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Home trio pt 2
I had such a good time with Charles that I decided to give Dave a chance as well. I knew Joe would be coming home late that day and so I managed to get Dave in the copy room on the pretense of helping me. As he came in,
“I want your cock” I said openly.
He just smiled and unzipped his pants, took out his cock and I moved up to him, gave him a nice long kiss and then went down on my knees. I took his cock into my mouth and sucked him hard and fast, taking him deep into my throat, jerking his cock as I sucked his cock head until after a few minutes he unloaded his cum into my mouth. After I licked him clean, I stood up, looked at him,
“How would you like another one?” I asked him.
He looked a bit apprehensive,
“Another one later at my place” I then added.
“Oh yeah” he replied as he moved up next to me and kissed me. I told him when to be there and spent the rest of the day eagerly awaiting for the time to come. I raced home and changed into a sheer babydoll with panties, hose and heels when on cue the doorbell rang. I answered it and Dave just stood there for a second looking me over.
“Oh fuck baby” he said as he stepped in and we kissed. I led him over to the lounge chair, made him strip and had him sit down in the chair. Getting back on my knees in between his legs, I took hold of his cock,
“Fuckin’ nice lover” I said softly and into my mouth went his cock. I started sucking him slow at first, running my tongue up and down his cock until he grabbed hold of my hair and shoved me down hard on his cock and had me suck him hard and fast. It was then I heard the door close and knew Joe had come in. I let him watch me for a few minutes canlı kaçak iddaa as I continued to suck on Dave’s cock knowing his cock would be getting hard from enjoying watching me be a whore. I soon stopped, rose up and went over to Joe,
“This is Dave honey” I said as I pointed at Dave. I had taken out a large dildo and placed it on the stand before dave arrived and now I grabbed it and showing it to Joe,
“Dave wanted to see me use this” as I waved the dildo in front of Joe’s face.
“And I wanna see Dave use you as a whore” I added.
With that I grabbed hold of Joe’s hair and pulled him up to Dave, who was still sitting in the chair, pushed him down on his knees,
“Suck that fuckin’ cock whore” I ordered Joe and watched as Joe moved in between Dave’s legs, take hold of Dave’s cock and into his mouth it went. For a few minutes I watched as my whore husband sucked away at another man’s cock, getting more turned on as I lowered my hand to my cunt and began to caress and finger fuck my cunt. After a few minute I moved over to the chair’s arm, leaned down and began to kiss Dave. I felt him reach up and fondle my tits then I looked down at Joe.
“You like that fuckin’ cock whore?” I asked him
“Yes” he answered and then continued his sucking.
“That’s it baby” I said a couple of minutes later
“Suck it good”
I alternated between kissing Dave and grabbing hold of Joe’s hair and forcing him to suck Dave’s cock faster and deeper
“Oh yeah” I said
“Suck that fuckin’ cock” I added.
Looking at Dave,
“Stand up lover”
“Let him suck your cock that way” I demanded and Dave shoved Joe back, reached down, yanked Joe’s shirt off and stood up in front of him canlı casino and shoved Joe back onto his cock,
“Suck it you fuckin’ whore” Dave said to Joe and once again Joe sucked him hard and fast.
I stood next to Dave and we kissed and I let him suck on my tits until I was ready for a change,
“Fuck me” I whispered to Dave. Dave pulled his cock out of Joe’s mouth as I moved over to the chair and bent over the arm,
“Suck my fuckin’ cunt whore” I ordered Joe and he crawled over to me, parted my ass and began to suck on my already wet cunt. After a few minutes,
“Fuck me Dave” I cried out and Dave moved over, stood over Joe and taking hold of his cock, gently shoved it into my cunt and started fucking me. Joe had turned over and was looking up as Dave’s cock went in and out of my cunt and now started to lick at me and Dave as best he could. After a few minutes,
“Let’s switch love” I said to Dave and he took his cock out of me, stepped back and I rose up and stepped off to one side. Dave then sat down in the chair and I climbed in and on top of his cock and lowered myself onto it and began to fuck.
“Suck my fuckin’ cunt you fuckin’ whore” I demanded of Joe and he moved in and as I rode up and down on Dave’s cock, he licked at my cunt and Dave’s cock. This went on for a few minutes more until I decided it was time to change again. I grabbed Joe’s hair, slapped his face hard several times,
“Your turn whore” I said to him and got up off Dave, went over and picked up the dildo while I had Dave get up, Joe strip off the rest of his clothes, bend over the chair and once I was ready,
“Fuck him Dave”
I watched as Dave moved behind Joe and taking hold kaçak casino of his cock, shove it into Joe’s ass and begin to fuck him. I once again kissed Dave and let him suck at my tits until after a shirt while, I decided to change things again.
“Let me fuck the bastard” I said to Dave and as Dave pulled out of Joe, I had him sit back down in the chair, Joe move in between Dave’s legs and as Joe started to suck on Dave’s cock again, I moved behind him and taking hold of the dildo, shoved it into Joe’s ass and started to fuck him hard and fast. We managed to keep up this trio for a good while, Dave savoring his cock getting sucked and me relishing in the fact I was fucking my dear husband’s ass.
Soon Dave announced he was ready to come and I pulled out of Joe, grabbed his hair and pulled him away from Dave’s cock, had Dave stand up in front of Joe and taking hold of Dave’s cock, I jerked him off until he shot his load of cum over Joe’s face. Dave and I kissed as Joe licked clean Dave’s cock. I shoved Joe back, had Dave sit back in the chair and I climbed onto his lap,
“Well lover” I began
“Did I please you?” I asked Dave
“Fuck yeah baby” he replied and for the next several minutes we kissed and fondled each other, Dave sending waves of pleasure through me as he played with my tits and kissed me passionately, while I jerked his cock hard again, enjoying the feeling of another man’s cock.
“Suck my cock” Dave whispered to me and I got off him, went down on my knees and once again sucked his cock, knowing Joe was watching and jerking off his own cock, until Dave was able to shoot another load of cum into my mouth. We rested for a while, Dave dressed and as he was about to leave, I again kissed him long and passionately,
“See you at work tomorrow lover” I whispered and off he went.
“That was quite an evening honey” Joe said as he came up to me,
And was he ever right.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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