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Having anal sexy with a buddy’s wife
During the third photo session, everything had gone out of my hands, since every one of my buddies had fucked my sexy wife, that had reached a tremendous state of arousal.

Worst of all, were last words from my sweet Ana at the end of that meeting. She had warned the guys we would have another session; but the gangbang should be shared with another of the wives…

I felt aroused when thinking the idea of having another buddy’s wife there that I could screw. It was definitely meeting my approval.

Ana had challenged the guys to find some loving wife amongst them; but two weeks later I had heard no news of progress on that point; until finally one day, my sweet babe arrived home from shopping with some company.

There at the front door I found a very attractive redhead some age of Anita; with a very hard toned body, killer legs, nice firm tits and a sexy smile with plump lips.
She was Petra, my buddy’s Terry wife…

Ana looked a bit excited when she introduced her sexy nice friend to me.
She said her new girlfriend had never met the other husbands of our secret photo sessions…

Petra was quite formally dressed in a dark skirt suit that was cut well to emphasize her shaped body.

My wife came over me and suddenly she put her hand on my crotch, pressing against my very quiet dick, which immediately began to stir. She whispered in my ear that she had already told Petra was keen on participating in our photo sessions; although Terry was unaware of our actual conversation.
I was a bit astonished, thinking in the chance of fucking this sensual wild redhead; when Petra walked over me and put a hand on my buttocks…

She smiled and said she was horny about the idea; but she was sure her husband would not be so happy like her, when he would know that his sensual wife was interest in joining us…

Worst of all, she added that she had not had any decent sex for over a year. As she spoke, Petra ran her soft hand all over my bum.

Meanwhile Ana worked on my dick and brought it to attention inside my trousers. I spread my legs slightly; thus enabling Petra to fondle my crotch from behind. I was in Heaven, feeling both women’s hands touching my crotch…

I turned my head and kissed that sexy redhead’s lips. Then my wife knelt down and opened my flies, putting a hand inside and rubbing me through my boxer shorts. I slipped Petra’s jacket from her shoulders and she began to unbutton her silky blouse.

Anita opened my trousers and let them fall to my ankles. I began feeling Petra’s tits through her white bra. Then I felt Ana’s sweet lips wrapped around my hardened cock, as her friend canlı bahis kept feeling my naked bum with her soft hands…

I wanted to get Petra’s pussy; so I unzipped her tight skirt. Soon I could see she was wearing a white suspender belt, tan stockings and a tiny white thong. My wife stood up and she stripped off too.
Ana was dressed like her friend; with nylon stockings, suspenders and a little sexy thong. I could see her nipples were in attention.

Both girls opened their legs for me to get access and I could feel wetness from each crotch. I slipped a finger into each. In return Petra got hold of my dick and Ana inserted a finger in my asshole.

After a couple minutes, Ana told me to get on the floor. She pulled off my boxers and they both removed their thongs, showing me that Petra had a very sweet shaven mound, already wet and glistening.

I lay on the carpet. Quickly this sensual redhead straddled me and she lowered her body onto my hard cock. Meanwhile my wife grabbed my head and slowly brought her pussy lips onto my mouth.

I sucked Ana’s pussy greedily while I pumped my groin into Petra.
After just a couple minutes it was all over; I could not help but spunk into Petra’s nice warm cunt.
I really exploded into her horny womb, groaning like crazy with my grunts muffled into Ana’s pussy lips.

Ana smiled at me, saying next time I should be able to make them both cum before I unloaded my urgent sperm…Petra nodded…

Then we went to the bathroom and had a warm shower. I fingered both girls under the water, until they came crying like bitches in heat. I felt I was in Heaven again, enjoying their sexy bodies…
Petra looked to be starving for a cock; so she never left my dick.
She even inserted her fingers up my asshole; saying that Terry had never let her to do this naughty thing to him…

Petra asked me to feel her cunt; so I fingered her to orgasm.
After we rinsed got bodies dry, we all went to our bedroom. Anita asked if I could do the same to her; but in stereo with Petra…

Both ladies then adopted positions so I could get access to pussies and asses as I would like. But then I suggested I did each of them separately, with the assistance of the other girl.

Anita let Petra go first so I lay alongside her with one hand between her legs stimulating her clitoris. Meanwhile my horny wife licked her girlfriend pussy lips. Petra was really soaking wet…

After I made Petra came in my hand, I transferred her pussy juices onto her anus. Then I began to put a little pressure on her tight anal opening as Anita kept giving her some clitoral stimulation.

Petra’s breathing quickened and she began poker oyna to move under my fingers. Suddenly her anal ring opened and my finger slipped up into her very tight anus. She began to buck her hips onto Ana’s mouth, crying she was coming again.
She finally screamed out louder and her bum pumped on my finger. At last Petra was calm, as her body fell exhausted onto the bed…

Now it was Ana’s turn to enjoy some double attention.

But I still wanted to fuck Petra. So I got her on her back and soon I entered her wild cunt. I pumped her for some minutes and then Ana straddled Petra’s chest, presenting her hips and buttocks to me.

Petra held my wife’s nice butt cheeks open, so I could get my mouth right on to Anita’s pussy. I began to lick the whole of her crotch and put as much of my saliva on her as I could.
Ana was producing a nice amount of juice and was soon dripping.
I concentrated on her clitoris, tonguing her gently at first. Soon I heard my sexy wife moaning hard, saying she was ready to cum…

I transferred my lingual attention to her little anal rosebud.

As Ana rocked with her orgasm I started again to pump Petra, who had patiently waited her turn with my dick up her vagina, holding my wife’s anus open for me while I got her to orgasm.

Her soft cunt was wet, but also very tight and it gripped my cock tightly. Soon I came into her, pumping like there was no tomorrow. We all three then collapsed onto the bed, exhausted and laughing.

We spent the rest of the evening licking, sucking and fingering each other as we planned another photo session with the guys.

Then I agreed to get in touch with Mitch, who usually led on the organizing, telling him we had another woman to screw; so he could arrange with the guys a new encounter in our usual motel.

As Ana described the gangbang with the guys, Petra started feeling her own pussy lips. She admitted she had never had anal sex with Terry. But the bastard had sodomized my willing wife instead…

Anita laughed and told Petra that I could have her now, up the bum, nice and gentle, with her help. Then she would be prepared for the other guys, including her own naughty husband…
Petra smiled and said that it was fine for her. She would try. Hearing this, I felt my dick hardening under the bed sheets…

Ana just recommended me to be careful with her girlfriend. Then she squeezed a generous amount of lube jelly onto her fingers. I asked Petra to get on all fours; with her face down to the mattress and her bum up in the air. Then Anita started to massage the jelly over her tight dark little rosebud.
Petra moaned with her eyes closed and canlı poker oyna Ana pressed a bit harder her finger up that nice tight rear ring. anus. I saw this little bitch was pushing back against Anita’s fingers…

The redhead bitch even spread her buttocks with her both hands; so her nice anus entrance came fully into view. Seconds later Ana was finally able to slip two fingers deeply up her rectum…
Ana continued pumping her fingers until she felt Petra’s ring was dilated enough to shove a hard dick like mine inside of that ass…

Soon her anus opened a little further and Petra gasped as my naughty little wife took her fingers out of her.
Ana looked at me and she smiled, saying now her girl was all mine.
My wife then sucked my cock until it was rock hard and she smeared a bit of lube jelly all over the tip. Then she moved her hands to spread Petra’s ass cheeks for me.

Ana moaned and I noticed that Petra was fingering my wife’s cunt.

I got an approval grunt from Petra as I grabbed her hips.
Then I positioned my cockhead against that gaping rear hole and pushed inside, just so the tip was in her. Petra exhaled deep; then she turned her head to look back at me over her shoulder. She nodded and encouraged me to go on.
Anita squeezed yet more lube jelly over Petra’s butt, just where my dick was inside her anus. Then I pressed forward and another couple of inches went up into this sweet bottom.

I moved out slightly, pulling back an inch or so; but this bitch just responded by pushing back at me, trying to get my dick further inside her anus.

I was clearly not causing her any, pain; so I gently thrust a little forward and was met with no resistance. I withdrew slightly again and then put my dick in further. This time I was finally into the hilt.

Petra put her head down again and she cried with pleasure into the mattress. Soon she started a rhythmic clenching and unclenching of her buttocks which almost made me cum up her. I started a rhythm of my own, in and out of her anus.

Anita reached out and put her hand under me to feel my balls, as I kept thrusting in and out of her sexy girlfriend’s ass.
Then she moved her other hand to Petra’s cunt and stimulated her clit as I sodomized her. I felt again I was in Heaven…

I could feel the redhead beginning to orgasm. As she did, crying loud, my sweet wife inserted a finger into my own anus and that made me came immediately.
Petra rocked onto my dick and Anita laughed in delight:
I fucked again Petra under the warm shower, as my sexy wife watched us and fingered herself to orgasm.
When she finally left, I called Terry, telling him that I had got another second slutty wife for the next gangbang photo session. My buddy cheered up about hearing the news…

I smiled to myself, thinking about that poor guy when he would find out the second lady was his own slutty horny wife…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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