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Helen’s Hyperspermia
The over production of sperm.

Panty Boy, CD, Dick Girl, Upskirt, Flashing, Group Sex, Kinky

Helen rode in their Luxury Coach RV with Pete at her side. Her idea and his business savvy had made them millionaires.

Pete was a washed up, ex pro footballer nearing 50 and living from appearances at Football conventions. He was never outstanding but did have some fame in Super Bowl games. He was in better than average physical shape, yet too many broken bones ended his career leaving him with arthritis. He lived in an old Winnebago, making appearances and fishing.

Helen met him 15 years ago, when she was “Hank”, a 20 year old football nerd after a signature. He had paid to take a picture with him then several hours later saw Pete leaving a local bar. He followed his RV to a near by rest area, when Pete stepped out, Hank approached again. With Hank making beer runs, they chatted for hours. Six months later, they crossed paths again. Pete barely recognized him, Hank’s hair was longer, his character more feminine and Pete saw a pantie waist when Hank reached above him allowing his shirt to roll up. Pete though “He’s a Pansy”, it didn’t bother him because Hank bought beer. Pete was hung over when he woke, but he was sure he been blown twice that night. He found a note from Hank with his cell number that said “call me sometime”. A year passed before Pete called him, unfortunately it was from 150 miles away in Jail.

Hank paid his fine and told him he should take a month, live with him and get his self together because he was better than being a jailbird. Hank rented a small modular home in the country. He worked every day, cooked and cleaned his home and spent hours rebuilding him back to the “Peter the Great” image he once was. Peter’s curiosity got the best of him, he rummaged through the house finding Hank’s secrets. He had remembered Hank’s blow jobs but there wasn’t any indication that they were real since he hadn’t mentioned them or shown anything “pansy” since his arrival. Inside the house, Pete found nothing! Sitting on his rear deck, he checked a storage locker for a seat cushion and found his stash! Bra’s, Panties, false breast, skirts, dresses and sex toys! Digging deeper, he found a photo album containing pics of Hank dressed and indulging kinky sex. He began to see Hank in a different light even though homosexual acts had not been something he ever considered.

A month had passed, Pete had really shaped up. Hank came home, Pete noticed his hair was cut and after taking off his hat, it was more like a girl’s Pixie cut. After dinner, Hank surprised him showing him his glory days in pro ball. As hank sat thrilled watching his self, Hank left, showered and came back in a over-sized football jersey and thin “hot pants” shorts. Hank sat down, the leg band rose on his shorts showing green lace panties. They watched the high lights together, laughing and commenting. Hank’s “over the top” reactions flashed his ass cheeks. When Hank leaned to replace the CD, his hot pants hugged his ass tight, showing pantie lines! A “cheer leader” blurb allowed Hank to ask Pete about his women? Pete embellished his story then said they were behind him now since back surgery had made it too painful to fuck. Pete saw Hank light up! Questioning Hank about his women, Hank replied that he didn’t want to shock him but he actually preferred males. Pete was calm, then lied “I had no clue. You hide it well”. Hank said “I have to, these Bozo’s would kill me”. Pete grinned “not with me here! I’ll go Peter the Great on their ass”! Hank laughed falling back lifting his legs and flashing his clean shaved pantie covered crotch! Hank grinned, “I see your panties”! Hank told him “I knew you would sooner or later. I usually “dress” behind my closed door but with you here, I toned down”. Pete replied “don’t be uncomfortable in your own home, dress if you choose”. Hank grinned “maybe this weekend”.

The weekend came, Pete saw Hank cooking in a Cami top and Silk pajama pants. His pixie cut hair and eye make up was perfect! As he stirred, his ass cheeks wiggled in Black Bikini panties. They ate, Hank left, then returned finding Pete outside in the back yard. Pete turned to see Hank in a cute, casual A-Line, thin floral print dress with a mid thigh hem. “Damn Hank”, Pete grinned “for a second I almost asked “can I help you”? Hank laughed, covering his face replying “no, just me! Actually my Helen side”! Pete walked to him/her extending his hand saying “Helen, come on down”! She stepped down the steps and her short hem flashed up to his pantie crotch! Pete noted that there wasn’t any hair on her arms or legs. They walked around chatting about nothing as Pete gave her ass and legs close stare’s. As she walked up the steps, he watched her cheeks come into view with her leg bands cutting deep. She sat facing him while he remained in the yard. She knew his eyes were in her crotch, viewing her filled gusset because no matter how much her legs were closed, their slimness always left a pantie view. Helen had a fat cock almost 3 inches wide soft, 7 inches long and her ball sack didn’t hang low. When they moved to go back inside, Helen gaped her legs, Pete said “hey! That wasn’t very lady like”. Helen laughed loudly “I’m not a pro..yet”!

In the house Pete said “maybe it’s not my business but did I glance a condom”? She blushed “I must have really gaped you, I’m sorry but yes you did”. Pete smirked “why”? She grinned “ask anything..But I have “Hyperspermia”.. I over produce semen…If I build up, I must release it or it purges on it’s own..The condom saves me from embarrassment”. Pete grinned “OK”, she replied “my cock never gets hard or actually stiff, maybe bulkier”? Pete grinned “that’s a bitch”! She grinned “not really, I have never penetrated anyone, so can’t miss that use”. Pete grinned “you’re a virgin”! Helen laughed until she was breathless illegal bahis siteleri then replied “No, I sometimes get what I give…orally”. She knew what his next question would be, she grinned “don’t ask”! They laughed together. In that calm yet sexual atmosphere, she said “back pain ruined your sex life”? Pete laughed, “no, I had a long term relationship with “Rosy Palm” but I got bored with her, so I just gave up…Think about it, what woman today will waist her time with a man who can’t fuck”? Helen got up saying “true..Woman, no!…Girl, no!…..A G-U-R-L might see things differently”, she giggled and scampered away.

When she came back she said “had to change my condom”. “Wow, Pete replied, you mean it just happened while we talked”? That took their chat deeper, he asked her how far did she plan to go with her body changes? Helen replied, “Grow my breast, put some weight in my butt, have my Adam’s apple shaved but I’m keeping my cock! Maybe one day I’ll have someone to “feed” with it”. Pete grinned, she told him it would be her fantasy to have a young man always ready to relieve her. Pete smiled “Like a Bitch with puppies”. Helen laughed “that’s a crude explanation but yes!..just hang it out there and let them suck when they wanted”! Thirty minutes passed as they watched TV, Pete asked “so you’re a Gurl”? Helen laughed “No! I’m just a Pantie boy, girl like without much adornment working my way to be a Gurl”. Pete hesitated, she said “ask me”. His mouth trembled, she said “yes, Pantie boys suck!… I suck!…Not as often as I would like and it’s much less than I get sucked”! She grinned “am I shocking the crap out of you”? Pete laughed! She saw him looking under her dress, she said “yes, it’s leaking! All this sex talk”! They laughed together she said “me..Me…Me, we talked about but..Don’t you miss cumming, you said Rosy doesn’t do it for you”? Pete hung his head “yes”. Helen grinned, “a willing mouth would work for you! Soft, wet, tight! A tongue swirling your shaft….Peter the Great!…Helen’s mouth would work for you”! Pete broke a cold sweat, then said “you would do me”? She crawled before him, head down with her hands feeling up his legs. Her fingers stole into his shorts, lifted out his cock then turned her face up as she sank her mouth over it! “Mmmmmm”, she moaned as she sucked his cock. Helen head bobbed up and down several times, Pete shouted “oh Hell”! In seconds his balls churned as his cum flew into her mouth! Helen sucked the tip firmly as his legs shook wildly! “Jesus!…Jesus” he screamed as she emptied him!

When his cock wilted, she let it drop from her mouth, bowed her head and slid back into her seat. She sat up, hand brushing her hair asking “feel better”? Pete covered his cock smiling “Hell Yes”! Helen grinned, rolled her dress back, pulled her condom covered cock out, then slowly rolled it off saying “Me too”! “That must be 1 or 2 freaking ounces”, Pete grinned. Helen got up replying “all the Damn time”. She came back sat down, Pete said “I hate you suffer, that has to be awful” she gave him a sad smile.

Helen was beaming! It was Sunday just past noon, she was fully dressed in public for the first time! Pete had woke wanting to so something special for her, then talked her into letting him take her to a small Lake Park that had few visitors, 30 miles away. She really looked nice in a Summer Floral dress and he told her! They had walked nearly 40 minutes, she said “we need to pause”. He walked her to a small fishing pier, she leaned on the rail saying “it will only take a minute”. She almost screamed in shock when she felt his hand lift her hem, dig between her legs and drew her cock back! “Pete! What are you”, she spoke before she felt his hand strip her condom and jerk her cock! Helen grunted as cum spurted behind her! In a minute, she quickly turned and saw her condom floating with wads of white, thick cum in the water. She blushed “Pete! How could you”? He grinned and turned away, she giggled “hey! I don’t have another condom”! He kept walking answering “it’s biodegradable and there’s plenty of earth below us”. They spent 2 hours more there, Pete jerked her cock 3 more times before they left.

The evening was just setting in, Helen had showered earlier, dressed in a very short, Navy Blue Chiffon night dress. It barely hung low enough to cover her cock as she was nude under it. Pete whistled, she snickered “I don’t feel like I have to hide anything anymore”. She sat telling him “thanks for her first day out and more thanks for his special touch”. He grinned “it was nothing, I didn’t plan my touch, it just seemed the natural thing to do”. She smiled “I may have wanted it, but never did I think that would happen”. He smiled and she suddenly stood up. then grabbed her hips stopping her, “where you going”? She looked back over shoulder replying “you know..I can’t help it..Today has been surreal and filling totally out of control”. His hand caressed her bare ass cheek, then gripped her cock! In seconds, she felt his mouth slid on her, she wailed “Peterrrrrr”!… His face sank against her cheeks as he took much of her cock inside his mouth. Helen’s cock blasted, she wobbled as wad after wad jetted into his mouth. Pete grasp her hips, steadying her as she leaned over grabbing her knee’s and forcing more of her cock behind her.
Peter jerked his head back and forth, sucking firmly as she poured cum! Helen whimpered, groaned and whined “ohhhhhh Peter! It won’t stop!..I’m sorry”. He sucked her until her flow stopped, she slowly folded down to her knees as he cock slid from his lips. He let her lay forward until he shoulders touched the floor. She remained ass up, face down breathing softly, he said “rest”. Pete also took the time to peer her ass hole. It had a thin line of deep black at it’s center, wrinkles trailing downward, with red coloring deep in her cleft. She knew he was looking perabet and wanted him to she whispered “it’s pussy now, seldom used but one day it will be cunt”. Giving him a few extra minutes, she got back in her seat.

She crossed her legs very lady like, shook her asking “are you OK? That was really a lot, I tried to stop it but you kept me making it..It was too good”. “I’m fine. It can’t hurt me, you made it, you wouldn’t let anything hurt me..You rescued me”. She smiled “I’d do it again! This day you gave me can’t be duplicated”. Pete leaned over, kissed her saying “you’re lucky I can’t fuck you”. Helen giggled, pushed him away and ran off for the night. The next few weeks passed with Hank disappearing more and Helen coming to the forefront. Months passed with Pete taking quality appearances making enough to purchase a newer RV and he started taking her with him. Their combined money allowed her to transition and when her breast couldn’t be hidden, Pete talked her into coming on the road with him full time. Two productive years living in the RV, traveling and Helen having had all the modifications, she wanted, she was finally the curvy Gurl, she had dreamed of. They chose an RV community in Florida as home, settled down there where Peter’s Football history got him solid work as a coach at a Private School. The more open minded Floridians let Helen flower.

Typical of coaches, young men hung around and being young they took quick notice of Helen. Pete encouraged her to have fun, flirt, flaunt and have her way as she chose. She had fun enticing and frustrating them. Pete asked her when was she going to go all the way with one? She replied that she had thought about it, considered a few but there were only 2 that really interested her. Pete grinned “who”? She told him 2 who were closeted future gurls that she wanted to help, they didn’t know she knew about them. Pete laughed “when”? Helen told him after they graduate next month she would work on them. Graduation passed, the boys moved on except for Vic and Wendell, just as she thought. Pete saw them often, they came to him but were there for Helen. Chatting that evening he said, “separated from the herd, I see their difference”. Helen grinned “I saw it and knew for sure when I saw Vic sucking Wendell’s cock”. They hung around daily so Pete asked them help Helen straighten up the storage unit as he would be busy at football camp.

The first day helping she intentionally let them find her old clothes and intimate wear. Inside the RV she monitored them on security cam as they played with them and hid pairs of her panties in their pockets. It wasn’t long before they were jacking off in her panties and giving each other blow jobs. It really got interesting when she saw Wendell finger fucking Vic’s ass. After blowing him, he spun him around and ate his ass hole. Over the next week, she had seen them do everything except fuck. Florida showers moved in, she called them in the RV but not before they found an album of her transition pictures. They came inside nearly glowing in “heat”! They paid particular attention to her nearly staging opportunities to peep her. She kept them trying and wondering.

The next day was worse, they came inside hearing that they would deep clean the RV. She wore a longer dress than normal, as time passed Vic said “you always wear dresses”. Helen grinned “Coach say’s women wear dresses not pants and they’re cooler”. “what material is that” Wendell asked pointing to her panties hanging out a drawer. She grabbed them saying “silk”, so soft, smooth. Comfortable” as she held up. Their eyes popped when she tossed them to him saying “feel” it’s like nothing at all”, they passed them back and forth. Vic shouted “wow, you’re right! I wish I could wear them, I mean they seem comfortable”! She giggled “you can, many men do, they just don’t advertise it”. “put them on. Check them out, I won’t tell”. He ran into the bathroom, came out saying “it’s like I’m wearing air”! Wendell shouted, “let me try a pair”? In a minute they were both walking around, she said “you have those, I have many, just don’t tell anyone. Helen gave them extra pairs before they left. Pete came home she said “I got them in panties”, he screamed laughing!

Two weeks later, Helen had them up to dressing after they admitted that they had experimented the gay side of life. Vic told her that they had accidentally seen their private photo albums and asked if she was “different”? Helen thanked them for their honesty then told them “yes”. They let out a loud exhale telling her they thoughts so then said they waned to be just like her! She hugged them, they asked if she still had a cock? Helen grinned “yes”, then stood! Their faces showed anticipation as she lifted her skirt showing them her bulged panties! Wendell shouted “that’s big”! She rolled her panties down letting her cock flop out! Vic’s hand gently lifted it, caressed it until she smeared with cum, he asked “may I suck it”? In seconds, Vic and Wendell were licking her shaft, lapping her glans, and sucking her balls! Helen giggled “suck me”, Vic suckled her and instantly felt her slime his tongue, she snickered “switch”. Back and forth they switched as she slowly surged cum into their mouths. She stopped them, sat down saying “my knees were weak”. They had many questions for her especially about her ability to cum continuously, she told them then grinned, “I have more and can probably give you more than they can take”. She told them of her and Pete’s situation, they shouted “we can help, we would love to have you feed us”! She hugged them telling them to let her think about it. Pete came home, she told him “they nearly sucked me dry today! Two heads between my thighs like dog’s sharing one bowl”! He laughed, “we will hit the road soon, are you bringing them”? Helen kissed him replying “I hope so”!

Another week passed, Pete came through perabet güvenilir mi the door shouting “what’s this I hear about you getting in my wife’s panties”? Helen winked then left the boys. “I hear you found her Milk Tit” then he laughed and rough housed them! “Guy’s I’m all for it, she’s part cow! Take all you can get, she will just make more”! They grinned, he told them it was good for her since she over produced. She was always available and would give them as much as she felt they needed at the time and make sure she kept enough to feed them all day! They smiled, he added that they should also stick “it” in her and stir her often! Helen walked back in “part cow? Are you telling all my secrets”? Pete replied “No! I didn’t tell them you loved being suckled from behind”, she giggled! They sat confirmed traveling plans, Pete said “and by the way Helen, no more panties! Your nipple should be right there free all the time so they can have it”! She faked a blush, stood up, d**g her panties off replying “yes sir”! Pete left them, Vic said “feeding time”! Helen giggled as they shoved her on her side, pulled her cock behind her and sucked it! Pete came back through laughing “way to go team” as she flowed cum into their mouths. Later as Helen’s head twisted, jerked and boobed in Pete’s lap she she said, “you’re too good to me”!

Helen was in a bright Sun Dress, nude beneath as she rode up front as Pete drove their RV. She winked to him, stood up leaned on his seat behind him. He heard scampering behind him as she giggled, he said “they got it”! Vic was behind her furiously sucking, she grinned “oh my god yes! Somebody is hungry”! She giggled softly “yes Baby, did I make you wait too long?..You should have just come and got it”. Minutes passed she grinned “that’s enough for you….Share now”. Wendell latched on her just as furious as Vic had been, “my goodness! Boy’s don’t wait for me to give it to you!…. Have Mercy, you really must have been starving”! Pete could hear him gagging “boy don’t kill yourself, she will give you plenty” then laughed loudly! After several minutes, Helen sat back down saying “I was throwing it as quickly as I could and they were still sucking it out of me faster”. Pete grinned “you know you love it”, she smiled “yes, I do”! An hour later they were at a Rest Stop walking around, Pete said “boys take her back and stir her pot! I’m going to continue walking a while. Helen giggled as they grabbed an arm leading her back to the RV. Thirty minutes later, he came in finding Helen on her stomach, dress at her neck line and the boys in their bunks lightly snoring. He walked over, spread her ass cheeks and saw cum glistening and her ass bud gurgling. He kissed her cheek, she said “they filled me and did a great job of doing it. They can actually fuck”!

Two days out, Pete chatted on the CB radio until he told him about “turn out” where they could park for the night. After parking, Helen and the boys sat on a blanket watching the evening sky as Pete and the trucker chatted. The trucker complimented him on his “family”. Helen sat with Wendell at her side, Vic’s head in her lap, not knowing Vic was sucking her cock. Vic sat up, Wendell went down, Pete said “sibling rivalry”, the trucker laughed “I know it well”. In minutes, Wendell sat up, the trucker said “I need to get home! Wish I could have my wife with me” as he saw Helen getting up. Gusty wind flashed her legs as she fought her hem down. The boys walked further away from her, Pete said “you want to fuck her”? The trucker asked if he was serious? Pete told him to walk to the blind side of his truck and open his door and he would bring her to have a look inside. The boys paid no attention as Pete walked her away. Pete walked her around, lifted her hem slightly and the trucker rammed into her! He thrust saying “Damn Lady, Thanks!..It’s been 2 weeks since I was home”! In 5 minutes, his cum rushed into her! He said “one more please! It won’t take long, I just have a corner left”! Helen giggled as he stroked into her again! In a minute, he hissed, “yes! Yes! There it is”! Helen grinned as his cock burped out his last wads! As Helen casually walked away, the trucker said “Damn her cunt is tight, but great”! Pete laughed, “that’s how she got me”! Helen was with the boys, Wendell said “can I have a stir”? She giggled, “I thought you might and lubed before we came out”. Wendell said “there’s a wide tree ahead”. Still with the trucker, Pete saw them disappearing, “guess they needed to pee” as the trucker laughed. In a short while they came back, the boys went in the RV, she walked to them saying “you need to get home! I’m dripping still”. The trucker smiled, “Lady you’re right! I’ve caught my second wind and could do you again”! She giggled, “you want in this mess you’ve put in me”? Pete grinned walking them around the truck again. He was in her in seconds, he looked at Pete saying “friend, no words could show my appreciation”! The trucker slammed into her, knocking cum out of her! Her cock flipped around throwing cum on her dress, Helen groaned loudly! “She’s cumming”, Pete snickered! “Give it up”, the trucker said as he rammed into her! In minutes, she walked with Pete saying, “the boys will think it’s theirs. I fucked them also”. He grinned “I figured you did”. As they went inside the boys rushed her, she said “I’m dripping, you can’t want more already, your cocks can’t be itching”? Pete laughed, “Helen, give them some more! Honey, they’re young”. She grinned, “well come on but you’ll be stirring in your own mess”! Later she said “Gosh Pete! The trucker fucked me twice, the boys have fucked me 6 times each”! He grinned “and they are probably sucking cock right now”.

That night was turning point for her. She knew there were other people like her and put her on the path to finding them. In time she internet searched, found many and started “HFC” the Hyperspermia Friends Circle. Over years of time it grew with meetings, conventions including Doctors, Surgeons and affluent people. As founding members, CEO, CFO and owners, they became wealthy. In their exclusive Private club “HFF” HyperFuck Friends, they shared Kinky fun.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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