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Holiday in Bangkok jan ’19
Holiday in Bangkok January ‘19
Already a few days i am alone here and getting horny. The last days I went out to gay bars in Silom and Suriwong but nothing then money boys. I don’t like them, they are not gay 100% just in the game for the money. A German guy I met last night told me look on Camfrog sometimes you can find someone. I went back to my hotel and logged in. Many young guys I saw, they don’t know what really they looking for, except $. But suddenly a Thai guy started to chat with me, we were both on cam. I was in undie he was in shorts. We just starting to chat, he could nicely do it in English, which I like. He not asked me to show my dick, something many do, and I did not asked him to show his. Just talking I have holiday here and he talking about his work in Bangkok. That way I could guess he was not a money boy. I ask him if he has boyfriend or not, he ask me same, result both single hahahahah. At a certain point I said I like meet him once, even nothing happens, he answered slowly why not we are both single. Can I see your face I asked? And yours he replied. Quickly I put the cam higher, he did same, and I saw not a bad looking guy. Then I asked him where and when. Tomorrow 8 pm ok for you? We can go drink something somewhere. For me ok I said, and asked somewhere in Silom area, which he did.
The next day I slept longtime until after lunch, took a shower and thought how to dress to meet Kanye, his name he told me. Just before 8 pm I went there, I could not see him. I sat down and ordered a beer, will he come or not or just a fake as many? About 10 past 8 pm I saw a guy coming in the bar looking around. Yes it was him, he remembered me and came to me. I Kanye he said and gave me a kiss on the cheek, I Rob I replied and gave him a kiss back. Ordered some beers Singa and we started talking about many normal life things. Suddenly we started talking about sex. Who are you in bed he asked? Versatile told him. And you I asked? Me 40/60 top he said. I am negative he said, I was chocked to hear that, me to I replied, many check up and care full. He was asking me about then many things, but on a subtle way. I played the game. Sure he wanted to know what and how about me and how far he could go. I started to talk about toys and poppers, in poppers he was interested to know which one I had, Toys only when I am alone he said. After a few drinks he asked to go to my hotel. Ok not far from here and we went.

Arriving I my room he changed more open and kissed me deeply. What you drink I ask; a beer? Ok he said, and I open 2 beers. We sat down next to each other and kissed again, meantime he was grabbing my cross between my legs. I did same with him. He kissed me more deeply, while unzipping my pants bahis şirketleri and reaching for my dick. What you like he was whispering in my ear, what you like I replied and unzipped his pants also putting my hand inside. All I slowly whispered to him, me too he said. He took my dick out of my pants and started sucking it. I pulled his face away and started sucking his dick which I pulled out of his pants. He moaned little bit, a sound I love. Let’s go to bed he reacted. He took out all his cloths, I did same and we lay down on the bed. He had a very nice body, better than me. We kissed, playing with each other dick. Who will take the start I was thinking, but pulled him down and started to lick his balls and dick, a dick not small not big about 16 cm. Slowly I putted a finger on his ass sucking his dick. You like it I said he moaned, so I went further, put his legs up, finger his ass slowly and started rimming that sweet ass. My tongue on his ass he moaned very loud, Wow. I felt he loved that and went on licking I softly and then deeper, he moaned horny. Suddenly he took me turned me upside down and sucked my dick, started to finger my ass with a wet finger, pulled me over and rimmed my ass quickly very deep. I moaned very hard and the more I moaned the deeper he inserted his tongue in my ass, whispering he wana fuck me. Gel condom and poppers I had put ready on the side table. He putted some gel on my ass and fingered it, first 1 finger then2 then 3, wow that was hard. I saw he sniffed some Rush, I felt his dickhead against my rosebud. He pushed it hard in, no condom, wow gone be fucked bareback. He fucked me very hard and fast. No cumm I whispered. After about 5 minutes fucking me he pulled out his dick. He had no time to relax, I pulled him over fingered his ass with a lot of gel and also fucked him bareback. While fucking him his was sniffing all the time at my poppers and passing it to me. After a few minutes I pulled out, did not wana cum yet. Lay down next to each other sniffing rush. What you like more whispered? And you I said? I wana rim you again deep, he turned me around played my ass and rimmed it deep with his tongue while sniffing poppers. Can I play hard with your ass? Have dildo in cupboard next to bed I replied. He took my double dildo out, put gel on it and pushed it in my ass in and out. Wow I loved that, did many times alone. I pulled him over me, he could play with my ass, and so I could play with his ass. While licking his balls I fingered his ass. One wet finger then 2 then 3, now he moaned hard. I took my other bottle of Rush and started sniffing, very hard. Rimmed his ass very deep, he stopped pushing my dildo up and down in my ass, only sniffing poppers a lot. The dildo still in my perabet güvenilir mi ass, I pulled out and putted in his ass, deep quickly. He moaned very load and sniffed on. I played with the dildo a few minutes and pulled it out. We lay down on the bed next to each, we were both fucked. Both we still had our rush in the hand and sniffed some. After so 5 minutes he asked me, can you suck me and I cum in your mouth? Ok for me, let’s do 69 till the end. Laying next to each other in 69 we sucked each other, sniffing poppers and fingering ass. Suddenly he jerked in my mouth, because of that I did same with him. I went up, my mouth full, he fallowed and started kissing me, exchanging our cum. We were stoned from poppers, him and me. I went to bathroom, he fallowed, I peed, he looked and peed also. Went back to the bed to lay down. He lay down next to me grabbed my dick, mmm I love he said, me too I whispered. Can I stay her tonight he asked me? Normally I don’t like it but said ok. Both our dicks were floppy, too much sex and poppers. I wana lick your floppy dick he said, and started taking my dick completely in his mouth, even my balls. I sniffed some more poppers try to make it hard, but …….. On this I started licking his soft dick and balls, while sniffing more. He could not have enough and rimmed my ass again while fingering it. After a few minutes we fell sleep next to each other.
In the morning I woke up, someone sucking my floppy dick, it was Kanye. I looked up, he continued sucking my dick. Too much poppers last night I said, ok no problem love eat dick. On this I turn around and sucked his floppy dick with balls in my mouth. MMMMMMMMM he shouted, love it. He could not leave my ass alone and put 1 finger in it. Rim It I said and changed to doggy style, on this he licked my ass first all around then the rosebud then deeper. I moaned to tell him I loved it. On this he went very deep in my ass while trying to jerk my dick. I felt horny and started sniffing again, which I knew was no good after last night. I pulled him over sucked his floppy dick and went down to his ass to rim it deep. My tongue deep in his rosebud felt mmmmmmm, he also start sniffing again. We no gone have a hardon I said, never mind let’s use the dildo. I took my double dildo and pushed it inside. Wow he moaned very loud. Played with it in and out like fucking. We both fell down on the bed exhausted.

Wow, what a breakfast was that. Let’s take shower I said and see later. Went to the bathroom and took a long shower together. After that we laid down on the bed, both naked. I asked him no need to go to work? No Saturday and Sundays I not work, office guy he laughed. Let us have breakfast here and we see then what to do. We both perabet giriş get dressed and went down in the hotel to the breakfast. A nice breakfast we had, after that we left the hotel and walked on Silom road. After a few hours wondering around in Bangkok, we were getting tired, and went back to my hotel.
Back in my room he kissed me quickly and put one of his hands was between my legs on my cross, he was horny again. My hands went towards his butt, grabbing it hard. Both we were horny again. Let’s have a drink he said. Ok I replied what you like? Have gin or wiskey? Wiskey coke he said. I went to the fridge and made a wiskey coke and gin tonic for me. I turned around to give him his drink, and he was completely naked. Hmmmmm I said, nice, horny again? Looked at him in a curious way and gave him his wiskey coke, he laughed. I love to be naked at home, I do it many times when I am alone. MMM you would love naked beach then also, but here in Thailand no have, that is a pity for you. I went close to him and grabbed his soft dick and balls in my hand while drinking my gin tonic. I wanted to take of my shirt, but he said wait, play with me fully dressed. So I kept on my shorts and shirt. I pushed him on the bed and started kissing him while playing with his dick and balls. He did not touched me, wanted only me to do with him what I like. My hand went under his balls reaching his ass, with one finger started to massage his rosebud, he moaned hard. He opened the draw next to the bed and took the poppers out and started sniffing. His dick was getting harder, mine was hard in my shorts, but did not want that I took it out. I turned him over, his butt up and start fingering his ass, 1 finger then 2 then 3. He moaned a lot. I did not wana fuck him, so took the double dildo with some gel and pushed it in. Fucked him a few minutes with the dildo while jerking his dick, his dick became very hard. Suddenly he pulled me over, and stripped of my shorts and undie in one go. He started to suck my dick deepthroat while with his fingers at my ass, mmmm love that. He went down, licked my balls and rimmed my ass. First softly then he pushed his tongue deep in my ass, I moaned very hard. He took the dildo, put some gel on it and pushed it in. he fucked me very fast and deep with my dildo. After a while he pulled the dildo out and pushed his dick very deep in and started to fuck me. He fucked me very hard and fast, I jerked my dick, moaned hard while sniffing some poppers, he took my poppers sniffed hard on it, pulled out his dick and shot his load on my balls and dick, I also climaxed and shot my load on my belly, mmmmmm was great. We fell down next to each other on the bed. He kissed me softly on my lips, whispering love to play games like this. We lay down for a few minutes, shower time he called. Both we went to the shower, he soaped in my whole body and I did it with him. After shower we dressed up and went out for dinner. I knew this was our last night he had to go work tomorrow, but it was great.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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