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Holiday fun pt3
The eight of us relaxed for a while and soon Edna and Carmen went out to the kitchen and returned with drinks for us all. I heard Joe make the comment that he had never had a black girl before and found Elysha very good at sucking and fucking.
“Practice makes perfect” Elysha replied and we all laughed.
“Care to practice on my cock?” I then heard Carl ask Elysha and I knew we were about to start another round.
“Fuck yeah” Elysha answered back, looking over at Carl’s nice cock in his hand. Carl moved to the edge of the bed and Elysha moved in front of him, got on her knees and grabbing hold of his cock, took it in her mouth and began to suck on him, slow at first, then fast and deeper as she moaned over his hard cock in her mouth.
Debbie decided she wanted Carl as well and moved down next to Elysha and we watched as the two women traded Carl’s cock back and forth.
“You enjoying yourself honey?” Joan then asked of Carl, watching her husband getting sucked off by two whores.
“Oh fuck baby” Carl replied as the two drove him up a wall with their expert sucking of his cock and balls.
Not wanting to be left out, Joan rose up and moved over to Bob,
“I wanna suck your fuckin’ cock” she said matter of factually to him and güvenilir bahis got down on her knees as Bob positioned himself to expose his cock to her.
“Go ahead and suck me you fuckin’ whore” Bob replied. With that Joan took his cock into her mouth and was soon driving him crazy as he moaned in delight.
I looked over at Edna and saw Joe motion for her to come next to him. She must have thought he was going to want her to suck his cock, but instead,
“I wanna see you abuse Carmen” Joe whispered to her.
“Slap her fuckin’ face and tits” I added
“Kick and knee her in her cunt” Joe then said. Edna smiled at Joe,
“I love it when you want me to abuse my little whore” she answered back to him and with that got up and came over to me.
“Alright you fuckin’ piece of shit whore” she said to me as she slapped me hard across my face.
“Your man wants to see me abuse you” and with that she started to slap my face back and forth, mild at first, then really hard slaps that sent my head from side to side. I didn’t notice, but the others had all stopped and were now looking at Edna slapping me. When Edna grabbed hold of my hair and pulled me to my feet, Edna motioned for Debbie to come over behind me and grab hold of my arms, pull them back risksiz bahis veren siteler and hold me tight.
“Spread your legs you fuckin’ cunt” Edna demanded of me. and I did so knowing what was coming next. The first kick landed just a bit off the center of my cunt, but the next hit full and bent me over a little in pain. Two more followed as Edna relished in the act of abusing her little whore. When she moved up next to me,
“You like that don’t you whore?” she asked,
“Yes I fuckin’ like it” I answered back and grabbing hold of my arms, Edna sent her knee into my already sore cunt with a heavy blow that I felt all through my entire body. The abuse continued as Joan now joined the act after sucking on Bob’s cock and landed several hard kicks to my painful cunt and slapped hard at my tits.
Watching off to one side, Elysha had sucked off Carl until he exploded a load of cum into her mouth and now got up and went over to Joe. I barely saw him nod then watched as Joan backed off and Elysha took her place.
“I’ve always wanted to beat a fuckin’ white cunt” she said to me as she moved up next to my face.
“You won’t mind if I beat your fuckin’ cunt and tits will you, you fuckin’ white piece of shit” casino siteleri she said to me. I couldn’t answer and with that she stepped back a bit and for the next several minutes went from slapping and beating my tits to kicking and kneeing my cunt until I was in tears and barely able to stand up.
While this was going on, the three men decided to have their own fun and Joe sucked on Carl while Carl sucked on Bob and Bob sucked Joe’s cock in a nice, neat little circle.
The final act came when Debbie switched with Elysha and took her turn punching my tits and now punching my cunt hard as I cried out in more pain. When she had enough, Elysha let me go, turned me around and forced me to my knees,
“Suck my cunt you fuckin’ white shit whore” as she grabbed my hair and pulled me into her cunt, which she had exposed my putting her one leg up on the bed and spreading her cunt open. I dove into her cunt and licked and sucked it as hard and fast as I could, savoring her sweet taste and smell until she literally started her juices flowing over my face.
The men had also finished as each one came into the others mouth with a load of cum.
Once again we all went back to relaxing on the bed and chairs, each of us exhausted, me thoroughly spent and in considerable pain at the beating I had just taken, when
“God that was fuckin’ fun” I heard Joe announce and everyone laughed a little.
Looking at me,
“Well baby” Joe said
“Did you enjoy yourself?” I could only look at him through tear stained eyes and offer a small smile.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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