from her feet to the floor of the bathroom.
She was crazy with pleasure.She began to caress my penis with her wet foot.When I told her she was better than Olga, that seduced Alexandra.
Ahhh..fff…you are so good..It’s incredible, you are 74.I first time had an experience like that. You seduced me.That foot thing great.
She was pressing her foot soles against my penis.She was still caressing. Her feet were soaked.
If you desire I can fuck you as normal.
No..I’m virgin!
You are 21 and still virgin..?
Yes, why not?
Okay, okay no problem..
Can I ask you something?
Yes, you can
Have you done same with Olga?
Do you mean foot thing?
Yes, I fucked her foot at sports hall first.Next day, I fucked her at the beach.
Oh..I remember,we were having sun bath.You went there with Olga.
You did same foot thing at the beach?
No..We did different.
How did you do?? Please, I want to know..
She began to caress my penis again.She was slowly rubbing with her one foot.
Don’t seduce me..stop caressing my thing..It will wake up again.You want it become erect again?
May be..will you be able to do again??
I need time..
I wait..But, tell me how you did Olga at the rocks?
Meanwhile, she was slowly caressing my penis.She was speaking spoiled and temperamental. She began to use her foot more effectively on my penis.
Otherwise, don’t you want that?. (she was meaning her foot)
Yes..I fucked her on the rocks.
You did the same thing you did with me ?
No, I fucked her from behind.
Oh..Our trainer is a real bitch. She told that you are a very sweet old man.And, she said that you were good friend with her.
So, she lied to you.
Will you keep your promise now? I told you everything about Olga and me.
I was thinking that I would be able to fuck her.
Well.. will you open your front or back side to me?
I’m virgin.This is not possible.
I was ready to pay every price to fuck her ass. I was thinking tipobet güvenilir mi to offer her 500 usd.
Look , I’m a 74 old.I had sex with a lot of woman during my all life.But, I never fucked a 21years old gymnast girl..I’m ready to pay every price for that.
Wow, you are very ambitious.But, I did not have sex even with my boy friend.
I can pay 500 USD! I want to do you from behind.
That was very big money for her.
She was shocked. She didn’t expect that. are very generous…I don’t know..I’m very afraid.
Let your front hole to your boy friend. That will be so slow.I promise I’ll do very slow.I won’t hurt you.
Do you have to do that? You can do my foot again.
Well..I never paid 500 USD for these kind of things.But, I can pay this to you now.
I knew she needed this money.Because, that was very big money for her.
Okay, but only one time.And, you mustn’t hurt me.
I promise, but call Olga and say that we will have a dinner.So, I’ll take you to hotel with cab till 12:00 o’clock.
Can I get the money?
Of course.
I gave her 500 USD.She put it into her bag and called Olga.And, she said that she will have a dinner with me.They discussed for a while in their language.And, she closed the phone.
Is there any problem with Olga?
No, we solved.
I would like to have a shower again.My all legs and feet are full of your semen.
Okay…take your shower.I’m waiting for you in the bedroom.
But I did not leave the bathroom.She was taking shower in the bathtub.She had closed the curtain of the bathtub.She was not aware of me.I suddenly decided to take shower with her in the bathtub.With a sudden decision I took my shorts and t shirt off.I opened the bathtub’s curtain and entered the bathtub.She was surprised.And, she began to push me..
What are you doing..get out!
But, I sat in the bathtub.The bathtub was full of soapy water.Alexandra was standing in the bathtub.She attempted to go from bathtub.But,I kept her left foot ankle.She was holding the showerhead at the bathroom to avoid falling.I was trying to sit her left foot on my penis in the soapy water of the bathtub.
What are you doing, stupid old man.!
I was not speaking. There was a fight between her and me in the bathtub.
My penis had maximum erection.
I gave you 500 USD!
She suddenly stopped and calmed down.She was not resisting.
Holding her left foot ankle ,I placed her left foot on my penis which is in the water.
Now, she was standing in the water and keeping the showerhead and trying to place her foot on my penis.She completely placed her left foot on my penis.And, she began caressing my penis.I was lying in the bathtub and she was caressing my penis with her left foot while she standing.Sometimes I was keeping her left foot ankle and helping her.I had planned to fuck her from behind.But, I was about to come second time to the foot of that young gymnast girl’s.She was watching her foot and my penis.There was not any sound in the bathroom.There was just water sound.
Ahh.. I’m coming..I love to fuck the feet of gymnast girls’s.
This talking had seduced her.She began to caress faster..And, she began to finger herself. She was taking pleasure like mad.She began to shake.We were coming at the same time.. crazy old man!!..ahhh.. sexy gymnast girl!! ohhh. watch ! how I’m coming to your foot..! I’m coming!!
I began to ejaculation to her foot like crazy.
She was fingering herself and shaking.She was moaning and screaming with very short and high voices.
Ah…ah..ahhh… you crazy old man..!!
She was caressing my penis like mad in the water.My sperms were spreading in the water.
Finally, she and me had finished together.She got out of the bathtub and dried her hair. She was wearing her shorts and t shirt;
I want to give you back that 500 USD, it’s too much.
Well, as you wish, honey. Take 100 USD for yourself.
Okay thank you.
She kissed my cheeks. I took her to dinner. And, after dinner I took her to hotel.
Alexandra had liked me.
But, now I wonder what Olga thinks.Probably, she would be jealous of Alexandra.
The coming days will show us what’s going on.

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