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HIS P.E.T. 15


My experience with riding horses had been marginal, restricted primarily to a few afternoon rides with associates at a ranch catering to tourist types. So, I stood in the barn, out of the way, as Samantha prepared two of their horses: a stallion she was riding and a mare for me. She had the mare saddled and ready, handing me the reins to hold while she applied the bit and reins for the stallion.

I nervously stroked the side of the horse’s huge head and down her neck as I stood naked in the barn. “You aren’t using a saddle?”

“My friends have been teaching me the finer points of riding bareback. If I am not moving cattle or having to get up and down frequently, I like the feel of being on the horse without the saddle. I don’t know … I guess I like the feeling of his muscles working underneath me.”

I looked at her feet, then at mine. I was wearing a pair of her cowboy boots while she was in moccasins. “Is that the reason why I have boots on?”

She smiled, hearing the question not being asked. “Yes, the boots have heels designed for assisting in staying in the stirrups. Mares are more gentle rides but none of our horses are the kind of gentle ride that a dude ranch would have.”

I recognized and acknowledged to myself the feeling of anxiety at the idea of riding away from the barn area naked. The idea of nudity is not new to me by any thought, but being nude has been restricted to in the house and the confines of the property. This was going to be different. I also recognized that the anxiety was combined with a high degree of stimulation.

I climbed into the saddle and walked the horse out of the barn, spotted Albert leaving one of the pens and waved to him, feeling every bit like a smaller girl proudly indicating confidence I didn’t feel while on the b**st. Samantha led the way around the barn and toward the mountains to the West. She said the spot was idyllic. I was just following. This was only the third day with her and I had already accomplished everything I intended by the second day, but she was insistent that I stay longer if I had the time. And, I did. I had an open-ended ticket. I called Hein to check in and report my success, but he was not available, so I left a short message also indicating that he could now affirm to Meike Hendriksen that I was willing to consider other a****ls for future gatherings. My phone call to Sharon was more extensive and detailed and I was sure she would be passing much of it to Hein and Chris with enthusiasm.

Samantha caught me looking nervously around the landscape as we slowly rode in the direction of a large grouping of trees on the side of the otherwise barren mountainside.

“Relax, Laura. Surely, someone like you is used to being naked.”

I smiled and tried to do what she said, relax. “Yes, but I have always been inside or in a confined property setting. It has not been an issue of being with other people while naked, even if I was the only one. It is funny how the lack of walls or privacy fencing makes it feel so much more exposing.” I slowly got used to the situation and began recognizing the sensual side of it, including the way Samantha’s breasts moved rhythmically with the motion of the horse and assured that mine were, too. Looking out over the seemingly boundless expanse of land to the North and East crept into my sense of exposure and redefined for me what exhibitionism can be. “This is different … and exciting.”

She chuckled. “Yes … yes, it is. We are really quite protected from anyone, even out here in the open. The idea of being far from your clothes, though, is quite exhilarating, isn’t it?” I nodded. She watched me as I settled into the ride and was enjoying the scenery. “Good.”

She set into a gallop and my horse followed. I self-consciously hugged an arm under my breasts as they flopped around. Without turning around, Samantha called back to me, “Don’t bother, as Albert said to me the first time, ‘that’s what they should do’. Enjoy the feeling of being out here naked, exposed, and your body on display and responding naturally.”

Coming out of the trees, it opened into a nice sized mountain, spring-fed lake. It was idyllic. It was also rather cold, attesting to the depth the water was coming from. There were several floats secured in the trees and we used those to paddle around the lake while we talked. She quizzed me about what had happened to me since disappearing shortly after the party with the swinger group. I gave her a rundown of my life since leaving Phoenix, although I left out some details, but she knew the basics and how complicated it was. Wonderful, but complicated.

We found ourselves back on the shore, lying under the sun to dry off. She turned onto her side and stared at me, “So … this whole a****l thing was really a request from someone else for you to perform? There is a group and you provide the entertainment, sort of like exhibitions of sexuality for their enjoyment?”

I was watching a hawk floating on the thermal above, but considering my answer. “Yes, that’s pretty much what it is.” I turned to her, “But, I think the intention is that there will be more sharing of participation in the future. It’s hard to explain.”

“But it is good? I mean it is good for you?”

“Oh, yeah! Very good. I mean how could it not be? I was looking for a way to experience new things, most intense and adventurous situations and this is giving me that. Mating with the dogs in front of others has been a huge turn-on for me. My life is sexual, Samantha! I spend most of the day and night naked except for stockings and heels. I have two wonderfully strong and devoted dogs. I have two wonderful men. And, now the other couple in the house has begun participating. I dreamed of being able to feed my sexual appetite while remaining safe and secure. I have that now. And”, I looked her in the eyes with a devilish smile, “I don’t think the best has come yet. Now that the others are thinking of activities, situation, and partners for me … who knows where it will go.”

“But, it will be safely …”

I reached out and patted her forearm, “Yes … safely. Hein is very protective and Chris … well, he is a real bodyguard. And, he is teaching me, too.”

She continued to probe about something, though. She was pushing back on the ‘complicated’ part of my feelings about what the relationship was and who I was in that relationship. I finally blurted out that I sometimes wasn’t sure if I was a slut pretending to be a business woman, or a business woman pretending to be a slut. She held my hand and touched my face to capture my eyes in her gaze.

“You know what and who you are, Laura. From the sounds of it, your partners in the relationship in the house also know what and who you are. canlı kaçak iddaa In your heart, you know who and what you are, right? And, you like that person?” I assured her that was true. “Then embrace it. It is your dream. It is unusual in our society to find yourself in such a freeing and expressive relationship, but look at me. The difference between us is the society circles we run in, but we are the same. Well, I am a ranch woman instead of a business woman, but you understand. Maybe, the bit of me that is submissive or easily led allows me some measure of acceptance with Albert directing me, but you are strong, competent, and normally self-assured. If this is what you want, take it fully and confidently.”

We talked more, but I eventually rolled into her and covered her mouth with mine. Hein had such a high opinion of my inner strength and determination, yet there was this part of me that still wondered and worried. I suppose it is only natural that we question ourselves, especially about the big things in our lives and the most important relationships inside it. But, Samantha was right. Hein saw that person in me and I fully accepted it myself. That was what I needed to grab onto and fully make it who I was. I needed to search deep inside me for that strength and control and allow it to be on the surface.

But, all that affirmation and determination washed into my consciousness and back out like a fast-moving tidal surge as my naked body covered hers and my mouth and lips covered hers with urgency and need, need brought to the surface by the compassionate and honest caring of this woman I knew so little about except for the spirit she so willing showed to everyone. As I projected my burning lust to her, I resolved to do exactly as she recommended. Somehow … and maybe I’ll be able to figure out how this woman was able to hone in on a concern I was consciously unaware of.

It had been some time since I had been with such a talented female as a lover. It was exciting to be loved and to love such a sensuous woman. Not the least of the effect was being in the outdoors in the surroundings of the mountain, lake, and expanse of the land. We brought each other to satisfying orgasms, then refreshed ourselves with another swim followed by being dried by the sun, this time holding hands quietly under the beating sun.

When we started out, again, she headed the horses further to the North. As we came out of the trees and off the slope of the mountain behind us, I could see we were headed for a narrow tree line and what appear to be a rural country road just beyond it. She never hesitated, though, as we galloped directly for it, walked the horses through the trees and out the other side. Once on the other side of the trees, I could clearly see the gravel county road in front of us, but she didn’t stop, riding up to the barbed wire fence that marked the edge of the ranch property.

I called out to her to get her to stop. “Samantha! Should we be out here next to the road … like this?”

She laughed. “You do not know how little traffic this road sees. Besides, there is something I want to show you.”

She kicked the horse and started into a gallop, again. I watched her, shaking my head when I heard a sound coming from behind us. I turned in the saddle and shielded my eyes with my hand to see something reflecting light from the sun on the bumpy road and sending up a cloud of dust in its wake. No sooner had she made her proclamation and there was a large pickup truck barreling along the road that wasn’t supposed to have traffic.

There was nothing to be done at this point, so I kicked my horse and moved it through the gallop into a run to catch up to her. Once near her, I began slowing my horse and drew up alongside her as the truck passed by honking its horn, arms out each window waving.

“No traffic, huh?”

She only laughed, again. “Yeah. Friends of mine. They are what I wanted to show you.” Then, just before kicking her horse for more speed, “Or, you are what I wanted to show them.” I shook my head, my mouth agape and followed, but at a gallop, not trying to catch up with her this time, wondering what she was now planning.

When I caught up with her, she was dismounting near a couple of old trailer homes clustered together and the same pickup truck parked nearby. Samantha was swinging her right leg over the head of the horse and sliding off the side of it into the arms of a handsome, but rugged looking man with long, shiny, black hair loosely flowing over his shoulders and back. Another man, looking very similar, came out of one of the trailers carrying four bottles of water.

As Samantha slid into his arms, her arms went around his neck, and they embraced into passionate kissing. The other man came up to me, still sitting on the horse, and put up his arms in similar fashion. I shrugged my shoulders, mostly in response to my own thoughts, and duplicated Samantha’s movements, sliding off the saddle into his arms as his hands grasped my waist and seemed to effortlessly take my weight. I glanced at the others who had broken their kiss and were watching me. The man didn’t make an overt move on me but watched my eyes while ignoring the others. I smiled at him but put a slight pressure on his biceps to indicate I wasn’t about to duplicate Samantha’s easy embrace and kiss. He returned the smile very politely back to me, but also allowed his gaze to move up and down my naked body.

They both looked Native American with their rugged complexion and features, long black hair, and quiet confidence. Samantha confirmed that assessment. She introduced us and confided that they were close friends and her occasional arrival naked on horseback was a perk for all of them.

Jim Standing Bear and Henry White Wolf were proud Aravaipa Apache in their early 30’s who were cousins and friends since they could barely walk. Tribally, they were direct descendants of very historic and influential warriors. I had to admit they looked the part.

On the way back to the house, I admitted to Samantha my nervousness at meeting them naked but found them to be very polite and respectful.

She glanced over her shoulder at them as we moved the horses into a walk. “They are good guys. They did the carpentry in the house and other buildings.” She chuckled, partly to herself, “They are actually squatting on Albert land, but the relationship has been so good, he allows them to use the land for their business.”

I looked at her, “They are more than that to you, though. The way you so casually went into their arms and kissed them. Friends with benefits?”

She smiled back, “Ohhhh, yeah. Lots of benefits.”

She asked if it would be okay for them to join us tonight. They often joined jer and Albert and Harley internet casino for interesting sexual play. I told her I was open to her ideas as long as she thought it was safe.

“We are very much the same, Laura. You have your Hein and helping with his business and I have my Albert and helping with his ranch. Both of them engage us in exciting ways to experience our sexuality while remaining safe. We are very lucky girls.” I had to agree. My dream fantasy turned into real life. I was lucky, fortunate, blessed, whatever. So, what was this uncertainty Samantha exposed from within me? I might be better off not worrying about it, leaving well enough alone. I knew that wasn’t going to work very well, though. Presented with a question or puzzle, my mind doesn’t often rest without digging for the answer or solution.

That night Jim and Henry, or the Apache Nation as Samantha referred to them, arrived shortly before the sun descended below the mountain tops to the West. Samantha talked me into staying naked. For my part, I knew this evening was going to be sexual, so the issue of familiarity and expressed affection wasn’t an issue any longer.

That night I was introduced to something so stunning and powerful I knew I would be duplicating it with the others. Perhaps, it might even become an exhibition for the other couples.

It wasn’t that I doubted Samantha, but I felt the familiarity and caring shared by Samantha and Albert with Jim and Henry instantly. They were completely comfortable and at easy with each other. If anything, it was my inclusion that generated any awkwardness during the early portion of the evening. My nudity with Samantha’s provided them some assurance of the evening, but they were respectful to the point of never assuming anything until Samantha initiated the activity after some time of conversation and drinking.

We were gathered in the family room as night fell. The men shared the couch, Albert being dwarfed by the size of the other men. Samantha and I occupied chairs in front of them while Harley, Samantha’s white German Shepard lay curled near the sliding door to the back patio. It had cooled off with the setting sun to the point where it was much more comfortable for Samantha and me to be inside, but not so cool that the sliding door had to be closed.

Samantha asked my help in the kitchen to refresh the drinks, which turned out to be a ruse. We did refresh the drinks, but she really wanted to privately establish what we did sexually, how, and with whom. I loved how casually she broached the subject with no concern that it might be indelicate or unwanted. The choice was mine but she was pushing for me to use Harley and one of her Apache friends. Which one didn’t matter to me, so she made that choice.

Before going back with the drinks, she stopped me, “What about anal?”

I smiled at her and looked out into the family room. The discussion of me with her dog and one of the other men, had my body ramped up several more notches on the arousal indicator. “I have come to love anal. And, before you ask; yes, double, vaginal and anal, penetration, too. It has become a favorite back home.” She smiled and led the way back to the men.

Samantha had me stand in front of the men as we sipped our drinks. She moved around me, her hand caressing my body … everywhere. She asked them what they thought of me, my body, how I carried myself, how I stood before them. The entire time she moved from one side, around my back, and to the other side. All the while one hand or the other sliding over my skin, caressing a breast, my stomach, my ass, or back. She suggested what might happen tonight, the five of us with Harley. I saw Jim and Henry nudge each other and Samantha saw it, too.

See looked over my shoulder and down at my breasts heaving slightly as my breathing increased to match the increase in my heart rate. I followed their gaze and saw … as Hein had commented, the indicators of my arousal … my nipples fully erect.

She moved my long hair to the side and kissed my neck, still watching the men, and whispered into my ear, “What would you like, Laura? Fuck two men of your choosing; or, fuck my dog and one of the men? You like dogs so much, but I only have one. He can be yours tonight, though. In fact, I insist.” Then a little louder, “Samantha would like to be mounted by Harley and one of you ravagers. Who will it be?”

Henry stood up immediately, using his hand on Jim for leverage and to ensure that he was trapped on the couch. I didn’t see it, but Samantha gave him a wink. What I did see was Henry smile mischievously and leave the room and down the hallway leading to the bedrooms. That seemed odd, but Samantha provided a diversion as she led me to the men remaining on the couch. She took Albert’s hand and assisted him to stand. I duplicated the action to Jim. In moments, I recognized what we were doing. I kiss Jim on the mouth, my hands working his shirt out of his jeans and over his head. I moved off his mouth and kiss down his throat to his collar bone and shoulder. All the while my hands were working on his belt, snap, and zipper of his jeans.

I glanced at Samantha to see her lowering Albert pants, leaving him in his underwear. I decided to be more direct. I pushed both his pants and underwear down at the same time. I immediately engulfed his semi-hard cock into my mouth and tried to assist him in the removal of his pants off his feet. His boots, of course, made that impossible. I pushed him unceremoniously back onto the couch, pulling his boots, socks, and pants off his feet. Then, I was cleared for an uninhibited approach to his body.

I pressed my body between his knees, my breasts into his hard, thick muscled chest and kissed him with full effect, my hands caressing up his hard thighs and up to his chest. I pulled back from him, a smile covering my face, my eyes shining with excitement. Slowly, I kissed down his body to his cock, a cock that was no longer semi-hard, but fully erect and urgent as my lips formed around the head, my tongue playing over the top.

I sensed more than felt or heard Samantha moving next to me and found her moving to the floor. She took a position on her back with Albert moving between her legs and Jim kneeling next to her head. She smiled up at me before her eyes shifted to the cock next to her head, turning and taking it into her mouth.

I looked at Harley who was now standing attentively, anticipating how his involvement would come into play. I saw motion in the reflection of the window. I turned to find Henry naked. He was setting something on the end table but moved to me. He knelt on the floor and took me into his arms and we kissed.

He broke the kiss and whispered into my ear, “Time for Harley?” I looked at him güvenilir casino and smiled. Usually, men would prefer not to have a pussy full of dog cum before fucking, but I remembered the question about anal. I smiled with that understanding.

I moved to my hands and knees on the floor and called Harley. Like any well-trained, experienced dog in human bitch mounting, he responded quickly and confidently. Harley and I were not strangers. Since being here, he and I had been together several times. He was good and I knew why Samantha enjoyed him … but I still missed my own boys, but I told myself that reunion would be coming soon enough.

Harley tied me and I crashed into a marvelous orgasm moments before his climax and his seed spurting into my pussy. He remained on my back for a few moments as his cock emptied its seed, spurt after spurt, into me. Then, he turned to position us ass-to-ass, a position I have come to prefer than to try to have him remain on my back. Ass-to-ass provides better and stronger testing of the knot by the dog, which is a decided benefit for maintaining stimulation and adding to the potential of a secondary orgasm with the knot jamming against the g-spot.

One of the things my experience with Samantha’s other a****ls showed me was to relax and accept the moment without prejudice. The idea of mating with barnyard a****ls, even a hog in its pen while becoming muddy, could be a turn-off to be endured on a base emotional reaction. By accepting the situations as intriguing new opportunities to experience provided stimulation and enjoyment at a base level of my being. Experiences I did enjoy even if they were due to the base level of a****listic encounters.

The same was to be true for what happened next while still tied to Harley. I was enjoying the knot inside me, maintaining a high level of stimulation by jamming it against my g-spot and only vaguely aware that Albert had changed with Jim fucking her. This time Samantha was on her hands and knees.

I felt a hand on my ass and wiggled it absently in response. Then, I tensed as I felt a cool, greasy substance smeared over my anus. The finger remained over my anus and applying increasing pressure until it slipped inside, probing, and sawing in and out. That finger was then joined by another and my mind focused enough to recognize what was happening. My initial thoughts about the inquiry about anal sex had jumped to Henry taking me after the dog. What I was now coming to realize was his intention to double penetrate me with my pussy occupied by a dog’s knot. Being DP’d was nothing new for me, but never had it been with a knot filling my pussy.

That was when the “relax and accept the moment without prejudice” kicked in. I was intimidated, but my experience with various DP-ing with Hein and Chris was good preparation so I did relax, pushing back against the cock head now replacing the fingers. He was so sure of himself that I had to believe this was not the first time it had been tried, which would mean that Samantha had experienced and accepted it in the past. My coming here was to experience other a****ls and to decide if using other a****ls might be an acceptable addition to our Sociaal events back in Amsterdam. I was finding more to experience and to understand about my capacity if I was willing.

He pressed hard against my tight opening made even tighter by the knot filling my pussy and pressing against the anal passage. The lubrication he applied and my eagerness to try this new thing combined with his persistent and aggressive effort, slowly opened my tight hole. I was having doubts that it was going to be possible, but I continued to remind myself that Samantha must have succeeded in this, which drove my determination to succeed, as well.

He felt me push back against him and that encouraged him to press against me harder. At the same time, my pushing back must have lodged the knot deeper inside my pussy and Henry’s cock head pushed through my sphincter, lodging his cock head just inside my anal passage. I was now thankful for all the time Hein had me using the various anal plugs because this was penetration of that passage beyond anything I had experienced with the two men. At the same time, it felt almost abusive, it also felt ecstatically fulfilling. I realized his motion had stopped and my hand was pushing against his thigh. Samantha was right about these men, they were very considerate and caring. He responded immediately to my need for a pause, his cock locked inside me, one hand on my hip and the other snaking around to my breast, the action of him leaning forward pressing his cock head another inch into me. I gasped and grunted as I sucked in air and willed my body to relax around the double intrusion in my body.

With the effort and determination of relaxing my muscles at the intrusion, I pressed back against the pressure in my anus. That was a signal to Henry and he responded with his own determined pressure against the restriction around his cock. Between the two of us, more of his cock became embedded in me. He pulled out an inch and pressed back in several more, repeating the movement until I felt his thigh against my butt. My head hung on my shoulders as I fully felt the fullness of having his cock in my ass with Harley’s knot still tied in my pussy. I raised my head with a smile as I recognized the reality of the situation I was now in. I felt Harley pull against the increased constriction of his cock and knot. With the cock in my ass, there was no way that knot was coming out unless it completely shrunk and I was sure that was unlikely with the continued stimulation of my pussy contractions and the cock sliding over it from the next chamber, only a thin membrane separating them.

I had never felt as full as I now felt. Every thrust and retraction of his cock moved the knot inside me, pushing it down, pulling it as he pulled back. The effect was movement in both chambers with the additional benefit of my g-spot being repeatedly jammed by the knot as it was pressed down.

I cried out as another orgasm spread over my body. This time, though, it didn’t stop. Every time there was an ebb in my orgasm, my g-spot would be jammed anew and I would peak again. Then, just to tease my body to oblivion, Henry leaned his body onto my back and used both hands on me, one on my clit, the other to torture my nipples. My orgasms peaked on top of each other until I wasn’t conscious new effects. I was only conscious of my body shaking, tingling sensation emanating from my nipples, clit, anus and pussy.

I felt a sudden emptiness and realized Henry had pulled out of me, follow quickly by a very anxious Harley who was undoubtedly relieved to be away from that activity. My vision cleared as my breath returned to somewhat normal. I was shocked to find I was still on my hands and knees. Henry was the one collapsed on the floor next to me, a weak and resigned smile on his face.

* * CHAPTER 16: PEYOTE CEREMONY will follow * * Thanks for reading.

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