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Hmong cousin wife reedit
A little intro before i write my story. I had fantasize about fucking my cuz wife a few times. She about 5′ 2, thick, and C cup breast. One known fact about her was that she was a virgin when my cousin started dating her. He was the only dick she had ever fucked. She likes to wear loose clothing so i had gotten a few down blouse and upskirts from her. It was an amazing sight. One night, we all got drunk and were talking about sex. She asked me about if i had fucked her friend or not. I told her yes a few times and she said i was big. She kind of slip out that my cuz has a small dick. She mention something along the line that he not too well endowed. Then we got on talking about sex tape and she has never recorded any. Later that night I did got a cheap shot on her boobs when we was drunk. I full on grab her right boobs when she fell and i was helping her get up. It was a nice hand full and so soft.

On to the story. This is how i fantasized how it’ll happen.

It all started one day when i went over to their house. This all happen after we had that drunk talk about sex. My cuz had ask me to order something for him, so i did. I was around town by his house and decided to stop by to drop it off unannounced. I figure they should be home since it was still early on a Saturday. I ringed their door bell and his wife open the door. She must had just woken up because she was still in her night gown. I got an instant hard on seeing her wear that. You could see the shape of her boobs, her nipple was poking out, and you could pretty much see her whole body since it was pretty much a see thru. I ask her if he was home and she told me that he had left out of town for the weekend. I had forgotten that he was going fishing about 3hrs away and won’t be back until Sunday night. I told her that i had the item he ordered and was just dropping it off for him since i was around town. I gave her the item and instantly had a plan to try to seduce her. I ask to use their bathroom quickly since i been running errands all morning. She didn’t mind she we had known each other forever and saw no harm in it. I quickly ran to the bathroom acting like i really need to pee. (Where the bathroom is located, if you leave the door open, the bathroom mirror point directly the toilet and if your sitting in the living room, you can see the bathroom mirror) i purposely left the door open while i took a piss. (Remember i had a full on hard on) I position my self so if she was looking, she’ll see my dick and everything. When i finish peeing and went to wash my hands, i could see her from the mirror and she was definitely watching, she must had noticed and looked away. I came out of the bathroom and apologized for not closing the door, and that i just really needed to pee. She said it was okay and not to worry about it. Instead of leaving, i sat down next to her and started a conversation with her. We was talking about her plan for the day until i became bold enough to ask her if she like what she saw. She started blushing and pretended like she didn’t see anything, so i confronted her and told her i saw her looking. She blushed even more and i ask her if she wanted to see it again. You can tell that she did want to see illegal bahis siteleri it but was trying to be faithful, but she didn’t answer.

I stood up and just pull down my pants with my hard on still on. She was shock but also impressed. She kept looking and her hand was fidgeting around. I told her, you can touch it if you like. She slowly put one hand on it and stroke it a little. “You are big, and so much longer then your cuz” “how big are you?” (I’m only 7 inches long, but my cousin is only about 5 inches long) i told her im only 7 inches and for her to keep playing with it. She didn’t hesitate, she kept stroking it and enjoying it. I moved in closer so my dick for would be directly in front of her face hoping she will suck it. She knew exactly what i was intending to do and opened her mouth and started sucking it. Her bj felt so good, but she was only sucking half of it. I ask her to go deeper but she responded with “i don’t know if i can, you’re much longer than him” so i grab the back of her head and push my whole dick in and made her gag. I kept face fucking her hard. She was gagging so much but she was taking in all of my dick. She was loving it. I pulled my dick out to slap her face a few then push it back in. I pushed her back on to the couch and got between her legs. Her pussy was just soaking wet. I started licking up all her juices making her moan loud and orgasm. She was shaking like crazy and her eyes rolled back. “Fuck yes, fuck yes, i haven’t cum like that before. Give me that big dick!” By now, her pussy was sloppy wet and aching for my dick, but i wouldn’t give her what she wanted. I still wanted to play. I kept eating her pussy making it more and more sensitive for her. She was in heaven! I slowly started with one finger, fucking her and rubbing her g spot on the inside. She was squirming around, getting ready to have another orgasm, getting wetter as the second count by, finally she had another orgasm, shaking and eyed rolled back again.

I stripped her completely naked, massaging her boobs, squeezing and licking her nipples. She was super horny, one of her hand was stroking my cock, while the other was rubbing her clit. “I need your big dick now!” But i wouldn’t give it to her yet, i want her to crave and beg for it even more. I flip her around so her head is hanging off the couch seat, spread her legs, and shoved my dick into her mouth again, fucking it rough. She was gagging and having tearing eyes. I went down between her legs and starting eating her pussy and fingering her again. She was ready for another orgasm, the third time! I can feel her body tensing up, ready to cum, i shoved my cock deep into her throat and held it there, making her gag and cum at the same time. I finally pulled out from her mouth and flip her around. I lined my dick with her pussy, teasing her, rubbing my head on her pussy only and shoveling in just the head. She was still tight even with all that pussy juices lubing her pussy. “I can’t handle it anymore, i need that big dick!”

I finally gave it to her, i shoved the whole 7 inches in, fucking it rough and stretching it open for me. She was screaming, moaning, telling me that my dick was so my bigger than her husband. I wanted more, bahis siteleri i want to fuck her so good and so memorable that she won’t forget. I had an idea, I’m going to dp her pussy. The first thing i saw was bananas on the coffee table. I grab one banana and without warning, shoved it into her pussy along with my dick. She was in shock, but also loving it. She never been dp before. I started fucking her with both my dick and the banana then i remember she telling me she never recorded a sex tape.

I grab my phone quickly, started recording her. “Guess what? Here your first sex tape and it’s with me and not your husband.” “Tell me how much you’re enjoying it and how much bigger i am.” She was in an ecasty state. With her eyes rolled back, moaning loudly, she shouted, “you’re fucking me so good, my husband had never dp my pussy before and i love it. You dick is so big, so much bigger then his and i love how it fills up my pussy!” Then she came for the fourth time, while yelling, “O fuck! You made me cum 4 times already! My husband don’t ever make me cum!”

I turned her to the doggy position and with the head of my dick, i started lubing her ass hole with her juice. “No don’t, my ass is still a virgin.” Once it was wet enough, i shoved a finger in there to open it up and starting finger fucking her ass. She was enjoying it, “i never knew i would enjoy anal” i slowly inserted another finger, prepping her up for my dick. With the two fingers, you can tell she was slightly in pain but enjoying it at the same time. I worked her ass until it feel stretch enough. I fuck her pussy again to lube my dick, then aim for her ass. I slowly stick it in and once i got the whole 7 inches in, i went to town. I was fucking her hard while pulling her hair with one hand and slapping her ass with the other and switching occasionally to squeezing the shit out of her boobs. I was getting ready to cum, but i wanted her to taste her ass. I spun her around and face fuck her again while she was rubbing her clit fast and hard. We both came hard, i gave her the biggest load ever all over her face. Before i ended the video, i told her, “you’re my slut now, i have a surprise for you later tonight that you’ll love.” We both took a shower together to clean up. Her boobs had my hand print, her ass cheek was all red, and she was extremely exhausted and took a nap. While she was napping, i was taking pictures of her beautiful naked body and teasing her.

While she was sleeping, i phoned a friend, a close friend to come over later to my house that night by 7pm, but i didn’t tell him what for. He told me he’ll be over. My close friend is actually my other cuz. His dick is the almost the same size as mine. Same girth but his length is about 6.5 inches. I woke up my cuz wife since it was already 5pm to get ready because we was going to go to my place for a surprise. Before we got to my place, we stopped at a store to buy her a mask and a sexy lingerie. I knew if my friend saw her, he wouldn’t go along with the surprise since we’re all first cuz and that’s was my other cuz wife. We finally got to my house and i set up multiple cameras and had her changed into the new sexy lace lingerie with the garner belt and high stockings. I couldn’t help mobilbahis güvenilir mi my self but to touch her and get her all wet again.

7pm finally came around and my friend showed up. I had her put on the mask and go hide in my room until i motion her that it’s time. I explain to my friend, what’s going on. I told him that i girl that want to have some fun and he was down. It was time. I motion her to come out. Her jaw drop when she saw who my friend was. I told my friend, she’s going to obey us tonight and we have her all night so do as you please. I started the recording and motion her to come to us, but by crawling and take out our dicks to suck. She was surprised by my friend cock too since it was almost the same size as mine but bigger than her husband. She started sucking his first, while i went around and started eating her pussy and ass out. We told her to sit up and suck both of us at the same time. We stuck both dick into her mouth as much as possible, making her gag and getting her pussy super wet. My friend was finally ready to fuck. I sat down on the couch so she can continuing sucking me and my friend went around to fuck her doggy. He was fucking her hard, slapping her ass, but i wouldn’t let her moan. I was face fucking her hard too. We switched spot for a bit then i had her climb on top of him. I let him get into a rhythm, then i got behind her. I spit on her ass to give it a lube and fuck her ass. She was moaning like crazy, telling both of us on how big our dick are and how much she loves having one in her pussy and one in her ass. I pulled out from her ass and told my friend to continue. I have a surprise. I went into my room and grab a dildo.(that i used on my ex wife- different story. The dildo was slightly thicker then us. Both of us had a thickness across of 1.5 to 1.75inches, and the dildo is 2inches.) I bought back the dildo to them and without her knowing i shoved it in her ass and started fucking her. I got to the right pace and i shoved my dick into her pussy while my friend dick was still in there. She scream in pain and pleasure. She was getting triple penetrated and loving it like a slut. I pull out the dildo from her ass and stuck my dick in and gave her the dildo. With no hesitation, she was sucking the dildo and cleaning up all her juices and ass. My friend was ready to cum and unloaded into her pussy. I flip her around and started pounding her pussy and quickly unload my load into her pussy. Afterward, she cleaned both of us up while cum is dripping out of her pussy. We both got hard again quickly and went for round 2 dumping more loaded inside her pussy. My friend called it a night and left. I stop the recording on the camera and put it away. I asked her, “how do you like getting used by your husband’s two close cuz?” She responded with, “i fucken loved it. Both of your dick is so big and fills me up so good. I want to do it again and again.” I wouldn’t let her clean up and she slept over with a cum filled pussy. The next morning, i gave her another load before she cleaned up and i took her home. On the ride home, she was sucking my dick and swallow a load of my cum. My cuz came home from his fishing trip and fucked her and gave her a cream pie also. He noticed something was off but didn’t think anything of it. She got pregnant that night and nine month later she gave birth, but we never found out who the real dad was. The baby looked a little like me.

Please comments, if you like it, I’ll write part 2 about her

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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