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HIS P.E.T. 4


I used soap twice to be sure to get all the coconut smell off my body. I had packed only what I thought I might need for the meetings (business style) and a dress for dinner if it seemed appropriate. According to Mr. Koningh’s comment, that was the way to go. I brought my basic, go-to little black dress. It was the dress I felt the most fun in when I also wanted to be dressed up. It was a black backless skater dress that dropped to mid-thigh. The thin straps in front supported a modified halter neckline and crisscrossed over the open back. The top and bottom of the dress had scalloped trim. The bodice was stretch knit to fit well and the waist was fitted with the flared skirt that swung easily. It did not allow a bra, but that always seemed to add to the allure of the dress for me. I finished it without stockings and single strap high heels. I loved this dress. I was sure he would, too.

I saw the same car arrive at the front door. I moved to the door and was surprised to see Mr. Koningh get out of the driver’s seat. I met him alongside the car and stepped into a hug and cheek kiss from him.

In the car, I took the chance to be myself. “So … you do know how to drive.”

He chuckled. “Yes, I do. But, there are not many places I go without Chris. I guess you could say I have let the business become my life. I am hopeful that might change.”

I was watching him and smiled. “I think you deserve for it to change. You seem to be too vital of a man to not participate in more of what life has to offer. What good is all this without enjoyment?”

He glanced at me as he continued down the multi-lane road. “Some would say the ability to acquire more and more is a form of enjoyment.”

I looked at him. “Mr. Koningh, is that what you think? More and more, letting the simple things go by the way?”

He smiled at me. “You better start calling me Hein.” He smiled. “As for avoiding the simple things, that may be why you are here. Do you think there might be hope?”

“Black road, red road.”

He furrowed his brow and looked longer at me. “Black and red, what is that about?”

“The Southwest has a lot of Indian cultures permeating life. Even without trying, I picked up some of it. There is an Indian notion of the black road and the red road. According to Native spirituality, the black road was one of selfishness and trouble; the red road was one of balance and peace. Black road or red road. You need to choose which road you want to travel on.”

The car was quiet for a few minutes, but at the next traffic light, I found him staring at me. “What?”

He shrugged his shoulders. “You are a most interesting woman, Laura Cariston. I am going to enjoy sharing this evening with you.” I think I blush.

He took me to a harbor restaurant, which naturally specialized in seafood. We were seated at a window overlooking the harbor. I sat facing the window and he sat to my right. He suggested we order two different combination plates and a couple sides to share. When it arrived, we picked off each other’s plates trying everything at once. It was wonderful. Spending most all of my time in Arizona, this was a big new experience and I found I liked it very much.

During dinner and after over drinks, he answered many of my questions. He explained that his idea was that I would ONLY be responsible to him. That would free me from burdens and expectations others might attempt to put on me. The business side would develop, but he was firm that it would be advisory to him. He liked that I had Psychology and English degrees as well as the MBA. People issues, speeches, and written communication were becoming more and more important. He wanted someone who he could completely rely on and trust like he did with Chris and the house staff, but on the business issues he dealt with. He talked for a long time about the issues and struggles of communication and presentations to widely varying cultural audiences. He had seen others fall through the simple missteps of communication and how ideas were presented.

That made me feel good. He was really honing in on my background and assets. As we talked back and forth about some of the issues and situations, I realized that a lot of time had passed during our excitement of sharing ideas and thoughts.

The restaurant was getting quieter as we became one of the few remaining guests. There was still a topic that had been avoided.

“Hein, there is still the other part, which is a pretty big part.”

He nodded. “Yes, it is.” He reached for my hand and I slipped it under his. “The sex. Yes. That is as undefined in my mind as the extent and specifics of the business side. But, let me tell you what I have envisioned …” He stopped and was watching me. “How adventurous are you Laura? That is a very sensuous dress. Flirty. Baring of skin. My guess is you can’t wear a bra and from the way I have noticed your breasts jiggling, I suspect there is no support in the bodice. Not to mention your nipples pressing through the fabric. Your nipples are hard, Laura.” Now, I was sure I was blushing. “But, I am sure you have panties of some kind on.” I nodded. “Do this for me and we will talk more in the car back to the hotel. Go to the women’s restroom and remove your panties. Bring them to me and put them in my hand.” He watched me as I pushed my chair back. “Are you wet right now, Laura?”

I smiled down at him, leaned over to put my mouth near his ear, “Yes, very wet.”

I turned his face to me and I kissed him on the lips. I sashayed my way to the restrooms and after a few minutes returned. He was signing the bill which he left in the center of the table. I stood next to him and placed my small black thong in front of him. He picked it up by the largest piece of material on it that covered my pussy and he smiled as he stood up.

“Very wet, indeed.”

He offered his arm and I put mine into his and we left the restaurant.

In the car, I had my seatbelt on but was partially turned toward him, my left knee partially on the seat. In the car, I think he felt he could talk freely without fear of being overheard.

“I think exhibitionism can be extremely erotic, do you agree?” I nodded. Even though we weren’t staying at the restaurant, walking through it with nothing on underneath, my panties in his coat pocket, really turned me on.

He continued, “What exactly is the sex part going to include? I’m not real sure. But, I will assure you that I need your strong, confident, self-assured personality on the business side. The sex will be consensual and demanding, which I think you also want. You want to experience more and aren’t bashful canlı kaçak bahis about it. Last night is an example. Tonight, with your panties.” He glanced at me. In the dark, I wasn’t sure if he saw my smile or not. But, he continued, regardless. “I see you naked a lot at home. I see you dressed erotically at home. I see you dressed sexy, very sexy when we are out. I see you sexually with me, Chris, and others as this evolves. I have two dogs and I am aware that you have that experience. I see that continuing with my dogs. A fantasy might be that you are their bitch, spending some nights with them in their kennel, being available to them when not otherwise required. I see some group activities. My father had some perverted friends in Europe that I have inherited with my position. I am sure there are some here, too.”

When we pulled into the hotel, he turned off the car and turned to me. “Did that help?” I nodded. It did a lot. His idea was for real. Both parts were for real.

The doorman opened my door and Hein got out of his side. He joined me just inside the lobby. He gave me a chaste kiss, but I stopped him and kissed him for real, the way I had wanted to since he asked me to remove my panties and give them to him.

When I broke the kiss, “Have the doorman park your car. I need you upstairs in my room.” He looked at me intently and we were both quiet. He was weighing something in his mind perhaps. I was willing him with my mind to come with me. He walked to the automatic doors and tossed the keys to the valet, returned and took my hand in his as I led the way to the elevators.

My room was on the 18th floor and the elevator wasn’t terribly fast. Hein surprised me once we were inside the elevator. It was quite late and the hotel was quiet. It apparently seemed to him to be a reasonable risk.

“Now, are you adventurous enough to remove your dress right now?” He was smiling at me. At smile that was daring me.

I had not pushed the button for my floor, as yet, so the elevator was still at ground level even though the doors had slid shut. I stood facing the closed door while I pondered his challenge. He put it out as a question, but it was far from a curiosity. It wasn’t if I was daring enough to do it, it was if I was daring enough to do it right now, here in this elevator with this man I had just met this morning but have thought about since my conversation with Kara. After all, I was already willing to remove my thong, then walk it back to hand to him. This was what the whole thing was about, wasn’t it?

I looked up at him and the door opened on its own. I reached over and punched the close button. Then I pushed the 18 button. I handed him my little clutch purse, then reached behind for the zipper at my waist. “This is what it is going to be like. Challenges. Dares. Exhibitionism. Flaunting. And action, fucking who knows who and what.” I pulled the dress over my head and held it out to him. “I don’t know if you can imagine how exciting this is for me. I’ve wanted to be released for so long.”

One handed, he pushed me against the side wall and kissed me passionately on the lips. When he broke the kiss, I stared at him, my body completely on fire. I gave him a quick kiss on the lips and with our lips inches apart, “Do you suppose there is a camera somewhere in here?” We laughed. Just then there was a ‘ding’ and the elevator came to a stop. For a moment, I felt some panic as I stood in front of the slowly opening door, but completely naked except for heels and jewelry. And I was so excited I wondered if my scent might actually be noticeable in the air.

I felt two things as the doors opened onto the 18th-floor foyer and it was empty. The first feeling was an instant relief; the second was a wicked disappointment.

I stepped out of the elevator and turned to the hallway and indicated the direction to my room. I turned down the hallway and realized he was not immediately behind me. I turned and he indicated for me to continue.

“Go ahead, I’ll watch from back here.” He chuckled. I walked until I was almost to my room and I turned around, letting him catch up to me. I was standing in the middle of a hotel hallway naked seemingly as casual as could be.

When he came up to me, I put my arms around his neck and kissed him. “Thank you.”

“For what?”

“Wanting to watch me.”

“You’re k**ding, right? I mean … do you even appreciate how good you look? In or out of clothes? A blind man would stop to watch.”

I giggled and just hung onto him. Then, I took his hand and led him to the door. He seemed to be waiting for me to unlock it. I took a step back and indicated my naked body with my hands. He recovered quickly and handed me the purse.

Once inside the room, I came up to him from behind as he walked to the balcony door. I removed his jacket and carefully folded it over the chair at the little desk. I turned him around, unknotted his tie and pulled it slowly from under his shirt collar. It felt like silk and I imagined that it really was. I laid it over his jacket, then started unbuttoning his white, long-sleeved shirt. I pulled the tails of the shirt out from his pants as I neared his waist, finishing unbuttoning and sliding the shirt off his shoulders and down his arms as I moved around him to pull the shirt down. I leaned in to kiss the back of his neck before placing the shirt over the back of the chair with the rest. I pulled his undershirt up his body and over his head. I tossed it onto the chair.

I looked up into his face as my hands flattened on his chest. I was right about him. He had a very fit and toned body. I kissed his chest, each nipple, then his mouth. My hands fell to his waist, unfastening his belt. Before working his pants, though, I dropped to kneel in front of him, removing his shoes and socks. I smiled as his hand touched the top of my head for balance, just like Chris did the night before. I tossed them to the general area of the chair, standing up and pressing my naked body into his bare chest. My hands unsnapped his pants and my fingers took hold of the zipper. I stopped and looked up at him.

“Can you stay the night?” With that, I lowered the zipper and slipped a hand inside, feeling his firming cock inside his underwear. He groaned.

“No … I … no, I can’t. I am sorry … Laura … I wish I could … honestly …”

I kissed his chest, “It’s okay. I understand business distraction.”

I dropped to my knees before him, pulling his pants and underwear down with me. I helped him step out of them, folded them and placed them on the chair, too. I came up behind him, admiring the naked body of this billionaire canlı bahis in my hotel room. Here at least for the next few hours. Naked like me.

I pressed into his back, my hands winding around him to fondle and stroke his chest and stomach as I kissed his back, shoulders, and neck. With one hand on his mostly flat stomach, my other hand slid further down. I could feel his back expand against my body as he sucked air into his lungs as my hand moved over his abdomen and found his semi-hard cock. I covered it with my hand, held it, and stroked it, all the while kissing his back.

I moved to the bed, pulling the cover and top sheet to the foot of the bed, then turning off all the lights but one that I turned down to the lowest setting. I put my hand out to him and led him to the center of the bed. I knelt beside him, kissed his lips, his chin, to his chest and nipples, to his stomach and abdomen. By now his cock was hard, my next kiss was on the head followed by kisses down the eight inches of wonderfully hard cock lying on his abdomen. This was only the second man I had met with no public hair. The first was last night, Chris.

I took his cock into my mouth, pumping my head over it slowly and I felt him straining, adding moans to his groans. It occurred to me that this could be as exciting a proposition for him as it is for me. I had a strong desire to get comfortable with my head on his abdomen while I gently and lazily sucked his cock. I couldn’t believe how intense the desire was to do just that, just to have it in my mouth, his hand gently stroking my hair as it was doing now. A bigger desire drove me to more intense action, though. A desire to feel his seed being pumped into my pussy, feeling him swell and pulse inside my clenching, wet pussy.

I climbed on top of him, my knees going on either side of his midsection. I leaned forward, my long hair cascading over my face and his as we kissed. I rubbed my wet pussy over his hard cock, slowly, evenly, stroking the entire length of it with my lubricating leaking juices. I reached behind me, capturing his cock and raising it to an angle. I tilted my pelvis and slightly raised my hips and moved backward, feeling the head of his cock hit my ass, moving both my ass and his cock head until it sank inches into my pussy. I tilted my head and threw my hair over one shoulder, gazing into his eyes as I continued to push back, sliding his cock deep inside me.

Neither of us last long, but I wasn’t disappointed. Like last night, I had every intention of going for the second round with Hein, too.

After his cock slipped naturally out of my pussy, I kissed him and left the bed. I moved to the mini-bar and bent over from the waist, my legs slightly spread to give him the maximum effect, with the intent of providing some recovery time, but wanting more from this night.

I returned to the bed holding glasses with a couple fingers of whiskey in each. He started moving to give me more room, but I put out my hand. He took his glass and I kept mine, crawled over his body, and carefully positioned myself over his flaccid cock.

I nuzzled his face and cheek. I teased him about how his beard tickled. I teased him further by suggesting that I couldn’t wait to feel his beard between my thighs. He laughed. I managed a little more information out of him about his residence in Miami and what The Netherlands was like. He had lived in the US for some years, but he was definitely Dutch clear and through.

It was quiet for more than a few moments. I was comfortable with it. I liked him and being with him. Like I thought earlier, I could just be with him … yes, just being with him, his cock in my mouth. It might be a nice way to wind down the evening.

The quiet time seemed to have him thinking, too. I didn’t want to intrude, there is nothing better, I think, than people who are comfortable in quiet. Then, suddenly, he blurted out what had apparently been on his mind.

He asked me quietly, “Do you ever have trouble sleeping?”

I studied him underneath me, my cum filled pussy covering his soaked, limp penis. “Are you having trouble sleeping?”

He nodded. “Sometimes.”

“Part of the job, I suppose, huh?” He didn’t respond. “Sometimes, if I do, a late-night drink can do the trick.” He didn’t seem impressed or particularly enlightened. “Though, usually …” I looked down at him with my eyes shining with mischievousness, “I would prescribe hot, sweaty, jungle-monkey sex.” I kissed his mouth and drove my tongue in. “Works every time.”

He considered me, “Do you apply that method often?”

I winked at him, “No. The opportunities have been infrequent.” I brought my mouth close to his, kissed him. With our lips separated by only a breath, I finished my response. “I am hoping that will change soon.”

He squeezed a hand between us, took one of my nipples between his thumb and index finger and squeezed. “I hear that can be very addictive.”

My face moved closer and my voice lowered to a rough whisper, “Ohhhh, yeah.”

He was no longer limp under my pussy and feeling it growing between my lips made sure my stimulation matched his. He put both of our empty glasses on the side table and used both hands to twist both nipples. His eyes looking deep into mine, “It sounds like a worthy research effort.”

I smiled at him, “Hmmmm … very worthy.”

“If only I had a committed research partner …”

I licked his lips, then the tip of his nose. “Mmmmm … a research partner …” I ground my pussy into his ever hardening cock, “… or research subject?”

He laughed after kissing me back, “I think both in the same person would be ideal.”

“Sounds like a unique person, not to mention complicated.”

He held my face in his hands as he kissed me. My soaking, cum filled pussy continued to grind on his very hard cock. “Why would I change now? Besides, I have a woman in mind.”

I tilted my pelvis and he must have flexed his cock because his cock head was at my entrance as I moved back. It was like my lips and opening locked onto it like my mouth, not letting it escape. “Mmmmmm … this woman … she’s ready for such a complicated venture?”

“She’s mulling it over. She has to decide that.” He kissed me, again, his eyes on mine. “But, I think … I hope … it works out.”

“Mmmmm … maybe … maybe she doesn’t want it to ‘work out’.” He looked at me, his expression changed, turning puzzled. “Maybe, she wants it to work IN.” I sat down on his cock and took it deep inside me.

He enveloped me in his arms, his mouth back on mine, and rolled us over, him now on top and smoothly began fucking me with long, controlled, smooth strokes. I gasped and sighed, vocally expressing kaçak bahis my pleasure and delight. But, it didn’t continue for long. He pulled out of me and I whined my displeasure only to find his hand stretched out to me. I grasped it, puzzled by his intent. He assisted me to my feet and led me to the balcony. He turned me to the ocean and bent me over the waist high railing. I spread my feet and he easily re-entered me.

“Oh, god …” I looked in both direction to the sides and found nobody. It was a warm night and most would have their rooms closed up and air-conditioners on. But still, this was as public-public as I had ever done it. I looked down the floors below to the ground and couldn’t help the comment, “I sure hope this railing is fastened well. Dutch billionaire and unknown woman found fatally injured after falling 18 floors. They appeared to be in the midst of late night sexual intercourse.” He laughed. “I’m sure they wouldn’t say fucking.” He continued to laugh, but, as if rethinking what we were doing, he pulled me back from the railing and turned me to one of the chairs. I knelt on the seat and bent over the back, my ass sticking back at him. His cock never left my pussy.

That was where we both came for the second time.

He, of course, still couldn’t spend the night with me. He expressed his frustration, as I did. I was due to fly back to Phoenix early in the morning and he had more ‘issues’ requiring his attention and presence.

Later at night, as I rolled on the bed alone, I reminded myself that he wasn’t offering me just himself, but also to share in his business life. Different sides to the coin. Different demands on time.

At the same executive airport, the co-pilot retrieved my bag from the driver to load into the baggage space, which was actually a space behind the lavatory on the plane. At the bottom of the stairs, the pilot was waiting with a sealed, letter-sized, manila envelope.

“From Mr. Koningh, ma’am. It arrived shortly before you did. His instructions were that it was critical you have this in your hands before we take off.” On the outside of the envelope was a handwritten, Confidential, Laura Cariston. It was printed, but somehow elegant. “We’re ready to take-off when you are settled, ma’am.”

“Thank you.” I climbed the stairs with my large purse containing a magazine and Kindle. Inside I took the same seat I had used on the previous trip and fastened the seatbelt. I noticed the co-pilot closing the door, checked me and smiled, then entered the cockpit. A moment later, the plane started to move. I could feel that the contents of paper were substantial.

I ripped the top open and spilled out the contents into my lap. The majority of the contents was a stapled legal document. I turned to the last page to find signature lines for: “Laura Cariston”; and, “Hein Koningh, CEO and Chairman of the Board, Koningh Group”. On the bottom was “10 of 10”. Also included were two handwritten sheets of personal stationary with “Hein Koningh” embossed on the top.

I set the contract to the side and read the note:

“Dearest Laura

“On the face of it, that seems so inappropriate when a contract for employment is also included. Last night was heavenly, Laura. I find myself torn over how to express my feelings about it and you. I feel a desire to THANK YOU over and over. But, I can almost envision you face shaking in response. You might be thinking that a thank you is more appropriate for giving a gift and what you were doing was sharing. I felt something last night I have never felt before … truly another being. You brought our bodies together and it was magnificent; but, more than those physical feeling, you brought comfort, peace, and security in your contact. I find myself anxious to begin our research into the health benefits of “hot, sweaty, jungle-monkey sex”.

“Laura, put plainly, I want you, hence the contract. I was confident after reading the synopsis from Kara, I was sure after hearing from Chris, but I am completely positive now. Talk about destroying a negotiating position! I told my lawyer there is to be no negotiating position. If your lawyer has a problem with some part of this, my lawyer is in trouble. We will have enough gray areas and fuzzy lines in what we are going to be doing. We don’t need this to be one of them.

“You will be an employee of the Koningh Group reporting only to me. Otherwise, you will be outside of the reporting structure of the Group. As such, you will be at the highest level of security, confidentiality, and proprietary concerns, hence the depth of the contract language. Your assignments and reporting will be strictly from me and to me only.

“You should note some points of interest for you:

“* It lists allowances to be determined later for housing, clothing, and transportation. In truth, you will be living with me at the house with three others: Chris, a housekeeper, and a groundskeeper. And, my dogs, of course. I can’t wait for you to meet them.

“* I am proposing a two-week provisional period to begin with. This venture is so unique I feel we both require a time to be sure this is what we want and that it will work.

“* Salary, bonus, incentive, and expense reimbursement payments will all be direct deposit into an account.

“* Personal benefits include COMPLETE health, dental, emergency coverage. This is not standard, but are for senior executive benefits.

“* Note your annual salary. The first year will, of course, be prorated.

“* Note the bonus plan for this first year. It is broken down to pay out at two weeks, three months, and end of the year. This is for you in case you decide you have to quit our arrangement (please don’t).” He actually put a smiley face there. “After this first year, you will be on the same bonus/incentive plans as the other executives (and Chris) reporting to me based on the Group’s profitability, growth, and stock price.

“Laura, there might be a hundred other things that beg defining or discussion and I know that. What I have envisioned and proposed to you has many questions and unknowns. My hope is that you will give us the chance to work through them together as we uncover them.

“Laura, finally, I already said I want you. I would like you to start quickly. Now that we are at this point, I am anxious to begin. I am not asking that you quit your job just yet. Think of it as a two-week vacation. Returning here next week would not be too soon for me. I know for them it will seem short notice. Call me with your answer. Hein.”

I leaned back in the leather, swiveling, club chair. Next week? A lawyer … where do I find a lawyer? Bob and Carol. They will know. It has to be someone who won’t got to the bank with the information. Besides, then I can ask them if they were the ones Kara got her information from …

* * CHAPTER 5: TWO WEEKS AGO will follow * * Thanks for reading.

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